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A Dream Come True-2
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A Dream Come True - 2 By celeb fan© Dear friends, I am continuing where I left off the previous part of this series. If you want to read the precursor to this, read the story with the same title but, part 1, I hope you like it. After she passed out, I kept kissing her tenderly along her neck, her boobs and licking her pussy. She awakened after quite a long time and her first reaction was to look at her chest, where I was licking her boobs. She caught my face between the palms of her hands and lifted it up. I saw, for the first time, what a genuinely happy, human form of an angel looks like: Eyes beaming with satisfaction and gratitude, lips that begged to be kissed again, a neck that was aching for the tender feeling arising from the kiss of someone who genuinely loves you and wants to engage in tender love-making. "I don't know what to say......how can I thank you for this wonderful experience? My heart goes out to you in gratitude, Ask for anything you want and it shall be yours for the asking." her soft, sexy, silky voice said. "Madam, I did want something but I feel it would be wrong to ask for a favour of that sort, especially after what we did." "Who gave you the authority to decide what's right or wrong? See, don't get into this internal conflict, we know the moral standing of what we have already done...there's no point in dicussing it further. Tell me, What is it that you want? "I....." "Yes, Yes, tell me." "I...want to...ss..ssshhh..share....share....you with...with my colleagues." "Who? The guards? What makes....." "I told you it would be wrong." "What makes you think that I would refuse? I am sure I was waiting for some such opportunity for a very long time." "But..." "No ifs and no buts, you must realize that human nature is such that it cannot remain confined to the bonds of what is good or bad or the bonds of 'acceptable' behavior. Celebrities are, on the contrary, much more prone to give in to their innermost/darkest of their desires than are common people." I looked at her after her discourse and I could see the gentle flames of desire there. I bent down on her chest and saw, eyes that were flaming with desire, lips parted in a soft moan and later, eyes closed. We kissed tenderly for a very long time till the doorbell rang, "Room Service Ma'am. I have brought you your complementary breakfast. I hope you slept well." Madhuri called back, "I'll call for my breakfast when I am ready. Please do not disturb me." After we were sure that there were no R.S. personnel around, We opened the door and peeked out, "Only security personnel, no one else!" I softly called the security personnel, stationed just outside her door and they came rushing, two of them! Madhuri was dumb-founded! I guess she did not expect two guards to share her body with! I made it clear that I will tell them what to do and they will do it. They agreed. I told the first guard,"Kiss her lips nicely. I want her begging for a kiss! Don't leave her till I tell you to." The second guard was told to kiss her neck till asked to stop! I went down to her pussy and began licking, slowly at first and then gradually picking up pace. Her legs were shaking furiously but there was nothing she could do. I made her cum about 5 times; after which, she was still dripping with cum. I was relishing the sweet and sour taste of her cum, part of which was dripping down my lower lip. I told the first guard to move to her pussy while I kiss her lips. He was driving her absolutely crazy! He was licking her at a furious pace and making her cum once every few seconds! She was breathing very heavily while we worked on her. She tried to break the kiss to moan but, I just wouldn't let go! "Can I please fuck her? I really want to...she looks so horny and ready for a fuck!" "No Way! Till she asks us to fuck her, we won't. You'll have to wait till she asks us to." "Too bad! When is she going to ask us to? I can hardly wait!" "She will, when we allow her to! I am bent on not allowing her to even if she is dying to!" Madhuri was struggling to get free from the kiss but, we were not allowing her to! I caught her face in the palms of my hands and was kissing her forcefully! She couldn't break free and was forced to take the torture! Alternate bouts of tender and passionate kissing were driving her up the wall! Her breath was very labored and her chest was rising and falling by half a foot at a time. I ask the second guard to move and lock her lips , come what may!I move over to her boobs and begin sqeezing, twisting and sucking on them. She is really struggling to take the torture!I take her nips in my mouth and suck on them like my life depends on them. Her back moves rises and falls in response, making her chest also move similarly. I release her nip from my mouth and tell the second guard to release her lips and watch the reactions. He does as told and watches as she moans, parting her gorgeous, full, light pink lips and closing her eyes. I go back to her nip and lightly flick it with my toungue, making her twitch, squirm and moan even more sexily. Her breasts are very hard and so are her nips,"Ohhh!Huuuunnnnggghh!Huuuuuunnnngggghhhhhh!Ohhhh....My....Gooooooddddd!Aaaaaaahhhhhh!Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!Oooooooooooofffffff!Please.....Please stop! You.....ooooooh.....you'll kiiiiiillllll meeeeeeeee!" I keep working on her nips while the first guard works gently on her pussy!He is torturing her, teasing her clit and stopping just before she cums! This repeated torture is driving her insane, "Please....Please....I beg of you....make me cum! I want to cum!" I gently lick the base of her breasts, making her softly moan again! I take her breast into my mouth as much as it would go and suck on it with full force, she parts her lips, tilts her head backward and moans in arousal. I keep teasing both her breasts and she moans her approval. She really enjoys herself with someone igniting her fireplace, someone quenching her thirst and someone caring for her sensitive body parts. I turned to the first guard, "Set, I mean, Ignite her fire! I want to see her smoulder! She has to beg for release! Let's see what the queen of bollywood looks like when she's desperate for sex!" The first guard begins licking her gently with long strokes, back and forth, back and forth without losing contact with her skin. You can hear her alternately exhale and moan sexily. If you look at her face, you can see the degree of torture she feels: her eyes are tightly shut, her forehead bears wrinkles of emotional pain and tiny tears are begining to drip from beneath her eyelids, her lips are parted to moan, sweat can be seen on the bridge of her nose, from the side of her forehead to her chin, you can feel the slightly oily dryness of her skin and the temperature of her skin, which seems to be burning as if it is on fire. We decided to leave her to cool off while we make further plans for the day. We were making plans when a loud noise disturbed us. Madhuri was totally terrified by the noise. She must have thought we have called a ruffian to rape her as he likes. We were wonderstruck when we discovered not one or two but four people there; all four are young women. When they came into focus, we are taken aback: Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Aishwarya Rai and Ameesha Patel. They turn towards and jump on a shocked Madhuri. Priyanka took charge of Madhuri's lips and kissed her such that Madhuri was completely overrun. Preity Zinta takes charge of Ameesha Patel's skirt and blouse and tears them apart. Aishwarya Rai takes hold of Priyanka's black jeans,opens her belt, slipped her hand to the front, opened the button, lowered the zip and pulled it down to her ankles. When Ameesha sees the state of affairs, she can't hold back, she silently and swiftly catches Aishwarya, throws her onto the floor making her land on her stomach and then without wasting time, jumps onto her hips, still wearing her high heels. Aishwarya squeals in pain but, Ameesha is in no mood to let go. She sits on Aishwarya's back, puts her hands around her neck so that Aishwarya's chin is resting on the interlock of Ameesha's fingers and pulls backwards. Aishwarya closes her eyes and exhales a large bout of air. "You bitch, you broke our agreement and you will be punished for it!" She bends backwards pulling Aishwarya's back still further. Aishwarya growls and tries to unseat Ameesha. Ameesha does not have much by way of weight or strength and gets thrown such that she is resting on her back with Aishwarya's back on her. She has let go of Aishwarya's neck and is now trying to throw her off. Aishwarya makes sure that Ameesha goes nowhere; she presses Ameesha on the ground with her weight and strength. "Get off me, you bitch! You are a good-for-nothing!" "Excuse Me! What did you say, you slut?!" "You are a good-for-nothing!You hear? a G-F-N!" "Ok! If I am a G-F-N, I'll make you into something worse, that's the least I can do!" "You? G-F-N? What can you do?" Before she could see or say anything, a hard shot landed straight on her lower abdomen making her kneel on one leg with one hand on the ground for support. "You G-F-N!You'll deeply regret this!" Before Ameesha could rise, Aishwarya lifted a leg and kicked her hard with her high heels on her lower back. "Owwww! You bitch! That hurts!" Before she can move, another 3 kicks on the same spot with the same force. Ameesha knows that she's on the verge of giving up the battle; Aishwarya is too strong for her! Aishwarya catches her by the hair, raises her to her feet and slaps her across the cheek so hard that her cheek turns red and she literally, lands on her knees. "Now, slut! Be nice and show me what lies below that bra and those pants." "Never! You G-F-N! Never shall you have the honour of seeing the assets of one of the bollywood's top heart-throbs! You don't deserve it!" "OK, so you won't yield! I know what to do." Aishwarya makes Ameesha lie on her stomach and lifts her leg to kick Ameesha's ass-cheeks but, she stops. She moves to a corner of the room, picks up a 6 ft. pole and hits Ameesha's back all over till she cannot move. Ameesha is in deep trouble, she is regretting her impulsive nature and is doubled up in pain, so much so that she cannot move