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THE LANDSCAPERS   CHAPTER ONE By DBARCLAY   It had been a good day, the kids had been left with some friends for a few days we had done some shopping and seen a show. Time to get home and relax.   As we pulled into the driveway our nosey neighbor was watering his lawn; He irritates me the way he stares sometimes, so being in a frisky mood I pulled my skirt further up my thighs so he had a good eyeful as I got out of the car. I had a G-string on, so he got a real good view and that really got his attention, and made him go a bit red in the face but bought a wry smile to my mine.   We took all the shopping indoors and went upstairs to change into some casual clothes. Martin just put his dressing gown on and I just a big baggy long T-shirt, and we grabbed a few drinks and sat outside on the patio in the early evening watching the sun go down. Within a few seconds of sitting down the nosey neighbor popped up from behind his fence and started to talk to Martin. I am sitting with my back to him. Martin is looking around me to speak to him, have to stop all this, I think to myself and put my feet up on Martin’s chair and run my feet up his dressing gown and start to play with his cock using my toes. This soon has the desired effect, but still he is talking to the neighbor.   Of course, he has to retaliate and put his foot up my long T-shirt and start to rub my clit with his toes and within a few seconds I am wet, his big toe is starting to fuck me.   Thankfully, the sun is going down quickly and soon its virtually dark and nosey neighbor has gone inside. I jumped up pulled up the T-shirt and got astride Martin and controlling the speed, has a very satisfactory end to the day.   I awoke early the next morning still a bit tired, but padded down to the kitchen naked to get some tea. Seeing my apron hanging on the door gave me an idea, I always enjoyed the scene in the film McVicar where the girl had cooked and served her man wearing just her apron, this would be hubby’s treat for the morning. I put on the apron, which covered my boobs, well, very nearly, but my arse was showing at the back. He will like this, I thought. I sat with my tea, dreaming away.   A light tap on the kitchen door, which was already open and in the doorway stood the two Latino brothers who own the landscaping company that does our lawns and bushes, startled me. We very rarely see the brothers just their employees, which is a great shame as for me these two are real eye candy, many a fantasy I have had over these two with their smoldering brown eyes, sweaty tight T-shirts and those lovely tight buttocks in those far too tight shorts, I was already getting wet just looking at them.   With their softly spoken voices, “Bushes.” they said, “Do you want your bushes trimming this week?   ” Come in.” I said, “Sit down can I get you a cold drink?”   “Yes please,” said the eldest.   I get up and go to the fridge to get a couple of cans completely forgetting my arse could be seen. Too late now, but I turned back to sit down and they showed no signs that they even noticed. “Ah yes.” the bushes. “Yes they need some attention if you would trim those, yes please.”     Of course my mind was thinking ‘and you can trim my bush as the same times boys at the moment it’s like a badly-hacked privet hedge’ The younger brother smiled at me and said Yes Madam we can do that, Jeeeeez   I though, did I say that out loud. ‘No of course I didn’t!’ What is going on?   It suddenly dawns on me; of course, I am having a dream. ‘Shit!’ In that case I’m getting into this I though, the elder brother who was named Gilberto was standing alongside me with his waist at my eye level I looked at the big brass belt buckle he was wearing and decided to go for the quick way and put my hand up the leg of his shorts and immediately felt a half hard penis hanging down. My God it was thick, I could just get my fingers around it, His cock was already beginning to rise, and quickly rose to full erection as I ran my fingertips along the full length. This is what I really need now, I though. At the same time, he reached behind me and undid the belt of my apron that fell loose but still covered me, by this time both brothers had removed their T-shirts and I just gazed in awe at their muscular physiques.   Then younger brother named Polo came over and sat on the floor in front of my chair he pulled my apron off in one swoop leaving me naked and incredibly wanton in front of them both, he pulled forward on the chair forcing me to sit on the edge, my legs opened up wide on their own volition, knowing what was going to happen, I quickly pulled the apron to one side, making sure the honey pot was available. Gilberto at this time dropped his shorts to the floor allowing me to see the monster I had been playing with, and while Polo circled around my thighs with his tongue. I managed to get Gilberto’s cock in my mouth partially but still using my hand to help it along, at the same time Polo was gradually closing in on my clit with his tongue, until suddenly my clit must have leapt into his mouth and the rush went through my whole body, I was absolutely in heaven. As two or three finger entered I hit another climax. I was still sucking away on Gilberto but a second or two after I came so did he, But not to be beaten I kept sucking until he was drained.   