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First off let me tell you something about us and warn you this isn’t a story of one incident in our life but one of several ways we enjoy our life.   My wife is a slender woman with perfect boobs, long wavy hair, a gorgeous ass and an amazing pussy.   We have been married for a little over three years and it has been fantastic for us.   In our prior lives we were married to spouses who didn’t understand us and whom after many wasted years divorced.   We found each other on the internet and from the first time we chatted something clicked and we knew we had to be together.   After countless hours of chatting online we met in real, hit if off, and were married.   In our discussions about what we both wanted in our marriage the main thing we talked about was sex as we were all ready successful in other areas of life but felt completely unsuccessful in having the sexual things we wanted.   So there were several things we agreed upon and they are: she wanted to experience other men, I wanted to watch her with other men and eat their cum out of her pussy, and once in a while I wanted to suck a guy’s cock and feel him cum.   She wanted pure sex so we would have to get to know the men intimately because one the things she wanted was to feel their cum shooting inside her, no condoms. And I am happy to say we are doing these things in fun and exciting ways.   What I wanted to tell about in this story is one of the most enjoyable things we do every couple of months and that is to have a poker game.   Now this isn’t the run of the mill poker games when guys get together and drink beer and smoke cigars, no this one is way fun.   First off we invite four guys that we have gotten to know very well and who have all ready had sex with my wife.   I ‘m what you would call the pit boss and just observe what is going on and our best friend, who is also my wife’s permanent lover whom she spends one night a week with, is the dealer.   Each one of the guys donates fifty dollars to the evening to cover the cost of the motel room and the refreshments and we set a two hour time limit on the game.   At the end of that time whomever is the winner gets to have my wife as his prize for the night.   We all leave the room and they enjoy a night of making love together and at ten the next morning I go to the room and pick her up.   What makes the game fun also is that my wife serves the drinks and refreshments to the players and she is naked while she does this. At the end of each hand she sucks the winners cock until the next hand is finished and at the end of five hands whomever has the least amount of chips is excused from the game and gets to makes love her until the next hand is finished. She feels sorry for the ones who are losing so she wants to give them something and make them feel good.   It usually ends up that by the end of the two hours she has sucked each one of the guys cock several time and everyone has made love to her at least once.   Now while she is sucking them or they are making love we don’t restrict anyone in cumming but when I say it’s time for the next hand they have to stop what they are doing and join in the hand.   So in addition to each guy having his cock sucked and making love to her most often they have also cum inside her or on her.   She is a very clean woman so after a guy cums in her she will hurry and clean up so she will be ready for the next guy.   Now you may wonder how things are controlled so it doesn’t get out of hand, well, I’m 6’2” and our best friend is 6’3” and we’re in pretty good shape.   The guys also know that if they don’t go by the guidelines, they will be asked to leave and never be invited again to have sex with my wife and that is motivation enough.   One of the great things about her is that she cums continually when she gets excited so each time a guy is making love to her she will cum 3 or 4 times in about two minutes and the guy can feel her very tight pussy squeezing his cock and that is usually enough to make him shoot inside her.   The other fun part of this evening is if a guy shoots a really nice load of cum in her and its someone whom I like, after he goes back to the game I’ll eat his cum out of my wife’s pussy and make her cum even more.   She loves to have guys eat her pussy and that’s one of the things our friend and I do to her when he joins us every Thursday night for a threesome.   My wife is a very beautiful woman and loves sex but didn’t recognize this almost insatiable appetite for sex until we started having sex together.   We are getting older and feel that it is ok for a married couple to do anything they want sexually as long as both agree to it and know what is happening, we never, ever sneak around behind each other’s back.   As such my wife has the lover that I mentioned before that she meets every Tuesday evening and spends the night with him.   Then on Thursday he comes to our house and spends the night with us and we enjoy having a threesome with him. We are continually meeting other men and getting to know them better so on Sunday evening one of them will join us either for a threesome or just her and him fucking while I watch.    If the guy is nice and respectful then after a couple of months, if she chooses, she will go with him on a date and spend the night with him.   When this happens it is very exciting for me to watch her getting ready for her night out, I sit and watch her dress, do her hair and put makeup on and think that in just a few hours she is going to be in the arms of another man while he is making love to her but knowing he can’t really have her like I do and that she will come home to me.   Another treat is if she can come home soon after they make love with his cum still in her then I will lick it out of her while she tells me about her time with him.   So as you can see she is getting the sex she craves, Tuesday with her lover, Thursday with her lover joining us and Sunday with a newly found lover and every day of the week we also have sex with each other in addition to her lovers.     Now we don’t care what other people think of our sex life or about us and what we choose to do. We have both lived in many places, she in several countries in Southeast Asia and now in the USA and me in Europe and the US and have experienced many different facets of life except sex. So now we are going to experience sex as we choose but also experience it in a safe way with men whom we know are good. One of the things you may have noticed in this story is that I say the men are “making love” to my wife and have not said they are fucking her.   The only way a man will be with my wife and have sex with her is after we get to know him very well and there are some good feelings there between him and my wife.   We feel people have the capacity to love more than one person and I know my wife cares for and likes and yes loves each of these guys in a small way and as such is able to give them her body as an expression of that love.   I know she loves me beyond my understanding and I do her also and it is because of this great love I am willing to let her be the woman that has been buried deep inside for many years and accept her giving her love and her body to other men.   My wife is a classy woman who cares for others and we have the trust and respect for each other that allows us to experience our life and because of this we are free to enjoy sex without any of the inhibitions of the closed minded prudes who take it on themselves to judge other people but don’t have the balls to do what they would really like to do.   Now some may find our life interesting and if you would like we will tell you more, if you don’t like it then that’s fine too.   As I said we really don’t care what people think about us but we do find our way of life fun and exciting and will share more if you want, so please let us know.
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