Fun at work (Chapter 1)
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After a long restful weekend, (to short like always) it was monday again, and I stood up with the joyful feeling to go back to work. So I did my usual stuff, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, missing my bus, walking to the train station, and taking a nap on the train.   I arrived at work, but stood still in front of the building. Looking up in the sky at the 7 th floor, not a single light was lit. I have always been one of the first to arrive, but something made me hesitating to enter. But as soon I stepped through the door I realized why. That hot girl at my office sucked my cock! And I had no idea of what to expect next, as sexual favours between co-workers seemed natural around there.   I had no idea if I should like that habit of them, or be disgusted about it. I liked the blowjob though. She did it with sensitivity, like she knew how I would like it. Maybe I wanted more of that. More blowjobs would make me feel a lot better that’s for sure.   I continued the path to the elevators, but decided to take the stairs next to them. I walked up to the 3 rd floor, down the hall, and entered the office. Maria was sitting there already. "Good morning" I said as I entered the room. I looked up at her, as she swiftly pulled her hand from under the desk. ".. emmorning ..." she stuttered. I didn't wanted to know whatever she was doing under her desk, so I walked over to mine, and sat down. After booting up the computer, and watching the endless windows loading screen, I logged in and opened outlook.   3 e-mails where waiting in my inbox: 2 spam, and 1 titled: "wow". Wow ? what the hell was that about. I noticed that e-mail was send by Cindy.     "That was amazing! After our little action, I was so hot that I stayed behind and masturbated until I came! I really hope that was not the last time we had such fun! Cheers ~Cindy"   Just as I finished reading, Nadine entered the office. She walked to her desk, without saying anything. She must be embarrassed of what happened, or felt afraid to talk to me. She took her coat of, and revealed a blue-green airy blouse that made the shape of her breasts jump out like it was the only thing that matters. I had to make it up to her.   Luckily for me, Maria stood up and walked out of the room.   "Hey eumm,… I'm sorry about what happened." I said. "I freaked out you know. I was completely surprised." "And I want to make it up to you. So if there is anything you need …"   She looked up, made a forward movement with her chest, so I had a perfect look of its shape, and answered: "Well, I do have a lot of archiving to do today. If you want to help out, that’s fine by me."   I knew where she was going with this. She didn’t had any intention in archiving. She wanted to do what she had in mind during our last encounter. I placed my hand gently on her shoulder, and let it slide down on the side of her torso. "I'd be honoured" When I felt the soft skin of her breast touching my hand through her blouse, I froze. All I wanted to do then was rip her blouse of her chest, and touch her breasts like she was the last woman on earth.   Nadine stared down at my hand. "We can't … not here!" she whispered.   I agreed, and removed my hand.   Cindy walked in, and noticed my hand leaving the position it had under Nadine's right boob.   "Good morning" I greeted   "Hey there" she replied with a daring smile on her face   We all minded our own business for the next couple of hours. Until, lunch time came. I took out my lunchbox, with the bread 'n cheese I prepped this morning. Maria and Nadine both went out for lunch, but Cindy stayed at the office. She made her own salad at home. (Hmm a woman who takes care of themselves rrrrr)   Knowing what we had done previously, I tried to start a conversation hoping to … well you get the idea.   "What ya eating" I asked   "Home made salad. I could use some dressing though" (Was she insinuating that …? nah, it can't be.)   "Dressing huh? You didn’t bring any from home?"   "No, I forgot. I had a lot of things on my mind"   What she exactly had on her mind would remain unknown for me, but I could imagine some things of course. Like how I would bang her in the archiving room or her pussy lips covered with my juice… well, it all was possible.   "So what are you eating?" she asked   "I fixed myself a cheese sandwich at home."   "Is it yummy?"   A dirty thought flashed through my mind.   "Yea, it tits good. Eerrr I mean tastes good." (A good job moron. What have you done now?)   She couldn’t help but laughing of my mistake.   "Let's get me that dressing shall we?"   She stood up and walked over to my desk. With everyone out for lunch, nobody could hear or see us. I turned my desk chair around, and unbuttoned my trousers. She came over, and with a provocative move, sat down on her knees. I helped her pulling down my trousers and undies, and let her take control after that. Just as she was ready to grab my cock, the door opened.   "What are you doing?" someone said with a shocking voice   "Oh come on, I couldn't help myself." Cindy replied   "Let him go! He is mine now."   