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Leo Moon By Naughty Venus Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jo. I have this fetish I’d like to share with you, woman to woman. I form platonic relationships with heterosexual men so that they will tell me all about their sexual experiences with other women while I masturbate. Recently, my friend Bit had quite an interesting weekend down in Tennessee a few weeks back and here’s what he had to say. "I was working as a bus boy in a restaurant down in Tennessee back in 1986 when she walked in to the kitchen. The new waitress. Our eyes met and I guess you could say, from that moment on, I was in lust. Yeah, maybe I was in love too, but as a man who has committed himself to the single life, I don’t wanna go there right now. Back to the waitress. She was older than me, but that was o.k. She was a short, plump, and dimpled. Her name wasDawn She had blonde, shoulder length curly hair, gorgeous gray eyes, whiter than pale skin, a cute, round , sweet, innocent, cherub-like baby face, luscious lips, and tits til Tuesday. She reminded me of one of those Greek marble statues, the plump ones with the flowing robes, yet she had this spritely quality of youth, as she literally glowed from her head to her feet, with her face all made up and hair perfectly coiffed. A sweet little southern-belle. I’d watch her eat her lunch everyday at work. I’d get so turned on while she made love to her food that I’d buy her chocolate sundaes and strawberry pies just to watch her eat them. She’s look me in the eye, dip her naughty little finger into some whipped cream and lick it right off her little red-painted finger tip, making that sucking sound with her perfectly painted-on, puckered mouth, and then she’d give me a naughty little giggle! Then that naughty little thing would drop some cream onto her breast, ( accidentally on purpose), lop it up with her finger and suck it off… and giggle again causing her breasts to giggle, mmmmmmm…and those nipples were hard too. Mmmmmmmmm… I’d get so charged up, it was all I could do to keep from throwing her up on the table and fucking her right there. She was a different kind of girl, as she was not the long, tall sally most guys wanted to fuck, but there was something so uniquely sexy about that girl. You just took one look at her and wanted to fuck her on the spot. Long story short, I asked her out after work. We hooked up and spent that summer all curled on her mama‘s couch like kittens in a basket. The night before I left Tennessee, I laid her down, parted her milky white thighs and ate her hairy little pussy as she ran her chubby little red-painted fingernails through my hair, grinding into my face, whimpering and moaning…mmmm!" I said, "mmm…tell me more!" Then he continued his story. "Finally, she stopped grinding and when I looked down at her throbbing little pussy, a stream of milky dew started squirting out of her sweet little hole. I looked inside her sweet little pussy as it throbbed, and when I saw the way her little ass hole was opening, and then puckering, it turned me on, so I began to slosh my finger around inside her fluffy-muffin. Her pussy was sopping wet when I got done making her cum a second time and she left a sweet little puddle on my bed. ** Anyway, she went off to college to study opera and I went up to Ohio to live with my dad. Eventually I moved down to Kentucky and settled down with a job. There I met a girl at a bowling alley who looked a lot like Dawn from Tennessee. The weird thing was, her name was Dawn too! She reminded me so much of Dawn from Tennessee that we even had a son together, but after a while, I realized, though she looked like Dawn from Tennessee, and even had the same name, she was just not Dawn from Tennessee. ** Finally, 19 years later, in 2005, My mother asked me, " son, why don’t you get married and settle down?" Finally I told her " mom, if I ever get married, it will be to that Dawn girl from Tennessee." Then it hit me, I had to find that Dawn girl from Tennessee. Since my mother lived down in Tennessee, I put her to work to help me find Dawn because I was coming down from Kentucky for a visit, and she found her ! ** I drove up to my mom’s trailer and there was Dawn standing in the driveway with my mother in a pale dress with little red and green flowers on it. They went back into the house and I walked through the door. Dawn looked at me with her dewy gray eyes and she opened her mouth and with the softest, sweetest southern drawl I‘ve ever heard, she said "Bit?" I had not seen the sweetness of that