Vet School Part 6
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Vet School Part 6It was now Friday, and Melissa wanted to get away from campus after this first week of school. She couldn’t believe that she would be spanked so many times during the first week of classes. She slept on her stomach every night and had to sit down very slowly during the day. The other girls in her classes felt sorry for her, and they also made sure she followed all of the rules of the vet school. They wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be spanked again.After carefully reading the rulebook, she went to the main administration office to see if she could get her car for the weekend. They told her to fill out this long complicated form, and if approved, she could use her car for the weekend. Since she had classes the following Monday, she had to sign the papers stating that the car would be returned by 6 PM on Sunday evening. Melissa also asked if she could use her regular clothes for the weekend. The school officials told her that her other clothes were only available to her during school breaks and long weekends, so she had to still wear her school uniform. The officials did tell Melissa that she could use her car for the weekend, and told her where it would be parked for her use. She could drive it away from the campus as early as 7 AM on Saturday morning.She felt so joyful that she was now able to get away from the vet school for two days. Melissa understood why they had all of those rules, but she wanted to just get away and clear her mind.Melissa got up early on Saturday morning, showered and put on her uniform, and grabbed only her purse and an extra change of underwear. She figured she could eat breakfast in a nearby town, so she skipped breakfast and was soon seated in the driver’s seat of her car. It felt so good to be in control of things, again. Soon, she was going past the front gate of the vet school, and she felt so joyful and free as she saw the vet school grow smaller and smaller in her rear view mirror.She was now driving on a small paved two-way road that was in the middle of nowhere. She couldn’t see any turn offs to any towns, so she was happy just to keep driving, with no rules to worry about. The road was very straight with very few curves or turns, so her car sped carefree down the road.What Melissa didn’t realize was that she was now traveling 90 miles per hour. The speed limit was only 55 mph, but she wasn’t concentrating on how fast she was going. Melissa was just feeling she was free as a bird; at last, as she was speeding away from the vet school.Next thing Melissa reacted to was a police siren and the red lights flashing behind her. She was in her uniform and didn’t have much money with her, so Melissa quickly turned off on a dirt road, and drove a for about a mile. She saw another dirt road, and turned onto it. To her surprise, she had to stop because the road went down to a farmer’s field. When she looked into her rear view mirror, the red lights of the police car were in back of her car. Melissa was now trapped. Her car couldn’t move forward of backward.She turned off her car, left the keys in the ignition, and slowly got out of her car. At the same time, the policeman got out of his car, and was walking toward Melissa.“You have got yourself in a lot of trouble, young lady. You were going more than 40 miles over the speed limit, you didn’t stop when you saw my red lights, and you tried to escape. Turn around so I can handcuff you. You are now under arrest.”“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was going so fast. I am from the vet school and I was just trying to escape from it for two days.” Melissa pleaded. She felt the metal cuffs on her wrists as he held her arms behind her back.“I can tell you don’t have any weapons hidden in that skimpy school uniform, so get into the backseat of the squad car.” The policeman told her, as her opened the door of the car and held her head so she got into the squad car okay.Then the policeman went to Melissa’s car and grabbed her purse and then got into his squad car and drove away. “You are very lucky, young lady, we have a special court for traffic violations on Saturday afternoon. Otherwise, you would stay in jail until Monday.”“Where are you taking me?” Melissa asked.“To a small town called ‘Unknownville’. There are no towns around here for the next 30 miles, so I patrol all of the roadways. I pick up a lot of girls like you, fleeing the vet school. They must have some pretty strict rules there.”“Yes, that is why I wasn’t paying attention to how fast I was going. It felt so good just to be free from the school.” Melissa said.“If you act like a good girl and don’t complain about anything, maybe I can help you get out of here on Sunday night. I still have to take you to jail and you still have to stand trial, but I can help you out.”“I have to get back to the vet school by Sunday night, so I would appreciate anything you can do for me.” Melissa told the policeman.Then the policeman radioed in that her was bringing in “another of those girls from the vet school”. He also requested that the judge be notified, that the traffic court would be needed on Saturday afternoon.After about ten minutes, she saw the small town of “Unknownville”, and the squad car pulled up to the police station. The policeman helped her out of the car and escorted her out of the squad car. The police station was very small with some desks, and another deputy was at a desk talking on a phone.“I’m going to the back room and prepare her for jail.” The policeman told the other deputy.In the backroom were two small jail cells and also a dresser in the corner. There was also a desk and two chairs. He sat her down on a chair and went to the dresser and pulled out a bright orange jail uniform. They looked like pajamas, with a shirt and pants with a string attached at the waist. The policeman put the uniform on the desk. Then he took off her handcuffs.“First, I want you to totally strip down so I make sure you aren’t hiding anything.”“In front of you?” She asked. “Is there a female deputy in the town?”“If you want my help, you better start stripping right now,” was his only reply. Then he helped her out of the chair and he sat back down on the same chair. He held her shoulders so she had to stand directly in front of him.Melissa felt she had no choice but to take off her school uniform. She could feel his eyes on her body as she took off her tie and white blouse. Then she slowly took off her bra and quickly held her hands over her exposed breasts.“Don’t cover your breasts!” He said. “I have seen many bare breasts before. Hurry up and take off your skirt.”Melissa felt so embarrassed, but she slowly unsnapped and took off her skirt. Now she was standing before him in only her white panties.“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”She turned her back to the officer, and quickly felt the handcuffs on her wrists. Then she felt his rough hands around her waist, and he turned her around so that she was facing him again. With her hands cuffed behind her, she had so choice but to stand there as his hands went around her nice full breasts. Then his hands slowly worked their way to the waistband of her panties, and slowly pulled them down to her feet. He lifted her feet so now she was completely naked.“You are a lovely young lady. Too bad you have to go to jail.” He said. “But first, you are going to get a spanking.”Then his strong hands pulled her over his lap. Melissa felt like a cloth little doll. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she soon found herself over his lap.As his large hands caressed her nice round bottom, he said, “You have a nice spankable butt. It is going to be fun to spank it while you are in my jail.”Then Melissa’s spanking started. He spanked her fast and hard. His strong arms kept her across his lap, and she had no choice but to endure the spanking.“Accept this spanking as a payment towards the help I am going to give you.”His strong rough hands felt like a paddle on Melissa’s tender bare bottom. She could tell he was really spanking her hard because her lower half was warming up.“Now you have a nice red butt to remember me by. You can stand up, now.”After she stood up, he quickly took off her handcuffs, and pushed her into one of the jail cells. Then her threw the jail uniform in after her and locked the jail door.“You better put on the uniform. If anyone else sees you naked, they will also spank you.” The policeman said as he left the room.The uniform was a made for a man, and was a little too big. Melissa missed her bra and panties. She put on the uniform and cried on her stomach when she laid down on a thin mattress that was in the room. She wanted to escape from vet school, but now she has landed in a place that could be a lot worse.
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