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My second submitted story - this is a complete work of fiction, definitely a fantasy.  I guesss it's up to you to decide whether it's a fantasy for the man or the woman . . .      Larry had moved into the neighborhood three months ago.   The house was rented because he wanted to get comfortable with the area before buying.   But there was an option to buy with this lease and so far, he thought it was going to be a distinct possibility.   The house was modest, only 6 rooms and a garage.   But it was plenty of room for him.   He liked to putter around in the garage and the small yard was plenty to keep him busy.   Inside, in the living room, he had set up his large screen plasma TV.   The speaker system provided great surround sound for movies and excellent sound for his music collection.   All in all, he thought the house was just about right.   When he had moved in it was early spring and still cold outside.   So he didn’t see much of his neighbors.   Across the street there was a family with teenage kids always coming and going.   On one side there was an older couple who drove an old Buick.   On the other was a woman, he was pretty sure she lived alone, who seemed attractive but was always bundled up.   But as is typical in this part of the country, people were not very outgoing and other than an occasional wave, he hadn’t really met anyone.   The days were warming up and Larry started spending more time working in the garage.   Parked inside was a classic Mini-Cooper that he was restoring.   Since it was a Mini, there was plenty of room for the lawn mower and other outdoor tools.   He would spend hours out there on weekends working on the car, repairing and replacing where needed.    He was in no hurry, the project would take a long time and he was happy just spending time with it. He had restored three other cars and sold each one of them for a tidy profit.   Spending as much time as he did out there, one evening he noticed that the window on the side of the garage looked right across at his neighbors house, the one with   the woman.   There was a small hedge and a tree but the view to her window was unobstructed.   But either the shade was always pulled or the light was seldom on so he never gave it much thought.   A few weeks went by, the weather warmed up and the neighborhood came a little bit more to life.   Larry met the older couple next door who were trying to decide whether to sell and move to Florida.   The gentleman had retired recently but was nervous about selling the home they had lived in for so many years.   The kids across the street were always going in and out but otherwise they seemed well behaved.    They were constantly playing basketball in the side yard of the house and the noise from those games was more comforting than bothersome.   Larry still had not done more that wave to the woman who lived next door.   But his first instinct had been correct, she was very good looking.   He put her age at low to mid thirties and he learned her name was Diane from the kids across the street.   She was a brunette, but with red highlights.   He thought she probably had some freckles across the bridge of her nose but it was tough to tell from a distance.   Her body was very well put together and she seemed to know it based on how her clothes fit.   The kids across the street seemed to idolize her from afar but didn’t really know much about her either.   Larry thought he’d like to get to know her better, but given his shy nature, didn’t think it would happen in the near future.   One evening, bored with what was on TV, he went out to the garage to work on the car.   The light was old fashioned and turned on with a pull string.   As he crossed the garage to reach it, he noticed that the shades on the window next door were slanting down but not shut tight.   Almost without noticing he crossed to his side door and started looking across the yard.   His eyes adjusted to the dark and a couple of times he thought he saw a shadow pass by the window.   Taking a deep breath, he opened the side door and stepped outside.   It was a nice early summer evening, warm, probably in the high 70’s. There was no moon tonight and the stars were scattered here and there around a partial cloud cover.   It was very dark out.   Almost without knowing he was doing it, Larry crossed the space between the houses and approached the window.   His heart was thudding in his chest and he couldn’t believe what he was doing.   As he approached the house he was blocked by some bushes at the front corner of the house so he couldn’t be seen from the street.   From the back side, he edged over to the window to look inside.   The window was open about two inches so he was careful to be quiet as he looked in from the back corner of the window.   At first the light was so bright that he couldn’t focus.   But gradually his eyes adjusted and he could make out that he was looking into a bedroom.   It was empty but the lights were on and there were clothes on the bed.   