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Similar InterestsI had run an ad at a spanking website that I was an older male disciplinarian spanker that was looking for women in the area that needed a good spanking. About two months after the ad ran, I got a response from a woman who lived in the same city I did. Her name was Vivian, and we first got to know each other via email. Then she told me about using instant messenger, and that got us talking to each other in real time. I also write spanking stories, and I shared a few of them with her.Vivian liked that I was an experienced spanker and that I lived fairly close to her. We both decided that for our first meeting that we would meet at a nearby coffee shop. It was actually located inside of a library, and we both felt this would be very safe for both of us. Besides spanking, we both liked the fact that we shared so much in common. It seemed like everything from politics to religion, we both agreed on so many things.We both shared information on what we were going to wear, so it was easy to spot each other. When I arrived, she was seated at a table near the front wit a very colorful long skirt on and having a cup of special coffee. I went over to the counter and got my drink, and then joined her. I knew she really trusted me even before our first meeting, because she sent me a picture of her bottom, wearing very skimpy red panties. We had a wonderful conversation about nearly everything but spanking, and we stayed there about a half hour.I had sent her a true story I wrote about other women I had met. If a woman truly wanted to be spanked by me, before we left the meeting place, she was to excuse themselves to the ladies room, take off her panties and give them to me in some kind of bag. Vivian said she would also agree to this, if she wanted me to spank her. So after about thirty minutes of talking, she interrupted the conversation and excused herself to go to the ladies room. She returned and handed me a nice little beaded bag, and then she old me to follow her to her house. While driving to her house I checked the little bag, and sure enough, the nice little red panties like she wore in the picture, were in the bag.When I entered her house, she had me sit on a nice long couch in the living room, and she told me she would be right out. Soon she entered the living room again, she said, “I am ready to be spanked now. Also, if you want to, here is a slipper that you can spank me with. How do you want to start?”“I will start you out with a hand spanking over my lap, so bend over my lap now.” I said.It is always so nice to have a grown woman over your lap for a spanking. You can smell their nice perfume, feel their warm body, and feel their anticipation just before they are spanked. “Keep your arms stretched out in front of you and stay still.”I could feel her body make tiny jerks as I started a mild spanking with my hand over her dress. After I had spanked her for a while, I slowly lifted up her dress to reveal her nice a shapely bare round bottom. There was just a very small touch of pink from me spanking her over her dress.My hands felt her nice smooth skin of her bottom cheeks, and I said, “You have a very spankable bottom. It will be fun spanking you!”“Thank you.” Vivian replied.Then I started to spank her with my hand. First lighter spanks, then harder and harder spanks. I always like to see a woman’s bottom turn nice and red, when I have finished her spanking. I was also spanking her all over her poor naughty bottom. From her upper thighs to the small of her back.“Stand up and take off that dress.” I said. “It’s getting in the way of your spanking.”Vivian answered with “Yes, Sir,” and then stood up and obediently, took off her dress.Now I could see Vivian’s nice and slender long legs as she bent over my lap again. This time, however, she opened her legs so that I had a good view of her pussy as she lay across my knees. I like to mix pain with pleasure, so as her spanking began, I let my fingers wander down to her pussy. Vivian made some sweet moaning sounds, so I continued to alternate between pain and pleasure.Vivian was wearing a top that unbuttoned in back; so then I started to unbutton it. “Lay still,” I told her. Soon I had her top completely unbuttoned. Then I reached down and undid the snaps to her bra. This allowed the bra to hang down and loose, and this gave me full access to her breasts and nipples. So as I kept on spanking Vivian, I gave her both pain and pleasure, and now I was also able to cup her breasts and play with her nipples.Since I give both punishment and erotic spankings, I wait for the woman to keep her legs open as a sign she wants more of an erotic spanking. As my fingers dipped down to her pussy lips, I found that they were already warm and moist. So I kept up alternating between spanking her and gliding my fingers across her pussy lips.“You know you deserve this spanking and that you have been a very naughty girl.” I said to Vivian.“Yes, I have been a naughty little girl,” She responded. “Please keep spanking me, sir.” Then she parted her legs even more, inviting me to both spank her and to keep playing with her pussy.Then I picked up the slipper she had brought out. The slipper made a much louder noise than my hand, and left red marks where I had spanked her. Vivian also jerked a little bit more with the slipper, but yet stayed over my lap with her legs apart.“You are taking this spanking very well.” I complemented Vivian.“Thank you, sir. I deserve this spanking. Please keep spanking me.” Vivian replied.So I kept on spanking her and her bottom was turning a nice shade of red and was feeling nice and warm. Since Vivian was keeping her legs parted for me, I decided to take my finger and go around her hard clit. At the same time, my other hand reached over to her breasts, and my fingers played with one of her nipples. Now Vivian was making good moaning sounds and was breathing heavily.“Spread your legs a little more!” I commanded her.“Yes, sir.” Next I parted her pussy lips and first inserted one finger and then both of my fingers. Meanwhile, my other hand was going between her two breasts, and playing with her large red nipples that were sticking out for me.“Yes, yes.” Vivian said as my two fingers plunged deep into her pussy and I could feel her inner walls. My fingers went deeper and deeper, faster and faster, penetrating her deeper and deeper. Vivian began to thrash about and was moaning.“I’m cuming, I’m cuming!” Vivian yelled out. I could feel her warm juices flow across my fingers that were still inside of her. Vivian’s body relaxed over my lap, and I released my fingers from her wet pussy. But then I started to spank her again.“Spank me, Spank me! I have been a naughty girl.” Vivian yelled out.After spanking her a little bit more, my fingers went down to her pussy again and my other hand to her breasts and nipples. As my fingers explored deeper and deeper again, she exclaimed, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming.” Again, her sweet warm juices flowed down my fingers and hand.Once Vivian regained her composure and was able to get off my lap, she apologized for getting my pants so wet from her cum. Next time, she would bring down a towel to put over her lap. I didn’t mind so much since I was able to make her cum twice in a row.She told me that no other man had made her cum like that and said she hoped that I would spank her again. I told her that I would be happy to spank her again, and that we would be in touch with each other. What a happy shared experience.
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