Roses and Violet
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I lived with Amy for a year before our first roommate moved out. Amy found a new one, her name was Violet. Amy and Violet had a few classes together and sort of knew each other. We decided to go out for drinks to celebrate having a new roommate. Violet was pretty, she had long beautiful black hair. Still, Amy got all the attention at the clubs. Amy was the blond bimbo of the house. We were only at the club for a half hour probably before Amy had run off on me. I didn't like being left alone with the new girl, but I was used to Amy's antics after a year however. "She gets all the attention... " I said to Violet, not trying to sound jealous. I was really just making conversation. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Violet asked me, my stomached turned. I pretended not to hear her over the music. I had just broken up with him after two years and wasn't really in the mood to talk about it. I just wanted to have a nice night out. Violet leaned towards me. "Do you want to dance?" She yelled. "Sure.. " I said, we both moved through the crowd and began dancing together. We waved over at Amy who was grinding pretty heavily on a random guy. "God, I hope she doesn't think she's bringing him home.. " I yelled at Violet. She laughed. She had a nice smile I thought. "Aww, poor doggy," Violet mocked in Amy's direction. Amy's friend stared at Violet and I and then smiled. He couldn't hear anything. I could tell that Violet and I would be good friends. The three of us had fun that night before we went home. The next morning I was in the kitchen fighting my hangover. I was making coffee when Amy came in all bleary-eyed. "Have fun last night?" She asked as she helped herself to the coffee. "Yeah.. It looked like you had more fun though," I teased. "Oh, why do you say that?" "Because you kept humping some guy.." I laughed. "Not some guy, Kevin. Besides, I saw you and Violet getting pretty busy. "Getting busy?? I was only dancing with her after you ditched us!" I got really defensive, Amy knew how to push my buttons. It was all because we got drunk together one night and I told her I might be bi. I was just being drunk though. "Whatever.." She teased, amused at herself. "You know she's a lesbian don't you?" She whispered. "No.. no way," I gasped. Violet didn't seem like a lesbian at all to me, and I don't recall her coming on to me last night. "Well, bisexual.. She made out with Hannah you know," She said. Hannah was a friend of ours who happened to be fairly promiscuous. It seemed possible that Violet would have made out with Hannah, but I thought Amy was just teasing me. "That doesn't mean anything.. they were probably drunk," I told her. Then Amy looked up behind me, it was Violet. I hoped for her sake she didn't hear our conversation. "What's up with you two?" Violet said, sensing the tension from us. "Nothing, I gotta get going.. I have to work," I said. I ducked out of there before it got anymore awkward. After that, Amy agreed to leave me alone about the bi thing, and I agreed to leave her alone about her easy ways. But when our October break came around she broke our agreement. Amy was going home for a couple of days while me and Violet were going to stay at the house. I wanted to work and study a little. "I'll see you in a few days," Amy said as she was packing her things in her car. "Have fun," I said. Then Amy gave me that evil grin of hers. "You and Violet have fun," She teased. "Haha.. whatever bitch," I mocked. I was glad when she finally drove away, because she was really making me feel awkward about being alone with Violet. At that time I felt like there was a good chance Violet was bisexual, and I didn't know how I was going to react if she tried to come onto me. I was starting to daydream about Violet and I hooking up. It could be so romantic and so passionate I thought. I still wasn't completely sure that Violet liked girls, or if she even liked me. I knew more and more that I wanted her. I would get a funny feeling whenever we were together. She startled me when she came in our laundry room where I was folding my clothes. "Hey Samantha," she said. "Hello," I squeaked. My heart started to pound, I think I was in love with her. I tried desperately to hide it. She gave me a curious look, sensing that I was being weird. "Violet?" I asked. "Yes?" She answered. "Want to help me fold some clothes?" I grinned. "Sure.. you're acting weird." She laughed and half-heartedly helped me fold the rest of my clothes. She got close to me because the laundry room was tiny. Her energy relaxed me tremendously. "I'm just stressed, I need to catch up on some work," I told her, trying to hide my true feelings for her. "Oh. I was thinking about renting a couple movies later." "What movies?" I asked. "Well, Halloween is coming soon, we should totally rent a horror movie," she said. I liked the sound of this, but if she had any romantic feelings for me she sure hid them well. I wondered if I would have to make the first move. "That sounds fun, I don't feel like going out anyways," I answered. "I thought you had to study?" She smiled. Maybe she was on to me I thought. "Na, not tonight. I have tomorrow all planned out, I'm going to study all day tomorrow," I answered back. "Cool, I'm going to go run a few errands and go to the video store, do you want to come?" She asked as she folded the last of my socks. "No, I'm