The bedroom was nicely furnished and neat.   He wondered where its occupant was.   Suddenly, almost making him jump out of his skin, a door into the room opened and the woman came out.   She had obviously just come out of the shower since she had a large bath towel wrapped around her and tucked between her breasts.   Larry almost fell backwards trying to make sure he wasn’t visible if she decided to look in his direction.   Feeling ashamed and a little like a Peeping Tom, he started to back away from the window.   But at that point the woman dropped the towel and stood stark naked in front of a full length mirror.   Based on the angle from where he was looking, Larry could not see her directly, but he could see her reflection perfectly.   With both hands she reached down and hefted her breasts, lifting each in turn and then both together.   Larry could see that there was very little sag and they sat up nicely on her chest.   He was no expert but he guessed they were a 33-cup.   The nipples were pink but they were small and not prominent.   Carefully she thoroughly examined each breast in detail pressing and squeezing each in turn.   Larry guessed that she was examining for lumps, something he knew women should do.   As she did, he noticed that both of her nipples swelled considerably.   Each had to be over an inch long and twice as thick as when she had first started.   Larry was mesmerized.   After a bit, she turned partially, looked over her shoulder into the mirror and started examining her rear end in the mirror.   She turned again and then several more times to look at it from different angles, sizing it up.   Then slowly, almost teasingly, she bent over from the waist. As she did her backside spread and Larry could see between her legs.   His heart thudded wildly in his chest and he realized that he was hard as a rock.   Backing up slowly and quietly he re-crossed the side yards and entered his garage.   Breathing heavily he couldn’t believe what he had seen.   His next door neighbor was beautiful and like a pervert, he had spied on her in her bedroom.   He should be punished, but his raging hard on wouldn’t stop, no matter how guilty he felt.   He walked over to his workbench and unable to control himself, unzipped his pants and took himself into his hand.   A few quick pumps and he exploded into a paper towel.   Shamefaced he zipped up and went back into his house.   *     *     *    *     Larry worked hard to put the incident out of his mind.   He knew it was not healthy to obsess about it and if he could only stop thinking about it, it would be as if it had never happened.   So he concentrated on work, his car project and working out.   He didn’t succeed in forgetting about it, but at least he pushed it aside most of the time.   One evening a week or so later, he was working out after dinner on his weight bench.   He wasn’t a power lifter by any stretch of the imagination, but he did lots of reps at lower weights and kept in pretty good shape.   Cycling was his passion and he cycled almost every morning.   He was working on leg lifts when the doorbell rang.   Assuming it was one of the kids from across the street, holding a small towel, he went straight to the door in his t-shirt and gym shorts.   Opening the door he was startled to realize it was the woman from next door.   “Hi.   I’m Diane from next door and we’ve never formally met.   So I thought I’d drop off these cookies I made and introduce myself.” she smiled warmly.   “Uh, uh, ummm .   .” Larry stammered.   He was totally tongue tied and embarrassed.   Never comfortable with women and given the event of a week or so ago, this was a special case.   “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”   “Ummm, ahhh, well, ummm, yes.   Please come in . . . .”   Larry led her into the living room and they sat down.   “I can just stay a minute but I’ve been feeling terrible ever since you moved in, not stopping by to say hello.   Just not very neighborly of me.” Diane said.   “Th-th-that’s okay,” Larry stammered again.   “And you are . . .” Diane asked.   “Oh god, I’m sorry.   I’m Larry,” he knew he was blushing now.   Well, it’s nice to meet you Larry,” Diane said as she stood up.   “I hope you enjoy the cookies.   I guess they’re my little peace offering after ignoring you these past few months.   I hope we have the chance to get to know each other better as the summer moves along.”   “Showing her to the door, “Yes, that would be nice.   Th-th-th-th-th-thanks again Diane.”   But saying her name out loud was too much and that was all he could get out.   He watched as she walked away, eye planted squarely on her firm rear end as it swayed back and forth.   Diane was surely a beautiful woman and he hoped with all his heart that they would get to know each other better.   As he closed the front door he realized that he had invited her in wearing his sweaty workout clothes.   God, she must think I’m a clod he thought.   But as he pictured her walking away, he became aroused and his erection protruded from the bottom of his workout shorts.   God no, he thought.   But there was no help for it, there was no way it was going down on its own.   He went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and stripped.   The water was cold as it splashed over him but his erection raged on.   After washing his body thoroughly, he was still as hard as a rock.   So giving in, he finally grabbed it and started jerking it up and down.   “Oh Diane,” he moaned as thick white streams of cum shot out all over the tub.
