Succulent Desires Chapter 2
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Aidan stood there wondering how he let her slip from his grasp.   Rubbing his shaved head with both hands while he waited on the front porch, he wondered how he was going to survive a car ride to Edinburgh with her sitting next to him, how he was going to get her to kiss him again so he could taste her sweet, intoxicating lips again, and if her cum tasted just as sweet if not better than her mouth.   He wondered if she was as creamy and satiny when his tongue ran along her clit and labia like her mouth and lips tasted.   Running a hand over his face to regain some composure, Aidan heard Alice flush the toilet and come back down the stairs.   Steeling himself so as not to push her back into the house to find evidence that his thoughts were right, Aidan relocked the door after Alice walked past him.   She glided out the door with her head down, knowing that if they didn’t end up in the car and back on the road soon that she wouldn’t care about not making it to Edinburgh .   Of course the consequences of those actions would mean she’d have some serious repercussions where Ronin was concerned and it was never a good idea to piss him off intentionally or unintentionally sometimes.   So, she tried to avoid touching him, smelling him, or looking into his eyes and walked to the car as calmly and quickly as her legs could carry her.   Sighing in relief that he didn’t touch her either, she heard Aidan lock the door behind her.   Before he reached the car, Alice searched for the directions and address to show Aidan so he’d know exactly where to take her.   When Aidan returned to the car, Alice handed him the slip of paper with the street address on it after he settled in.   “This is the address, and I hope you know where to go once we reach Edinburgh , but if not I have the phone number and we can stop and call to get better directions or Ronin will send someone to meet us and direct me in.   I have reservations at a hotel but if we’re not there early enough I will check in after I meet my friends at their place.”   Alice rambled as she fiddled with the music and avoiding touching Aidan or meeting his eyes.   Responding quietly, “Oh I know where this is. I went to a party there some time ago.” Aidan contemplated that party.   It wasn’t a normal party, but one where anyone could play either sexually, sensually, sadistically, or masochistically as long as it was consensual no one really cared.   He wondered what this sweet, young looking woman was going to do there and hoped he’d get invited to join in.   As visions of the past party flashed through his mind, Aidan could feel himself getting way too turned on to be driving and immediately stopped that train of thought.   Of course, then images of Alice began to occupy his mind, of her dominating someone, of her being pleasured, and that was no help either.   So he began to think of the fastest and shortest route to Edinburgh and quickly maneuvered the rental car in that direction.   After about 30minutes of driving he realized that the car was very quiet except for the music playing randomly, and glanced over at the lovely vixen in the passenger seat.   She was staring out at the scenery and humming or singing along softly to the songs every once in awhile with a far off look in her eyes.   He wondered what it would take to have her looking at him with that sweet face of hers, so he asked her some more questions instead. “So, how long will you be in Edinburgh ?”   Alice turned to face him as he drove, smiling softly at the sound of his voice, stating “Well, I’ll be in Edinburgh until Monday or Tuesday.   I can’t remember, but I plan to travel to Wales and Ireland before returning to America in July.   I figured if I was gonna get a chance to come to England and Scotland , then I might as well hit as much of the isles as I can.   I would love to go to Iona or some of the smaller islands off the coast of Scotland and maybe from there to Ireland and then to Wales and back into London to go home.   Of course, if I had been smart I would’ve flown into and out of Cardyff but it was cheaper to fly into London .   I spent time with my friend Sara in New Hampden, and it was great seeing her again.   What do you do for a living that you can just leave with no notice or concern for anyone but yourself?” She retorted as Alice realized she was rambling again and probably giving too much information about herself to a complete stranger.   Smiling in response Aidan answered, “Oh I’m a writer.   I work freelance.   I make my own schedules and as long as it’s done by the deadline, then I have no worries.”   “Oh cool.   What kind of writing is it?” Alice asked with a curious tinge to her voice and a tilt to her head.   “Oh some boring stuff and some not so boring stuff.” Aidan reacted coyly to her question which caused Alice to smirk in response and raise her eyebrows at him.   With a giggle in her voice Alice quipped “That’s not very descriptive for a writer or very explicit.   I like details.   I like writing that describes a scene so vividly that I feel as if I’m in the room or one of the characters and feeling it all.   So, are you going to give me more details or continue to be coy?”   Chuckling, Aidan responded, “Well, it’s not like I’ve known you for very long and I don’t know what kinds of writing you enjoy.   