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Can you make her come over and over?" she asked, sucking the last bit of chocolate from her fingers. They were both replete with good food, and slightly drunk on the wine that had accompanied it. Close friends since high school, they were having a companionable dinner together while her husband, Jack, was away at a conference-- nothing new for them. Sharing the pillowy couch for after-dinner coffee and truffles, they lounged, toes almost touching, and talk had meandered onto the subject of his newest lady friend, and then to his sex life. "Yeah..." He looked slightly embarrassed by this question. She was watching him intently, a little chocolate still on her lip, her cheeks flushed from the wine and the fire and her v-neck sweater slipping off one shoulder to reveal the swell of one breast. She wore very little makeup and her dark, wavy hair was tousled-- no special dressing up for his benefit. But he felt strangly eroticized, and it wasn't from thinking about his current girlfriend. It was her, her curiosity, her candor, her golden flesh in the firelight. She stretched out one leg and squeezed his erection gently with her bare toes. "What's this?" she teased. "Thinking about her?" "No, as a matter of fact..." He held her foot to him and felt himself grow larger. His hands shook, but he caressed her muscled calf. He sat up slightly and kissed her knee, his hands under her skirt brushing up the back of her thigh. "No, I was thinking about how goddamn sexy you are, and I never really noticed." He knew he sounded lame-- he couldn't explain himself; he couldn't look at her. She was absolutely still for a moment, then she held his head to her knee with both hands and laughed. "Jesus, what a compliment!" She let go of him and pulled her sweater over her head. She wore no bra and her breasts lay firm and heavy in the firelight, nipples large and brown. "You've never really seen my tits, have you?" she asked. She held them provocatively, teasing him. "They turn you on?" "Yes... don't be a bitch!" "Ooohhh...I'm sorry, baby! Come to mama!" She held out her arms, half mocking him, half inviting him. After a moment's hesitation, he flung himself on her, holding her breasts in his big warm hands, hungrily sucking on one and the other. Her laugh became a moan, and she relaxed her knees outward to accomodate his bulk, writhing under his hot touch, surprised at the ardor of his mouth on her nipples and her own body's responding with shivering, burning, instant desire for his fingers to part her cunt lips and for his tongue to lap up the juices she could feel collecting there. As if she had spoken her desires aloud he kissed her belly and pulled up her long, wide skirt to expose her pussy, glistening pink and open-mouthed. He plunged fingers and tongue in as would a starving man attacking a ripe fruit he had just found. "Jesus, what are you doing to me?" she cried, clutching his hair and thrusting her mound into his face, grinding her pussy against him in a frenzy. She was like a crazy woman all of a sudden, having gone from surprise to abandon in a matter of seconds. Her pussy drove her like a wild thing. He clutched her bottom and lashed her clitoris with his tongue. No woman had ever responded to him like this and he wondered if she was like this with Jack. She groaned loudly and began to arch her body as she came to orgasm in long pulses, pushing him harder against her. He knelt breathless, face dripping, between her legs and pulled off his shirt and belt. She sat up, breathing raggedly, staring into his green eyes as if daring him to stop, and loosened his pants. She released his erect cock and pulled his pants down around his knees, leaned over and began to run her tongue up and down the shaft, then plunging it deep into her mouth, caressing his balls and rubbing her breasts against his thighs. She moaned and gave little grunts of pleasure. He was surprised at her abandon, her vociferousness, her assertiveness, her hunger for him-- he found it more exciting than any of his women, no matter how beautiful, experienced, or subtle. No, she wasn't subtle-- she was going to devour him. He pulled away before he reached the point of no return. She moaned in disappointment, watching his cock, with its bead of white on the tip, disappear from view as he turned to divest himself of his pants. She wriggled free of her skirt and pushed him back on the couch. "I'm going to fuck you now." She crawled over him, her ripe breasts swinging like melons on a vine. "I've wanted to fuck you for years," she whispered, kissing his neck, his ears, his mouth, which smelled of her. She lowered her cunt over the swollen tip of his cock in a slow, circling motion. He kissed her open mouth as she sank down, engulfing his cock in her generous pussy. "Nobody's ever fucked me like this, girlfriend-- you are a wild woman; you are a revelation; you are a fucking goddess!" He grabbed her swinging breasts and sucked them hungrily again while she plunged up and down over him, grinding her swollen clitoris into his pelvis, exploding in pulsations of orgasm again. When she sunbided, she pulled away from him and presented her round, firm buttocks to him, her back arched, her legs spread invitingly to expose the wet, swollen vulva between them, with little curls of black hair. He rammed into her again, pumping so hard that he feared he would hurt her, but she raised herself further and wrapped her feet and calves around his thighs, pushing him deeper inside of her. He seemed to come in slow motion, waves engulfing him. They collapsed in a damp heap, kissing and licking the sweat from eachother's hot skin. "Can I ask you something?" "Anything," she answered. "Do you fuck Jack like that?" "Of course-- I love him and I love fucking him, and, you know, when I love something, I throw body and soul into it!" "Yes, I know that-- better than ever now. What would he say if he found us like this?" "Why don't you ask him when he get home?" "Are you serious?" "Yes...he'll probably say it's about bloody time, and can he join us next time." "Jesus...would you like that?" He began fondling her breasts again, picturing her voracious mouth engulfing him again as Jack took her from behind the way he had just done. He was not a youth anymore, but he felt excitement stirring again. She murmmurred a "yes" as she kissed him deeply, stroking him gently. "Can you raise the dead, do you think? When's he getting home, anyway?" She burrowed down between his legs, taking his soft cock in her mouth again. "Soon," was her muffled reply.
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