    A few weeks went past and other than an occasional wave here and there, nothing happened.   Diane was nice but from a distance as Larry was too shy to get closer.   Larry went on about his routine, work, cycling, lifting weights, working on the car, watching DVD’s and reading.   For the most part he put her sexy body out of his mind and he was better able to control his urges.   One Saturday he decided to work in the garage all day on his car.   It was nice and warm out and the garage door was open.   He heard a door open next-door and curiosity getting the better of him, he spied around the corner.   Diane was in her back yard with a clothesbasket, hanging wash on her line.   Quickly Larry grabbed a broom and started sweeping the walkway around his house, sneaking looks at Diane whenever possible.   She seemed to be hanging up very small items and he couldn’t quite make them out.   Too late, he saw her glance his way.   He averted his eyes and quickly moved back into the garage.   Larry’s heart was pounding in his chest.   When he looked out the window of his side door, she was disappearing into her house.   Great, he thought.   I’ve gone and scared her off.   He returned to working on the car.   A few minutes later he heard the door close again and Diane call out load to her cat which was wandering around the back yard.   Not being able to help himself, he peeked out again.   Diane was standing by the clothesline hanging things up again.   But she had changed into a bikini top and very short denim shorts.   Larry’s mouth hung open.   Diane bent over towards him and picked out something from the clothesbasket.   It was small and this time Larry realized that it was a pair of tiny black panties.   As she reached up to hang them, the bottom of her breasts was exposed.   Larry could clearly see the tan line and the swell of her breasts above it.   He swallowed.   Diane bent over again and picked up another pair.   Apparently she had washed all of her underwear.   This time, before hanging them, she held them briefly up to her nose and inhaled deeply.   Larry would have done anything to sniff them himself.   It was all he could do to just watch.   After hanging this pair, she bent over and picked up something else, this time white lacy bra.   As she reached up to hang it, her left breast slipped out from the bottom of the loose fitting top.   Larry backed up at that and inadvertently stumbled against his toolbox.   The lid came crashing down and he immediately put his head under the hood of the car pretending that nothing had happened.   Unfortunately, if Diane walked in at that moment, he didn’t know how he could hide his throbbing erection.   Larry slowly peeked around the corner again and Diane was reaching up to the line again with another pair.   She had moved further down the line and it was higher now as it got closer to here house.   She stretched up and this time both breasts popped out from under the bikini top.   Larry watched fascinated as Diane tried to cover up.    But finally she gave up, untied the top and let it fall to the ground.   Larry’s shorts were practically splitting now.   He leaned back into his garage getting out of sight.   But not being able to help himself, he looked again around the corner but this time Diane was gone. Larry didn’t know where she was but he was pretty sure she hadn’t gone back inside, as he had not heard the door close.   Slowly he stepped out from the garage looking for her.   She was nowhere to be seen.   Putting his hands over his obvious bulge, he moved towards the small fence that separated the properties.   As he approached it, he wondered, where could she have gone?   Suddenly she moved from behind a tree just a few feet in front of him.   She gasped as she saw him and covered both breasts with her hands.   Larry, as startled as she was, looked straight down at the ground, turned and started to walk back to the garage. “ Oh Larry, I’m sorry!   I didn’t mean to startle you and please excuse my appearance,” Diane said. Larry stopped and turned back around.   But not looking up he said, ”I was just going inside.” “But, ummm, Larry, could I ask a favor of you, please?” “Ahhh, ummmm, ok, sure.” “I need a little help inside to move a large cupboard, would you mind?” Diane asked. “Okay,” he hesitantly replied. “I’m guessing you’ve seen thousands of women’s breasts and you won’t mind if I don’t put that useless bikini top back on,” she brazenly said. But Larry had looked up a little and was now looking at Diane’s shorts which were not buttoned and partially unzipped.   