Both brothers then decided to go for a main course, they lifting me up from the chair pulling my apron off in one swoop leaving me naked and incredibly wanton in front of them both. Being lifted with incredible ease until I was lying on my back on my new green granite kitchen island with my legs hanging over the end.   Their hands seem to be everywhere, I was getting so wet. I had never had two men run their hands over me at the same time. Damn this is good. Gilberto by now was at my pussy and was checking out the badly hacked privet hedge and within a few second using, what seemed to be some sort of blue light laser tool was trimming the bush back. I could feel no tugging or pulling just his hand rubbing slightly on my already engorged clit, in what seems just a few seconds he said you feel, I lowered my hand to the area. Oh my God! I though. I am a perfect baldy with just a small section of pubes above my mons.   Gilberto then came alongside me and kissed me, His hands trailed down my shoulders, onto the sides of my breasts, kissed, and sucked my nipples leaving them erect and needing more, continuing to the curves of my hips where they came to rest. He pulled me close and his hands slid around my waist and onto the curve of my arse a feeling I enjoyed immensely. Gilberto was now standing directly between my legs with his erection angled at 45 degrees up. Barely touching the slit, the tip of his cock traced a long slow path. Twirling around my clit, it repeated its wet slippery circuit as my pussy lips puffed and parted. He ran his cock through my slit a couple of times then slid it into me. It astounded me, He was thick like I had imagined, thicker than Martin, thicker than anything I had ever felt. He scared me a little but the fear was also a turn on. I was full. My insides felt full all the way up into my chest, my ass even felt full and the feeling was even spreading down into my thighs. This must be what heaven is like!   While this was going on Polo was kissing my neck face and giving my nipples all the attention possible, I allowed my hand to get back to handling his weapon and with a sideward glance got to see it again in all its erect glory. ‘Oh my God’ I thought, it was longer and wider than the one inside me, I am going to die a satisfied women I though. As I was pulling his giant cock he took each breast separately, kneading and squeezing, sucking a nipple into his mouth, licking it, flicking his tongue back and forth until I felt each nipple had turned into a separate clitoris. I lost count the number of my time I climaxed but just knew I wanted and needed more, I glanced up at Gilberto to see him covered in sweat and getting near his crescendo and then it came. As he came, wave after wave of sexual relief flooded over me, he continued pumping for a few seconds and then withdrew a great feeling of loss came over me.   But not for long, Polo set up position between my wide open legs, and with a small bowl of ice cubes in his hand and started to wash my whole overheated body with the cubes, this was a wonderful feeling as my body cooled down, he then finished off by rubbing my pussy with a couple of ice cubes which was an absolute relief, Gilberto dried me with a towel as Polo prepared to enter me for the first time. I put my hands down to control the entry he was so much thicker than Gilberto and he was longer much longer. I needed to be sure I could take it, but I was so wet and ready he slid in without any hesitation and that great feeling of fullness returned. I humped his dick, moaning with each stroke as I rubbed my clit up and down the length of his shaft. I sat upright and moved farther down onto Polo dick. When I felt the tip of it hitting my cervix I gasped and cried out, it was painful but I just wanted him inside of me even more, I put my hands around to his buttocks and pulled him in tighter and tighter, we both came with a second of each other, with an explosion of lust.   My body went limp and my whole being went into darkness. It was just for a second and I gathered my senses to realize I was being carried into the shower. With all three of us in the shower, there was little room but I was sandwiched between these two olive skinned muscular hard-bodied men and in heaven. They both proceed to wash me all over not missing any nook and cranny and although totally depleted I felt the urges coming back all over myself again. They rinsed all the soap off me and it was my turn to wash their beautiful bodies. I started with Gilberto, feeling every inch of his hard body and savoring every inch of him, using a sponge in one hand and a free hand, I have to feel every inch. At the same time, Polo was behind me with an already revived erection trying to find a comfortable spot between my legs.   