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I had graduated from college about 6 months ago with a degree in business and finance not really knowing what I wanted to do, but knowing I had to get a job real soon. I was looking through variety magazine and saw an ad that said 'wanted someone to help with minor film making and office work'. " what the hell" I thought.I have small size tits but very firm with gum drop nipples that tend to have a mind of their own, and a very large butt and a small waist which all look very nice in clothes, so getting dressed for the interview was not a hard task for me because I always showed of my best assets.when I got to the location it was something of a surprise to me because I was looking for an elegant office instead I was in front of a trailer, I knocked apprehensively and heard a muffled voice say "enter". when I entered the person said " I will be right with you, have a seat" from behind the person was dressed in a beige suit, neat haircut and smelling quite nice. I primped myself just to make sure and when the person turned around to my surprise it was a woman."I’m sorry I’m supposed to be here to interview with Jay for 2 pm" she looked me up and down with the most scornful look one could imagine and said " so do you think Jay could only be a man, I am Jay, have a seat" I was extremely embarrassed and my faced changed a million colors. not the impression I wanted to give."So let's take a look at your resume, hmm seems like you are a newbie huh? have you ever done anything like this before?" "no no, but I would like to give it a try". "do you think you are up to the work?, it's hard with long hours and there may even periods of time you have to go out on location"."well I have no one at home waiting for me at night, so I think I can handle it".with that I got a smirk "even though you were expecting a man, I'm gonna give you a try -so congratulations your hired", before I could say thank you she said "that's the good news, the bad news is you have to start now". wow--no time like the present what could I do.she said "before we start there is a rule that I need you to agree to ok" "first and only rule is "what I say must go, this is a very cutthroat world and my decisions are final---understood" "yes maam" I replied kind of shocked"don't call me maaam. call me Jay" that was the first bit of friendliness since I got here, so I smiled and said "ok jay""now our first client is coming in 30 mins she is very important to my business, so she is to be treated with the utmost of kindness understood" "yes maam--I mean jay""I want you to read a small part in this screen play when she gets here so that I can get the feel if she is the right person for the role".Me ! "but I have never done that before" she looks at me with a little contempt and says "that's ok it's about her not you" as I was practicing the part it sounded like a lesbian love seen but I didn't want to ask jay because I was just hired and wanted to make a good impression.the door knocks and in walks one of the most gorgeous cocoa brown women I had ever seen she was a perfect size 8 tits firm pants so tight they were splitting the pussy in two it looked like half was already mine--was this who I was gonna read the scene with I was already intimidated. she smiled at me and Jay said "she is my new assistance"she said it would be alright and just do the best I could. we started to read the scene and as we read I realize this is a script for a soft porn movie. my panties begin to get a little moist and I realized I am getting turned on, as the scene goes on my face begins to turn colors again when I realize she has to get naked and so do I.she takes of her shirt, those tits and nipples are standing at attention looking at me, then her pants her pussy is shaved and her pussy looks like it has just been fucked with her clit poking out. she is still reading as if she is not naked in front of me. by now my pussy is dripping my nipples are screaming to be let loose and the scene is hot and she is even hotter I say to Jay “excuse me but I didn't realize that I would have to take may clothes off too....! the actress screams at jay and said "tell her not to talk during a read".Jay says remember rule no 1? I shut my mouth and read the script very uncomfortable with the situation . I had never been with a woman before and now I was in a situation that I had no control over and yet my body was loving it and was even giving me away.the scene calls for me to remove my clothes and play with her pussyI take off my clothes and they both look at me, I could swear Jay had an extra glint in her eyes as she gave the once over. Both she and the actress share a smile. she said "hurry up we don't have all day here" I stood in front of her and reading the script kneeled down in front of her and used two fingers to open her pussy and began to finger her, I knew what it felt like to play with my clit so I headed there first moving in circles and pulling and squeezing wow--it was silky, wet and smelled like musk perfume to me.my juices began to run down my leg she kept on reading as if I wasn't doing anything I looked over at Jay and her eyes were closed as she was listening to us read .then the script said I was to rub her clit until she came and then suck her clit like I was sucking a lollypop, I looked at Jay for her to say ok stop but her eyes were still close so I though well what should I do? here I am with no clothes on playing with a perfectly strange woman’s pussy I may as well just go for it.so I began to rub her clit and rub the clit until she started to moan I had never made a woman come before and it was very empowering and I felt her knees begging to shake and she dropped the script out her hands and began to hold onto my head and when she started to scream and buck I put my mouth on her pussy to suck it like a lollypop when all of a suddenI hear Jay scream "CUT CUT".I was so scared I pulled my fingers out her pussy and she opened her eyes and said "wow that was great, see if you can keep this one around" Jay said "you have the part --get dressed and I will call you to set up a time ok" with that she gets dressed gives me a quick kiss and leaves the officeI'm very confused and Jay says "get up and sit in that chair over there".
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