My Night With The Cop
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     Ryan was someone I wanted to do everything with the moment I laid eyes on his photograph.  Tall, dark, and handsome.  He was half italian, half white, but his eyes and hair were jet black.  He was a police officer and that made my cock even harder.  Ryan in uniform was a sight to behold, but look of authority he had even in his every day clothes pushed me almost into an obssession.  My cock craved him.  I knew come hell or high water, I would have him one day.  Soon.  Only problem was, Ryan and I didn't get along, bad blood between us.  And, of course, he was straight.         I just moved in close to Ryan's house with a friend of mine, April.  Four doors down, to be exact.  One night driving home from work, about 11 pm,  I saw him jogging three streets down from my house.   He looked magnificent.  I pulled along side of him and rolled down my window.  Just talking to the man, I could feel my cock grow inside my pants, that urge to touch him, feel him, fuck him, becoming almost unbearable.  He walked up to my window, standing about five feet from my door, unsure of my reasons for stopping.  I made casual conversation, taking in his sight, being careful not to let him see me rubbing my cock inside the truck.  He kept his body turned to the side, keeping an eye on the road in front of him, every now and than turning to glance behind us.  The ever watching trained eyes of a cop, I knew he was analizing my every word as I said them.  If I didn't have Ryan that night, if I did not feel my cock slide up his tight virgin hole on this night, I knew I wouldn't survive.      I invited him over for a beer, offering a truce between us, telling him my roomate was gone for the weekend.  He hesitated, than shook his head, keeping his eyes on the road ahead.  I knew he was dying to get away from me.         "No, I had better not." He said flatly.      "We're neighbor's, Ryan."  I said, in my most accomidating tone.  "Come on over for one beer, at least we can be civil to eachother.  You act like your afraid of me or something."  I played on his over enlarged ego and sence of manly pride.  If there was one thing Ryan wasn't, it was a fearful man.  He sighed as if he was mentally backed into a corner and knew it, pressed into doing what he hated.  He reached up and flatned his hair, which never looked out of place.  Everything about him was just right.  I think it was just an unconcious nervous reaction.  I knew he was uncomfortable around me because of my previous overly aggressive advances towards him.  As planned, Ryan's ego blinded him, and he agreed, telling me he wanted to finish his jog, take a shower, eat something, than come over for one. He didn't make it overly obvious, but I was sure he stressed the "one."      I drove home fast.  Breaking the 25 mile an hour speed limit.  I jumped in the shower, wanting to be clean for my first time with him, than changed my cloths and waited impatiently for him.  When he knocked on my door, my cock sprang to attention.  I gave it a few good rubs over my pants as I walked to the door to invite him in.  He took a few steps in, keeping his back away from me.  He didn't trust me as far as he could throw me.  I held out my hand and told him to take a seat, which he did, porposly choosing the recliner so I could not sit right next to him.      Handing him a can of beer, I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants, promising his large size, even when soft.  My nipples ached for his touch and my mouth salivated for his tongue.  I sat opposite of him on the couch.   We talked for an hour, one long tortering hour, before I indulged myself into bringing up sex to him.   I was sure he glared at me when I did so, but I played it off as just a normal topic.  Within 15 minits I knew the police sargent had to be aroused, at least to some point.  When I brought up the subject of head, I knew exactly where I was going with it.      "A man's mouth feels better on a cock.  It really does."  I took a swig of my beer, crushed the can, and offered him another.  He looked down at the can and turned me down.       "No, I still have half a can left, thanks though."         I got up to grab another, giving him a minit to think about what I had just said.   When I got back, he tired to do a fast subject change, but I wouldn't let him.  I went right back to it, explaining myself to him.  "A man know's what a man likes, what feels good.  A woman sucking your cock has no clue.  You've never tried it?  Never been tempted?"       He cast his glance outside my livingroom window, staring at the blackness outside.  "No, I haven't."   I knew he wasn't lying, but I sensed arousal in his voice and the way he avoided my eyes when he answered me.  "I should prolly get going.  Thanks for the beer."         He couldn't leave yet!  Not when I was so close!  I motioned for him to sit down as I swallowed my beer.  Inside my head, I was swallowing his juice.  My balls throbbed with need.  "Sit down, have another beer, I'm all alone in this house all weekend, I could use the company."  He sighed again but did as I said, much to my relief.       I knew it was now or never.      I stood up, acting like I was going to grab another beer, when I walked over to him, standing in front of him.  His eyes panned up my body, resting on mine.  I knew he was wondering what the hell I was doing, and concern spread over his face.  I put my beer can on his body, where the first button on his shirt lay open, and before he could stop me, poured the rest of my drink, which was only a quarter of the can down his chest.  