even if it is a question of life and death. She can only cry and sob. "Slut! Have you had enough? I don't think so! You deserve some more." She begins stamping Ameesha's ass-cheeks with her high-heels with full force till they are sore and red. "Aaaaaaaaaaah!Ohhhhhhhhh! Heeeeeeeeellllllpppppp! Please.....Please stop! I.....I've had enough! Please! I beg of you! let me go!" "Go? Go where? As per our agreement, no one leaves without a consensus on all of us leaving together, you cannot leave alone except...." "Except?" "..Except on sudden death." Ameesha knows that she is finished. She can't take anymore punishment. Aishwarya then asks one of the guards to lift Ameesha and place her face-down on her. The guard does that and Aishwarya begins kissing Ameesha's lips while squeezing Ameesha's ass-cheeks if she fails to satisfy Aishwarya's desire. Every time Ameesha stops to breathe, Aishwarya squeezes a hip and makes her wince in pain. Actually, it does not matter where Aishwarya holds her, her whole body feels as if it will break if she exerts a slight pressure. Now Preity Zinta joins the scene. She stands near these two and looks at them with no trace of softness or pity. She stamps on Ameesha's leg with her high heels, "Ohhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaah! Please don't! I beg of you! I.....I'am finished! Please don't hurt me anymore!" Preity, not amused or happy about the scene, kicks Ameesha on her stomach to make her roll over and then sits on Aishwarya's stomach and begins slapping her left-right and centre, "You bitch! is that the way you treat your colleague? Now you need some lessons in good behavior! Come on, show me your assets! You like to see others, don't you?!" She begins to lift Aishwarya's dress when Aishwarya throws her off with her hands. Preity falls on the ground but does not injure her face or legs. She stands up, takes off her shoe, and hits Aishwarya on the forehead with it, "There!Take that!..." she hits her twice more,"..and that, and that" Aishwarya is briefly stunned but before Preity can hit her again, she bends to one side, misses Preity's knock and passing one arm under her armpit and holding the hand behind Preity's back and the other around her neck, locks her in place. Preity can't move: she has been locked into immobilzation. Preity knows that she can't move a muscle like this, so she begins pushing Aishwarya backwards towards the wall and as she moves, she increases the velocity of movement till she feels a jerk as if she has hit some solid object. She knows that Aishwarya must have borne the full impact of the collision. She bends the free elbow and jabs Aishwarya in the stomach hard. Aishwarya bends in pain and Preity takes the opportunity, punching her hard in the stomach 4-5 times. Aishwarya is in pain but, can still stand. Preity decides to get her off her feet, but how? She'll have to keep working at Aishwarya till she can no longer stand and can only lie down. Preity keeps kicking and punching Aishwarya till she is, flat on the ground, holding her stomach and groaning. Preity decides to add insult to injury, she lowers her panty upto her knees, forces Aishwarya to open her mouth and urinates into it. Aishwarya is too helpless to offer any resistance and has to drink the whole thing which is stinking, yellow, salty and full of microbes and will probably fill a 300ml soft-drink bottle. Preity looks at Aishwarya, is that enough? Preity nods her head, removes her pants, sits facing Aishwarya's head and releases her excreta onto Aishwarya's face. Preity now looks at Aishwarya again, what next? She takes a piece of cloth lying on the floor and spreads the excreta on Aishwarya's face. She went to the extent of actually ripping apart Aishwarya's clothes and spreading her excreta on her breasts and some on her pussy as well. Aishwarya was too humiliated to be able to do anything, she lay on the ground with her eyes closed and acted as if she was out. Ameesha, now better, opens her eyes and is wonderstruck at the scene around her: an angel from heaven and a gorgeous woman from earth in love making; her tormentor in an incomprehendible state and a lovely girl standing closeby and smiling from ear to ear. Preity decides to be tender and get Ameesha back to square one. She sits down next to Ameesha's head, lifts it up gently and places on her oustretched thigh. Ameesha looks up and when Preity looks into her eyes, she feels a strange kind of attraction towards her. When she looks at her face, Ameesha winks at her and passes on a flying kiss as a signal that she wants a kiss. Preity looks at Ameesha's frame, a gorgeous 33-26-29. The way her breasts fill out her frame is just unbelievable! She wonders, how, on earth, did she get it? People are dying to get figures like this and she seems naturally endowed. "Just tell me, How...How on earth.....did you get this figure? I mean....people would pay anyone a million dollars to give them the secret." "That, my friend, is a secret I cannot tell anyone...just cannot. I am terribly sorry about it, but I cannot tell anyone about it. All I can say is that it is a big burden on your self-control and determination." "Awwww! Come on! You can