He was sure he could see wisps of pubic hair where the zipper came together.   Noticing, Diane put her hands on her hips and inconspicuously pushed them a little lower, allowing him to see even more.   Larry’s face flushed and as he stood there, kept his hands down, covering the front of his shorts.   Diane couldn’t see how aroused he was but the bulge was noticeable even from behind his hands.   “Come’on inside and I’ll show you where it is,” Diane said, and she led him into the house. As they walked through the house, Larry realized that they were in the bedroom where he had seen her several weeks earlier.   If anything his erection grew bigger and he became even more tongue tied and embarrassed.   Diane, noticing his embarrassment started talking about where she wanted the cupboard moved, trying to take his mind of things just a little. “Could you grab those couple of boxes off the top, please Larry?” Diane asked. Larry’s panicked eyes flew to hers for the first time.   She had purposely put her hands behind her head, playing with her hair.   This accentuated her breasts even more; pushing them forward and making her nipples really protrude.   Larry’s eyes darted towards my breasts, and his breath caught in his throat.   His face was almost on fire from embarrassment. Very reluctantly Larry moved towards the cupboards, but in doing so was turning his back to her.Diane wanted to see that bulge and she wasn’t going to let him hide it, if she could help it. “No, Larry you’ll need to do it from this end,” she stated in quite a firm voice.   “Now stretch up here,” she said, leaving no room for argument given her tone of voice. Nervously Larry turned sideways and raised his arms over his head to reach for the boxes.   As he turned to his profile, Diane could see the huge bulge in his shorts.   Goddamn, he was enormous or so it appeared from where Diane was standing.   She was sure his penis was bulging at least five or six inches in front of him, making a huge tent in his shorts. As Larry took the first box, Diane stretched up beside him and told him to pass it down to her.   With Larry concentrating on the heavy box, Diane started lowering her shorts even further.   Then as she stretched up, her shorts fell around her ankles. “Oh, goodness,” she said in a voice feigning surprise.   Larry looked down from his stretched position and could instantly see that Diane was now totally naked.   Not able to help himself, he almost dropped the next box on his head as he stared open mouthed. Diane said, “Oh well, what the hell you’ve already seen my tits so you may as well see the rest of me too.”   She stepped out of the shorts and kicked them aside.   Glancing down as she did, she took in another view of the bulge in his shorts which, if anything, had thickened even more. Larry, totally embarrassed, grabbed the other box and lowered it to the top of the bed. She said, “Geez Larry, you’re quite a strong guy.   Give me a look at those muscles.   Oh come on, flash them off a bit,” she teased. He stepped back not knowing what to do and with Diane standing in front of him naked he’d forgotten about covering his own very obviously aroused penis. Diane seductively looked him up and down and said, “Mmmmm, I see that’s not all that’s bulging and flexing.” Horrified, Larry’s hands flew to cover his penis. “Now, there’s no need to be modest, after all I am standing here completely naked,” she said and stepped closer and to give his erection a quick squeeze.   It almost burst out of his shorts and he moaned loudly. “Ohhhh, now who’s a horny Little Boy,” Diane said in a very strong voice. “Uhh, ummm, uhh, me, I guess” he shyly replied. “Isn’t your penis aching to get out of there Little Boy?” She said. “Yes Ma’am, it would . . . but I’m not sure it should” he replied. “Sure it should Little Boy, get out of those clothes,” Diane practically demanded. Very self-consciously Larry started to undress.   He slipped out of his shoes and sox.   Then drawing a deep breath he pulled his t-shirt over his head.   All that remained were those tight biking shorts which only accentuated his huge bulge.   Here with an embarrassed look, he stopped. “Come on Larry, you Little Boy you, finish up.   After all, look at me!” He reluctantly slid the shorts down to his ankles.   His penis instantly flexed up, reaching up past his navel.   He stood there embarrassed. Diane decided right then and there she was going to have her way with that magnificent erection, and very soon indeed. “Stay right here, I am going to shower,” she demanded. “Yes Ma’am,” was all Larry could reply. As the door to the bathroom closed behind Diane, Larry stood there for a few minutes staring at the floor.   His erection lost none of its momentum and in fact seemed to grow even harder. Larry heard the shower start up and soon he could hear her humming to herself as she showered.   This is amazing he thought to himself.   She was so sexy and had such a beautiful body.   What’s more, she seemed to be driving the situation which turned Larry on even more.   