Bound to the cross
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I had thought about being a helpless damsel in distress ever since I was a teen.   But, the years had passed and I had never had the opportunity to actually live out my fantasy.   I had talked to a few close friends about it and they all seemed to say the same thing.   I was sexually repressed and the thought of being under someone’s control was my way of coping with the fact that I was really afraid of sex, of voluntarily being intimate with a man.     I had been looking at articles and pictures and the internet about bondage, when I ran across an ad for a local bondage club.   I read it and found out that they hold regular meetings, had an agenda for the meetings posted.   They invited guests to attend their meetings.    It seemed like a way to explore without really having to become involved. I finally worked up the nerve to attend one.     The club house looked like a dungeon.   There were about 50 or 60 people at the meeting and it comforted me that they looked “normal”, just like me.   Some were decked out in leather and chains while others were dressed like they had come from the office.   Since I was new, I had to go through a brief orientation that explained the purpose of the club.   It was all consensual, I was told.   They club had meetings on a regular basis and then periodically had “dungeon parties” where only members could attend.         The first night that I attended a meeting, the topic was “whips and flogging” and how to properly use different types of instruments (whips, floggers, belts, etc) for that purpose.   It was all done in a very non-threatening way.   Nobody really approached me other than to say “hi” or “welcome to the group”.   That first meeting, I sat in the back of the room and just watched.   I intentionally tried to avoid much eye contact.     I attended two more meetings and began to chat with other people a little.   In particular, I met this man who called himself “Master John.”   He was an attractive man in his mid-thirties.   About my age.   He was pleasant and not aggressive.   It thrilled me to call him Master John.   It was a small step but it was a first step toward actually being submissive to him.   He asked me if I would like to have a drink with him after the meeting and I agreed.   We met at a little pub not far from the club house.   We had one drink and I was about ready to go home, when he asked me if I would like to attend one of the club’s dungeon parties that was scheduled for next week with him.   He explained that it would be very casual and that I did not have to do anything that I didn’t want to.   We could just watch others, if that was all I felt like doing and we could leave at any time.   I told him that I wasn’t sure.   He gave me his phone number and said to call if I would like to go.     I was really confused for the next couple of days.   One minute I thought about calling him and the next I talked myself out of it.   On Wednesday evening, I was home sipping on some wine.   I again thought about calling John and before I could change my mind again, I dialed his number.   He answered and I said “hi” and quickly said I would like to go with him Saturday night.   I talked quickly and the call was short as I was afraid that I would change my mind again while I was on the phone.     Saturday night came quickly.   He was to pick me up at 8:00pm .   I didn’t have any idea what to wear.   I didn’t want to look to sexy and give him the wrong idea but I didn’t want to look like I was a prude either.   I decided to wear a black leather skirt with matching vest and a simple white blouse. I finished it off with a pair of black, strappy 3” heels.   I thought the leather would help me fit in a bit while not looking too willing, if that is the right way to put it.   And, I did like the way the way the leather hugged my body. I thought the black looked nice with my blonde hair.   Even at thirty four, I was still pretty trim and firm.     John picked me up and said that I looked great and would not look out of place at all.   It was a short drive to the club house.   When we arrived, I was nervous and became even more so when John said that he was my master for the evening and that I would only refer to him as “Master John”.   He then pulled out a leather collar and leash and said that I had to wear it for the evening.   I gasped as the collar was fastened around my neck.   He took the leash and led me to the front door of the club house.   The club house was very dimly lit and had torches in various places.   As opposed to during the meetings, it now looked like a medieval dungeon.   I liked the darkness as it gave me a sense of anonymity.   John explained that there was this main room that we were in and that there were private rooms where couples could play in private.   He said that each of them had different themes with different bondage equipment such as a rack, a cross, heavy wooden chair, chains and pulleys, and a bondage bed.   He said he had reserved one of the rooms for us later but would not tell me which one.     We mingled around a bit although I did not really speak to many people other than to nod my head.   One man asked if I was Master John’s slave for the evening and I lowered my head and nodded yes.    It actually felt good to acknowledge to someone that I was under someone’s control.     