gonna stay here and clean up the house a little, maybe take a shower," I said. I think she really wanted me to go with her, maybe she liked me I thought. I did clean the house up and take a shower, waiting for Violet to return. I put my pajamas on and was all ready to watch some scary movies with her. I laid out on our couch with a blanket. I was amused at how anxious I was being. It all started to seem serious, I was going to find out if Violet liked girls one way or another. I was also going to find out if I did too. She didn't come back until I was almost falling asleep. My heart pounded somewhat, finally, I thought. "Sorry, I lost track of time," she apologized. "That's alright, what did you rent?" I smiled. I liked the way she apologized. I liked a lot of things about her. "It's a new vampire one, and an old haunted house one" she said, looking at me in my fuzzy pajamas and blanket. She put one of the first movies on and went into the kitchen. I waited eagerly for her to come sit with me. She came back in the room with a couple glasses and a bottle of wine. I laughed to myself, thinking she was trying to get me drunk. She was wearing a nice pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. She took her sweatshirt off, I peeked at her thin body in her tee-shirt. She was beautiful. She sat next to my feet and poured the wine out. We toasted and watched the first movie uneventfully. It was a silly movie really, we laughed together a lot and got tipsy. I think we could both feel the tension loosen up from the wine. After the movie was over I hoped she wasn't going to go to bed. If she did I would probably regret not making a move on her. But I still feared how she would react if I came onto her and she wasn't really bisexual. Violet got up and changed the movie, I looked at her tight butt and poured the last of the wine in our glasses. As she came back to me, she gave me a smile that made it clear she liked me. I wasn't paying attention to the second movie at all, my heart was pounding. I finally knew that it was true. She sat down and started taking her jeans off. "These are so tight," She said as she kicked them to the floor. She wore white granny panties I saw. Then she took my blanket and lifted it up. She crawled underneath it with me and gently laid her back on me. She rested her head between my breasts, I put my arms around her waist and held her. There was a lot of energy between the two of us. We melted together slowly, our bodies so warm. I danced my hands around her tummy, holding her between my legs. I could hear her sigh as I kissed her hair. She was as surprised as I was I think. She put her hands on mine after a while, I felt her fingers caress my hands as we pretended to watch the movie. She rolled her head slightly on my breasts, making me shudder delightfully. The warmth between our bodies was red hot. I felt her squirming as she turned around and laid on top of me. I saw her open mouth coming towards me and then kissed my lips. I pulled her down and kissed passionately. Her tongue darted so fast in my mouth. Both of our hearts were pounding like crazy. Violet stared in my eyes and stroked my hair softly. It was different and exciting to make out with her. "Have you ever kissed a woman before?" She asked. Her hands rested on my shoulders as I felt her weight pin me down on the couch. "No.." I sighed. We kissed again, our tongues darted in each other's mouths and against one another. Her warm and minty mouth turned me on tremendously. She sucked on my lips and pushed her hands closer together until they rested on my breasts. I rubbed down her sides, moaning as she groped me tenderly. We were both in heaven. She laid her head beside mine as I felt her warm breath whirling around my neck. I was super wet, we were sure to go all the way tonight. I took my glass and drank the rest of my wine, listening to the screams from the horror movie. We looked in each other's eyes and laughed. I hoped it wasn't the wine that brought us together. Violet sat up and threw the blanket off of us. Her knees pressed together between my legs as she took her shirt off. I stared at her beautiful sexy body. She wore a black bra which was sagging from the weight of her tits. They were begging to be freed so I undid her bra. She pulled it off and crawled on top of me. She straddled my waist and leaned over me, her perfect tits obscured my view. I cupped them as her fingertips traced my hair behind my ears. "Ooh," I whined, her gently touches felt so powerful. "Ooh yes Samantha," she cried out as I fondled her and rubbed her tight little nipples. She was purring like a kitten. I loved hearing her moan and sigh at the pleasure I was giving her. She stroked my hair in rhythm to my groping. I squeezed her breasts until her soft flesh rose between my fingers. I couldn't believe I was making her moan like that. I watched her eyes roll back as I twirled my fingers around her swollen nipples. "Oh Sam," She squealed as I pushed my hands down her sides and held her waist. She tickled my neck with her fingertips, staring at me so doe-eyed. "Ohhh my God..." I sighed. My awkward shell was breaking fast, she knew all the spots to touch me it seemed. My panties were already soaked. Violet began to unbutton my pajamas slowly. She made my heart pound as she began to reveal my body to her. I pulled my arms out of my sleeves, shivering as she groped my bare breasts. I laid back, closing