Hers for The Day
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Hers for the day
By: lsa3
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He lost the bet, her team won the game. He regretted thefact that he had been such a smartass because he “knew” he couldn’t lose thebet and now she “owned” him for a day. From 9AM till 9 PM she could do what shewanted with him and he could not protest or object. She owned him and could doanything she wanted with him or to him.
The look on herface said it all. For her part, shedelighted in the thought of having him as her captive toy to serve her all daylong. She began to get wet just thinking about the fun she was going to have,teasing him, controlling him, making him service her without any thought forhimself.
Growing up, she had to defer to her father’s demands andeven her ex husband was self-centered and controlling. At no time in her lifewas she ever completely in charge of her world. When she rebelled and foughttheir control, at some point, she always had to give in and co-operate. Oh yes,she was going to enjoy this.
Now with John, it was different; for the first time in herlife, here was a man who allowed, no encouraged her, to be herself. He treatedher as a partner, an equal, did not try to run her life, even when she wouldget triggered and angry, falling into her rebellious mood where she had fightthe whole world or die. He was her anchor and was always there for her.
Ha! Now she was on top for the whole day. She was in complete control of him and he could doabsolutely nothing about it – fun! He was her slave to use as she pleased.(Actually, he could use a safeword – spaghetti – to stop whatever she was doingto him, but it didn’t really matter since she was the queen, in control of hersubject). The other condition was she owed him the same thing. He could haveher in his control for a whole day, if and only if, his team won the next game.If not, she was off the hook.
Last night she told him that she was going to claim her“prize” in the morning.
She went to sleep stroking herself and thinking of thethings she was going to do to him. He also took a while to drop off to sleepbecause he was so nervous and unsure about what he has let himself in for.
In the morning, after they finished breakfast, she told himto give himself an enema, shower, take a Viagra, put on the wrist and anklecuffs, a pair of socks to keep his feet warm, his cock ring and blindfold andpresent himself for her inspection at exactly 9 AM. Any failure on his part would result in an asyet unnamed, but definitely severe, punishment.
He grinned nervously and immediately headed for thebathroom. While he was showering, she reached up and moved the clock ahead byfive minutes, already thinking about the delightful things she could do to “punish”him for being late. (She checked the heater and made sure the house was niceand warm so he would be comfortable hanging there. After all, she wasn’t goingto have any fun if he just hung there and shivered).
She was sitting in the living room, sipping her coffeewhen he finished getting ready. He walked into the room, squeaky clean andabsolutely naked with the blindfold on his forehead. She looked at him andsmiled. “ You’re late ” she said. “ Look at the clock, you have beenfooling around in there for five minutes longer than you were told to ”. As he looked at the clock, which read 9:05AM, she smiled to herself – gotcha. He was confused and started to objectbecause he had just checked the clock in the bedroom and he was right on time.She cut him off, saying “ quiet, not another word out of you unless I giveyou permission to speak. Do you understand ”? “ Yes”, he said. “ Yeswhat ” came her response. Flustered, He paused, not expecting her to beacting quite this way. “ Well ”? she said. “ Um, yes ma’am ” hereplied. Angrily, she shot back “ yes MISTRESS, do you understand ”?
Quietly he said “ yes Mistress ”. She thought toherself “I’ve always wanted to do that to a man, this is going to be fun”.
She told him to go to the bedroom and get the wrist andankle snaps out of the bag and lock his wrists into the exercise bar rings inthe doorway. He said “ Yes Mistress ” and started to turn around. Raisingher voice, she said “ did I give you permission to speak ?” Now reallyflustered, he said “ no Mistress. ” Her response was “ look at me. When I give you an instruction, I want you todo what you are told immediately and without question, do you understand ?” “ Yes Mistress ” came his reply. “ Nowget on with it ” she said. She was really getting into this Mistress thing.Controlling him this way gave her more enjoyment than she thought it would.This whole day was going to be fun, suffering for him, but fun for her.
He immediately returned, set the ankle links on the floorand began snapping the links to his wrists. In a moment he was stretched in thedoorway, his arms up and out above his head. She walked over to him and sweetlykissed him on the lips, bent down and snapped his ankles to the eyes in thebaseboard. Then she pulled the blindfold over his eyes and said “ nitey night ”,letting him just stand there, arms and legs stretched out, completely naked andtotally vulnerable.
