Thursday Night
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Only two hours have passed since I agreed to go to my boss’s house tonight. It seems like it should be much later than it is. I have been trying to keep myself busy and not think about what may happen tonight with Stuart. But I can’t stop thinking about how much it turned me on to call him master. And yesterday when he spanked me, god I loved that. I wonder if he will do that again. I am staring at my computer screen when Michelle walks in. “Hey Annie, was today great or what.” She says as she smiles and sits down. “Mmhhmm, yes it was.” I tell her. Earlier today Michelle and I had walked in our Richard sucking on our boss’s cock. I must say that had really turned us on. It didn’t take long before we were all naked on Stuart’s couch. Michelle sucking on Richard as I licked her and Stuart fucking me. Needless to say a good time was had by all. We continue reliving the events of earlier today for quite some time. “So what did Stuart what as we were leaving his office earlier? “ Michelle asks me. “Uh.. He asked me to come to his house tonight. Well not some much asked as told me to come over.” I tell her. “Told you?” she asks. “Yeah he really didn’t give me a choice in the matter. And to be honest Michelle the thought of being submissive to someone really turns me on, does that sound weird?” I ask her. “No not at all, you can be my submissive slut anytime you want.” She tells me with a wicked grin on her face. God hearing her say that to me makes me so wet, what is happening to me I wonder as I can’t help but tell her, “Ok but I can’t tonight I already agreed to see Stuart.” “Wow Annie, I didn’t know you had such a submissive side.” Michelle tells me. “Me either.” I tell her with a laugh. “Well I like it, don’t let Stuart have too much fun with that body of yours cause your mine this weekend you hear me?” she asks. “Yes mistress, I am yours this weekend.” I tell her. “Mistress, mmhm I like it.” Michelle says with that wicked smile of hers. “Get out of here I need to finish up this report before it is time to go.” I tell her. “Alright have fun tonight but not too much.” She says with a laugh as she heads out the door. By the time I finish all my work it is quitting time finally. I am heading out of the office when I see Michelle looking at me and smiling. She winks at me and with her hand make a gesture like she is cracking a whip at me. Holy shit what have a started I wonder as I head to my car shaking my head at her antics. When I get home I decide to take a nice long hot shower to help relax me. I am a little nervous about what tonight shall bring. When I get out I decide a shot or two of tequila couldn’t hurt anything either. I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV. Next thing I know it is 745 and I know I am going to be late getting to Stuart’s house. I call to tell him and all he says is you shall regret it if you are late and hangs up. Fuck I think to myself as I get dressed as quick as I can and drive over to Stuart’s house. As I head to Stuart’s house I start thinking I would rather being going to Michelle’s. I had no idea she would be into the whole sub/dom thing. God the thought of her dominating me turns me on so much I am tempted to call Stuart and say never mind and go running to her house. Then again Stuart really turns me on as well. He is gorgeous, with that body of his he could have any woman he wanted. Just thinking of the chest on that man drives me crazy. Then his piercing blue eyes and blond hair, he looks like how I imagine a Norse god would have looked like. Lost in thought I am surprised at how quick I get to his house, I check the clock on my radio and it says 805. Well five minutes late that isn’t so bad I think to myself as I walk up to his door. I ring the doorbell and wait for him to open the door. He opens the door and I follow him in saying, “Stuart, sorry about being late I fell asleep.” BAM he slaps me across the face not very hard but it surprises the shit out of me. “What the fu..” I try saying as again he slaps me. “When you walk in this house you will call me master. Do you understand me?” he asks. “Yes master.” I tell him. He comes up to me and grabs my hair forcing my head back as he rips open my shirt, the buttons go flying. He grabs my right breast and squeezes it running his thumb over my nipple. I can’t help a small moan from escaping my lips as he continues to squeeze my tits. Going back and forth between them. “Take off your bra and the rest of your clothes.” He tells me. I comply with his demands, although he never lets go of my hair, my head tilted back as he sucks on my neck making it hard to do as he wants but I manage and before long I am naked before him. My body is getting very excited wondering what is going to happen next. He looks down at my tits and smiles as he says, “I am going to have fun with those.” Stuart starts slapping one and then the other back and forth. The slaps start coming faster and harder and I can’t help but try and cover them as the blows are really starting to hurt. He again grabs my hair pulling it painfully back and tells me, “ You will be punished for that. I see that you have no self-control. I can take care of that for you bitch, come with me.” When he says I shall be punished I cant help but get wet at the thought of what is going to happen. He all but drags me into what I assume is his bedroom. Before I quite realize what has happened he has me handcuffed with my arms above my head. He picks me up slightly and now I am hanging from a hook in the ceiling. Stuart lets go of me and as I look around I am stunned to see Richard there as well. He is kneeling on the floor near me. He is naked with his hands behind his head. On his ass I see red whelps from what I can only imagine is a belt. “Now I have two slaves.” Stuart says as he picks up his belt off the bed. He starts to knead and pull my nipples making