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We had spoken on the internet for a few months now and had got to know one another  well. We
had also seen one another on webcam naked and sexually aroused. That was just a bit of fun
really. He had a sexy body that made me feel aroused just looking at it and a huge cock. I
am  attracted to the older man. Today was the day we were going to meet up. All the teasing and
games we had both played would finally come to a head. I put on my stockings short skirt and
sexy underwear as well as a skimpy see thru blouse feeling excited. He arrived bang on time for
me and I climbed into his car. I was delighted that he was exactly how I had expected and a
gentleman. We talked for a while and went into his house where he made me a cup of tea. Being
married and not one to stray I felt nervous so he held me in his strong muscular arms. Then he
went to kiss me and my response was to kiss him back passionately and gently, as If I had no
control over what I was doing, tracing one anothers teeth with our tongues. I could feel my pussy  soaking the gusset of my panties with arousal. He held my hand and led me upstairs and I sat on the edge of the bed. He got onto the bed and
held me in his arms kissing me gently again. This time his hands wandered up my top as he
unclasped my bra strap and felt my erect nipples moaning at how hard they felt to his touch. He
stroked me and kissed me all the way down my body from my face kissing my neck, pulling up my
top and bra and paying particular attention to my erect nipples which felt really sensitive then he
moved  down my tummy, and down my legs. Then he went to the end of the bed still kissing me
and feeling in between my legs  tracing my pussy lips. I was in ecstacy. He kissed me harder while
he inserted a finger into me I could feel the wetness squelching, as he fingered me. Then he
stopped kissing me stroking all down my body and opened my legs as he blew hot air through my
panties making my pussy tingle. I lay there and opened my legs wider for him as he removed my
panties and circled his tongue around my clitoris and fingered me hard and fast. I could feel my
orgasm building. Everything he did felt sensational and I had a multiple orgasm. I then pinned him onto the bed kissing him passionately and tasting my own juices on his tongue. I undid his jeans  feeling his cock which was hard as a rock and felt huge. I looked at his boxer shorts and felt the
front of them, trying to free his massive cock. I blew on the front of his boxer shorts making him
groan.  I had wanted this moment to happen for so long I put his cock in my mouth and played
with his balls as well as stroking his foreskin. Looking at his face lying back and in ecstacy I knew
what I was doing was turning him on. I kissed him passionately letting him taste his own cock
then i deep throated his cock making him shake. I kissed and teased his cock head with my tongue and he moaned again. Then I passionately kissed the end of his cock shoving it into my throat
suddenly. I then tasted precum and kissed him to an orgasm stroking his cock and watching it
squirt. I licked him clean and kissed him again lying in his arms.  
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