Holidaying with Miss Greenslade
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I woke up the next morning and wondered how soon it should be before I called Kate. After last night I was certainly keen to meet her again, but didnt want to seem desperate or needy. Contemplating on my stupid dilemma I rolled over to look at the clock.
Shit, it was 11 already. I got up and pulled a T-shirt on as I left my room. My sister Jill came out of the bathroom, brushing her blond hair and wearing nothing but a towel around her athletic body.     "I wouldnt go down dressed like that if I were you, Kate is over"      "Kate Greenslade?" My heart rate quickened.     "Do we know any other Kates? Yes its Kate Greenslade"
I had better get changed into something else I went back into my room and pulled a pair of jeans over my boxers, then sprayed on some deo, before passing myself off as acceptable enough to talk to Kate.
     "Are you going out?" Jill asked me from her room as I passed by.     "No, I just got up" I walked into her room. She was in the middle of getting changed and was only in her underwear. A lot of my friends thought she was hot. She was a gymnast and looking at her now I decided she was pretty good looking....34Cs with a pretty good body. But she was my sister so I wouldn't say she was sexy....attractive maybe.     "What makes you think I am? I asked, curious     "You only wear those jeans when youre going out"     "Well Im not going out" I told herMy sister gave me a weird look as I went downstairs but I didnt care. I was thinking about Kate. What I should say to her and how I should act around her.
Like every time I saw her, my heart rate increased and I could feel the blood going to my face. She was just that sexy, not that she was dressed in anything that magnificent right now; just a top and pants. But her well developed chest would look good in the most unflattering of clothes and her singlet was pretty flattering. I flashed a smile and said good morning to my mom.     "Hi Craig" My mom said, "Kate was just asking me about you going to the beach with her for the weekend"Kate expanded: "I was going to go with a friend of mine for my birthday, but her mother is very ill so we've postponed the trip. And since the house is already booked I thought you might want to go for the beach for a few days and"-She licked her lips-"have some fun...." She gave me a sensual smile.      "Sure, I'd love to go"Score! I was going to be alone with Kate for the whole weekend.      "Jane is going to be at her dads, so it will just be the two of us"     "Thats fine"     "And its this weekend, thats not too short-notice?"     "Its fine, I havent got anything planned"     "Ok then, I will see you tomorrow. Thanks for the tea Debbie, but I have got to go finish packing"
I was halfway through packing and thinking about what I should get Kate for her birthday when Jill walked in.     "So your going to the beach with Kate?"     "Yeah, tomorrow"     "Dont you think it will be weird just you and Kate, she is like in her fifties?"     "Shes 42. And we get on well. Often when Im babysitting or gardening I have a drink with her or have something to eat"     "What do you think you will do?"     "Dunno, depends whats down their I guess"     "So just regular beach stuff?" she gave me a knowing look     "It is a beach"She smiled at me then left the room. She was acting weird....but it was impossible for her to know about it. Impossible. Despite this I was still thinking about it on the bus to the mall. I needed a present for Kate.
I would get some chocolates first, since I could show those to mom. But I would also have to get her something else....maybe some soaps and things from one of those girly shops....and some lingerie...A box of nice chocolates was easy to get since they sold them at the soap store, I also grabbed some bubble bath and lotion. But when it came to buying lacy underwear I was lost. I thought about calling Jill since she would probably help me out and know the sort of store, but she seemed suspicious enough as it was. Mom would flip out if I asked her. I considered taking a pair of Jills since they were pretty much new and not something you wore often. But before I resorted to second hand underwear I decided I may as well ask the woman at the soap store if she knew a good place. Turned out she did and it was close by so I gave it a go.
The shop had just the sort of things I wanted and I enjoyed browsing through the garments for the first 15 minutes. Eventually however it dawned on me that I had no idea what size bra Kate wore. I think the woman at the counter saw the uncertainty on my face, or perhaps she had just decided I had spent enough time going through womans delicates. Regardless of which, she came up and asked me coldly if she could help.     "Yeah, I want to get something for my girlfriend...but Im not sure what size bra she is...."She warmed up to me at the knowledge that I was a legitimate customer and not another horny teenager. "Is she quite a large woman or is she very slim?"    "She is slim, but she has quite...quite a big bust"    "Okay, well I wear a 36C but am nearly a D. Do you think her breasts are larger or smaller than mine?"I sized up her breasts and tried to think how they compared to Kates. The cashier had a good figure and cleavage. "Yeah, yours are roughly the same Alright, well you can either go with a C or D cup I went with C cup, thinking they would be more revealing. She continued to question me about skin tone, height and hair colour in an attempt to get an appropriate bra. She decided that a dark purple one with half cups would look best and she urged me to go with a thong instead of regular underwear. That night my parents lectured me on how I should act over the weekend; I wasnt really listening....they had no idea what we would get up to so their input was fairly useless. Finally they stopped talking and I went upstairs to my find Jill rummaging through my bag      "Why are you going through my stuff?"     "You forgot your tooth brush, I figured I would pack it for you"     "Because I havent brushed my teeth yet"     "Sorry, I didnt know. I will let you finish packing"
I gave her a queer look as she left. She wouldn't have been able to find the bra, I hadnt packed it yet. But still, I didnt like the way she was acting.