So why don’t you tell me what you like and I’ll tell you if I write it, ok?”   He couldn’t help but smile at himself for continuing to be coy with her, but he didn’t want the conversation to stop or her eyes to return to staring outside at the scenery.   He wanted, no needed, to have her eyes, her face, and her focus on him and he wasn’t certain why it felt so good yet.   Not to mention he just wanted to continue to hear her voice.   Smirking at him, “I like many different types of books.   How bout I tell you what I don’t like to read? I don’t like reading manuals, or stuff that is dry and boring.   I prefer manga, mysteries, suspense but not horror, sci-fi, erotica not trashy romance, anything on spirituality that I like, and of course the classics are always a good start.   I try not to go into book stores because I can’t walk out empty handed.   When I have free time I read voraciously, but thought I’d be doing mostly driving on this trip and sight seeing so I didn’t bring many books.   I do adore reading stories out loud too.   There’s something special about being read a good book out loud.   Of course, I adore voices so that’s probably part of it.   And I never sat still as a child long enough to finish any one book in multiple sittings so it’s ironic that I love to be read to now.   So, does that answer your question?” Alice retorted with her sensual, lyrical voice that held a tone of amusement.   Smiling at her briefly before he put his eyes back on the road, “Yes, it does.   And I write some boring stuff, but my passion is erotica.   Maybe I’ll get a chance to read you some before you leave Scotland ….” Aidan wistfully replied and left the offer to drift in the space between them as he held his breath for her response.   A soft moan escaped her lips unconsciously.   “I like being read erotica.   If there’s time maybe we’ll have some wine and you can read to me?” Alice replied huskily, and then giggled slightly, “I used to do that with a friend of mine.   About once a month or so we’d get together, have dinner, and we’d read short story erotica to each other over glasses of wine on the floor of my living room.   It was so much fun!   I miss that.   I might just have to make another detour back to your place, if I can ever find it again, and take you up on your offer.”   Aidan’s heart began to beat faster at the thought of having her alone, in a room, with a bottle of wine and reading to her, and wondered how long he could endure the torture of describing acts in a story without putting it down to ravish her senseless.   Taking deep slow breaths before he responded, Aidan’s voice came out slightly strained, “Well, that sounds like a lovely idea and I can’t wait to find time to give you such aural pleasure.   I can only hope our schedules work out that it will occur sooner rather than later.”   He flirted with Alice and didn’t realize his accent made aural come out as oral.   Smiling, Alice giggled “Oh, really?   Oral pleasure, huh?   I didn’t realize I offered to let you go down on me??”   Quirking her eyebrow and flaring her nostrils at him when she finished, Alice waited for him to explain himself.   Blushing slightly, Aidan answered “Oh that too if you’ll allow me.   I didn’t say Oral, but Aural… A. U. R. A. L.” He spelled it out slowly, raising an eyebrow at her to see if she understood before continuing in his silken voice, “You know, the art of verbal erotic story telling.”   Sighing as she responded, Alice spoke “Oh.   That sounds lovely, and yet I think both would be rather nice.” She said sweetly in response and turned her head to stare out the window.   As the tension in the car mounted, Alice knew she had better calm herself and channel her energy so as to think of the woman Ronin wanted her to meet.   And as the sounds of her mp3s took over the car while Aidan focused on driving, Alice leaned her head back onto the head rest and closed her eyes.   She figured she should rest while she had the chance, even if she didn’t sleep she would imagine what she’d make this woman do.   Ronin said something about teaching her to please another woman and this could entail directing her while Alice is being fucked or fucking her and telling her to think about her reactions and feelings and responses.   It’s very important to listen to the noises, the sounds, the breathing, as well as watching the person you’re attempting to please.   Alice took some slow, deep breaths and just thought about what noises Aidan would make as she touched him.   About what he’d sound like just before and during orgasm, which caused her breathing to become a bit erratic so she took a deep breath in and let it out slowly.   Hoping he didn’t notice, Alice continued to consciously slow her breathing down, and slow her mind down enough for her to reach a deep meditative state that mimicked sleep. Unbeknownst to her, Aidan occasionally glanced over at her still face, her moving breasts and ached to be able to touch her, to see her like this when he awoke in the mornings.   The strength of his reaction to this stranger surprised him, but he figured what the hell and to run along with it.   It’s not every day a sexy, sweet tongued, silken voice vixen entered his life and he wondered if the Fey were playing tricks on him.   