After sliding her finger up the underside of his cock justto make it jump, she walked back into the living room, picked up her paperworkand went back to her reading. A little while later, when she had finished, shepicked up the small footstool, carried it over and placed it in front ofhim. This gave her the option ofstanding or sitting on it, depending on what she wanted him to do, or more fun,do to him. She gently stroked his chestand shoulders, enjoying the way the muscles were defined by his arms beingstretched overhead. He jumped as she worked closer and closer to his nipples.Almost, but not quite touching them. After a few minutes of this, his cock washard and he was arching towards her in an effort to get his nipples touched.
“ Hmmm . . it seems that you like that ” she said tohim. “ Too bad I don’t feel like playing with them anymore. ” He groanedas she said it. She knew she got him with that one, what fun to see him hangingthere, powerless to get what he wanted and powerless to stop her from gettingwhat SHE wanted; which, right now was that hard, dripping cock. She decided tolet him be for a bit, giving him a chance to calm down before her next attackon his body.
Slipping by him, she went into the bedroom and retrievedthe snakebite kit that was on the shelf by the bed. Coming back into the livingroom she also brought the bag of “toys” that was there. This she set down bythe footstool. Bending down, she lightly blew on his cock, enjoying the way itjumped from her cool breath. This had the effect of making him focus on hiscock, waiting for the next sensation. She separated the suction cups in thesnakebite kit behind her back while she leaned over and sucked hard on hisnipple. It was as if he had been hit by lightning. He arched his back andgroaned under her assault. She said “I thought I told you to be quiet, If youcan’t behave yourself, we are going to have to take more drastic measures withyou,” enjoying the way he fought to keep control of himself. With that, she licked the end of the suctioncup and quickly attached it to his nipple. He gasped, arching and moaning asthe pressure on his nipple intensified.
She said, “ I am warning you, be quiet or you willsuffer ” again delighting at the conflict she had created. She now moved tohis cock, sat on the stepstool and sucked it rapidly into her mouth, holdinghim there, deep in her throat. Oh, how she loved the feel of it filling her.He, of course, jumped again and groaned even louder this time as the effect ofher mouth on his cock hit him. She stood up, licked the other suction cup andfirmly attached it to his other nipple. Again, he convulsed and groaned, justas she had planned.
There he was, hanging there with the 2 suction cups on hisnipples and his now wet cock standing out like a wooden pole. The coolingeffect of the moisture evaporating on his cock made his erection even harder.It was not without an effect on her as her sex began to tighten and get wet,enjoying his arousal at her hands. Oh, the fun of being in absolute control ofher “toy.”
She sternly spoke to him saying “I told you to keep quietand you have repeatedly disobeyed me. Now I will have to make sure that you donot say ANYTHING without my permission. You are here to give me what I want, and I want you quiet.” With that, she took a gag out of the bag andquickly forced it into his mouth, fastening the Velcro strap around hishead. Now she had him where she wantedhim, captive, quiet and completely aroused. Her sex tightened at the thought.
She walked back over to the couch and picked up themagazine she was reading. Leaving him there caught like a fly in a spider web,she went back to the article and finished reading it. After a couple of minutes, she walked over tohim and removed the suction cups. He groaned in the gag as the blood rushedback from the cups. Now his nipples would be ‘really’ sensitive. Saying “ oooh,I think he likes that ” as she did so. His slightly softening cock wasinstantly hard and a clear drop of pre-cum formed at the tip.
Now she could play with and suck that beautiful hard cockto her heart’s content. He was totally powerless to prevent her from doing whatshe wanted, which was to suck him in and see how close to the edge she couldbring him. She loved the feeling as she made his body stiffen, arch and startto shake. She stopped just as his balls began to tighten. He groaned again,twisting and moving in an effort to gain completion as his cock pulsed andstrained, just short of coming. She toldhim to be sure to let her know if he was getting close, because he did NOT haveher permission to cum.
Oh, she was definitely enjoying this play; she slid herhand into her panties and worked on her clit while she blew cool air on hiscock, loving the way it would jump and the agony he must be feeling because hecouldn’t get the contact he needed to cum. She stood up and put 2 of herfingers under his nose, just above his gag. Again, he groaned as he inhaled herscent. She bent down and licked hisnipple. The suction cups had done their work. He gave a muffled gasp as hearched his back, thrusting his cock towards her as well. She bent down and suckedhim hard into her mouth, enjoying the impact it was having on him – his bodywas moving with uncontrollable spasms as she brought her hand down from hisface and worked on the second nipple. This was fun. He was like a puppet on astring, jumping to her every touch.