face or heard the sweetness of that voice in so long I hardly even noticed that she’d put on some weight, but her sweet, youthful face was shining in the sun light, so it didn’t make her any less beautiful to me. We sat around the kitchen table with my mom and some other family members and had a nice dinner. Finally, we got a chance to be alone for a while. I could feel her heart pounding as she kissed me passionately under the starry June night. Year after year had gone by, and finally, there she was, trembling in my arms, kissing me with her gorgeous mouth as her gray eyes and milky white skin glowed under the Leo moon. ** The next day, my mom left the trailer for a while to run some errands and here came Dawn, bouncing through the door, pretty as you please, smiling, dressed casually, in a teal blue blouse that made her eyes look even brighter. We talked for a while and then she sat on my lap. That was her "thing" years before, to sit on my lap and straddle me like a horse, grinding into my hips , teasing me, while she kissed me. She’d even look into my eyes and sing to me. Her singing voice was so soft and gorgeous, it would send chills through me. All I could do was look at her and run my fingers through those shiny golden ringlets. After she finished her sweet siren songs, " it was on", so I went to the bedroom while my little queen of hearts slipped into something more comfortable. ** Dawn walked in wearing an emerald green baby doll nightie. We kissed some more and I laid her down and pushed her nightie slightly off of her plump tummy and there it was. I was surprised to see that Dawn’s pussy was still covered with a thatch of long dark curly hair. I’d not seen a pussy with hair on it in a very long time, so all that hair kind of excited me, so as we began to follow our "natural instincts," I slipped a finger into her little pink hole and she started squeezing my finger with her pussy as we kissed some more. The little black, curly hairs tickled my fingers as I fingered her dripping wet pussy. I couldn’t help but notice how the hairs curled around her pussy lips glistening with her hot milky dew. I looked down at her and she was smiling, and licking her lips. She looked at me with those pretty gray eyes , rotated her hips and said " fuck me baby, I’ve waited 19 years for you." I began to massage her pussy with a pleasure wand. She started grinding into it, squeezing her pussy muscles, and I was gettin' so turned on! I was already hard, she didn’t even have to stroke me or blow me. She always had that effect on me. So I put on a rubber, and as I went to put her legs over my shoulders, I couldn’t help but notice her feet. She had the most beautiful feet on a girl I had ever seen. Perfect little plump toes, all painted red. ..mmmm…! Anyway, I looked into her eyes and we smiled. I grabbed her wrists and held them down and I could see this excited her, she loved to be dominated, so I started teasing her hairy little pussy hole with the head of my dick as she was moaning and sighing. She started pushing her hips up trying to take more of me inside her, saying "please, please, please, Bit, fuck my pussy, feel it baby, it‘s so hot" but I just kept teasing her until her hole started to swell. I was enjoying the sighs and whimpers coming from her luscious pink lips as she just kept begging me " please, Bit, please." She wanted me real bad and I was planning to give her the fuck of her life, so finally, I slipped my dick into her so throbbing little hole and her eyes welled up with tears as she let out a big, loud roar! What a little tigress ! I started stroking her slow and grinding my pubic hair into her engorged clit. She started screaming so I started fucking her hairy little pussy furiously , and she whimpered while I pumped her pussy, cause my dick was pulling her long, curly pussy hairs as I pumped in and out of her sweet, hot pussy hole. Now I loved her hairy little pussy cause it was really deep, but since she was a little plumpie, it was also nice and cushy." I said "mmmmmmmmm…that’s really good, tell me more!" Then he continued his story. "Finally, I sat up straight onto my knees and started fucking her real slow, and her milky white belly would jiggle as I pumped her. Her dark curly, wet pussy hairs were tickling the base of my dick, and I pushed her pussy lips apart so I could play with her clit and saw that it was bright red and throbbing. The sight of her long, black, glistening wet, curly pussy hair, those plump milky thighs, and the way her pussy changed colors….mmmmmmmm…. milky white under her pussy hair, pink