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from the title u may think more than what it actually is i only have one family person who knows my cousin who is a lesbian she phones me up anytime she is alone for me to come and dress in her things.  Any way to my story my cousin had phoned me up one day and told me to come over it was only a five minute walk and i was so excited.  when  i arrived she told me to go up to her room and once i was finished (dressed) i had to come down because she had a surprise  for me i took my time getting ready and once fully dressed walk ed down the stairs in my heels into the living room and i did get a surprise my cousin was there with her girlfriend and another girl i was toatallly embarrassed as they could see but they were actually quite friendly for a while unitl my cousin took me very roughly into the kitchen and told me i was just to do as i was told i agreed and she shoed me into a computer chair tied me to t and wheeled me back into the living room blindfolded.  After a minute i had the blind fold took of and i was sat there dressed like a girl with 3 other girls just n thierbras and patties witch stated to get my dick hard then i saw my cousin leave us and cum back in with 3 strap-ons the girls put them on un tied me lead me to the bedroom where i was flung onto the bed had a cock shoved up my bum don my mouth and the other girl would suck on my cock at first this was very unpleasant as this was my first cock experience But then i really got into it. it Took Five minutes then i came there was a short break for the girls i was handcuffed to the bed then they came back and did it again until everyone had either put a cock in my mouth/ass or sucked on my cock. the thanked me for the day then gave me their numbers and told me i was now their  Bitch anytime they wanted me. there have Been a few good Love being satisfied both as a man and a woman
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