Miss Johnson Part One
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Miss Johnson FF/M By Otkfme@comcast.netAs I look back at my early education, one teacher who met a lot to me was Miss Johnson. She taught my sixth grade class, and she helped me get serious about my education. Up until that time, school to me was just something you had to sit through. Until I had Miss Johnson as a teacher, I didn't do my homework, and I didn't pay attention in class.When and where I went to school, corporal punishment was allowed. All of the teachers had a paddle that hung next to their desk, and the teachers would paddle the students both during class and after school, if you had to stay for detention. If you were really naughty, you were sent to the principal's office for an even harder spanking.The teachers also informed your parents when you were spanked at school, and I always received another spanking at home for my bad behavior.I received many spankings from Miss Johnson, and they helped me concentrate on my schoolwork. Miss Johnson seemed to take an interest in spanking my poor bottom and helping me get serious with my education.Now I was a freshman in college, and it was during spring break so that I had some time to visit the elementary school I used to attend. I timed my arrival at the school so that the students would be gone but the teachers would still there. The hallways seemed a lot smaller than I had remembered, but the old school building was still the same. I then went into my old sixth grade classroom and Miss Johnson was sitting at her desk."Hello, Miss Johnson. I am Clyde from your class about seven years ago.""Hi, Clyde. Yes, I think I remember you. What brings you back to the school, again.""Well, Miss Johnson, I wanted to see the old school and I wanted to see if you were still teaching here.""I'm still here. The school hasn't changed much. How are you doing?""I'm a freshman in college and I'm studying to be an accountant. I wanted to let you know that you really helped me take my education seriously. In junior high and high school I was a B+ to an A- student, and I studied real hard.""If I remember right, didn't you get in trouble many times in class and I gave you quite a few spankings both during class and after school in detention?""Yes, I guess I was quite the trouble maker back then, but your spankings and your concerns about me really turned around my education.""I'm happy to hear that I was instrumental in you getting a better education. It will really pay off for you once you finish college.""Actually, I wanted to see you for two reasons. First, to let you know how you helped me change and that helped me to do better in school. Second, that I am now having trouble concentrating in college, and I was wondering if you could help motivate me again, like you did in sixth grade.""I don't have the time to be a college tutor for you, but what did you have in mind?""Remember when I wasn't concentrating in class, or when I didn't do my homework?""Yes, I think I punished you.""That's right! I got a spanking from you, either during class or during detention. It really made an impression on me. Now, I'm not concentrating on my school work in college, and I would like you to help me out, again.""Are you saying that you deserve a spanking? Aren't you a little too old to be spanked?""I'm never too old to be spanked. And if I were to be spanked by you, Miss Johnson, maybe it would turn my education around, again. Would you please spank me?""Since you are older, the spanking would be more severe than what you received in the sixth grade. And you would have to sign a paper giving me permission to spank you, the same letter that I send out to my student's parents to sign. Also, that you would follow my every command without hesitation or complaint. Do you agree to my terms?""Yes, I would. Miss Johnson." Then she reached in her desk drawer and got out the paper for me to sign. After I signed the paper, Miss Johnson put it into her desk drawer and said, "OK Clyde, let's get started with your spanking. First, come over and stand by the edge of the desk and drop your slacks."I had remembered that Miss Johnson used to spank me over the desk when I had to stay after for detention. It was always with my pants pulled down and she would spank me over my underwear. So I dropped my slacks and waited for her next command."Now bend over the desk and grab the other side. Be sure and stay in position and if you get out of position or rub your bottom, it will only make your spanking last a lot longer." Now it seemed like I was in the sixth grade again, and about to be spanked by Miss Johnson. "Your bottom is much bigger now. It gives me an easier target to hit."Then my spanking began. Miss Johnson was using the big wooden paddle that hung by her desk. It didn't seem to hurt as much as I had remembered. I didn't say anything and Miss Johnson spanked me like this for about five minutes.She must have noticed that I wasn't getting much from my spanking because Miss Johnson said, "It looks like the spanking isn't having much effect on you. I think I know how to make you really feel it." With that, I felt her fingertips on the insides of my briefs. Soon they were at my ankles with my briefs. Then I felt her hands on my now naked bottom."Your cheeks aren't even pink, yet. Now, I think I can change that." I did feel