For some reason it was incredibly stimulating to just turn control over to her.   He didn’t have to worry whether he was making the right move or not.   He could just let her have her way.   With the water still running he reached down and picked up a pair of her panties.   Reverently he held them up to his nose and inhaled deeply.   Although they were clean, he could still smell her on them and he thought it was incredibly erotic.   He then took the panties and started rubbing them on his chest, concentrating on his nipples, then lower along his throbbing penis.   He was amazingly aroused and the purple head of his erection was leaking pre-cum. “And just what the fuck do you think you are doing?” Diane demanded as she stormed into the bedroom.   “Who the fuck gave you permission to play with my panties?”   Diane yelled at him. Larry instantly stopped what he was doing and said, “I’m very sorry Ma’am, p-p-please forgive me?” He looked so horrified standing there that Diane almost laughed out loud.   But keeping a straight face she said, “I’ll consider your punishment on my return,” and she went back into the bathroom. Larry wasn’t sure what to do.   Was she mad at him?   She seemed so strong and demanding.   But it was so incredibly exciting.   He didn’t know how he should be behaving, but he knew in his aroused state he would do anything for her.   He heard the shower shut off behind the closed door and his heart raced in anticipation.   Larry still hadn’t moved a muscle as Diane came back into the bedroom.   . His penis however was stiff up against his stomach.   The blue veins were almost pulsing, aching for relief. “Lay on my bed… spread eagled,” Diane demanded. Larry immediately obeyed the command.   His huge penis bobbed up and down in front of him.   Diane looked at it and smiled with open admiration.   She then went to the dresser and grabbed a couple of pair of nylons from a drawer and tied Larry’s hands to the bedpost.   There was almost a frightened look in his eyes, but his penis continued to bob up and down.   He never for a moment struggled against the restraints. Diane left the room and went back into the bathroom.   She returned moments later with a huge eleven inch black ribbed vibrator lathering it with lubricant.   Larry’s eyes bulged in his head, as he saw the vibrator in her hands. Diane climbed onto the bed between Larry’s legs and turned the vibrator on.   The humming sound seemed almost too loud.   She trailed it up and down Larry’s shaft, over and across the knob and then pushed the tip of it right into the head.   His penis thrust up and swelled even further to attention as it glided over his sensitive skin.   His shining knob was almost glowing purple, begging for release.   Next Diane trailed the vibrator down between the cheeks of his ass, rimming his asshole. “Beg me to fuck your ass, Little Boy,” she demanded. “Please Ma’am, don’t fu . . . umm, . . .god . . no . . . PLEASE fuck me with your shiny black penis,” he said in a quivering voice. Diane smiled knowingly and slowly started to push it into Larry’s tiny little sphincter.   An inch in, a half an inch out, another inch in, another half out, working it in a little further all the time.   Almost six inches were deep inside his ass now and she could tell he was hurting but starting to enjoy it nevertheless.   After the initial shock and momentary pain of penetrating his ass for the first time, he looked like he would take to it. Diane was working hard to find his prostate; watching his penis for a reaction when she found it.   Within a matter of seconds after she had found the zone, Larry’s penis jumped further to attention, as pre cum copiously spilled out. Seeming to realize that he would cum if she wasn’t careful, she pulled down hard on his balls until the moment passed.   She then continued to arouse him almost to the point of explosion time and time again.   But each time, she took the edge off his arousal with a hard tug on his balls. “P-p-p-please fuck me,” Larry continued to beg as instructed.   He was dying to ejaculate, his penis and balls strained further than ever in his life.   To Larry they felt twice their normal size, ready to burst. Diane seemed to enjoy having this much control over someone else.   Her skin was flushed and between her legs, moisture actually dripped from her short pubic hair.   Diane took Larry to the limit one last time before removing the vibrator from his asshole. Larry again begged for her to continue; whimpering that he was just about to cum.   But Diane cruelly slapped his swollen penis hard and told him, “I’ll decide when you cum, Little Boy.” Diane then climbed up and sat across Larry’s chest.   Her wet pussy was leaving a trail of moisture across his chest.   She leaned forward a little and placed her fingers on either side of her pussy lips; pulling them apart.   She said, “See my pussy….I want you to eat it….. I want you to fuck my pussy with your tongue…I want you to continue until I tell you to stop…Do you understand me, Little Boy?”   