my eyes as squeezed them and pulled on my nipples. "I like your tits," she cooed. We both smiled, I was on the edge of an intense orgasm. She took me in her arms and beckoned me to sit up with her. We kissed again, our hands rubbing all over each other. Our tongue danced together as I pushed my hands over her butt. I rubbed her tight butt as she squirmed against me. I put my hands down the back of her panties, feeling the heat coming from between her legs. She broke the kiss and crawled down to the floor. I was in awe, making out was one thing, but licking pussy was completely different. I stared at her, she wanted me to lose my pajamas. She helped me out of them, holding the feet and pulling them off of me. She got very grabby, she wanted me naked bad. I didn't know how to react, I didn't know what being eaten out by a woman would be like. She grab my panties and pulled them down. I lifted my legs up, so wet. She threw my panties aside and knelled between my legs. I loved it when she got aggressive. She kissed my pussy and my clit a few times, then I felt her hand smack hard between my legs. Violet was a kinky girl, but she knew exactly how to touch me. "OH!!" I squealed, she smacked my pussy with her fingers again. Then I felt her warm breath coming closer. She kissed my pussy again, licking all the way up a few times. I loved the way her tongue slowly traced up my body until it hit my clit. I grabbed at her hair. "Aaaahh!" I whined. Violet was going to give me an orgasm any second now. He fingers began to trace my pussy all around. I squeezed her in my thighs as I felt her fingers go inside me. She made wide circles with them and darted her tongue at my clit. She started to rub my clit with her other hand. I tugged on her hair as her fingers dipped in and out of me, spreading apart inside. I squeezed her head once more and came. "Uhhnn!!!" I groaned, I couldn't help but pull hard on her hair. She kept working my clit though, making me cum so hard. "Erm, easy there," I heard her mumble from between my legs. I relaxed my grip on her, sighing deeply as she slowly pulled away, patting my pussy teasingly. "Sorry..." I said meekly. I look in her eyes, she just gave me a very good orgasm. She leaned over me and kissed my forehead. I stroked her long black hair back, I couldn't believe how great she was. "Oh my God, Violet.. " I whimpered. This was just how I dreamed it would be. She wiped her mouth off, giving me a very hungry look. It was my turn to pleasure her, and I wanted to make it special. I stood up, almost losing my balance. I took her hand. "Come," I mused, holding her soft hand in mine. We skipped to my bedroom, where she laid on my bed. She looked so beautiful laying there, teasing me with her eyes. I laid beside her and picked her head up. We kissed passionately, sucking on each other's tongues. Our breasts locked together as I sucked on her lips. Her heart thumped against my body as I touched her cheeks. "Erm.." She whimpered softly. Her hands squeezed my sides in anticipation. I wasn't going to let her down. I slid down her warm body, feeling the hot heat between her legs. I rubbed her thighs, delicately taking her panties and rolling them down to her knees. She had a nice pussy, it shined from her wetness. I pressed my lips over her clit and sucked on her. Her legs squirmed around, bound by her panties. I darted my tongue at her clit and placed my hands on her hips. "Oooh!!" She gasped. I laughed at how fast her hand darted down to my head. She tugged on my hair like I did to her. I lapped her clit over and over. She was really into it, her pussy was dripping wet. She let go of my hair so I could sit up and tug her panties off her dainty little feet. She spread her legs apart, giving herself to me. I stared in her dazzling eyes and pressed my hands on her thighs. I rubbed gently, edging my fingers towards her vagina. "Oh Sam.." She groaned. I pressed my fingers against her pussy, pushing them into her. I wiggled them around fast. She loved it. I kissed her clit again, sucking on it hard as I rolled my fingers around in her pussy. She grabbed my hand and pushed it against her pussy, I jabbed my fingers deep into her. She squeezed my hand as I thrust them in and out of her tight hole. Her juices were covering my hand. She threw her head back and began to tense up. I let her have it, thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy as I darted my tongue at her clit. Her thighs squeezed my head gently as I started to lick her pussy. I tasted her juices, driving my tongue into her warm pussy. Her juice was on my face, the smell of it was driving me crazy. "Uhmmm..." She whined, she was about to cum. I wriggled my tongue inside her as I rubbed her clit with my fingers. "Ohhh God Oh God!!" She moaned. I couldn't believe she was cumming because of me. I kept at it as she squealed and played with my hair. Finally, I kissed her pussy and curled up next to her. We kissed lightly. I spooned her, putting my arm around her body as she curled up next to me. She held my hand and sighed as I kissed her neck. "Oh Sam," she purred. "Why did we wait so long to do that?" I whispered. "Hmm? Wait?" She said. She nestled herself against me. I stroked her long black hair back, breathing lightly on her neck. "You didn't notice any attraction between us?" I asked her. I held her as she pressed her finger to my lips.
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