The coldness of it and what I did must have suprised him, because his eyes flew wider.      "What the fuck did you do that for?"  He demanded of me, setting his own can on the table next to him.  Befor he could stand up to leave, I put each of my hands on each of his knees and squeesed.       "Relax, Ryan."  I moved my hands up his legs, un till my thumbs were putting pressure on his cock.  I made circuler motions with them, hoping to feel his cock swell inside his pants.  Befor he could object, I licked the side of his neck, than his earlobe, taking it in my mouth to suck on it.  I heard him groan under his breath and I knew as long as I didn't let up on him, he would be mine, I would have his body.  I continued rubbing his cock, but let my mouth run down his neck, over his chest, tasting the beer off him.  It clung to his body like sweat.  My cock hurt now from not being touched.  I took his hand and placed it on my crotch, showing him with my hand over his how to rub it, squeese it, grope it.  I pulled away from his face long enough to see his eyes were closed.  A look of forced submission across his face.  I had aroused him to the point he coulnd't refuse me.  Making love to this man was all I wanted.  My cock lusted after him, driving it into his tight ass even once would last me a lifetime.  My kissing became more aggressive as the tension mounted and my hunger for his body became more of a need than a want. I began to unbutton his shirt.  After every button I relesed and set free, I would kiss the exposed flesh of his chest, than pushed his shirt over his strong shoulders and down his back.   My mouth sought his, and after a few attempts to avoid me, my tonge gained the permision it begged for as he let it slip past his lips and inside his mouth.  We kissed pasionatly for a long time, while I fumbled getting my own cock out.  With his eyes closed, he stroked mine.  His hands weren't as experienced as mine, but knowing that it was his flesh that touched mine made it feel so dam good, I had to stop him so I didn't blow my load.  When we both looked down at his cock, taking in the size his pants had grown, we both knew he wanted action.       I got on my knees in front of him, as he sat back against the couch, letting me take his cock out.  I felt his unsteady hands tremble as they held my head as I began to suck him.  Precumm had formed on the head of his cock, and the sweetness of it sent a spike of extasy up the shaft of my cock and through the rest of my body.  I was sucking the meat I wanted for so long.  And even though he was unshure and afraid, he was giving his body to me.  I took so long working his balls and cock with my mouth.  When my eyes met his, I could tell his were glazed over, but he quikly looked away.  I think he was ashamed he was being made to feel this good by another man.  That was O.K.  I could handle that as long as he didn't stop me.      His cock was standing at full attention, str8 up.  When I would lick the bottom of his shaft up to the head, I would stop for a minit, watching it.  To tease it, to hear his breathing become erratic, I would flick the head with my tongue, than engulf his cock with my mouth.  That sent him up the wall with excitment, I could feel that the way he would grab on to my shoulders tightly.      Ryan's cock had been so tasty, so tantalizing, so wonderfull to suck, lick, and touch, but it was now his tight ass I craved.  I wanted to finger it, lick it, suck it, tease it.  I stood up and motioned for him to do the same.  With a deep breath, he did.  I removed his socks, shoes, pants, and underwear, leaving him naked in front of me.  I than did the same with myself.  My hands cupped his waste as I turned him around, than lowered him down to the couch again, making shure he was bent over the arm so I could kneel behind him to spread his ass apart and eat it.  I gave his back a few good strokes to calm him down.  His reluctance was now again on his mind.  I wouldn't give him the chance to mentaly shift gears.  My hands cupped each of his cheeks and squeesed a few times before seperating them.  My first lick to his hole was an exploshion to my body.  Every cell of my brain seemed to dance.  He tasted so good.  I liked around the hole, carefull not to lick the actuall hole, feeling him squirm.  I wanted him to want it.  I wanted him to wait for it, as I had to for him so long.  I ran my finger over it, rubbing it.  It must have felt dam good to him, because he was moaning and groaning, lowering his head more and more with enjoyment, only to pick it back up in suprise with one of my touches he wasn't expecting.  When I finaly shoved my tonge into his hole, you would have though he died and went to hevean.  I loved the feeling of giving him that much pleshure.  I tongue fucked him for a long time, reaching under him to flick his nipples with my finger.  When I wasn't flicking his nipples, I was jerking my own cock which was dripping with precumm.  That's when I got the idea to catch the precumm off the end of his cock and spread it over his ass like butter to a sandwitch.  I wish it had lasted longer, but after a few seconds of sucking and licking it off, it was all gone.  His hole was nice and wet now though.  I pressed my finger against it, wiggling it side to side.  I could hear him saying "Oh God, Oh, God," under his breath.  He wanted my finger up his ass.  He wanted me to finger fuck him.  I knew he would soon want me to cock fuck him to.  My cock would be up his ass tonite, creating heat, friction, and alot of cumming between the 2 of us.  