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I dabbed on some ‘Fever’ cologne and got ready for college as Aunt Dixie walked in through the door. “Joe, I’ll be having a party tonight for a couple of people here. Maybe you’d like to join us later when you’re finished with your lessons, she said. “Yeah sure, Aunt Dixie. Thanks”, I said She smiled and went out the door. Aunt Dixie was Uncle Sammy’s, my dad’s brother, wife. He was in the army and he was always getting stationed overseas leaving her alone for most of their married life. Sure he loved her a lot but his job was such that they were always apart. Perhaps that was why they decided not to have kids or maybe it just didn’t happen for them. She was around 38 years but she was still very good looking and she always kept her body well toned and in good shape. I could always see men looking at her hungrily when we went shopping for groceries or when she was walking to the mall. I had been staying with her for about six months now, as part of my plan to finish college. Dad thought it would be good as she could also keep an eye on me, rather than stay at the college dorm. That day a storm warning was given and suddenly all classes were cancelled so I got home early and headed to my room. As I got near to Dixie ’s room, I could hear her singing in the shower. Now I never had felt anything for her but on that day, blame it on the storm, something came over me and I was just dying to see her naked. I slowly opened her bedroom door and looked inside. She was in the shower and the door wasn’t closed .She wasn’t expecting me to be there so soon I guessed. I tiptoed across, my heart beating so hard, and moved to the edge of the door to get a look. What I saw made my cock grow so hard immediately. Dixie was bending down, her back towards me, lathering her legs with soap, her pussy was wide open and I could see her pussy lips so clearly. My cock was so ready to bang her just then and there. Her breasts were so full and rounded with perfect nipples and full of soap. They glistened and were so juicy looking that I wanted to run over and suck her nipples. Then she began soaping her finely shaped ass and rounded hips and her cunt. I was afraid my cock might start shooting just by watching her bathe. As she turned on the shower I slowly tiptoed out and went to my room. I was full of her thoughts in my room as I turned up the stereo. Her images just kept coming wave after wave into my head and I didn’t see her come in. “Joe, when did you get back?”, she asked ,a bit startled. Dixie was dressed just in a short bathrobe and I tried not to look at her breasts that were almost popping out or her smooth shaven legs. “Hey, Aunt Dixie. Didn’t mean to scare you, they let us go early ‘cos there was a severe storm warning. So what time is the party?” I could feel my cock move in my shorts. “Well I decided not to have it ‘cos of the storm. I don’t want them to be driving in such bad weather” I don’t think she suspected anything but I stole a glance at her breasts now and then when she wasn’t looking. Her cleavage was asking to be licked and I had struggled to keep my cock from embarrassing me “I bet you’re hungry .Why don’t you go into the kitchen and see if Jasmine has got made something”, she said I had forgotten completely about the part time maid, Jasmine. Damn! What was I thinking? "Hey Joe, I bet you’re hungry right?” Jasmine asked. ‘Yeah, Jasmine. What you got for me today”? She had some chicken sandwiches and a glass of cranberry juice all ready in no time and as I ate ravenously we got to talking. I was pretty friendly with Jasmine and soon we were also flirting and laughing. My cock was still pretty much ready to hump and this added an extra excitement to my flirting. Just then Dixie walked in,” Joe, what’s going on? Don’t you have anything to study? Jasmine, you can leave early, the storm might be hitting soon. Both of us were silent as she left the room. “She’s so jealous when ever I talk to you Joe. Better watch out, she got the hots for you, senor’, Jasmine said. “Get outta here Jas. What the hell are you talking about?” “I’m a woman Joe; I know when a woman wants a man badly. I think you gonna get lucky tonight”, Jasmine said and laughed. I was hoping what she said was right because I so badly wanted to fuck Dixie tonight. “Well drive safely Jas. See you later”, I said and went to my room. Jasmine’s words and Dixie ’s cunt were racing around my head and I couldn’t get any studying done so I went in for a shower. The storm had started raging and the lights went out as I finished. I dabbed on some cologne and had just managed to pull my pants on when Dixie came in. She was holding a flashlight dressed in a night gown, which only reached her knees. Her full breasts were heaving up and down. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were getting dressed. I’ll come back later, she said. I didn’t want her to leave. I wanted her so badly that I was afraid I’d run over and lift her dress and fuck her right on the floor. “No, that’s alright. Are you afraid of the thunder and lightning Aunt Dixie?”, I asked. “Well …you see   ...I, actually, I am Joe and I was wondering if I could stay here till this thing blows over”, she said like a little girl and sat down on my bed. “It’s ok Aunt Dixie”, I said and sat by her. “Of course you can stay. In fact I’m also no super hero when it comes to thunder and lightning”. We both laughed at this and this eased things up a bit. “I’m sorry about earlier in the kitchen Joe. I shouldn’t have shouted at you in front of her”, she said and held my hands. My cock was ready to pop out as I was still pretty much eager to fuck her with what ever experience I had. Maybe Jasmine was right, maybe this was my night. The sound of a loud clap of thunder brought me back to reality as Dixie suddenly screamed and hugged me tightly in fright. I hugged her back and I could feel her body on my bare chest. She was not letting me go and held on to my warmth. “Mmmmmm..”, she said softly I could feel her breasts crushed against my chest and by now I was sure she had seen my erect cock. I was beyond caring as my urge for her body had broken what bond I had with her. I lifted her face and gently kissed both her cheeks. She looked up at me and started to kiss me all over my face. “Sweet Joe, Oh sweet Joe…”, she moaned softly, as she continued to kiss all over my face. Then she began to flick her tongue on my face and then kissed me full on my lips. The thunder outside was nothing against the thunder swelling up in my balls. Her kiss was so gentle yet wanting and I felt all these years of having no one to fuck her were finally giving way. She kept sucking on my lower lips and started licking my face. It didn’t look like she was going to stop, not that I wanted her to. "Oh dear Joe….Joe….let me lick you all over baby”, she begged. She pushed me onto the bed and climbed over my body. She then lifted her gown and sat on my stomach. Her bare pussy was touching my bare chest!! I couldn’t believe it as her fully shaven pussy was brushing my body and I felt some wetness where her pussy touched my body. Meanwhile she was still kissing me all over and licking my face and ears. “Oh baby, I so wanna fuck you right now. Please baby do it to me. ”, she was in sexual ecstasy. I could hardly hold it any longer myself. I lifted her off me. My stomach definitely had a wet spot where her cunt had touched my body. She was lying on her back as I leaned over and moved her hair from her face. I kissed her deeply; my tongue going in her mouth and rolling around flicking her tongue with mine. She was writhing under me as she impatiently was trying to take my pants off. I licked her face and moved down to her stomach; I unbuttoned her as I went down her body and finally she took off her dress. Her huge breasts bounced as the gown came off and her flat stomach heaved as she breathed hard. Her nipples stood up in excitement and glistened in my saliva. Her pussy, which I couldn’t take my eyes off, was so smooth and clean shaven. Her pussy lips were thick and pink as I touched it she wriggled. I cupped her breasts with my hand and brought my mouth around one of the nipples and flicked it with my tongue. I started to lick it all over and moved onto the other breast. I did the same while my hand squeezed the other breast. “Oh babyyyyyy…oooohhhh……..”, she moaned I again squeezed both her breasts together and licked both her nipples one after the other. The lights had suddenly come back on and I saw her fully naked. My cock was literally bursting; my balls were aching and waiting to get inside those juicy pink walls of her cunt. I went down to her thick pussy lips and sucked one outer lip. She opened her legs even wider and let me get a superb view of the inside of her pink pussy walls. I had never had such an experience before and I was amazed at how wide her pussy had opened. I touched her pussy lips and then brought my tongue on her cunt. I started licking along the line of her cunt and occasionally licked