tell me, can't you?" "My problem is that it is something very close to my heart! I cannot tell anyone, not even my spouse if I had one!" Preity lowers her head near Ameesha's and begins licking her lips, pushing her tongue between her teeth and licking her teeth and gums and, in-between, mock-fighting her tongue. Ameesha finally opens her mouth and both of them begin kissing; gently at first then with passion. They look like lovers meeting after a very long time. They are unable to keep off one another. They have a great, unsatiable longing for each other, so much so that they do not seperate, even for breath. They seperate and now engage in a embrace while kissing each other's neck. The embrace is that of "hungry" lovers, they could make a meal out of each other! They both moan softly and sexily as they embrace. "Do you...ummm..." She could not complete her sentence because Preity guesses what is on Ameesha's mind and opens her bra and at once dives hungrily into Ameesha's chest. Ameesha raises her chest to bring her breasts closer to Preity's hungry mouth and moans loudly, "Ohhhh! Hhhuuuummmpphhhh! sooooo niiiiceeeee! suck moreeeee! suck me fuuuuuullll! dooon't stoooooop!" Preity keeps licking, sucking, squeezing and caressing Ameesha's breasts and nips, making her moan in deperation, "Ohhhh! I..I...ammmm...des...desp...desperrrr....rrr....desperate!Oh...My God! Kiss me! Lick me! eat me! Make me cum, Please!" "Not so soon, baby!Not so soon! Let Momma enjoy you for some time! I love desperate kids!" Preity moves back to Ameesha's lips and kisses her full and passionately. Ameesha co-operates at first, but then suddenly turns over to lie on Preity's chest. She now begins kissing Preity, making her the recipient of the kiss. Preity is more than willing to play second fiddle because she has been the pro-active one so far. Ameesha, bends her head and pushing her fingers through Preity's soft, silky and sexy hair, kisses her neck. Preity tilts her head backwards and moans as Ameesha kisses her all around her neck, not sparing even a milimeter of flesh, she even goes to the extent of actually licking and sucking on Preity's ears making her ears wet and her moan in arousal. Preity wants to stop her, but she is enjoying the licking and sucking so much, she actually puts a hand behind Ameesha's head and forces her further downward, into her ear. Ameesha likes the response and teases her still more on her ears. Preity closes her eyes tightly and continuously moans as Ameesha continues sexually tormenting her, "Ooohhhhh!huuunnnggghhh!ooooooo!huuuummmmpppphhhhh!oooooooh Noooooo! NO!...more! Please....no more!Please I...I can't take this anymore! Please...I beg of you!Stop! I am dripping already! Please have mercy on me! Oooooooh....you...you'll kill me! Aaaa....Aaaaaaaah!Oh NO! OH HEEEELLLL! Ameesha, you....you are wonderful, but please stop!" Ameesha hears her and teases her still more! Preity is now writhing from the mental tension and squirming frantically for release from the torture! Ameesha decides to make Preity her sex toy for the time being. she moves down Preity's body and lifting her short dress (just low enough to cover her ass-cheeks), she bends forward and sniffs at the air surrounding Preity's power-hole, "Mmmmm..it smells delicious! Nice, hot and ready." "No! Please! Not there! I can't take this much of torture! Please spare me!" Ameesha has an idea, she gets back to Preity's face, kisses her deeply and simultaneously teases her power-hole through her pants. Preity has no option, she has to put up with this torture but, with Ameesha teasing her power-hole furiously, she knows that she won't last long. Suddenly, her body moves violently, involuntarily and she collapses while still kissing Ameesha. This goes on for ten more minutes, during which, Preity has lost count of the number of times she has cum. She is so drained out that she cannot move for quite some time. Her heavy breathing is gradually returning to normal. "You bitch! Look what you have done! NOW it's MY TURN!" "With Pleasure! Tease me all you want! If you can, fuck me! I WANT SOMEONE WHO can FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!PLEASE! TORTURE ME AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!" Preity did not reply, she turned Ameesha over onto her abdomen, exposed only her ass-cheeks from her pants and began lashing at her ass-cheeks with a rope lying in a corner. Ameesha first begs to be left alone but then when Preity refuses to let her go, she has to take her punishment from her master. Preity keeps lashing at Ameesha's ass-cheeks till they turned strawberry-pink. Ameesha is groaning and howling in pain but when Preity feels her pants in front, they are wet! "You bitch! You like being humiliated and punished! Well, here's more for you!" Preity decides to torture her in a unique way: she requests a guard for a candle with a matchbox. Ameesha wonders what Preity intends to do. When the candle and the matchbox arrive, she lights the candle and, just for fun, points it at Ameesha's pants. Ameesha is terrified; she knows the implications of what Preity is doing. "Please! not that! I'll do anything you ask, but not that, please!" Preity