She sat back down on the footstool and began to tormenthim in earnest. First his balls and cock then his nipples, then his ass andthen his cock again. She spent the next hour bringing him up again and again,delighting in the power she had over his body and the way his cock got biggerand harder the longer she teased him. She alternated light and hard tugs andtouches on his nipples with the same variation on his cock and balls –sometimes hard, sometimes just licking or sucking the length of his cock.
She had him moaning and shaking a number of times justbefore she stopped. Always just short of his climax. In fact, with the practiceshe was getting, she could bring him closer and closer to release beforesuddenly stopping and watching his hard cock pulse with desire, never quitemaking it. She could imagine the pressure he was feeling, desperately needingto come – a true case of “blue balls.” She knew he was desperate to cum andwould be begging for release if he could talk, which just turned her one evenmore.
All the while she was taking care of herself, working onher swollen clit as she sucked his steel hard cock. When he would move into hermouth just before coming up, it would trigger her climax. She would pull offhim and concentrate on herself, climaxing as many as 4 times in a row, allstarted by his hard cock in her mouth and fueled by the vision of it dancingand pulsing in front of her and the knowledge that he could hear her come butdo nothing to share in it.
Then she took a break to calm down, had a sip of coffee,did some paperwork while he was hanging there, quivering with desire.Desperately needing to cum and totally unable to do so. It was delightfulwatching him squirming with need, her toy cock. She really did enjoy teasinghim and making him suffer – more than she thought she would at first. Even when she was younger, she liked the ideaof having power over the boys, either by flirting or being slightly naughty,sticking out her chest and making them fall over each other trying to gain herfavor. This was why she had preferred to go out with the “naughty” boys ratherthan the ones her parents approved of. However, this was much better as she wasin complete control of John. He couldn’t do anything except suffer and gethotter and hotter without any release, which suited her just fine because everyjump of his cock and agonized moan caused her sex to tighten and juice. Themore he suffered the hotter she got.
Getting a little tired of tormenting his cock, she decidedto up the ante. Searching in the bag, she found the lubricant and poured someon her hand. Without touching his cock, just holding him in place with pressureon his lower abdomen, she worked first one finger then a second one into hisass. She started thrusting in and out and twisting her fingers – stretching himand opening him up. Soon she had three fingers in him, pushing and twisting.She enjoyed feeling him react as his muscles tried to suck her fingers indeeper. She could see the effect it was having on him and delighted incontrolling his intense need to come, teasing his ass and making him want more.All her probing increased the flow of pre-cum from the tip of his hard, hardcock, which she lightly licked, just to watch him convulse as her tongue slidup the underside of head. God she was dripping wet again.
She then reached into the bag and got the large black softdildo that was there. Lubricating it well with her slick hand and some extralube, she slid it slowly up into him, enjoying his gasp that escaped from thegag. His cock stood up farther and got still harder as she slid it into him.This was much easier for her. The handle on the dildo made it easy for her tocontrol his position while she sucked on his cock. Talk about torment, he was impaled on thedildo and could not move while she teased his cock again and again. What fun!
Mmmm. She was sowet now that she was practically dripping. Feeling him begin to tighten andarch, she would stop sucking his cock and move the dildo in and out of his ass.He would moan again, desperately trying to thrust his ass downward onto thedildo yet thrust his cock forward at the same time. She had him totally out ofit and so wanting to get fucked that he was beside himself with desire. Hedidn’t know which way to move he was so desperate.
Then she stopped the thrusting and stood up, telling himthat he had to hold it in while she took care of some things. He almostscreamed in the gag he was so frustrated. His efforts to hold the dildo in his ass only made his cock harder andstand out further, throbbing with need and desperate for relief.