inside. I licked her clit softly and gently ran a finger into her now overflowing pussy. My fingers were drenched in her love juices and I again licked her pussy. I loved every moment of it and I was learning many things from her. She was the complete woman and not some cheerleader chick from college. I couldn’t get enough of her pussy as I kept licking it over and under and inside. Dixie was struggling to keep her hips still as she raised herself so that I could really lick her cunt properly. Her pussy was so wet and pink that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. “Its so beautiful down here Aunt Dixie. I cant stop licking your pussy. I just want to lick you forever Aunt Dixie”, I said. “Oh eat my pussy Joe”., she shouted in bliss. Her smooth shaven pussy was my first real pussy. The first time that I had really eaten a pussy so much. I came up to her face and kissed her. My cock was still going crazy and I could feel the wetness in my cock hole. She understood and laid me down. She kissed my lips hard and slowly undid my zipper. My cock was touching her face as she removed my pants.6 inches of manhood stood right up and was throbbing. She threw my pants on the floor and then she did something amazing to my cock. She held my cock in her hand and slowly pulled back my foreskin and then she started smelling my cock all the way down. “Oh God ! That smells so nice. Oh my! How long since I smelled a cock or touched one” She continued to pull my skin all the way back and was still smelling it and then holding my skin down tightly, she closed my cock her with her mouth .Slowly and softy she slowly put my whole cock in her mouth and licked it with her tongue. She then again swallowed my cock completely till her mouth touched my body and started moving her mouth up and down my cock shaft. “Oh Aunt Dixie …you’re just too good .No one’s done that, ever”, I said My cock was now covered in her saliva and she was playing with her pussy as well. I didn’t want her to stop but she knew that I would shoot any moment. So she got up; placed her wet, dripping cunt on my wet cock and sat on it. Slowly she started riding it and I nearly screamed as she suddenly rammed her cunt onto my throbbing manhood. She was moving up and down and so hard that she was really enjoying every moment of it. After a riding my rod she took my cock out; my cock was now covered in her juice and she began to lick it. I was in cock heaven and then she asked me to fuck her again as she lay on her back and held her legs apart. I couldn’t wait as I moved in closer and with her pussy on the edge of the bed I shoved my rock solid cock into her. ‘Harder baby, harder. Don't stop. Fuck me hard. Real hard”, she begged. I rammed my rod into her tight cunt and kept ramming her for some time. I then stopped and quickly placed my head between her legs and started to lick her now dripping pussy hole. I just couldn’t get enough of licking her cunt and started to lick all around it. “Oooooooooooooooh….my God…….you lick me so good Joe ……oh that’s so gooood. Joe you love my pussy so much baby……..lick all of it baby”, she cried. I really couldn’t stop myself and kept licking vigorously as she begged for more. I pulled myself away and again began banging her pussy with my cock as she spread her legs wide. I could feel my cock slide in and the heat from her pussy walls was just incredible. I began to move my cock around inside and then just slowly pushed it all the way inside her cunt. I then started to fuck her again faster and I could feel my cum begin to rise. “Oh Joe…fuck me…fuck me harder…I’m cumming..I’m… cumming baby. Oh my! Oh My Oh my!!”, she screamed. She climaxed and I felt my cock being squeezed. I pulled out and gave my cock to her as she hungrily started sucking on it. She expertly started fucking my cock with her mouth and at the same time her hands were massaging my balls. The feeling was one of unimaginable pleasure as I felt my sperm rise up my shaft and explode into her open mouth. She let all my cum directly into her tongue and she swallowed it. That for me was the best part. No one had ever done that to me. Then she squeezed my cock shaft and brought out all my cum and licked that too. “Oh Aunt Dixie….that was incredible” She was still licking all over my cock till it was all spent. We hugged and kissed for a long time and I licked her pussy once again. We finally slept hugging each other. Jasmine was right. I did get some action after all.
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