Little did he know that Alice was thinking the exact same thoughts as he.   Before long, Alice fell asleep and awoke when the car jolted a bit too hard as Aidan slowed to a stop.   Opening her eyes, Alice realized they were in a city and assumed it was Edinburgh .   Sighing and stretching her arms and back, Alice attempted to regain some semblance of wakefulness before too much of the city flew by the passenger window.   As Aidan realized she was awake, he smiled before saying “We’re here in Edinburgh and should be at your friends’ place in about 30 minutes.   Would you like to stop for coffee since we’re an hour early?” He asked innocently.   Breathing in deeply thru her nose, Alice smiled and nodded, “But before we do, since we’re so early it’d be better for me to check into the Malmaison hotel and then we could have coffee there?   Is it ok to take me there first?   Then I can unload the car, take a shower and bring only what I need for the party.   And if it’s not too much to ask, but maybe then you could drive me to my friend’s place?   Seeing as I have no idea how to get anywhere in this city on my own?” Alice bit her lower lip when she finished, hoping he’d say yes and not go so soon.   Aidan’s heart stopped for a second, and then a sweet smile spread across his face slowly, “I think that could be arranged.”   He replied coyly, and secretly cheered that she wasn’t going to send him away so soon.   Aidan changed course to head towards the Malmaison hotel and reached there within 20minutes.   When they pulled up, a porter helped to load the luggage onto a cart and Alice briskly walked into the hotel to check in.   Ronin rented a small suite for her to have her own room that adjoined the new toy.   Alice thought to herself that she really needed to pick a pet name for this new toy of his so she didn’t call her toy to her face when they finally met.   So she decided to call her Missa in her head.   As she checked into the hotel, Alice began to think about what to pack and wear to the party that could pass for street wear but quickly be changed into kink wear and decided to layer her outfit.   The Porter took the luggage to Alice ’s room as she finished checking in, and received the messages awaiting her.   Aidan quietly followed Alice , as she absent mindedly read thru her messages on the way to the elevator.   He steered her when she almost ran into the elevator doorway and any other object she could knock over, since she was single minded in her obsessive reading.   They were more than just messages that Alice was reading, Ronin had written detailed accounts of Missa’s sexual proclivities and experiences before he took her on and afterwards.   This gave Alice clues, details, and subtle directions on how to handle Missa; how to drive her wild; and how to not make Missa go insane.   There’s a fine line between training, educating, and breaking a new toy and Alice never liked to break new toys.   At least let them beg to be broken, but never the first time.   She liked playing; hard and often, so this required her toys to be conditioned and kept in good order.   And as she further digested Missa’s background information, Alice decided she’d make her into her “little girl” since she already had a Pet and didn’t want to get them confused in her head or during a scene.   It was good that Missa liked age play and seemed to be deliciously naughty.   Alice subconsciously felt Aidan’s large hand steer her down the hallway to the room, but didn’t register it so much as she was focused on ideas for what to do to Missa.   However, when he opened the door, Aidan removed his hand from her back and this made Alice whine slightly at the loss of his touch.   Even if her mind wasn’t paying attention to his touch, her body was and this made Alice take a lingering look at the tall, solid, sexy man in front of her.   They had been given a 2 bedroom suite, and Alice motioned Aidan to the larger bedroom of the two, saying, “You can put your stuff in there as I doubt you’ll fit on the bed in this room”.   She sat down in the seating area and finished the last page of messages before quickly filing them with her laptop.   Standing and stretching her body towards the ceiling, backwards, and then towards the floor, Alice made a mental note of what needed to be done and how much time it would take.   She had to pack the toys, directions, clothes, take a bath, charge laptop, have some coffee, and attempt not to force Aidan to fuck her really hard in the next hour.   She felt that if they had sex now she’d never leave the hotel.   So Alice gathered the bags that needed to go back down to the car and placed them by the door, as she turned around Aidan was standing behind her.   Making a small noise of surprise, Alice jumped and then laughed “Would you call room service and have them bring up some coffee and maybe some biscuits?   I’ll hop in the shower, and get changed.” She deftly slipped past him and grabbed her bags and went into the bathroom.   As the water filled the tub, Alice searched for her bath salts and toiletries while setting out her clothes on the back of the door.   As soon as she was satisfied, Alice put her hair up and slid into the bath and soaked herself, imagining what it would be like to have someone fisting her while she was in there, of sitting beneath her as she slammed down onto them.   