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"He looked at the beauty laying on the king size bed, naked before him, his arousal evident with the massively thick cock standing at full attention before him.  He knelt across her thigh and pulled her other leg upward, laying it across his hardened abs and chest, her body rolled onto its side as he pulled it upward, her sweet petals opened slightly at the parting of her legs.  He lowered himself and nudged at the petals with his swollen member, pushing them apart with the bulbous head, teasing the wanton hole with its presence.  She moaned as she felt the pressure to enter her and felt the pop as the head penetrated the outer muscles of her wet tunnel of passion.  Slowly he pushed onward, in by inch, centimeter by centimeter she felt the mass of his thickness fill her.  The head reached her cervix, pausing with anticipation of her readiness, waiting for the trembling of her abs to become needier, wanting to feel the rush of her spasms as she tightened her muscles around his shaft.  The control of her muscles was supreme, she stroked his manhood without moving her body, his cock quivering at the feelings she bestowed on him.  He could feel the tightness of her cervix open up and plunged the remaining four inches into her womb.  She exploded in the pain and ecstasy of the sensation, he reeled at the shaking of her body beneath his and felt it as she released a flood of nectar around his shaft from tip to base and knew she had overflowed in the lust of the moment.  He could wait no longer and shot forth his ropes of cream, deep into her willing pit of joy.  When both had ebbed from the moment of orgasm he laid her onto her back and began fucking her in ernest, long firm, deep thrusts, one after another until she climaxed again, and yet again, his 12 inch cock never feeling so powerful before he rammed into her until his exhaustion took its toll and he collapsed beside her.  They both lay in a trembling mass wanting naught but the feelings they both felt, the satisfactions they both enjoyed." I know this is more an event than a story, but thought it worthy to post a 'quickie' for the sheer enjoyment of the moment.  Please leave a comment or vote, I can use them to fulfill my desire to become better at writing.
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