Aunty Betty Part 5
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My name is Caroline. I am a striking tall golden blond girl staying with my beautiful 19 year old cousin Amanda and my very strict Aunty Betty during my summer school vacation in England in 1979. I am well into week five of my stay and my behavior and attitude have improved dramatically thanks to some very sound and well deserved thrashings from Aunty Betty. In fact Aunty Betty was so impressed by the improved conduct from both myself and Amanda that she has relaxed her previously harsh regime concerning dress code and makeup. Currently there are no restrictions at all on Amanda and I am permitted to wear clear lip gloss and modest eye shadow. I am also permitted to wear shorter skirts as long as I do not go too far. Amanda has received no punishment at all in the last month, while I have have only received the occasional well smacked bare upper thighs, all well deserved. However even though my conduct is improving Aunty Betty always reminds me that a good taste of her strap is still on the cards if I regress.
I have been sharing Amanda's bed from day one and she has become quite a tigress. Even though she is very good at pleasing me,  I still prefer boys and have been secretly meeting my boyfriend Peter for some very serious rod.  Peter who is about my age attends a strict boys boarding school where I understand he is very popular.  He has admitted to me that he is very experienced when it comes to pleasing his friends, and is not too particular where he parks his rod. Since I am very broad minded about these matters I do not mind indulging in the occasional back door shenanigans as long a there is plenty of lubrication.  Peter is an expert in such matters and just thinking about him leaves me with soaked panties.
However Amanda is becoming very suspicious lately and is asking a lot of questions which I basically ignore. She suspects that I might be having some fun without her and is becoming a bit distant. Also Aunty Betty seems to be changing her attitude towards me and is finding any reason to lift the back of my skirt for a good smacking across the back of my bare upper thighs. She does not hold back any more and 8 of the best across each leg is standard, regardless of what I have done which is usually something very minor. Amanda's only reaction is a look of satisfaction and saying the smackings were well deserved. I get the impression that Aunty Betty is looking for any reason to thrash me again and that Amanda is probably thinking of a way to get me into trouble. After a recent seeing to for a very minor transgression I was informed that I could no longer wear any makeup at all and if I broke this rule I would be soundly thrashed.
Since I was not very keen to taste Aunty Betty's strap again I behaved myself for the next week or so and even avoided having my legs slapped. This did not seem to please Amanda who  am sure was scheming to get me in trouble.  One evening she decided to go out and really piled on the makeup. She asked me how I looked and I said fine. She said goodnight to me and gave me a very long  kiss on my mouth. I was now wearing most of her makeup. No sooner had Amanda left , when Aunty Betty appeared and asked me to explain my shiny lips. I tried to explain that Amanda had kissed me, but she was having none of it and  told me to  come with her. She took me to her room and grabbed her thick leather strap from the drawer.  She informed me that I needed a good thrashing and that is exactly what I would get. I was bent over the back of a chair, my skirt was lifted and my panties were lowered. I then received 8 of the best after which I went back to Amanda's bedroom.  To my surprise she was waiting for me with the soothing lotion and I let her apply it. We then got busy with each other and she proved what a tigress she really was. It was then that I definetely decided to give boys a miss and Amanda and I have been together ever since. That was the last punishment I ever received from Aunty Betty or anybody else for that matter. As soon as my relationship improved with Amanda, Aunty Betty changed her attitude toward me and there was never any further mention of  punishment of any kind and we have all remained  very  good friends since.
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