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She puts on her favorite jammies, her silk pants and small tank top and plops herself down on her stomach facing the end of the bed and the T.V.   Caught up in a show, she doesn’t hear him come in as he quietly stands at the doorway watching her swing her feet up in the air as she stares at the T.V.   He finally whispers, “hey baby” and she turns her head and says “hey”.   He walks over to her and leans down to give her a kiss.   He tells her he is going to take a shower.   After his shower, he comes back out to the bedroom in just his boxers, turns off the lights and, climbs up on the bed, and leans over rubbing her back and butt.   He lays down next to her.   She is still pretty interested in what is on T.V. so he reaches over, moves the hair from her neck and kisses it.   She giggles a bit, but is still watching T.V.   Not being able to stand that she is so interested in the program, he reaches down and lightly pokes her in the side until she giggles again.   Knowing she is now purposely just being a brat, he plays along and lets her continue watching T.V.               He sits up and climbs up onto her, sitting on her butt.   He leans over, kisses her back then up to her neck.   He reaches his hands around under her and lightly fondles her breasts through her little tank top.   He can feel her squirming, but knows she is playing a little game with him.   So he continues to fondle her breasts, then he slides his hands under her waist and slowly pulls her shirt up, exposing her breasts and rubs and fondles them some more.   She giggles a little bit more.   She is anxious to see what he is going to do next, but she continues to watch T.V.   Noticing that she is still being a brat, he decides to pull her shirt up a bit more, making one of her arms raise as he removes that side then the other side, he throws the shirt on the floor.   He slowly kisses his way down her back and when he reaches her pants, he slowly slides them down a bit revealing her little butt cheeks.   He kisses and rubs her butt as he slowly pulls her pants down a bit more, kissing her exposed skin.   Finally he removes her silk pants and throws them on the floor to.   He works his way back up to her neck giving her kisses all the way.   She is still trying to act as though she is more interested in the T.V. as she tries not to smile.   Getting very excited by this little game she is playing, he reaches his hand down between her legs, pushes them apart slightly as his hand rubs her inner thighs.   Lightly rubbing her sweet spot, he can feel that she is actually enjoying this by the wetness on his hand, but he plays along.     Kissing her back and butt, he slowly slides his finger into her sweet spot and around her clit, still playing along, he can hear her making slight moans so he continues to slide his fingers in and around her sweet spot.   Getting very excited, himself, he finally pushes her legs open wider and moves his body down so that he is between them.   He reaches behind him and grabs two pillows and slides them under her hips, raising her up just perfect for his reach.   He leans down placing his mouth gently on her sweet spot.   He knows how to tease her so he lightly licks her sweet spot and gently runs his finger along her sweet spot, almost pushing it into to her, but not what he knows she wants.   Seeing her squirm, he gets up on to his knees and gently slides his penis only halfway into her, she giggles, cause she knows that he is playing with her now.   After only a moment of this, she can’t stand it anymore so she starts to get up, but he won’t let her, he continues to tease her by only entering her halfway, finally, he slides all the way into her and she sighs with relief.   Then he pulls back out halfway and continues to tease her.   She is not going to let him continue this so she starts to get up onto her elbows then on her hands.     She pushes herself back making him slide all the way into her.   She finally gets up onto her knees and pushes the pillows away and starts to slide herself up and down along his perfectly erect penis.   He reaches his hands around and grabs her breasts, he squeezes quite hard as he can barely stand the feeling he is having.   She continues faster and faster until she thinks he is about to fill her with his hot cum, she stops and lifts up a bit so that he almost slides out of her.   He laughs and grabs her hips and pulls her back down.   She giggles and continues to slide up and down feeling him deep inside her, she leans her head back so that he can kiss her exposed neck as they both release there juices.
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