Leaving him there, she went into the bathroom, washed herhands, got some tissues and came back. She used the tissues to carefully wipethe handle of the dildo, working it around and in and out as she wiped it off.He squirmed with every movement of the handle and the pre-cum began to dripfrom his cock in earnest. He would have been gasping if that gag wasn’t fillinghis mouth. She decided that there were a few more climaxes in her, so she satdown again in front of him, grabbed the handle of the dildo and, using it,pulled him into her mouth and held him there. Her other hand was busy on herengorged clit, rolling it like a little marble in oil. The thought of himimpaled on the dildo up his ass, quivering and pulsing in an effort to get itin deeper at the same time he was trying to move his hard cock into her mouth,and the knowledge that he would be pulling her head onto his cock if he could,quickly brought her up to another hard climax. She almost bit his cock it wasso intense. His struggles and groans were too delicious, so she decided to gofor another climax and wound up rolling through another 4 or 5 intense orgasms.She lost track around the third one.
She knew he could feel her jerk as she came, frustrated,desperate and powerless to do anything, particularly to climax himself. It washeaven. She just got hotter and hotter and came harder and harder while he justhung there, soo aroused and barely able to move with that huge black dick uphis ass.
Finally coming down from her orgasms, she slowly pulledthe dildo out of his hungry ass, hearing him protest and feeling him try tosuck it back in as she withdrew. Saying “ Oooh that little butt likes beingfed, doesn’t it, ” bringing another muffled groan from him. Getting up, shewent into the bathroom, dropped the dildo into the sink and scrubbed her handsthoroughly and carefully, it looked like he did a good job cleaning himself out,for there was nothing but lubricant on the dildo and her fingers.
When she came back in, she worked on his nipples for abit, just to see him jump and get his cock hard before going back to herpaperwork for a while. It was quite delightful seeing him hanging there, hard,dripping and ready for her to tease and play with whenever she wanted - whichshe did whenever she walked by to go to the kitchen. She even held a cold Cokecan behind his balls as she sucked his cock into her mouth, enjoying thereaction it brought.
Most of her morning’s work was now done, so she just saton the couch and relaxed for a few minutes, watching TV. Looking at him, captive and suffering thisway, just served to arouse her more, even though she had paced herself throughthe morning, she wanted that cock in her.
She just had to try it. Kneeling on the footstool, sheslid her sex over his cock. He groaned and tried to thrust forward, effectivelytelling her just how far he could move. She then began to rock forward andback, working his cock in and out of her sex, controlling the depth and thepace of his penetration. She could feel his desperation to move enough to reacha climax, and would simply move with him or stop, pulling off to prevent anyfriction on his cock until he simply gave up trying. She fingered her clit and brought herself toseveral more wrenching climaxes with his cock trapped inside her. He could feelher clamping on him as she came, but because he couldn’t thrust, he couldn’tcome. What a delicious torment. She could use his cock for her pleasurewhile denying him the release he so desperately wanted. She said “ I hope youare enjoying giving me what I want; you DO feel good in me. Keep that littlecock of yours nice and hard for me and we’ll get along just fine. By the way,do you like the feel of your cock in my wet pussy? If you do, just stay all hotand hard so I can enjoy you and maybe I will let you cum.”
After coming back to her senses, she got up and went backto the rest of her paperwork, again enjoying the sight of his cock, so hard andso desperate to cum.
Since it was already fifteen minutes after 2 o’clock, andshe had finished her lunch earlier, she decided it was time to give him abreak. She unsnapped his ankles, pulled out the gag, unfastened the blindfoldand told him that he was getting a lunch break. She unfastened the snaps on hiswrists and he let himself down, finding standing quite difficult. She couldtell his mouth was dry so she told him to go into the kitchen and pour himselfsomething to drink, take another Viagra and fix 2 crackers and 2 pieces ofcheese for his lunch. He answered “ Yes Mistress, ” and did as he wastold.
She told him that at 2:30 she wanted him spread out on thebed, on his back with his legs tied to the corners of the bed and his handstied at his sides. If he wanted to eat and go to the bathroom, he’d better befinished and on the bed or he would get it. Again, he answered “ Yes Mistress ”.
Actually, the break was a welcome one for her. Theintensity of this whole experience was draining and she needed to relax a bitbefore continuing.
He wolfed down the crackers and cheese and drank a glassof water. Time was running out and he hadn’t set up the bed. He quickly went tothe bathroom and then went into the bedroom where the bag of straps was. Layingface down on the bed as he reached over the side to tie the strap, he did nothear her come up behind him. Smack went her hand on his ass as she told him “ you’relate ”. He quickly got the strap tied and moved to the other corner, closerto her. Smack went her hand again. “ I told you to be ready at 2:30 and hereyou are fooling around on the bed ”. She gave him several more whilegrinning to herself because he did not notice that it was only 2:25.