them very hard. And then starts hitting them with the belt first the left and then the right back and forth. Oh the delicious pain of it is getting me so wet. Before long I cant help but start to squirm to get away from the assault on my breasts. “Richard go kneel between her legs and hold her still for me.” Stuart says. “Yes master.” Richard says as he quickly crawls forward. His face is right up against my pussy. As he wraps his arms around my legs to hold me still. The thought of him licking and sucking me drives me wild as Stuart continues to punish my tits. I can help but arch my hips forward in the hope of some relief for my aching pussy. “Her tits are turning a nice shade of red wouldn’t you say Richard?” ask Stuart. “Yes master they are.” Richard quickly agrees. “Now I shall punish that ass of your for being late tonight and making me wait.” Stuart tells me. He starts spanking me with his belt as Richard continues to hold me in place. My pussy is so wet that my juices are starting to drip down my thighs. Stuart starts hitting my thighs as well and I can see and feel Richard jerk as the belt must be hitting his arms as well. Yet he never lets me go. He starts kissing and licking my stomach and the top of my pussy as he looks up at me and smiles. I cant help but smile back as I arch my hips towards him. Stuart finally stops and comes around and sees that Richard is kissing me. “Who the fuck told you to do that!” he demands as he starts hitting Richard with the belt now. “No one master sorry.” Richard replies as he stops and puts his hands back behind he head as Stuart continues to punish him. Watching Stuart punish Richard is turning me on so much that I cant help but moan as I watch Richard meekly take his punishment not moving a inch as Stuart hits him repeatedly with the belt. The self control Richard has amazes me. When Stuart starts slapping Richards cock with his belt I see Richard start to lose some of his control as tears start to fall down his face and he says, “Please master please, I’m sorry.” “Don’t think I have forgotten about you Annie.” Stuarts says as he takes his belt and swinging it between my legs start hitting my pussy lips. I scream out , “Oh god, oh fuck” as the sound of the belt gets wetter and wetter as my pussy juices just flow out of me. The pleasure and pain mix so that I think I will cum on the end of his belt when he stops. Stuart grabs Richard by his hair and shoves his cock in his mouth, catching Richard off guard as he struggles to take it all in. Stuart is merciless as he continues shoving his cock in and out of Richard’s mouth, gagging him repeatedly. Richard’s hips are moving in time with Stuart’s motions as his cock jerks back and forth dying for some relief as well. The sight of Richard sucking Stuart is turning me on so much I can’t stand it. I want to give Richard’s poor abused cock some much needed relief and yet there is no way for me to get down. My arms are starting to ache from being hung by them for so long. I try and get lose but of course I can’t. “Feeling left out are you Annie?” asks Stuart. ‘Yes master.” I reply. “Well we can fix that.” He tells me as he stops fucking Richard’s mouth. Stuart grabs me and throws me on the bed and says, “Spread your legs wide for me now.” I quickly comply. He grabs his belt again and starts to slap my clit with it. I scream but keep my legs open as he hits me over and over. Going back and forth from my thighs to my pussy. My hands grab the sheets to stop from trying to cover myself as my hips are arching up to meet the belt . “She is being a good slave now isn’t she Richard.” Stuart says as he continues hitting me. “Yes master very.” Is Richard’s reply. “Do you want to taste her?” Stuart asks Richard. “If it please you, yes master.” Richard says. When I feel Richards tongue on my pussy lips I cry out a and arch my hips up to him and hold them there. God the softness of his tongue after the belt is exquisite. He slowly licks me up and down. My clit is so sensitive that when his tongue finds my hard clit I scream out, “OH GOD” as my orgasm roars through my body causing me to shake all over. I am laying there trying to come back to reality when I feel Richard’s cock enter me. He just lays there for a moment with his cock deep inside me as I look up and see Stuart slowly push his cock into Richard’s ass. Richard moans above me as Stuart enters him as well. I feel Richard thrusting in and out of me as Stuart is doing the same to him. I can feel the weight of both their bodies on me, my hips rise up as best they can to meet Richards thrusts. Before long they are getting faster and harder as he pounds my body, his ass getting the same treatment from Stuart. When I feel Richards hot cum shooting inside me I cum again both of us crying out, ‘Oh god , oh fuck .” Richard collapses on top of me as Stuart continues to fuck his ass. I can feel Stuart thrusting in and out of Richard. I see him go still and then his body jerking as he shoots his cum in Richard’s ass. We all lay there are wrapped up for a moment or two collecting ourselves. Stuart gets up and crawls in bed with Richard following him. Stuart lays down and Richard cuddles up against him, his arms wrapping around him. “You can stay the night if you want Annie.” Stuart says. I look at Richard and I can tell by the way he looks at me he rather I didn’t stay as he wraps his arms tighter around Stuart. I smile to myself thinking it is ok Richard you can have Stuart, yall are just my fuck buddies anyway. I rather go find Michelle and sleep with her. “Thanks but I think I shall go, you guys have a good night. I’ll see you in the morning.” I say and I see Richard smile and relax against Stuart. I get in my car and see that a have a voice mail message on my phone. I check it and see that it is Michelle. She wants me to come over to her house when I am done here. To be continued....
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