She couldn’t make up her mind as to whom she’d like more in the tub with her, Missa or Aidan and eventually decided both if only it were larger.   Sighing, she realized she needed to get a move on so soaped herself, then rinsed and jumped out of the tub.   Drying off, Alice focused on getting herself ready.   Put lotion on all over her body, then followed with edible body powder, then with perfume, a thong that matched her corset, her slip, then her skirt, and then started to put on the corset and realized she’d need help.   Getting it on as much as she could, and walking out into the sitting room, Alice cleared her throat so as not to scare Aidan and said, “Could you help me with this please?   I can only get it half way and it’s not quite tight enough.” Alice turned so she wouldn’t have to see the look of shock, desire, and hunger in Aidan’s eyes.   That look wouldn’t help her leave the room.   She could feel him moving closer to her, and Alice tried to calm her breathing, but felt like her heart would explode when he touched her shoulder, so she just closed her eyes.   “Tell me if it gets too tight” Aidan spoke huskily into her hair.   Alice breathed in sharply and nodded, not trusting her voice as she could feel his breath on her neck.   He tightened it as far as it could go and tied the knot. “Good?” He asked and Alice only nodded.   Then walked back into the bathroom to put on her makeup, which took another 15 to 20 minutes and as she came back out, Alice realized she wouldn’t be able to bend over easily to open the suitcase with her shoes in them.   Shaking her head at herself, Alice put her jacket on and adjusted her hair one last time before looking at Aidan.     He was watching her and Alice returned his look this time.   She thought about getting him to change his clothes so he could join the party, but wasn’t sure she could handle the distraction.   Then again, Missa would be coming home with them and it was her birthday party.   Alice laughed silently at herself, for how she assumed Aidan would just be with her tonight and in the hotel for the duration of her stay in Edinburgh .   Alice spoke first, “Have you ever been to a fetish party?”     Aidan’s heart stopped as he looked at her, and when he realized she was trying to figure out a way to ask him about the lifestyle, a grin appeared on his face as if it had never left.   “Oh, I’d love to swap fetish stories and fetish party stories with you.   If you only knew…” His voice trailed off.   Smiling slightly, Alice ’s eyes lit up before she replied, “Well, we’ll have to share stories another time.   Do you have a different shirt to change into or maybe you could go without when we get there?   If so, you’re welcome at the party and you can meet my friends.   You’re also welcome to stay here with me, I don’t know if I asked, but you are.   I must warn you that I’m bringing a new sub back with me and will be spending a good amount of time with her, but you can watch if you like and maybe, just maybe join in.”   Alice ’s voice became breathy and fast as her eyes lighted up at the thoughts of him watching her fuck Missa and joining in.   Part of her brain was in shock that those words escaped her mouth, but it was too late to pull them back in.   She avidly watched Aidan, as his grin got bigger and he stood to get a new shirt from his bag.   He pulled on a shirt that hugged his wide chest more snugly, sprayed some cologne and returned to the sitting room to find Alice bent over at the waist and digging through her suitcase for shoes.   Letting out a slight groan since he could see straight down her corset at this angle, Aidan struggled to resist moving closer to Alice .   Before he reached her, Alice heard his moan, and lifting her head she saw the reaction she was having on him as his thick cock bulged against his jeans.   Smiling slightly, Alice slowly regained a vertical standing position and threw her shoes on the floor, so she could slip them on.   Alice grabbed her purse and the room keys, as she walked towards the door quickly she grabbed her cell and made a phone call.   Ronin picked up on the second ring, and Alice told him she’d be there in 30 minutes or less.   As she paused by the toy bag, Alice turned to look at Aidan and raised an eyebrow at him before saying, “Ready or not, here we go?” and opened the door.   As she reached for the toy bag, Aidan’s hand brushed against hers causing Alice to breathe in thru her nose sharply and remove her hand.   Smiling down at her, “I’ve got it.   You go ahead and hold the elevator.” Aidan’s alluring voice softly stroked her ears as she turned in the doorway.  Closing her eyes briefly enough to regain composure, but still looking like a blink, a small smile could be seen on Alice’s face before she replied softly, “Thank you.”   And walking out the door, down the hall and actually seeing the hallway for the first time, she tried hard to focus on the décor instead of the man’s strong presence behind her.   As she pushed the elevator button, a sigh escaped her lips, but Alice again avoided eye contact and physical contact with Aidan lest she take out her tensions on him in the elevator.   Alice savored the anticipation and held the energy in to let loose on Missa and knew that her time in Edinburgh would be intensely delightful.
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