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A massive dick. By Marcos Urbina Well, after I've been reading so many erotic stories I decided it was my turn to tell you one myself,  playing the main character.  I already turned to 26yo girl;  I used to date my girlfriends since I was 19.  Once, I was invited to drink at one of my buddies' apartment.  We were a party of six, but these guys   were elder, and as they drunk alcohol,    they were  drunk too quickly.   But it came the moment   when one of my girl friends invited over other male friends while in the reunion.  They accepted gladly and came quickly to join us.   Needless to say, I must tell you that each one of us made a party of two, to have a nice tiem.   ll bedrooms, each corner in the aparetment was occupied by a couple fucking like mad. At the time our new buddies were already there, I glanced over  one of the boys named Frank.  He was an easy going person, his features were those    of   peaceful person indeed, very different from others in the party; on the contrary,   these buddies looked   malicious, even dirty, and  I could tell  by the stare in their eyes. I began to play it along in the apartment like a good girl while I was there, very innocent, but not too easy to convince into doing the wrong thing,  to get engaged in this mucky stuff around the flat, making love to each other,  so this boy was not going to mistake me by a whore in that party, an easy lay.   I felt so sick at seeing such scenario, that I chose to go into the library instead, to pick up a book and read it in another room, but I was not aware I had a look in my face that gave me away, or communicated my intentions:    I was not going to miss this man.  I always  looked  him in the eye so he figured out  I was too willing to invite him back to   the hall. I already was at the library and, as expected, he had trailed me in there. We talked a lot. I played it like a very difficult person to induce into doing the wrong thing.  But I finally couldn't resist for too long, sitting in the sofa,  having small talk,  while I had another thing in mind. We soon were tempted and  began to kiss, putting our tongues well into our mouths, madly, despite the good things I kept saying about this buddy. He held my tits, grabbed them apreciating how nice they were, because they were big tits, no doubt, and he wouldn't stop touching, kissing and squeezing them with his hands. By this time I was already more turned on and my hand had began to  move  down to touch him in his thighs to find and enormous dick, the only thing I could grab there. I didn't expect this so huge and  I suddenly found myself with the rod in my hand. I can't really recall whether it was my left or right hand grabbing it. I had the feeling that dick was so long that it looked like if it didn't end anywhere within his pants, despite I had a boy friend and we were already having sex regularly;  I must accept I had never touched or squeezed something  so big in my lifetime, though.  It was the first time I had run into such a big one. As I got to the living room, we saw all of our buddies there but one couple. There was no sight of them anywhere in the hall, so we began a search around the house. We could't find them or learn where they had gone, until somebody came up with the idea for looking  into a closet and ...   surprise!!  There they were, my stupid girl friend pretty drunk, and he was fucking her well by the ass.  What a beautiful view of my friend this was!! Yet we all could see the scene she would't mind at all, and went on with what she was doing.  We noticed a sign of satisfaction and pleasure in her face derived from the fucking by the ass so we let them finish their job. That day nothing out of the extraordinary happened with Frank, but I didn't stop thinking in his enormous dick, how could possible be so large, and I regret for not having eaten that piece of meat earlier.  But the chance would come soon: we planned ahead for another meeting, another party at a restaurant, this time with my girl friends and other friends they invited over.  I  met  Frank there, as I expected, nd said hi. While we were drinking we made some advancement. I began to gain on my courage and I thought I was not going to miss the big deal this time: the good feast with Franks's big  dick. There was a moment at which we were all drunk and I could´t stand it any more without sex. We looked at each other in the eye with all lust, the thing was very strong there and we began to kiss at the table in front of the others.  What the fuck!!  I had began to figure out myself laid down with that big piece of meat inside me, and  the only thought of this made my pussy wet, it was pounding as hell.  Until I cheered up and took him by the arm and showed him to the bath room.
At his urge, asking me to  suck that dick, I didn´t know how to proceed from now on. Simply it was not going to fit into my small mouth. I was so shocked that my only choice was to leave   that place leaving him with such hard on.   I sat on the toilet as if pissing with him standing there in front of me. He was showing a hard rod, swelled and harder than ever, as hard as blue steel.  I had it well into my mouth in less than a second, as far as it could go, trying to swallow it but it didn't fit!!  obviously it was too long!!.  So I decided to suck it instead, squeezed it with my hands, stroke it, kissing it until I got tired and coudn't  continue.  I got him to sit in the toilet as we switched places and I took my position on top  of him facing me, moving up and down slowly, madly, looking for the right entrance, the path within me. I slid the enormous rod inside me as far it could go inside. I had  never been so turned on as I was now,   moaning constantly and I didn't mind if my screams and moans  were heard outside the bathroom . Sure these buddies would be listening!! Then I began to  notice how wet I was at that moment while he kept pushing his big dick inside my cunt trying to go even farther inside. Then I stood to my feet and leaned against the bath room door looking for balance and I felt how the dick began to find its way again fiercely inside me. To tell  you the truth, I was the one enjoying it a lot, as hell.   He didn´t know how to move around with his dick to work it better inside my vagina, so I came to assist and led him through.  Well, his lack of expertise was not a thing of great importance for his enormous rod made it up for everything.  I took it, enjoyed it as much as  I could, as he began to cum. I could tell because my little cunt became all wet by a dick cum when he shot many times. The resulting pain was too much to stand and I can´t exactly recall this strange  pain  caused by the big penis.
I´m a married woman now and I can´t help thinking in Frank´s gorgeous dick!!                                                                          The end    
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