Finally, Master John advised that it was time for our room reservation.   He have a gentle tug on my leash and asked me if I wanted to go. He said that if I agreed, there would be no turning back.   I worked up my courage and told him that I did.   I quivered at the thought of being alone with a man in a room designed for some type of bondage.     We entered the room.   Against one wall was a wooden cross in the shape of an “X.”   I had seen pictures of this on the internet and knew what it was for.   He planned on tying me to it.   I felt myself flush with both fear and excitement.     He tugged on my leash and pulled me close to him.   His face brushed against my cheek and then he gave me a small kiss.   I didn’t resist.   I wanted to be his slave.     He then said that even though my outfit looked nice, that I needed to take it off down to my bra and panties.   He hadn’t noticed that I was not wearing a bra.   I wondered why I was so easily obeying him.   This was a man that I barely knew and I was stripping in front of him.   It didn’t   feel uncomfortable as I slipped out of my skirt and vest. As I removed my blouse, I felt the cool air against my skin.     He pulled on the leash and led me over to the cross.   I notice the heavy leather cuffs and knew that they were for my wrists and ankles.     Master John put my back against the cross and took one wrist and pulled it up toward the cuff.   I felt the leather close around my wrist and tighten.    He then did the same with the other wrist, followed quickly by the ones around my ankles.   It was then that I first noticed the mirror on the wall across from me.   I could see myself tied to the cross, spread-eagle and with nothing on but my panties.   I thought back to all the pictures of girls tied like this that I had seen on the internet.   How I had thought about being one of those helpless girls and now I was.   I tugged on the straps but Master John had placed the cuffs in just the right position on the cross that I was stretched tightly and could not move even an inch.   I looked at myself again in the mirrow and it was like I was looking at someone else.    That couldn’t be me.   He I was with my legs spread wide.   John could touch me anywhere at anytime and I couldn’t do anything to stop him.     Master John began rubbing his hands up and down my belly, coming closer to my breasts with each pass.   Finally, he cupped my left breast in his hand and gave my nipple a little pinch.   His face was close to mine and he gave me a deep kiss as he pinched my nipple harder.   I tried to scream in pain but his lips were pressed tightly against mine.   I first felt his hand move down my belly and underneath the band on my panties.   I looked up at the mirror and saw him move his hand into my panties and felt him cup my pussy.   I moaned as he continued to kiss me and I felt myself getting wet.    I began to pant as his finger entered me.   My eyes closed and I so wanted him to take me like a helpless damsel.   But, he stopped and walked away.     I watch him pick something up and as he turned back toward me, I saw that he had a ball gag and whip in his hand.      He told me that he had spotted me at the first meeting that I had attend.   It was the one where the demonstration on how to whip and flog took place.   He said he had seen how I had tried to look somewhat disinterested but that he knew that inside me was a desire was burning.    He walked behind me and forced the gag into my mouth.   I felt the straps tighten and the gag being forced deeper into my mouth.    I shook my head no and tried to tell him not to but only a muffled “mmmmmffffff” came out.   The firt lash was across my belly and did not even sting.   However, with each following stroke, the pain increased.   He worked on my belly and then moved up to my breasts. He obviously knew what he was doing as he managed to strike me right on my nipples.    The pain shot through my breasts and I clinched my hands in pain.   I watch myself being whipped in the mirror.   I lost track of time and the number of lashes.   Sweat beaded up on my forehead and chest.    My hair fell over my face as I dropped my head.   The whipping continued but he had moved his attention to my inner thighs.   I was exhausted and my head hung limp on my chest between each stroke of the whip.   I could see my panties getting wet in the mirror.     Master John then took a pair of scissors and cut away my pantied.   I looked in the mirror and saw this girl, naked and bound to a cross.   It can’t be me.   I felt the sharp sting as the whip struck me between my legs.   I winced and strained against the cuffs that held me.   Over and over, Master John whipped my pussy.   I felt the drool from my mouth dribble down onto my bare chest.     Finally, the whipping stopped.   I lifted my head and there stood Master John naked.   His penis was large and erect.   I looked into his eyes and saw the passion.   He quickly inserted his penis into my aching pussy and forced himself deep inside of me.   He pumped himself deep into me over and over as I hung from the cross.   I screamed into my gag as I felt myself nearing climax.   I had never wanted to have an orgasm so much in my life.   I screamed and my body shuddered and convulsed as my orgasm swept over me.   Finally, I hung from my cross in exhaustion.   And then the whipping began again.
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