He finally got the other strap tied, even with her“helping” him by providing an incentive to get it tied and turned over,frantically snapping both of the hooks to his ankles. Reaching for the bag, hepulled out a short strap with 2 snap hooks that he attached to his wrist andpassed behind his back. He climbed onto the towel in the middle of the bed, layback and waited for her next instructions. She tightened his ankle straps,snapped his wrist to the strap behind his back and climbed onto the bed. Shehooked one of the long corner straps to the one joining his wrists and pulledit up to the headboard where she tied it off. He was now unable to move. He wasactually more restricted here, and certainly more accessible, than hanging inthe doorway. His cock had softened a bit and she scolded him for not keeping ithard for her. He replied “ I’m sorry, Mistress” I won’t let it happen again. ”“ You are damned right you won’t. I want you so hard you are aching ” washer reply. ”T hat thing doesn’t do anything for me if it is limp! ”
Now she sat on his chest saying. “ Do you want this ?”As she spread her swollen pussy lips open for his view. “ Oh, god yes!” w ashis reply. She could see that the smell of her crotch was turning him on.Reaching down and pinching his nipple, she said “ yes what, slave ?” “ Yes mistress ” was his reply. “ Good,if you behave yourself and do EXACTLY what you are told to do, you might getsome. Your only job is to give ME what I want, understood ?” “ YesMistress ” was his answer. She lifted the blindfold that was around his neckand put it over his eyes, patting him on the head and saying, “ that’s a goodboy, do what your Mistress wants. ”
With that, she got off the bed and went back into theliving room, and back to her work, which was now almost complete. She spentanother hour or so finishing up her projects. Occasionally, she would go intothe bedroom to “check” on him - working on his cock, putting her fingers in hersex and rubbing them under his nose, playing with or sucking his nipples and soon. She’d spend just enough time to bring him back up to a boil and then stop,going back to her work, leaving him pulsing on the bed without the release hewanted. Delightful!
Finally she was done with her work and came back into thebedroom, saying “How’s my little toy? Are you keeping it nice and hard for yourMistress? I do hope so because I might want to have some fun with it again.”
She climbed onto the bed and sat on his stomach with herhands pinning his shoulders to the mattress. “ Are you ready to perform forme? Are you ready to service me like a good little slave? Is that cock nice andhard like I want it ?” He replied “ Yes Mistress .” She sat on hischest with her pussy inches away from his face. He could smell her scent andlifted his face to try and lick it but found she was just beyond reach. Shebunched up a pillow behind his head but he still could not reach her. “Well,” she said, “ That’s too bad. I guess you’ll just have to watch since you can’tmake it ” and lifted off his blindfold.
Then she moved her left hand up to her right breast andstarted to play with her nipple. While her finger stroked and circled hernipple, her right had descended to her clit. She continued tracing littlecircles around the nipple while her finger slid up and down the outside of herlabia. He could only watch as her fingers and thumb parted her labia and herfinger started to massage her clit. She slid two fingers deep into her wetpussy and moaned in enjoyment. They came out glistening with her moisture. “ Doyou want to taste me ?” she asked” “ Yes please ” He answered. “ Canyou smell my hot pussy? ” she inquired. “ Yes Mistress ” he answered. “ Wouldyou like to suck all the yummy juices from my pussy ?” She asked. “ Oh,Yes Mistress, ” he replied. “ Good, we’ll see about that later, but onlyif you behave ”.
She held her fingers poised over his mouth and tipped themdownward. He opened his mouth to receive them but she held them up just out ofreach until a single drop fell into his open mouth. “ That’s all for now ”she told him. “ More, please ” he begged. “ Quiet now, don’t distract meor else ” she replied. “ But I want to taste you so badly, ” he said. “ Youasked for a taste, which I just gave you, and I asked you to be quiet, whichyou did not do. You have disobeyed me again. I . told . you . to . be . quiet!” Taking the blindfold, she slid it back over his head and took the gag, slid itinto her sex to get her juices on it and pushed it into his mouth, tighteningthe strap around his head
Too bad she didn’t have that gag/dildo combination she sawon the web. That would allow her to get off right in his face. He could watchher cum, smell her sex and do nothing about it except hold still and let herfuck his mouth. Mmm, it made her wet just thinking about it.