I aimed to finish washing Gilberto at his penis and with a sponge and a bare hand, when it was fully washed his erection came back with great gusto and I continued to give him more relief with my hand. His head was tilted back with a look of enjoyment on his face, which made me smile, I knelt down and took his beautifully clean length into my mouth and used all my effort to give him the blow job of his life, He held out for a good 3 minutes before exploding in my mouth, his legs and body shaking, I think he got it. I re-washed his penis, and he got out of the shower thanking me repeatedly.   Now it was just Polo and I, I covered Polo in soap and started with the sponge and bare hand again, making sure I had a good feel of all of him absolutely all over, I pulled him to me and while he snuggled in my neck I got my hand on his hard rear end and I enjoyed the feeling of a pair of very hard arse cheeks ….His giant penis was again trying to snuggle between my legs but being a lot shorter than him it was difficult.   I wanted to end with the same treatment I gave Gilberto but Polo had other ideas. As soon as I had finished washing him off he picked me up and took me back to the granite topped kitchen island. I was still feeling warm from the shower but the cold granite felt really nice and cool on my back. Gilberto by this time had dressed and was sitting in the chair with a can from the refrigerator looking relaxed and sated. Polo of course wanted a second helping, He first leaned down, grabbed my legs and rested then on his shoulders then pulled my hips up to the nose dive position to lick and twirl my clit back and forth just to make sure I was ready for him, of course my clit leapt to attention for the umpteen time this morning and the electric flowed through me again, He soon realize I was well and truly ready, he teased my pussy with his penis by rubbing the tip of it up and down the whole length and with the slightest of pressure it slipped right it, three strokes and he was in to the hilt. This time I did not bother to guide or control his entry. I just wanted the full feeling again and more. While I laid back feeling in heaven, Polo alternated between a slow rhythm and a faster pace, Gilberto sat by our side enjoying the show. After a few minutes of this pace.   “We change position.” Polo whispered to me.   He pulled out of me and lifting my hip as before, he turned by body over so I was face down on the granite counter. With my feet just reaching the floor, Polo moved my legs wide apart and got back in the re-entry position and slid back into me with so much ease his penis must have though it was back home, Although now he was reaching even deeper into me, again wave after wave of sexual electricity was flowing through my whole being, I could feel Polo was reaching his peak and used my vaginal muscles to put even more pressure on his penis and with a few more strokes we came together in a crescendo of a lust and sexual fervor, I could feel myself close to blacking out with what must have been my orgasm of the year. May be even the decade. Polo was slowing down but I was determined to get every last drop of his semen into me before he left me. ‘God bless the pill’ I though. Polo withdrew from me and lifted me to an upright position still sitting on the kitchen island, Like Gilberto he thanked me repeatedly.   “We do this again.” then lifted me back to a standing position and put my apron back on, I tied it at the back and flopped into a chair very exhausted but feeling so satisfied in every way possible       ‘BANG.’ I woke with a start there was Martin standing by the table banging it with his hand,     Laughing he said, “Did you fall asleep in the chair.”   “Oh wow! I must have done, ready for you special breakfast” I asked,   I started cooking giving me time to collect my thoughts. That was some dream it all seemed so real, I even felt like I had been fucked for hours. I look at the clock. No!! I have only been down her 30 minutes. I feel exhausted, Martin made a comment about the open rear apron I made a joke about it, but I was too exhausted to give him the McVicar treatment this morning. I gave him his breakfast and scooted to the bathroom for a long hot soak in the tub I stripped off the apron and run the tub, I filled the tub with Radox to sooth my aches and as I turned I looked at myself in the mirror, I nearly screamed. My pussy was totally devoid of any hair leaving just a small diamond shape of hair above.   Incredibly, the sexual charges started flowing through me again. ‘OK’ I thought its apron time again. Quickly drying myself and admiring my new pubic look in the mirror slipped on the apron again and still with wet hair headed back to the kitchen, Martin was just finishing his breakfast, I gave him a big smile and slid under the table opened his dressing gown and a quick pull on the equipment he rose to the occasion he sat forward in the chair and I took him deep into my mouth just the way he likes it, he lasted a few minutes longer than normal but soon released a full load deep in my throat and called out a huge sigh of appreciation.   This day is starting well.        
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