Mom's friend comes over to congradulate me
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James was a young man of 17 he was in excellent shape, was a letterman in  three sports, football, basketball and baseball at his 5-A highschool in Texas.  He had signed a letter of intent to play football the following year for the Texas Longhorns. In Texas,  football was king and if you played and you where good you where king, which needless to say made you very popular with the ladies.  James had been with forty or fifty girls by his senior year and was know by everyone as being in good in bed as on the football field.  A couple of days after James had signed his mom's best friend lauren came knocking at the door.  James heard the knock on the door except he was in the back bedroom with a little hottie named Emily from his highschool, James peaked out the window of his bedroom to see that it was Lauren and jumped out of bed before she drove off.  James mom had already told him if he had anymore women over while she was at work that he would be in some serious trouble so he quickly put on a pair of his basketball shorts and went running to the door before Lauren drove off and relayed to his mother that James car was there but no one answered the door.  James was about to open the door when he realized that he was still half hard he stood back behind the door casing and opened the door.  Hello Lauren how are you moms not home she should be back in an hour or two.  Lauren bardged in the door and reached to give James a big hug and said I just come by to tell you how proud I am of you.  She instantly realized that something was jabbing in her she looked down to see James half hard dick poking out of his shorts.  To her surprise her first thought was his semi erect dick is bigger than my husbands rock hard fully erect shaft.  Then she gained her compusure and said oh James im sorry am I interupting something, having two  boys of her own she new at this age kids where spanking their meat every chance they where alone.  James not knowing what to say came back with a corny joke and said no Lauren im just happy to see you.  Before Lauren could catch herself she blurted out my God by the looks of I guess so.  Embarssed about her reaction Lauren put her head down still glancing at James shorts.  James noticed this and thoughts of all the fantasy he had growing up about Lauren flooded his mind and his manhood began to swell he tried to think of something else but their was no stopping it he was fully hard now and Lauren could see that it had to be at least 10 or 11 inches long.  Lauren regained herself and turned to run out the door James grabbed her hand and pulled him into her Lauren feeling the strength of his young dick pressed against her instantly felt her panties moisten. James reached and grabbed her crotch and said quietly I have a friend in the other room I will call you tonight and you can look at all you want.  Lauren returned the favor and grabbed his hard dick wanting it so bad to be inside her the feeling of guilt turned her on that much more.  
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