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She also liked the idea of tormenting him by turning itaround when she had come enough and making him suck it and lick it clean whiletelling him that this was as close as he was going to get to licking her. Itwould drive him crazy. . . . Well, enough daydreaming.
She got off of him and went back into the other room,leaving him there blindfolded, with the gag in his mouth and his cock rock hardand throbbing.
After a bit she returned and asked him if he was ready tobehave. He nodded his head “Yes” and she reached down and removed the gag,saying, “ Good, I hope you have learned your lesson. ”
With that, she straddled him and slid up to force her wetcrotch into his face and mouth. “ Lick it ” she commanded. He immediatelywent to work on her. Starting at the bottom of her sex and licking all the wayup to suck gently on her clitoris. God, it felt good. She could feel herselfcoming up too quickly, a lot faster than she had planned on. The fact that shewas so ready was probably due to the 20 or 30 times she had cum during the morning.Keeping him in a state of heightened arousal had the same effect on her, onlyevery climax she had made her hungry for more.
Her crotch was now completely alive and dripping. Afteranother minute or so of his licking and sucking, she could feel herselfclimbing to another orgasm. As she got hotter and hotter she ground her crotchinto his mouth, wanting to feel his tongue deep inside of her. Her clit received his wonderful attention butshe wanted to feel him inside her.
Tiring of humping his face, she moved off of him. His cockwas standing up like a flagpole, twitching. She turned to him and said “ Mymy, it looks like you are all excited, just look at how hard your little dickeyis! ” He groaned as his cock jumped in response. Moving down to lick on his nipples she said “ Let’ssee what THIS does to your little thingie. ” She proceeded to lick, suck,pinch and even bite his nipples, causing him to jump and twist on the bed likea fish out of water.
Hmmm . . she wondered how well some nipple clamps wouldwork on him. He did like it when she pinched them or pulled on them. She wouldhave to look into this at a later date and maybe surprise him with them.
That close-up view of his cock screaming for attention asshe worked his nipples caused a hard contraction in her crotch and released afresh flow of wet juices. She almost came just looking at that hard, shiny,pulsing cock.
She just had to have it in her and mounted him. God hefelt good, he was hot inside her and felt big because she was so swollen. She worked him with her sex. Moving for herpleasure not his, pulling and pinching his nipples to get him to arch and pulseinside her. All the while she is telling him “ Don’t you dare cum. I want MYcock hard for another six hours, so you’d better let me know if you are gettingclose ”. He replied “ Yes, I’ll let you know. ” She pulled herself upand in her fiercest voice told him “ I did not give you permission to speak. ”He replied “ yes Mistress ” and kept his mouth shut. God, she felt so powerful,riding his cock, controlling him and even telling him that he couldn’t cumuntil she said so. The thought of it made her tighten on his cock even more, asif to emphasize the fun she was having dominating him.
She moved off of him, leaned over and suddenly sucked hiscock deeply into her mouth. He gasped and arched to meet her. She quicklypulled off and said “ that’s enough fooling around. You are to rest a whileand think about keeping MY cock hard and ready for whenever I want it! ”
Taking the gag, she again slid it into her sex to get herjuices on it. Then, after shoving it in his mouth and strapping it to his head,she got off the bed and went into the living room to do some more work, leavinghim spread out, and deprived of sight so all he could do was concentrate on hishard cock and tasting her on the gag in his mouth. He had no idea of when hewould be released or called on to perform for her or be assaulted by her, whichwas just delightful to think about.
She left him tied there for quite a while as she finishedup her work for the day, walking in occasionally to play with his nipples orwith his cock, just to see it jump and hear him moan. A few minutes later shecame back in and attached the suction cups to his nipples, she wanted them niceand sensitive.
Finally, an hour or so later, after it got dark, shewalked back into the bedroom, popped the cups off his nipples and reached overto untie the knot holding his hands to the headboard. She said “ turn over ”,unsnapping one of his wrists and releasing the gag as she did so. She left theblindfold on him and told him that she was going to FUCK his ass until he wassquealing like a little piggy and told him to turn over, now!. He quickly goton his hands and knees, with his feet over the bottom edge of the bed, beforepulling several pillows under his chest for support. She then took the strapsfrom the corners of the bed and snapped them back onto his ankles, pulling themtighter so his legs were held spread. She took her hand and spanked his assseveral times to see how much he could move. After working on him for a minuteor so, getting his butt red in the process, she pulled the ankle straps eventighter to further immobilize his legs.