I pushed my finger up his hole half way, sending him into a world of pure pleashure.  He bent over more for me.  I pushed my finger up all the way, so my knuckles were touching his tight balls.  I rubbed his prostate and every other place up his ass I could reach.  I licked around the base of my finger that fucked him, sucking on his cheek, than back to his finger filled hole.  I took out my finger, and I think I felt his dis apointment.       "Hush, Ryan, I'm not done making you feel good, don't worry."  He muttered what I took as a "mmm," as I laid on my back under neath him, once again sticking my finger, only this time it was 2 fingers, up his hole, the same time taking his cock down my throat.  I sucked and fucked him good, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and my fingers in and out of his hole.  He sat up, leaned back, the heels of his feet against his ass cheeks.  He tweeked his own nipples and I could see beads of sweat on his four head.  He didn't break a sweat from jogging, but he did from getting finger fucked and sucked.  I knew he was loving what I was doing to him.  This sexy stud loved to get it from a man.  Our eyes met, and for the first time, he didn't look away.  I kept 2 fingers in his ass, but added one to make 3.  Than I used my free hand to play softly with his nipple.       Ryan took the initative to get off of me after a few minits of that.  I asked him if he wanted to get fucked by my cock, as I laid it in his hand.  His eyes burned into mine as he took his time answering me.  Finaly, he said "yes."  I took him by the hand to my waiting bed.  Before laying him down on his belly, I let my hands roam his body.  His pysiqe was extrordinary.  So tone.  So smooth.  So ready. So willing.       I didn't know if this was going to be a 1 time nite of sex or not, so I wanted to take my time with him.  I didn't want to rush only to have it a memory.  I laid his hot body down as he turned his face to the side, resting it on his crossed arms.      "Fuck, Ryan, you are so sexy, do you know that?"  I asked him in a lusty voice.  I saw his eyes float shut as he let out a quiet "mmm," for me again.  I rubbed his back and shoulders, relaxing him, eraseing the knots his stressfull job gave him.  I massagged his lower back, his ass, than the inside of his ass cheeks untill he was squirming again, begging me to fuck him.  I will never forget his words.     "Shawn, oh God, I'm so ready for your cock, please,"  He stumbbled over his words, as if all his strenth was focosed on feeling good, than continued with his plea, "please Shawn, fuck me, put your thick hard cock in me and fuck me."  His words were as lusty as mine as I told him I wanted to fuck him, that I would, I promised.      I put my hands on the sides of his hips and he took the direction to kneel.  He arched his back for me like he had done it a thousand times, but I knew it was his first time.  I rubbed my cock's head over his hole, letting the lube dribble over my cock and on to his ass.  I spread it all over, than used my hand to coat my cock with it.  I firmly held him in place as I pushed the head in him.  His body tensed.      "Relax, it will only hurt for a minit.  Just relax, that's it."  I felt his body losen some so I pushed it about an inch in.  Again he tensed.  I reached around and stroked his cock slowly.  The extra lube on my hand caused my hand to slip easaly over his cock, which was so hard.  I whispered to him it would be O.K., that in a little while he would be feeling good, that he would adjust to my size.  He trusted me and gave himeself to me.  I pushed it in all the way.  I could feel his balls against mine.  Slowly I pumped him.  In. Out.  My hands holding his hips so I could move in and out of him.  In.  Out again.  He didn't seem to be enjoying it at first, but after about 3 or 4 minits, he began to moan.  I knew his ass now belonged to my cock.  My pumping became faster with more determination.  I pumped and his body came to meet mine each time.  He felt so good.      "I want you, Ryan.  I've wanted this for so long.  To fuck you.  To make love to you.  To see you take me in.  To watch my cock slide up your ass.  To cumm in your ass.  Ryan.  Oh, Ryan.  Your being fucked by a man.  I'm fucking you.  Does it feel good?  Am I making you feel good?  Tell me you love me making love to you like this.  Tell me you love my cock in your tight ass."  I begged him, hoping he could understand me.  My words were a huskey whisper.      But his were the same.  "Yes,"  He said.  "I love it, your making me feel good, Shawn.  Fuck me, that's it.  Fuck, Oh fuck, Shawn, fuck you feel good.  Don't stop.  Don't stop, please, Shawn, don't stop!"      "I'm not going to stop."  I began pounding his ass, thrusting my cock in and out of his ass.  I reached around him and pumped his cock with my hand.  It didn't take long for either of us to cumm when I did that.  I felt his ass tighten around my cock and I felt his milky man juice spurt in my hand as mine poured in to his ass.  We colapsed on my bed out of breath as I played with his softening cock.  I rolled over on his chest, kissing him, thanking him for giving himself to me.  He kissed me back and I felt his hand move to my cock.  It felt good, just playing with eachother's sex organs.  I knew the way he touched me he would want more from me and my cock.  Cop conquest suxessful!   I turned to him.       "Next time do you think I could fuck you in your uniform?"       He smiled and told me I could have him any way I wanted.                                
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