It was then that I recognized that voice. It was Nadine walking around the desk, meeting me and Cindy in this awkward position. Cindy stood up, and sensually kissed Nadine on her mouth. Both woman smiled and looked over at me. Nadine cupped Cindy's breasts on top of her blouse, and massaged them for a little while. Cindy got undressed, as Nadine kneeled down to face my eager cock. Grabbing it slowly, as she was afraid she would damage a long lost artefact. She wet her lips with her tongue.   I grabbed her arms, and pushed them back close to her body. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to see her body, her breasts, and her pussy. I pulled up her sweater, and watched as she slowly untied her bra. Cindy sat naked on Nadine's desk, gently rubbing her clit, and making the appropriate moaning sounds. Nadine's breasts plopped out of the push-up bra she no longer was wearing. I never believed a soccermom with 3 kids could ever look so good. Breasts in great shape, her body in perfect condition. I stood up and pulled down her skirt, revealing a black thong hiding her pussy lips.   "Enough for now" she said, and pushed me down back in my chair. She was turned on, and the louder moaning of Cindy made me want it even more. Nadine's tongue was twirling around the head of my cock. It was tough for me to decide if I should look at Nadine's playful movements, or Cindy's fingers disappearing and re-appearing from her pussy. Cindy's actions where getting her turned on so much she had to have something inside her. She turned over to me, and placed her opening closer to me so I could reach it. I started with 1 finger, 2 fingers, and eventually 3 fingers. "Ah ah yes don't stop! More! Put more in me!" she screamed.   I wanted to bring her to the same level of ecstasy was in last friday when she did me. So I obeyed her screams, and moved my other 2 fingers closer. My hand was pushing between her lips to get inside, she was so tight. I could feel the softness of Cindy's inside, and decided to do what I've seen porn stars do in movies. I form a fist with my hand and twist it around in and out her pussy. I could tell she extremely enjoyed that as she firmly grabbed the ends of the desk to get a hold onto something. My fist was wet with her juice, and I wanted to get my cock inside someone.   Nadine was still sucking my head, and stroking my shaft. She did a fine job getting my cock lubricated with her saliva. I helped her up, and watched as she let her thong fall down on the floor, revealing her pussy. Her clit was swollen, and shiny reflections of the light told me she was wet as well. I slowly removed my hand out of Cindy's lips, and sucked on one of my fingers. Hmmm the taste of her juice was so overwhelming. I strocked my cock while me and Nadine enjoyed the gastronomic taste of Cindy.   "I want you inside me" said Nadine. "Give me what I need!"   As I stood up, a placed my hand on her pussy just to feel how wet it really was. I rubbed up and down a bit, and even entered a finger. Nadine sat down on the desk next to Cindy, and began playing with her nipples. Cindy sat up straight and used her fingers to spread Nadine's pussy lips. I teased her a bit by moving my cock up and down against her lips. It felt so soft. Her I was just inches away of losing my virginity to an older woman. But I didn't care. Sex is sex, and having your first time with a young girl or an older woman is the same. You'll enjoy it more with the latter though.   I pushed my head inside her, followed by my whole shaft. Nadine's back arched when I entered her. I pushed my cock in and out of her several times untill I met the borders of losing virginity. I pulled out my cock and let the orgasm take over. It was like snow was falling down onto Nadine's stomach. I even shot a squirt on her breasts. I was exhausted, and I wanted to rest. But that was not in agreement of Nadine. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it, preventing it from sizing down. And pushed it back in.   Cindy couldn't help herslef and licked up all the white squirts from Nadine's body. After licking it all up, she turned her attention to Nadine, and let all of my cum drip into her mouth, while I was fucking her.   "Oh it feels so good, tastes so good" Nadine said. "I wan't to feel your hot cum inside me".   "You naughty girl" Cindy laughed, and spanked Nadine hard on her ass cheek.   Then I noticed where Nadine's left hand was hiding. It was thrusting in and out of Cindy's pussy just like I did a few minutes earlier. Cindy's time was come, and her screams where louder and louder. "Ahhhh I'm gonna come aaahh…" And with that shout, Cindy came with joy. Squirts dripping out of her pussy, drops running alongside Nadine's hand and arm.   I kept thrusting my member in and out Nadine's mature vagina. Trying to hold it on, but both woman's moaning and Cindy's orgasm made me cum again. And as Nadine wanted it, I filled her up with my cum. My legs contracted as I was exhausted, but both Nadine and Cindy enjoyed it a lot. And so did I!   Nadine stood up, and Cindy kneeled down between her legs. She stuck out her tongue to lick the remaining cum that was coming out of her pussy. Nadine looked up to me and spoke: "That was an enjoyable moment. But you have much to learn. If you want we can always teach you"   "I'd like that" I answered.   Cindy turned around and smiled.   "That’s good dressing you got there."
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