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My mother introduced me to spanking when I was about five, at the recommendation of an aunt who was staying with us. She told my mother, "It's high time that boy's bare fanny was properly tanned, and if you don't do it I will." My mother took me into the bathroom and stripped off my pants and underwear. She then instructed me to go into the living room and visit with my aunt while she fetched some "stingy little items." I was humiliated as I stood there, my aunt affectionately patting my bottom and telling me how much my bottom needed the painful experience that was in store. She assured me it would hurt horribly. I kind of liked the fact that she was both loving and yet clearly enjoyed my discomfiture.  My mother returned with the items - a switch and a ruler. She told me to stand in from of her and she then began switching my bare legs furiously as I jumped about in pain. This lasted for about two minutes. My mother then took me over her lap and applied the ruler vigorously to my bare rear for a few minutes. I believe I knew even at the time this was the timeless, classic, traditional type of spanking encountered by countless children over the ages. I look back with gratitude that I was one link in this rich spanking tradition. After my mother was through I stood there as the two of them questioned me teasingly and playfully about my spanking - asking me if it had hurt enough, how it felt to be bare fanny naked in front of them, and when I thought I would be getting my next spanking. I was puzzled as to why they both enjoyed my pain and humiliation so much. Now I understood that that's just part of human nature as it relates to matters of discipline. The fact that women take pleasure in giving and watching spankings is, to me, one of their most beautiful and attractive characteristics and one I greatly respect - especially when they are open and honest about it. In fact, I think it is a crucial aspect of their well rounded nurturing mind-set. This was the first of many of my "visits with Mr. Stinginess," as my mother humorously called my spankings. I will go into more detail in my next account.    
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