Next, she climbed onto the bed in front of him and thrusther crotch into his face, saying “ This is to let you know that you’re MYproperty. Now lick. Give me what I want. ”
He went right to work on licking and sucking her clit.When he started to bring up one of his hands, she slapped his shoulder and said“ I said lick, not touch ”. She then pulled away and reached forward tosnap his wrists together in front of his chest, allowing him to support himselfwith his arms almost folded while restricting his movements. She then slid herwet crotch back into his face and commanded him to “Get busy or you are goingto get it. I want to come NOW”! Hequickly managed to bring her up to another lovely climax with that talentedtongue of his. He would flutter his tongue over her clit as he sucked on it. .. mmmmm… this WAS fun.
All it did was make her hornier and hungrier. She decidedthat it was time for her “surprise”, slid off the bed, and went into the otherroom where she had a bag hidden behind the hi-fi. Opening the bag, she took out a double-endedstrap-on dildo that she had ordered from one of the internet sites. Puttingsome KY on the smaller end, she slid it into her sex and buckled it on. Mmmmm,it did feel good sliding into her. It felt bigger in her now than when itarrived and she had tried it on to get the buckles adjusted. Wow, here she was,with a 7 inch, hard cock that was now part of her. She was the boy top and hewas going to be the little piggy girl bottom.
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She walked back into the bedroom, got onto the bed andrubbed the dildo against his cheek, saying “ open your mouth little piggie, Ihave something for you. ” She slid itinto his mouth slowly telling him to lick it and suck on the head. Then shebegan to fuck his face with “her” cock, telling him to “ suck it baby, makeit feel good ”.. What a feeling of power it gave her. She grabbed his hairand forced his head down onto HER cock, causing him to gag and struggle beforepulling it out of his throat. Shecontinued to fuck his mouth telling him to “ suck it hard for your mistress ”just because it felt good on her clit. After a little while she decided it was timeto go for his ass, telling him “ Youare MY toy, and you are to give ME what I want, and now I want that sweetlittle piggy ass of yours. Understand ”? He groaned and said “ Ye, yesMistress. ”
She moved off the bed, got the bottle of lube, poured someon her hand and started to work her fingers into his ass, moving in and outuntil he began to relax and start responding, moving into her hand as she slidher fingers in. He was ready. She slid her fingers out, wiped them off on thetowel that was there and got the lubricant bottle. Knowing he was hungry tohave his ass invaded, she put some lube on her hand and reached between hislegs for his cock. She could feel his frustration and arousal as she strokedhis cock instead of playing with his ass. She worked on it as if she wasmilking a cow’s teat hanging down, pulling it out hard behind him. When shethought she had brought him up far enough, she stopped and left him to twitchin the cool air. He moaned and said “ Oh God! ”
Turning her attention to the dildo sticking out from hercrotch, she lubed it up generously. Standing behind him, she enjoyed the sightof his back and his ass in front of her. He was totally vulnerable andpowerless. She lightly ran her hand down his back to his ass, causing him toarch and move his butt back towards her, wanting to be filled. God she waswet! Grabbing the slick dildo, andholding his hip with one hand, she slowly slid it into his hungry ass. Hissharp intake of air and the moan were enough to know that she had his fullattention and he squirmed and tried to meet her thrust.
Gradually she moved in and out, slowly picking up speed,fucking him with “her” cock. She slapped his ass and said “your ass is MINE, doyou like being fucked like a little girl piggy? Does my big, hard cock feelgood in your tight little ass?” All he could do was moan with every thrust,making a long muffled eeee sound as she slid her “cock” into him. She smacked his ass again and said, “ answerme! Does my little piggy like being FUCKED in the ASS? ” He moaned “ YesMistress ” in between her thrusts, trying to escape that thing invading hisass but enjoying it at the same time. All the while his “eeee” moans weregetting louder and louder as pumped her cock into him.