embarrassed being bent over and naked from the waist down. Miss Johnson continued to spank me, and this time it did hurt a lot more when then wooden paddle hit my bare bottom. "This should help you concentrate on your lessons. Too bad you are away at college, because you deserve a spanking like this every week until your grades improve." Miss Johnson continued to spank me. Then I heard a knock on the door and someone walked in."Opps, I didn't mean to disturb you." A female voice said."That's okay." Miss Johnson said. "This is Clyde, a former student, and he wanted me to spank him, again. Clyde, don't change your position, but this is Miss Jones, our fifth grade teacher. Do you remember her?""I think I remember her," I said."I just wanted to leave a few papers for you to look at. I'll be on my way.""You can stay if you want, and watch me spank Clyde. Come over here and see how his bottom is turning pink." Miss Johnson said.Then I felt Miss Jones' hands on my bare bottom. "It is so much better to spank someone on their bare bottom. You can really see what effect the spanking is having on them. Clyde, I think I remember you being a naughty student and getting spanked by me, too.""Yes, I guess I was a bad student back then."My spanking continued as Miss Jones watched. "I hope this spanking is having an effect on you." Miss Johnson said to me."I think I have something that will make Clyde really remember this spanking even more.. We aren't allowed to use it on our students, but I think it would help in this case. Let me go back to my room and get it." Miss Jones said."Okay, I'll keep spanking Clyde until you get back." Now my bottom was getting sore and it was beginning to heat up.In a few minutes Miss Jones returned. "This is a cane which I got from a professor who lived in England. He said it was used on boys over there on a regular basis. Usually, only six strokes were given at a time with the student bent over touching their toes. Do you want to try it on Clyde?"I felt some hands on my bottom, again, then Miss Johnson said, "Clyde, let's try this cane on you. Stand up. Move away from the desk, and bend over and touch your toes. Miss Jones, why don't you give Clyde the six strokes of the cane. Clyde, why don't you count them for us."After I was bent over touching my toes I felt the cane tap my bare bottom as Miss Jones said, "I guess this really stings, but stay in position and count the strokes." Then I heard a whistle and it felt like a straight line of burning fire on my bottom. I stood up and rubbed my bottom."Bend back down and stay in position, and since you forgot to count, this will be number one, again." Miss Jones said.SWISH! CRACK! "One." It really hurt but I stayed in position.SWISH! CRACK! "Two." Never had a spanking been so painful for me. What was I thinking when I asked for this spanking!SWISH! CRACK! "Three." My poor exposed bare bottom was really painful, now.SWISH! CRACK! "Four." Only two more left.SWISH! CRACK! "Five."I felt hands on my poor bottom and Miss Johnson said, "Look at the welts on his bottom. I can see why they don't let us cane our elementary school students. Only one left, Clyde."SWISH! CRACK! "Six." I somehow managed to count the last stroke and stay in position."Well, I better get back to my classroom, now." Miss Johnson said. "Thanks for letting me help spank Clyde. And Clyde, you better be a good boy.""I will." I said. Then I heard the door open and close, again."Remember after I spanked you after school I had you stand in the corner. Stand up, leave your bare bottom exposed, and stand in the corner while I finish grading papers."I felt like a little boy, standing in the corner with my pants down. After about ten minutes, Miss Johnson called me over to her, again. She sat on a chair and said, "Bend over my lap for a final hand spanking." Soon my hands and feet were on the floor and I was bent over her lap. Miss Johnson spanked me some more as she said, "I hope this will help you improve your class work. Your probably deserve a spanking like this once a week to keep your grades up. Too bad you are away at college.""Actually, the college that I am attending is about an hour's drive from here." I said.Miss Johnson kept spanking me and said, "Why don't I give you my home address, and I could spank you every Friday night at 7 PM. That way you could tell me how well you are doing in college, and I could spank you to help give you incentive to keep your grades up.""Okay," I said. "Ouch! I think that would help me out."I was starting to squirm about because the hand spanking on top of the six strokes of the cane really hurt."Stop moving about so much. Just a little bit longer and I will be done with your spanking." Miss Johnson spanked me for about two more minutes, and then I felt her hands rubbing my bottom. "You should be able to feel this spanking for a few days. You can stand up, now, and pull up your pants. I will give you my home address and then I expect to see you at 7 PM next Friday for another spanking.""Thank you, Miss Johnson." I said. "You helped me so much when I was in the sixth grade and I'm sure this is going to help me while I am in college."I left her classroom, rubbing my poor bottom, and wondering what my spanking on next Friday would be like. I know this is going to help me do better in college.END
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