* * *
Finally morning came, and after saying goodbye to my parents I cycled down to Kate's. I was so excited I practically sprinted to her front door, and rang the doorbell.     "Craig?"     "Yeah"     "Is Debbie with you?"     "Nah, Just me" I assured herShe opened the door "Well come on in then." I was pleased to see that she was only wearing a skimpy black bikini, revealing the cleavage I loved so much and I felt a hardon coming. I embraced and kissed her.     "You look so sexy in that swimsuit" I told her as I leant into kiss her.     "Oh yeah, which part is sexiest?"I rested my hand on the back of her leg "these long, muscular legs." I moved my hand up along her body, "and this tight ass." I then brought my hands to her front. "and this toned stomach, these large tits, this beautiful neck and youre warm, moist-" I kissed her. "-lips"She gave me a smile and kissed me again. "Hmmmmm," I muttered, "I got you a present"     "Oh Yeah?"      "But you only get it tonight"She grinned and pulled down the top of the bikini, revealing the soft, smooth flesh above her nipple. "Dont you want to tap this?" She teased as she kissed my neck "give me the present and you can tap this, baby"I slipped my hand up and inside her bikini and kissed her as I stroked her tit. "Yeah I do....but tonight"She laughed and passed me the keys to her car. "Ok, tonight then. Go put your things in the car while I put on some clothes"
* * *
After what was a long time in the car, despite the conversation and teasing it did drag out at the end, we finally pulled into a small villa on the coast. She popped the boot, but I urged her to get the luggage later. I took her by the hand and we entered the house to explore. We were both thrilled to find a Jacuzzi around the back and a large couch similar to the one we had first shagged on.
Since we had eaten a lot of snacks in the car, we both decided to skip dinner and head upstairs to open her presents. She said thank-you for the chocolates but I could tell she wasnt overly impressed. The body lotions and bath bombs were much more to her liking. "We will have a lot of fun with these" she had told me. The bra was even better....     "Oh my god Craig, this is wonderful"     "Put it on now" I urgedGrinning sexily, she turned around and quickly stripped and put the lacy lingerie on. The turning meant I missed out on seeing her tits, but I enjoyed the view of her ass as she bent over.     "Nice booty you got their Kate"She finished changing and sat on my lap. "You think so?"I kissed her passionately. "Definitely"She flicked open the chocolates and took a bite of one, then held the other half up to me. I ate it from her hand then licked the melted chocolates from her fingers. The second chocolate she held lightly in her teeth and I leant forward to take it from her. I swallowed the chocolate but didnt part my lips from hers. Eventually she broke away:     "It was a beautiful present baby, but I think its time for it to come off"     "It will look better on the floor" I agreed.
She took off my shirt and I helped her out of her bra. Enjoying the feeling of her breasts as they spilt over my chest. I tightened our embrace so to feel her nipples against my chest. I was torn between staying in that tight embrace Kate and moving down to suck on her glorious tits. I slipped my hands around her back and down her pants, stroking her ass. Her nipples hardened and the temptation to lick the chest was too much. I pushed her gently onto the bed. And licked, sucked and kissed her until her nipples were harder than my dick and she was wet and moaning.      "Jesus, Craig....sweet JESUS....oh baby...." I decided she must definitely be rubbing something on her body, because the taste of honey mingled with sweat as I licked the area between her breasts. Her heaving breast aroused me so much that licking her was not satisfying enough. I needed to be inside her.      "Did you bring condoms?"     "No"     "It doesnt matter"I moved further south and slipped her panties off. Her pussy was shaven and I could see how sopping wet it was. It was pulsing slightly and I licked the oozing juices     "Are you ready for this baby?"     "Lick me Craig, Lick Katie real good!"
I didnt bother teasing her; the desire to drink her juices was too great. So I aggressively sucked at the cavities of her vagina, nibbling gently on the small bulge that was her clit. Her moans were getting louder and louder until she was screaming yelps of pleasure. With each hand I grabbed a knee and forced her pussy wider, so that I could get my face deeper...I needed her to cum, so that I could drink entire mouthfuls of the sweet nectar and sweat her pussy was producing.
     "I'm going to cum, I'M CUMMING"
I drank the nectar that her pussy squirted, but most of her juices went over my face. Although I continued to lick between her legs and upper thighs until I was sure I had drunken it all. When I moved back to kiss her she licked the juices I had missed off my chin and smiled at me.
We switched positions, so that I was on the bed and she was kneeling on the floor. She took my dick deep in her mouth and I felt my head rub against the back of her throat as she rocked her head back and forth in long smooth motions. She then retracted my dick from her mouth and proceeded to lick and kiss the shaft vigorously and aggressively. As my cock began to throb and pulse she wrapped her heaving breasts around my dick and rubbed them up and down. The flesh of her breast was so warm and soft that I wanted to release my load there and then. But the sensation of the rubbing was so good I needed to hold the sperm in so it would continue.      "Kate baby, don’t’ stop. Even when I cum keep on rubbing!"     "What ever you want baby"
I cummed over her chest and face. She wiped it off with her hands and licked her fingers. But didn’t stop rubbing until I pulled her up beside me and threw the blanket over us both.      "Did you enjoy that baby?"     "Hmmmmm....that was the best sex I had had in years"     "Me too baby, me to”She snuggled up to me so the I could feel her firm breasts against my own chest, her waist on mine, her legs around mine and her lips against mine as I kissed her good night. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and she loosely grabbed my dick in one of my hands.
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