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  My name is Shela. I'm married to a very successful business man named Jerry, that travels a lot. I'm 36 years old, very petite 5'1” tall weigh only115 pounds. Nearly everything about my body is very small except my boobs. I'm a generous D cup, my boobs look very large on my otherwise small body. My sexual appetite is best described as voracious! My husband is a good lover and we always enjoy sex when we are together, however he travels a lot and is frequently gone for a week or more at a time. When my husband is gone for more than a couple of days I'm always on the look out for a new guy to fuck! The other day we had a few of Jerry's business associates and their significant others over for an afternoon party. The party was to celebrate Jerry's leaving for Paris to close a deal with a major client. I wore a low cut tank top and a push bra that make my big boobs on my small body look, well “outstanding”. I wore a fairly short pair of shorts and had my tank tucked in so the it was pulled tight over my boobs. Jerry doesn't mind me wearing something sexy in front of his friends. He says he is happy to show me off. Jerry's friends were nice and it was obvious that they really liked my tank top, but sadly none of them really turned me on. One of the wives at the party was Sally. She is a good looking woman but has a really foul mouth, she flirts with all the men and of course they just love it. I really dislike her for trying to hog all the attention. About an hour into the party the drain in the sink clogged. Jerry got the plunger and after while and a few choice words, I was flowing again. Sally told me that her sink used to clog all the fucking time, and that she called a plumber. He took one look and said something or another was too fucking small and that he could easily fix it. Sally said with a wink, he is fucking a college student that does plumbing part time. He is real cute and he doesn't charge to fucking much. I 'll call you tomorrow with his number. The party broke up around 7:00 and Jerry left for the airport. The next day Sally called. She told me that the plumber's name was John and gave me his phone number. I wrote it down but forgot about it until a few days later. I was starting to get really horney when I remembered the wink Sally gave me when she told me about the plumber. Well at least I would be helping a college student. It was after 6:00 when I called him, he said I would be his last call of the evening and that he would be there around 8:30. It was getting dark when this Plumbers can pulled up in front of the house. He walked up and ran the bell. He introduced himself saying his name was John. I instantly saw why Sally recommended this guy. He was nearly a foot taller than me and had the cutest smile. His had rather long blond hair that was rather messy. His clothes were rather baggy and smelled a like you would expect a plumber to smell. I told him about my sink always clogging and he said, yea thats pretty common on these newer houses. He crawled under the sink and took a look. As he lay there on his back I took a look as well. I could see the faint outline of what appeared to be a pretty big cock under his plumbers pants. He said I need to go to the truck to get some parts and tools. He was back in a flash with a tool box and a few pieces of pipe. Again he crawled under the sink. This time I bent down so that he had a clear view of my bra less boobs as my loose top draped away from my body. I could tell by the big grin on his face that he liked what he saw. A moment later he asked me to hand me a wrench, which I did and he took another look. I took another look at his pants and could not believe how much that faint outline had grown. It looked long and fat but not really hard yet. The next time he asked for something I put my hand on his thigh very near his cock as I bent over. Again he looked at my pendulous breasts dangling in front of him. As he did, I gently slid my hand on to his cock. As I did it pulsed upward as he gave out a groan. A moment later he was finished. He crawled out from under the sink and stood in front of me towering over me. It was very obvious even under his bulky plumbers pants that he had a full blown erection. He looked down at me with his beautiful gray eyes and said with a grin is there anything else I can do for you Shela? I said yes, as I stepped forward and felt his cock, but you will have to get cleaned up first. He smiled and said fine, what ever you want is fine with me. I showed him where the shower was and gave him some seductive men's cologne. I'll lay some clothes outside the shower for you. I laid out a bright red shirt and a sexy thong that I had bought for Jerry. As he showered I made some drinks and lit a few candles and put on some romantic music. He showered for what seemed like an eternity. Finally he knocked and asked if was okay to come out. Please do, would you a drink? As he walked toward me I could not believe my eyes. His cock looked huge under that silk underwear. On Jerry it would stretch out but fully contain Jerry's generous prick. On John the material stretched to the limit the left large gaping opening where it pulled away from his body. I could clearly see an enormous pair of balls created by