Her voice rose with command as she demanded him to service her.    “Yes Ma’am,” he quickly replied. Diane quickly climbed up over Larry’s face, positioned herself and then lowered her pussy down toward his eagerly awaiting tongue.   Larry’s hands were still securely tied so he had no way of helping himself, other than to nuzzle his whole face into her pussy.   His tongue started to delve between the lips; lapping at her juices.   He continued to probe deeper and deeper as she urgently demanded him to quicken his pace.   She was so aroused that her hips were bucking and thrusting, mashing his face.   She could feel his rough moustache scratching against her clitoris and the sensations were driving her wild. “Eat me damn you,” she screamed.   “Fucking eat me!” She was driving her pussy down into his face so hard he was close to suffocating, but he didn’t stop for a second. Suddenly, with virtually no warning, her body gave a shuddering convulsion and her orgasm exploded.   She arched her back as wave after wave of the most violent orgasm pulsated through her body.   She came so hard she ejaculated all over his face soaking it and making the pillow under his head wet.   Larry never stopped lapping her pussy, until eventually she settled a bit and said, “Enough!” She collapsed back and slid away from his face.   Larry was panting noisily, gasping for breath.   Once the intensity of the orgasm began to subside, she leaned forward and was now sitting on Larry’s chest.   His entire face was drenched in her orgasm. “Did I please Ma’am?” Larry croaked. “Yes Little Boy, Ma’am is now pleased,” Diane replied. “Is Ma’am going to please me now?” Larry asked, begging really. She looked behind her and there stood Larry’s swollen penis.   It was even bigger than before.   The shaft was shiny from the pre cum that had trickled down it.   The veins were even more engorged than earlier and the knob was almost to the exploding point.   It was dark purple, as was his shaft.   It was clear that Larry was just aching for release. Diane reached up and untied Larry’s right hand from the bedpost and laid it by his side.   He waited obediently for her instructions.   Slowly she slid right back between Larry’s spread-eagled legs and picked up the vibrator again.   The minute it was turned on, Larry’s penis started to flex.She rimmed his asshole teasingly for a couple of minutes before thrusting it hard and deep inside of his ass.   He took over eight inches on the initial thrust and made no sound.   But his penis sure liked the attention. Diane started to fuck his ass with the vibrator, making sure that she found that certain little spot again. “I want you to masturbate for me, Little Boy, while I fuck your ass,” she demanded.   Larry hesitated for a minute with a lost look on his face.   Realizing that Diane would do nothing further, his hand flew to his penis.   He grasped it quite hard and started to pump up and down his shaft.   The palm of his hand glided over his knob and back down his shaft. “Shorten the strokes and make them, faster, Little Boy,” she demanded.   “I want to know when you’re about to cum, Little Boy…don’t make the mistake of cumming before I give permission, you hear me?” she challenged. She again took Larry to the edge and back at least another half dozen times before considering giving him a release.   Finally she didn’t make him stop and she saw the panicked look on his face as he realized he was going over the edge.   He wasn’t sure he actually had permission yet but by now it was too late.   His orgasm rivaled hers.   He exploded and great white globs of cum shot right up and hit him in the face.   Streams of cum were flying from his penis as he pumped it and pumped it and pumped it.   By the time he’d stopped cumming, his chest was covered too. She allowed him to relax for about five minutes and praised her “Little Boy” for his self-control.   Then she released his other hand from the bedpost. Telling him to stand, she told him, “You are now free to leave, Little Boy, but your clothes will remain here.   From now on, when I want you I will call you on the phone. You will immediately come to my house and you will be naked when you arrive.   You will enter from the back yard.   You will stand and wait patiently inside the door until I instruct you otherwise.”   Then she said “Good night, Little Boy.” Larry put his hands back over his now shrinking member and slowly backed out of the room.   Retracing his steps he left through the back door and naked, crossed quickly over to his garage and went inside. He need time to think about what happened.   Diane was a beautiful and strong-minded woman.   He had “finally” started to get to know her.   But one thing remained unchanged, all he had done so far was masturbate.   What would it take for him to actually be allowed to go all the way with her.   In order to find out, he knew he was going to exercise his option to buy the house.   Yes indeed, he thought he just might stay.
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