moves a few inches closer and stops. Ameesha is a nervous wreck, "Please don't! You are my best friend! You cannot do this to me! Please! I beg of you!" Preity pulls off Ameesha's pants and puts the candle just above her clit. The hot wax from the candle makes her feel miserable while Preity, who decides to tease her clit is flicking her tongue on it and licking it in long strokes. Ameesha pleads, "OhhhhH! Aaaaaaah! Heeeeeelllllppp! Please stop this! Please! I beg of you! I'll work as your domestic help for a month if you want but don't torture me like this, Please! Oooooooooh! Heeeeeeeellllllllpppp! Ohhhhh Heeeellllllll! You'll kill me! Please stop!" "Stop? I have barely started! Now you will suffer at my hands for as long as I want!" "Why did I agree to come here in the first place? I should never have agreed!" "If you remember, you were not just picked up from the street, you went through a series of tests, you qualified and emerged successful and hence you won this opportunity. Now you have to stick with it." Preity moves to Ameesha's lips for a kiss, putting one hand on Ameesha's centre-piece and leaving the candle burning just above Ameesha's clit. Ameesha is in a very bad, desperate situation: Preity kissing her lips, a candle stirring her clit and a finger furiously fucking her centre-piece. Ameesha jerks everytime a drop of molten wax touches her clit but she cannot do anything as she is locked in a kiss and is being teased by a finger. Her body arches and relaxes, she hisses like a drop of water put on a fuming vessel and her eyes are shut tight with droplets of tears running down from the sides of her eyes. Preity releases her from the kiss and moves to her neck, which she kisses feverishly all over. Ameesha arches her back, moans with difficulty and exhales with great force while keeping her eyes closed. As the wax accumulates, Ameesha is literally at her wits'end: a crazy angel kissing her neck and a fuming, glowing wax candle torturing her clit. Ameesha's body responds to the continuous stimulation of her clit while her mind is still refusing to acknowledge that she is actually enjoying it. Ameesha's hand slowly approaches her centre-piece in a desperate effort to ease the source of the mental trauma but, Preity knows what Ameesha's intentions are and blocks her full centre-piece with the palm of her hand. Ameesha tries, in vain, to get Preity to remove her hand. The more she tries, the more Preity teases her pussy, making her squirm and withdraw her hand. Ameesha is engulfed by many orgasms, coming in sequence at intervals of about five seconds each. Ameesha is emotionally and physically worn out now but, Preity is not having any of that; she goes back to Ameesha's centre-piece and eats it like a hungry wolf. Ameesha is now in tears, "Preeeeeeityyyyyy! Oh God! HEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP! Ohhhh! SOMEONE HELP ME! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! STOP THIS, PLEASE! I'll do anything, just stop! AAAAAAA.....AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOH!" Ameesha's centre-piece looks like a waterhole full to the brim: wet and ready to overflow. Preity has no mercy, she continues licking Ameesha till she can hold on no longer and lets out a fountain of cum straight into Preity's mouth! Preity laps it up like a desert traveller with no water reserves! She does not stop but licks even faster and deeper. Ameesha draws in a deep breath and holds it while arching her back and bending her head backwards facing real torture. Preity is hell bent on driving Ameesha crazy! "O..Ooooo...Ooooooh!Hhhhhh.....heeee.....llllllll....heeeeeeeeeelllllpppp! Let..let meeeeeeeee goooooooooo, pleeeeeease! I....I'll die! Please!". "You bitch! You cannot die till you fuck me crazy! If you don't satisfy me, it will be another bout of suffering for you." Ameesha knows what Preity is capable of, so she asks a guard to get her some rope and while he's gone, she removes the candle, extinguishes it and lays it aside. Preity tries to say something but, she gets a hard slap across her face. "You Heartless dunderhead! You never listened to me and now you don't have a chance to say anything!" she slapped Preity even harder this time, making her cheeks pink and eyes water. Preity could do nothing but curse her destiny for the mess! Neither would she have the greed to get as much done as possible, nor would she have to face this humiliation! Ameesha is not done yet; she ties up her clothes at the ends so as to make a long piece of cloth, goes up to Preity, slaps her hard on either cheek twice and ties the cloth around her teeth so that she cannot make a sound. She then takes Priyanka's belt and begins lashing at Preity's body with full force. Preity was trembling and sobbing from pain but, Ameesha has none of her! Preity's legs, waist, arms, chest, and even her ass is not spared. Preity's body is on fire and Ameesha is fuelling it by being relentless. Preity is almost unconscious from the pain and torture. When the guard arrives with the rope, Ameesha asks him to tie Preity to a chair so that she cannot move, even if she wants. Preity tries to oppose but her remaining strength is far