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I had arrived at my office early and since nobody was around, I decided to take advantage of the situation as I was certain I would not be disturbed. The only people in at this time were security, and they never came into my office, so I could totally relax.
I walked past security, feeling so good in what I was wearing. Dressed in a black skirt suit, black stockings and heels, I walked past the security guard and could sense he was watching me walk towards the lift. I turned and caught his glance as I waited for the lift to my office. Looking at my watch, I knew I had plenty of time to have some time to myself and this very thought was turning me on so much.
The lift came, I stepped in and felt excited at what was to come. The office was quiet and the blinds closed. I walked over to my desk and placed my bag on the floor. A desk was situated opposite mine and I imagined in detail what my colleague would say if he was to walk in on me whilst I was fingering myself and enjoying every moment. It turned me on knowing I risked this happening but also a total stranger walking in and finding me on my desk with my legs apart.
Moving various items aside on my desk, I perched myself on top and kicked off my heels, running one hand against my stockings, feeling how silky the material felt against my skin, and moved my fingers towards the delicate lace at the top of the stocking. I felt so sexy wearing the outfit and the stockings made me feel extra special.
I felt so naughty and yet so turned on. I knew I should not be doing this at work. Using my other hand, I slowly unbuttoned my white blouse and fingered the lace around the top of my bra before forcing my hand further inside, to feel my soft, swollen breasts under the material. I moved two fingers across my nipple and started to feel excited at how erect they felt. It felt so good to touch between my fingers and slowly massage. I started to push my head back and let my long brown hair fall towards the desk as I moved my hand over both breasts and play with my hard nipples.
With one hand resting on the desk, I moved the other away from my breasts and downwards over my stomach and then pulled my skirt up slightly to feel the top of my stockings and stroked my inner thighs. I imagined it was a man who was touching me and as I eased one finger over the black knickers I was wearing, I could feel the dampness of the material surrounding my pussy. It felt so good, as I built an image in my head that a man was teasing me with his finger and asking me if I liked it.
I could wait no longer, as I was already very aroused. Using a finger to move the material aside, I pushed my finger further and felt how wet and silky my pussy was. I moaned and let my head roll back further as I slowly fingered myself, sliding one finger over my hard, silky clit. I moved my head forwards and noticed how erect my nipples were through the material of my bra. They were so well defined and evidence to how much I was enjoying the moment. Feeling more excited, I fingered myself at a faster pace than before and rolled my head back as I became more wet with excitement and then decided to slow down my movements so I could really enjoy touching myself. I had made myself so wet and creamy and my clit was becoming harder as I playfully stroked across it.
On removing my finger for a couple of seconds, I moved it towards my mouth to taste myself and licked my finger before moving it back to my warm, wet pussy. It turned me on more not feeling any hair over my most intimate part since I had recently had it all waxed off. It felt so smooth and soft and fingering myself had felt more intense. Moving my finger further in, I moaned with pleasure as I started to feel how silky I had become. I was feeling desperate to just keep moving my finger over my clit until I made myself climax, but I felt this was too quick. I wanted to make myself be patient and enjoy being stroked.
As I fingered myself slowly, I imagined a man was standing in front of me and looking at me as I pleasured myself, before kneeling down before me and parting my legs wider to use his warm tongue on me. I imagined his tongue flicking over my clit from side to side and his finger held firmly inside me. I rubbed my clit harder and quicker as I imagined him licking me. As I fingered harder, I felt myself become more turned on and the need to let go and bring myself to orgasm was so intense. I opened my legs wider, and eased my body across the desk as I continued fingering my self faster. Breathing heavily and moaning in between, I could feel I was close to making myself come. I arched my back with every stroke and pushed myself towards the desk as the pace got faster and faster. It felt so good. I turned my head towards the direction of the door leading to my office and saw a figure standing there, watching me. I recognised who it was. It was someone working in another department.
I was too excited to stop and carried on what I was doing. The figure continued to stand at the doorway as I worked my way towards climaxing. It turned me on so much knowing I was being watched by someone I had only ever said "Hello" to. I looked at him as I fingered myself and let him see my body in such an aroused state. I noticed him touch himself as he looked at me. As I started to feel myself come, I maintained eye contact with him and rubbed myself harder as I enjoyed my touch. The orgasm I had was amazing and my finger was covered in smooth, silky come. I removed my finger and felt I had to taste it. It tasted so good and I craved for the figure standing at the door to come over and lick my creamy pussy, but instead, he left me to recover from such intense orgasm and get on with some work, before my colleague walked into the office.
------------------------------------------------------Note: This is my first erotic story, so I would love to have feedback on it and what people thought.
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