What a high, what fun, SHE was fucking his ass and hecouldn’t do a thing about it except take it. The in and out movement of the strap-on began to do its work on herclit. The top ridge on the dildo in her was in just the right place to slideover her very sensitive nub. She gradually shifted her focus from doing him tothe sensations that it gave her, becoming hotter and hotter as she fucked him.
Every time she pumped into him, it caused the ribs on thedildo to hit her swollen clit, making her crazy to do it faster and harder asshe got closer and closer to cumming. He was totally lost in the sensations ofhis anal invasion and squealing and moaning with every thrust, completelyoblivious to everything except that plastic dick in his ass. She was nowfucking him as hard and as fast as she could, holding his hips while grindingand rotating hers as she drove into him, not caring about what it was doing tohis ass but completely focused on taking HER pleasure from the ridge working onher swollen clit. And take it she did, this climax was the hardest of the day.She kept on fucking him and it rolled into another, and another and anotheruntil she could hardly move, collapsing on top of him.
Shaking from the intensity of the whole experience, shepulled out and lay there next to him for a couple of minutes, slowly comingback down to Earth.
He remained still, his ass open and twitching from theassault, moaning quietly and completely submissive like a good little piggy.She loved it.
When she could move again, she got up, took off thestrap-on, put it in the sink and got a warm washcloth, which she used to wipehis slick ass.
She unsnapped his wrists and ankles and told him to rollover, “ I’m not finished with you yet, ” she said as she pulled thepillows out from under him. A shaky “ YesMistress ” was his reply. Her next command was “ fix your arms, ” whichhe quickly did, snapping the short strap connecting his wrists behind his backand laying down. She pulled his knees up and fastened his ankles to the wriststraps on each side. Now he was wide open and immobile. She could get to hiscock and to his ass with ease.
It was now close to 9 PM and almost time to end the game.She got the lube and black dildo. Lubing it, she again worked it into his ass,enjoying his moans as she slid it in. “ Ooh, does my little piggy like beingbutt fucked? ” she asked. “ Oh, yes Mistress, ” was his reply. “ Good,because I’m not finished fucking your ass. ”
With that she started to work the dildo in and out. Whenhe felt loosened up enough, she started in on his cock - working both togetherto increase the intensity of his arousal. He has spent the entire day hard anddripping and it should be an impressive climax when he finally lets go.
She brought him to the edge 4 or 5 more times, letting goof the dildo and his cock simultaneously when he got too close, watching hiscock jump and throb as she did so. He was moaning audibly now and trying tomove his hips to gain release. She asked “ Is you cock hard enough? You knowI want it throbbing and ready to cum for me! ”
She would let him lay there and pulse for a couple ofminutes between each attack on his cock, giving him enough time to settle backdown and then start in all over again, teasing him mercilessly until he came upagain, and again.
Finally it was time to kick him over the edge. She startedworking on him in earnest, using her hand and the dildo together as before. Ashe began to come up, she slowed way down, stretching it out painfully. At lasthe approached the point of no return, as his balls pulled up, she rammed thedildo in and out of his ass as fast as she could. With her other hand she had a death grip onhis cock, clamping hard as she forced it down from the head of his cock and thereleasing it as her hand slid up. As she repeated her pumping movements, hebegan to shake and arch up (he couldn’t move much because of the restraints,which only served to increase his need).
He started a moan that came from deep inside of him andgrew in intensity as he finally reached his climax. He shot what seemed like ashot-glass full of sperm, all over his chest and almost to his face, convulsingviolently as he did so. She felt such a rush of power, controlling his climaxso completely that her sex tightened as he came, almost cumming herself in theprocess of generating his orgasm. After holding still for a moment, sheunsnapped his ankles and let him stretch his legs out, kissing him softly asshe undid the last one. “ Lie still, my love, ” she said, and lay therenext to him, holding him, feeling so completely connected by the experience. Heawkwardly unsnapped one of his wrists and put his arm around her, pulling herclose. He kissed her neck and said “ Ilove you ” and, after a moment, said “ well, did you like having me asyour toy for the day?” She snuggledinto him and said “ Yes, I can’t believe how much fun I had. Thank you honey ”.“ No, thank you. I had no idea that I could last that long. I was so hot ”was his reply, “ we might have to do this again. ” He then said “ it’s your turn next. ” To which she replied “ Ha! Only if your team wins the gamenext weekend; do you want to go for double or nothing? ” He didn’t say aword.
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