too insufficient to have any effect. The guard makes her sit on the chair, ties up her arms, passes the rope across her chest to her legs, ties them to the legs of the chair and leaves. Ameesha decides that it is now time for the real torture! Preity's eyes open and she's horrified at her state. She gets more worked up when her eyes meet Ameesha's: she looks as if she's hungry enough for a whale! Preity's expression is that of begging for mercy, her eyes are now downcast and tears are freely flowing from them. Ameesha decides to try to set her mood as best as she can. She brings her face close to Preity's, looks tenderly at her face and lifting it up, plants a kiss on her forehead. Preity stops sobbing but still feels terrible. She is bound to; after all, she did all she could to rescue Ameesha from Aishwarya's clutches and succeeded after a great effort. It is not Preity's nature to be so violent: She just can't allow one of her friends to be in trouble while she watches. Preity is, in fact, known to be the nicest, softest and good-natured person, probably next only to Rani Mukherjee (the 'typical school-girl' of bollywood). Ameesha then continues kissing: Preity's angelic eyes, her nose, the bridge of her nose, her cheeks, her lips: one-by-one, her chin, her ears, her lower jaw and the upper-most part of her neck along the jaw-line. Preity closed her eyes and moaned softly, her breathing was beginning to get heavy. Ameesha senses this and gives a small-achievement smile as she looks at Preity again. Preity has an embarassed look, she did not mean to show any appreciation for Ameesha's act. "I'll have to force her to acknowledge that she loves me and what I am going to do now!" Ameesha thinks. Ameesha decides to give Preity a taste of love-making finesse: she loosens the cloth in Preity's mouth and letting her tongue out just a centimeter, using it like a penknife, she slices through Preity's lips slowly and carefully. She even playfully tries to insert her tongue where Preity's upper and lower lips project out the most by lifting and lowering her tongue alternately. Preity has no option: she has to respond if she doesn't want rough treatment however, the emotional part of her brain sees Ameesha as a very hot, sexy, girl who is, perhaps, trying to get some experience of seducing someone. Preity responds by parting her lips and sending her tongue to meet Ameesha's. Ameesha is pleasantly surprised, she did not expect Preity's response so quickly. What makes Ameesha so sexy? For One, her lively black eyes with long, velvety hair let loose to spread out behind her back framed in a off-whitish, squarish-shaped face with a smile that resembles lightning in intensity, so intense, in fact, anyone is likely to get hooked if you look at her for more than a couple of seconds: Beware of high voltage! Prolonged exposure is fatal for your heart's well-being! Her petite frame, approx. 5 ft.(most new gen entrants measure well above 5ft. 4in), hides more than it reveals but, don't let it fool you. If you look at her figure, you will know that she is one of the most endowed female personalities in bollywood! Breasts that fill out her chest nicely i.e neither excessively voluminous nor too small: just right to add to her set of SEX ammunition, a well-toned abdomen and waist, hips that are soft, curved with elegance and project just enough to add that oomph! factor, thighs that are fair, silky, fleshy and very well loooked after; as if they were designed to stay that way, and legs that seem just a little under-engineered for such a wonderful specimen of human design. Preity and Ameesha kiss gently, for what seem like ages. She is able to put her hands around Preity and wishes Preity could do the same! She's literally pining for a warm embrace; if only to reassure her and get back some of her lost courage and mental stability. She feels really bad about having to keep Preity tied up like this but, she is helpless: she knows what Preity is capable of! She decides she doesn't want a dumb puppet, she wants a close friend! She decides to do away with the cloth so that Preity can atleast talk comprehensibly. "Preity, my friend, I hate doing this but you left me with no option. I am willing to let you off if you are willing to reciprocate whatever I do to you. I really need to share the warmth I feel right now and I hope you'll help me share it for mutual benefits." Preity looks at her with a combination of a mischievous smile and gleam of her eyes. Ameesha hesitates, should she or shouldn't she? She decides to try a step-by-step approach: she lets one of Preity's arms free and tries embracing her. Preity reciprocates by putting her free arm around Ameesha's back, gently stroking her. They embrace as if they are giving each other emotional support. Ameesha decides not to take a chance: Preity may just be waiting for her to release her! Ameesha lifts the rope and to Preity's dismay, ties it as it was. She lowers herself till she is kneeeling in front of Preity. Preity looks questioningly at her and then get alarmed as she understands the meaning of Ameesha's stance. She looks at Ameesha, watery eyes pleading for mercy, but Ameesha is determined to get