on the inside of her lips, gradually getting darker until I saw her big red throbbing clit, mmm…and then the sight of her hot little pink hole all stretched around my dick…….getting wetter and wetter as I sloshed my dick around inside her pussy. Mmmm…it was just too much ! Every time I would touch it, her pussy would squeeze my dick and her whole body would quiver, driving me even more crazy. I started teasing her little pink hole just so I could watch her pussy stretch around my hard, throbbing cock…and then I looked at her. There she was, lying on her back, that emerald green baby doll satin nightie all draped over her milky white skin….mmm…how precious….she was tearing me up…the sight of her chubby little hands squeezing her huge milky-white titties, pinching her pinkish-brown nipples, biting her lower lip, saying "fuck me Bit, oh fuck me, oh, you feel so good inside me, oh baby, fuck me..mmmmmm…" There was my precious little pussy…. lying there on white cotton sheets printed with tiny purple flowers, sucking her chubby little red-painted fingertip, and pinching her nipple as a tear fell from the corner of her eye. The sight of her doing that was driving me crazy, so I put her knees over my shoulders and stretched her little pussy open wide and started slam fucking her as she screamed like a banshee. I’d never heard screaming like that before or since. Tears were rolling down the corners of her eyes as she was screaming, " oh, baby, mmmm, ahhhh, fuck me, fuck me, oh, yeah, fuck me." As I was slam fucking her, I could feel her pussy swelling up so she started to say " it hurts, it hurts…slow down..please!" so I slowed it down and started grinding into her swollen, bright red clit. A few minutes later, her body started writhing into a screaming orgasm as she whimpered " don’t stop darlin’, I’m cumming, I’m cumming and then she stopped moving and laid real still." I pulled my dick out of her and looked at her bright red pussy. Her little pussy was hot and raw, so I went to slide a finger into her precious, hairy little pussy , but it was swollen shut and throbbing. She said "fuck me Bit, fuck me some more." So, I put her knees over my shoulders and started poking her swollen hole with the head of my dick causing her to scream out, then I slam fucked her again, pounding and twisting my dick into her swollen pussy as far as it would go, my balls slapping against her ass hole…and finally, she said " Stop! I can’t take it anymore, can I suck your dick?" I slipped out of her and sat on my knees and slipped a finger into her pussy. She began to rub her clit. I looked down at her. My heart was pounding as I admired the way her soft golden tendrils surrounded her pale face like a halo as her dewy gray eyes looked into mine ….her wrists facing upwards with my big hands pinning them down…and I realized…she was helpless….I looked down at her hairy little pussy, stretched around my dick, burning inside of her…I didn’t wanna stop, cause her pussy was GREAT, so leaned down and opened her mouth with a kiss. As I began to kiss her, her pussy started to open a little for me. I thrusted her softly for a few minutes and she started to swell up again and said "baby, it hurts, I gotta pee, can I suck your dick?" I knew I could keep on, but instead, I gently slid out of her swollen pussy. She let out a whimper and her body shook. The sight of her watering eyes and her chubby little red-painted fingers, rubbing her aching pussy was too much to bear as I took off my condom and threw it in the floor, barely missing the waste basket. She was shaking and weak so I helped her up and caressed her. ** When Dawn came back to the bedroom, I was lying on my back. She smiled at me. It was a wicked little smile. Then she licked her lips and said "Mmmmmm, you’re in trouble now !!!" Then she got onto her knees, took my dick into her hands and put the head in my mouth. At first, I thought, "should be the average blow job" …she had such an innocent face…but then she started licking my balls while she stroked me, rubbing my frenulum in a soft, circular motion. Before I knew it, my balls were completely in her mouth. I looked down and her little pink lips were all stretched around my balls as she was gently pulsing her soft, juicy tounge on them as she stroked me with her hand. Then she stopped sucking my balls and here’s where it gets really good. She takes my dick in her mouth and starts moving her head up and down while simultaneously making tiny circles with her tongue around the head of my dick like a snake charmer! I said "play with my ass." So she did! She just