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Getting back from dinner we hit the door locked in a kiss. Eyes glued to each other as we trade places with our tongues. The taste of wine still on our lips only fuels the passion. Carelessly tearing the clothes from our bodies, and leaving a trail to the bedroom as we get ready for some hard core sex. No foreplay tonight. No, loving, and tenderness this evening.   My cock is already hard before I bend you over the end of the bed. Your pussy not quite ready, but that doesn't stop me. I can see that you're a little excited, but not dripping wet just yet. I grab my shaft, and pull the head between your lips. Parting them hard, but not entering you. Only coating the tip with a thin film of your juice. Dragging the head back down between them again to cover the bottom side of my helmet.   With your face down on the covers, you reach back and spread yourself open for me. Good girl! Here it comes baby. You feel the massive head begin to work its way inside, and you can only hold yourself open so far. Half way down the shaft your lips cling to the side, and roll inward. You bite the sheets due to the light pain, but never request me to stop. I can feel your skin as it drags against the remaining part of my cock still being pushed into you. I pull back and can see the shiny covering of your fluid on the length of me. O, yea. You're ready.   The next stroke is HARD! Nearly making you fall onto the bed. Still a little twinge of pain rushes through your body, but by the third, or fourth stroke, you're completely into it, and your juices are flowing. No more pain, but constant pleasure as I pound into you. Your ass rippling just a little on each deep stroke. The sound of my skin smacking against yours as I relentlessly thrust in and out of you. Each stroke seeming to be harder, and deeper than the last. O, your pussy feels so good, I can't help but cum inside you. Swelling, you can feel the warmth. I never stop pounding you though. The cum rushing from my tip is both deep inside you, and just at your entrance. It's as if I'm coating your entire insides as I explode in you. Getting you ready for what's next......   I pull out from behind you and you turn to look at me. Disappointed that you didn't get yours. O you will baby. I plan on finishing you off by hand. I roll you over on the bed, and have you lay on your back. I kneel between your legs as I raise them high, and wide. My cum leaking from your sweet hole. Still slightly open from all the cock I just gave you. It's almost effortless to slip in one finger, and then two. O, should I try for three? There it is baby. You like that?   I pull my hand out and grab a new, rather large toy. I bounce it off of your dripping lips a few times before easing it in. Pushing it deep. It opens your hole wide, and tight. I give you a few long strokes and then a hard one mixed in there. I can tell by the look on your face that you're enjoying every second. I pull out and grab another one. This one even larger than the first. That's right baby. I'm stretching you out so I can fill you up with my fist.   The dildo is soft to the touch, but feels so hard to you as it causes your legs to widen even more to except the girth of this new one. I ease it in. Finally inside you I let it rest there. Your body getting used to the feeling of being stretched farther than ever before. Only a few strokes is all it takes until I feel you loosen up enough that I think you're ready.   Are you ready baby? As I started in the beginning. I give you one finger, then two. There's a third, and finally a fourth. You don't feel near as tight as you did, so I introduce my thumb in there as well. But not before slipping it in your ass one time for a little added pleasure. Once the thumb is in there I cup my hand to a point, and push. You grip the sheets, and your back arches. You can't get your legs wide enough. I can feel your pelvic bone as my hand inches past it. Your lips stretched so tight over my hand and then finally over the widest part, your body relaxes as your pussy closes around my wrist.   I can feel all the cum I've left behind as it squishes between my fingers. Fully inside you I make a fist and begin to stroke you slow at first. But once you've excepted me, I give you a few harder shoves. I can see your body writhing on the bed as you're about to cum. I can feel the tightening around my wrist, and hand as your fluid coats my hand. I think I might have even seen a small single tear leak from your eye from all that just happened. Yes baby. You just got off with my fist inside your hot body! How's that feel???   Your body finally relaxing I slip my hand back out. You still squirm and pull at the sheets as the wide portion of my hand opens you back up. Eventually out of you, as your puss slowly closes shut. Your body so exhausted that you can help but fall fast asleep. Sweet dreams baby....
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