what she wants and heads, like a blind girl, straight towards Preity's power-hole, making her tremble furiously. Preity's mouth is free and she pleads and moans alternately, "Please....oooooh....plee...oooooh....please ssp....sssssp.....spar.....sparrrrr....spare mmmmm....meeeeee! Aaaaaaaaah! Nooooooooo! Sssssss....slllllll....slow...please..slowly.....Aaaaaaa......aaaaaah! Oooooo....oooooooh!Mmmmm....Mmmmmy GOD! Fffffff....Forrrrrr....For hhhhhhh......heaven's sssss.....sssssss...ssssssaaaaa.......ssssssake!Pleeee.....please..... please llleee...let mmmmm....mmme gooooooooo! I....I bbbbb...beg o...offfffffff youuuuuuuuuu!Ohhhhh....ooooooh....helllllllll!Ohhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk! Ammmm....Ammmeeeeeeeee.....Ameeessss....Ameeeeeeeesssssshhhhaaaaaaaa, Please....oooooooh please forgive....forgive me and lemmme goooooooooooooooo.....oooooh!" Ameesha continues as if Priety has not spoken: not just that, she increases the intensity of teasing! Preity is at her wit's end: What can I do now? Preity shuts her eyes tightly, bends her head backwards and begins shrieking, crying and sobbing and surprisingly, moaning intermittently. Preity feels the stirring in her body and within seconds she starts cumming furiously. The short spurt ends with Preity sitting practically unconscious, bound in the chair breathing heavily, and Ameesha trying to collect and eat all of Preity's cream. Ameesha licks all the cream like a cat and then looks at Preity in amazement and then in gratitude! If she was not bound, Preity would have definitely collapsed onto the ground from sheer lack of strength and exhaustion. She is, both, mentally and physically temporarily handicapped! If someone slaps her hard now, she will not know what happened. Ameesha thinks that it is only fair that Preity get a chance to do whatever she wants: After all, she has borne so much and made me happy! She deserves it. "Don't worry about her now. You can join me here. I am sure she will accept you as well. As for me, I think we have had enough of fun together. It was just marvellous!" Ameesha turned in the direction of the voice and sees Priyanka sitting on a chair beaming with happiness while Madhuri Dixit sits in her lap and leans on Priyanka's shoulder. Madhuri was just sitting and resting her head and body on Priyanka's shoulder. "C'mon, don't be a bore! Get moving!" Ameesha was about to start moving when Preity, managing to move a arm, caught her hand and, with a jerk, pulled her towards her with sufficient force to make her fall on Preity's lap. Ameesha was stunned! She still couldn't believe that Preity could gather enough strength to do it! What resilience! Ameesha was still recovering from the shock, when: "Do you want to really enjoy a love-making session? I think you really need it. Do you mind releasing me? We could have some real fun if you want." "The basic problem is that you are too strong for me...If I release you, you'll begin taking revenge on me for what I have done and I won't be able to tolerate the experience, I simply don't have the will power." "If you are genuinely sorry for what you have done, I'll forgive you and we can have some fun!" "Now, when I think about how bad I have been, I feel like injecting myself with poison: I feel terrible!" Ameesha embraces Preity tightly just to show her how bad she feels about the events between them so far. Preity hears her sobbing, "Now, C'mon, you are a cry-baby! Stop crying, you are only making a scene before us." Ameesha stops sobbing and tries to control her emotions but a few seconds later, she wraps herself around Preity and actually bursts out crying bitterly. "There, there, Ameesha. What happened? Why the downpour? Relax! You are a very nice girl, stop crying!" Ameesha stops crying with great difficulty and tries to speak, "I....hhhhhave...beeeen..a..a.v..very....very b...baaaa...bad girl. Llllet...Let me c....c....cry....ssss...sssome...mmmm....more!" She has just finished the sentence when she breaks down again. Preity's expression is that of getting a reaction she does not expect: she doesn't know what her reaction should be. She pauses and then embraces Ameesha again, "Oh C'mon! Nothing has happened. Don't get so worked up. We all tend to make mistakes all the time, there is no need to weep like this! You look like a 8 or 9 year old now. Here, let me stabilize you." Preity kisses Ameesha on her cheek but suddenly Ameesha turns and Preity's kiss gets rubbed along her cheek landing on her lips. Preity is surprised but continues nonetheless. Ameesha and Preity kiss tenderly for a very long time and find each other irresistible! Preity kisses Ameesha along her neck, making her moan with pleasure! Preity kisses and sucks her shoulder, her collarbone and the sides of her windpipe and Ameesha moans with a hissing sound. Preity takes Ameesha's pinna and sucking and licking it, drives Ameesha up the wall. Ameesha moans in excitement and breathes heavily with a sweetly tortured appearance: Closed eyes, parted lips and she looks like a female artist having a fuck session in progress; with a typical oval open mouth to moan, closed eyes and heavy breathing. "Ohhhh...hhhhh! Suck my ear