kept sucking, never even stopped to take a breath. I looked down and the sight of her naturally curly tight blonde ringlets tickling my hips as her head rotated around as she tongued my dick with those tiny little circles was just too much …so …finally…I said "I’m gonna cum!!!!!!!!!" Then everything got blurry. I was at her mercy. Everything depended on her hot, juicy little pink lips and her little tongue of fire, rotating and swirling around on the head of my cock as her head moved around, tickling my hips with those golden sun-lit ringlets as her nipples brushed against my thigh as I fingered her swollen, cushy, red hot pussy. Finally, I felt a white, hot heat. I squeezed one of her fat ass cheeks as I exploded in her mouth and she slowly and gently stopped moving. I couldn’t talk, all I could do was lay there and writhe. I think I was able to say something like , mmmmmmmm …ahhhhhh……mmmmm….for several minutes, as my heart nearly pounded out of my chest. It was, by far, the best orgasm I've ever had! It may be the best orgasm I will ever have. Now I gotta tell you, I’ve had a lot of blow jobs, but all I could think is, this lady really knew what she was doing, ( and to tell you the truth, this is kind of scary cause I wonder how much practice she’s had !)I never even felt her teeth scrape against me or anything. I kept thinking….."Where did she learn to suck cock like this ?" It’s like sucking cock is an art form for this woman. She was actually making love to my dick with her gorgeous little naughty mouth, driving me crazy with her naughty little tongue. I laid beside her on my side, and we kissed and cuddled like kittens, just like the old days when we laid on her mama’s couch. I touched her milky white face as I looked into those dewy gray eyes. I caressed her plump body. I hid in my face in soft, golden ringlets and kissed her pretty little ear, and just for a little while, all was right with the world. We went back to the sofa where she straddled me again, soothing me with her siren songs, looking into my eyes and kissing me with her gorgeous mouth. I wanted those moments to last forever, but the time came when we had to say our goodbyes because I had to go back up to Kentucky and go to work the next day. ** I kissed her goodbye, and watched as she drove away. After she left I sat on the sofa and listened to country music. My family got home and asked me how it went and I tried to play it like all we ever did was talk. They bought it hook, line and sinker. I really had them fooled! Until one of my family members went into the bedroom and screamed "What is this in the floor? Oh, no! It’s a used condom !!!" Then my mother said " Bit!"You and Dawn were bad weren’t you ?" So there I was, like Nicholas in The Miller's Tale…totally exposed for what I really was, a little man-whore !A fight broke out between me and my family members. They were furious with me for makin’ love to Dawn, using their house like cheap motel. I was so embarrassed, I packed up my things and left immediately !Although the experience caused a rift with my family, I still have fond memories of Dawn. ** To this day, I’ve never seen or felt a pussy like hers. And her blow jobs ? No body else even comes close! Now when some other woman is sucking my dick, I will say , "ok, do little circles with your tongue." Then the woman will make little circles, but it still isn’t the way Dawn did it, so I just keep thinking the whole time, "why can’t this woman just do it the way Dawn from Tennessee did it ?" Then it occurs to me " because this woman isn’t Dawn." Now, every time I think about the way Dawn’s hairy little pussy squeezed me and the way she sucked my dick with her gorgeous, wicked pink lips, I get a hard on. Every time I think about her, all I can think is damn! What a little ball-buster she is! Years…. after Years …. after her, I ache for the sight of those pretty little plump red-toe-nailed feet in my hands every time I go to put another woman’s knees over my shoulders, and while I’m fucking those other women, I’m thinking "Damn, I wish this was Dawn from Tennessee." I had a chance to be with Dawn, but I fucked it up so I could live the life of a so-called "player." I’m probably just gonna end up playing with myself one day because no body like Dawn wants anything to do with me. Do I miss her ?……….Do the desserts miss the rain?" I said "sorry things didn’t work out, but that’s a great fuck-story! Thanks!" He said "you’re welcome." I hung up the phone and rubbed my pussy some more. "Naughty Venus"    
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