his huge prick stretching the silk thong beyond its limit They say that opposites attract. It must be true, I'm so small and petite and yet I love seeing a really big cock. The sight of John's massive organ really turned me on. I could not image how it would fit inside my tiny ass and waist. I invited John to sit down and have a drink. We quickly downed our drinks, both of our minds were elsewhere. John took our glasses to the kitchen, when he returned I reached out and began to feel the outside of his silk thong. It was not long until my hand wondered in through that gap formed by his cock sticking out. I fondled his balls and felt the base of his huge penis. I worked my way up the length of his shaft until I arrived at the head of his cock. It really did feel like a helmet. A big fucking football helmet! Enough of this I thought as I struggled pulled his underwear off that was impaled on his cock. Finally it sprung out in all it's magnificent glory. God it was huge. I wasted not time in starting to lick his cock head. Then opened wide as I slid this enormous thing in my tiny mouth. It was about all I do to get it in. I began working my lips and tongue on the head of his penis. Soon he began to moan and his body stiffened , I was just starting to feel comfortable with this huge thing in my mouth when I could feel it starting to pulse and swell. I knew that he was about to shoot his load of cum into my mouth. He moaned as his cock surged inside my mouth. Suddenly I felt the first load of cum hit the back of my throat, then another and another. Evey corner of my mouth that wasn't filled with cock was filled with cum. As I took his cock from my mouth a long string of cum formed between my mouth and the end of his cock. I immediately gave him a very deep, wet kiss sharing the taste of his hot love juice. We laid there for a few minutes talking. Told him that he had a magnificent cock but that he wasn't going anywhere until he fucked me with it. He smiled and said okay. Being such a young guy it was not very long until he began getting horney again and started to go down on me. I forgot to mention that there are two other things on my body that are not small. The lips of my pussy and my clit. I don't know if that has anything to do with my extraordinary sexual appetite or not, but I'm always ready to give them a workout. Soon he was expertly using his tongue on my swollen clit. As I lay there taking it all in, the image of that massive cock kept flashing thru my mind. My waist and ass are so small, I could not imagine how it could possibly fit inside me. BUT I WAS WILLING TO TRY! Finally I could not wait any longer. I said FUCK me John Fuck me with that HUGE cock, but go slow you are SOOOO BIG and I'm so small. Mercifully he did. He began an very slowly just putting the head of that enormous cock into my little pussy. I felt wonderful. Who ever said that size doesn't matter was full of shit. Little by little he eased it in. My head was spinning in delight. Finally he was in all the way. He proceeded to slowly move it in and out in long slow delightful strokes. This time he did not climax so quickly; however I did! Bolts of lightning ripped thru my body as I shook and quivered. I could feel fluid pour from my pussy which suddenly felt hot as hell. I was on my back with my legs in the air. He was in knees with my legs on his shoulder. He began working his ass in a circular motion. His huge cock felt like a fucking auger inside my little pussy, touching every delightful corner. I had one orgasm after another. It felt like lightning bolts going through my body. Then thought, it's no fucking wonder, that is one hell of a lightning rod you have got buried in you. Finally we climaxed together. It was an awesome. His huge prick began surging, pumping and twitching inside me. Then I could feel it as he began to unload a river of cum deep inside me. When he finally pulled his massive organ out of me I reached down to fell, was it really as big as it felt. Even though it had begun to soften a bit, it was sill huge. For the first time I noticed just how wet we both were. His cock, balls my pussy and ass were drenched, in my love juice and his cum. I caressed be cock and balls getting my hand good wet, then looked him in the eye, slowly licked each finger while he watched. I looked at him and said “ the sink in the bedroom leaks. Could you come and fuck, I mean fix it next week?” Before he could answer his cell phone started to ring. Dam, I wanter him for myself! I could faintly hear the voice at the other end say, this is Sally, I have an emergency, can you come over. He did not realize that I overheard, and said I have an emergency and must go.  As he stood up I noticed his his meaty cock glistened with cum. His balls and pubic hair were soaked and several strands of cum hung down  from his balls. He did not bother to dry off, instead he just stuffed his still half hard cock into his jeans. See you next week he said as he walked out. I could not go to sleep, I kept thinking about him and how he fucked me with that gorgeous cock. I also began think about Sally. Jerry had always referred to her as a fucking slut. I decided then and there to see what other male friends Sally had. Stay tuned Shela
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