like sugar candy! Suck it off! Tease me mooooooorrre! Ooooo....Oooooooooohhhh!" Preity sucks Ameesha's ear till she sits on the floor with her legs outstretched. Ameesha is totally overcome with lust! She just allows Preity to tease her ears as much as she wants while she drowns herself in the wonderful feeling of arousal ignited by her, seemingly, only friend. Ameesha inhales deeply and releases it with a laboured moan repeatedly. Preity knows that Ameesha is not very far from her peak of excitement but, instead of slowing down she ups the pace. Ameesha moans quickly and laboriously. She wants to stop Preity but, at the same time she does not want to forego her pleasure. She knows how helpless she is but she cannot help it! Her lust has made her will power melt into nothingness! How she wished she had atleast enough left to tell Preity to slow down! "Prrrrr....rrrr...eiiiiii...tyyyyyyyyy! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME! I CANNNOT WITHSTAND YOUR TEASING ME! PLEASE FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!I WANT YOU NOW!" Ameesha lets out a sharp and loud cry as she cums furiously! Ameesha breathes hard and collapses. Preity continues teasing her ears for sometime and then moves on to her breasts. Ameesha's breasts are magnificient! Nice, firm, round, large enough to be sexy and not over-developped. Her nipples are light-chocolate brown and have a mild projection. Preity tries to take Ameesha's full breast into her mouth but it is larger. Preity, however, knows how to tease Ameesha nicely: she sucks gently on Ameesha's breasts and then as she withdraws she sucks on her nipples in a teasing fashion. Ameesha rolls her head backwards, closes her eyes, arches her back off the ground to let Preity have her fill and moans softly and sexyily, "Please, ohhhhh...hhhh!, Please fuck me now! I beg of you! Fuck Me! Ohhhhh! You are only interested in torturing me! Aaaaaaaah! Ohhhh Shhhhhhiiiittt! Some...Someone help me, Pleassssssseee!" Preity has made Ameesha's breasts so wet and hard that Ameesha wonders if it was possible for her breasts to actually become so hard. Preity, meanwhile, continues teasing her furiously: sucking, licking, nibbling and teasing her with a feather-light scraping of the tongue. Ameesha is at her wits end: What is she to do now? She cannot say yes and she cannot say no. She cannot say yes because she cannot take anymore and she cannot say no because she is, literally, surviving on Preity's lovemaking. She has become someone who survives and thrives on lovemaking now, love has become a part of her soul! Preity teases her to a minor orgasm and Ameesha lies flat, breathing hard - huffing and puffing like a steam engine. Preity decides to give Ameesha a bit of respite before she goes for the big game. She lies on Ameesha and kisses her passionately on her lips. Ameesha, already smitten by the love bug, responds with equal passion and affection. This is Ameesha's first encounter with feminine love and it's making her soul spin in the storms generated by all the emotions that Preity has awakened within her. Preity and Ameesha kiss till Preity realises that Ameesha is now stable enough to take another bout of lovemaking. Preity now starts licking Ameesha's clit furiously. Ameesha closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and tilts her head backwards. Preity licks it as if it's the last bit of food left on the planet. Ameesha can't hold on any longer, she exhales with force and cums at the same time. "O...Ooooo...Ohhhhhh! Preity please! I beg of you! Please slow down, you'll kill me!" Ameesha's body was drenched with sweat and she was smouldering in heat! As Preity teases her, she squirms, moans, sobs and exerts a downward force with her palms on Preity's head, hoping that Preity will give her a break to catch her breath but, Ameesha just does not have the strength to exert any force; her hands are just resting on Preity's head. Preity's licking sends tremors down Ameesha's spine. Ameesha is panting, moaning, yelping, hissing, yelling for help and begging for mercy. Preity has had enough! She leaves Ameesha's clit alone and gets to her lips. Preity has decided to leave Ameesha breathless: She starts kissing Ameesha forcefully on her lips, drawing her breath out and leaving her gasping for breath! Preity returns to Ameesha's clit and teases her like there is no tomorrow! Ameesha pleads, shouts, yells, begs and cries bitterly but Preity refuses to relent. Ameesha cums in a series of orgasms and cannot even move now! Preity now leaves Ameesha on the floor and asks Priyanka for a dildo. Priyanka says that she does not have one. Preity cannot trust Ameesha to keep in that position if she left her alone, so she ties her to a chair so tight that she cannot move. Ameesha has no strength to resist Preity and hangs her head in shame! Preity doesn't like the expression of depression on Ameesha's face so she gently raises her head and kisses her gently on her lips. Ameesha takes the kiss like a thirsty, weary desert-traveller would drink a mug of water in the desert. They kiss gently, savouring the experience to the maximum.
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