Stranger Danger
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It had been a difficult few months at work. The 'too hard' basket on my desk was reaching maximum capacity - a hundred little complicated tasks that everyone else seemed to think was MY job to solve. Every single time I found a moment to myself to reach for the to do list, the phone would blare its nagging ring, only to convey some disgruntled customer who felt the need  to vent their dissatisfaction on whomever it was that responded - which was always myself! The stress was atrocious and took its toll on my normally even temper. Something had to give... I was not in the habit of going out on a weeknight, especially alone - but as all of my usual social crowd seemed too entrenched in their own problems and unwilling to venture out, I decided to go out anyway. The plan was merely to have a few quiet drinks to relieve some of my angst, then go home to bed to sleep it off. I entered a nice, relatively quiet pub and found a little nook to settle into, ordering a black russian. As I had come straight from the office, I was conscious that my blouse, short skirt and high heels may attract the attention of any body who was feeling horny that night, but the idea of being perved at was a welcome distraction to the constant barrage of mundane ramblings in my head regarding work. So I deliberately stretched out and posed a little - feeling a bit naughty and flirtatious. What I needed, I mused to myself, was a jolly good SHAG. I had not been involved with anyone for quite some time, the necessity and intensity of my job not allowing the opportunity to meet anyone I felt interested in enough to shed my clothes for. So now, after my third drink, I began to sense my body responding to my meditations and tingling with the possibility of an encounter. But the bar was quiet tonight and the few attractive men that were present seemed too busy watching sport on the large television screen to notice the goddess provocating herself at the bar. I was feeling pretty drunk now, having switched from my usual black russian, to a more potent bevy of Drambui on ice. The burning in my throat and deliciously warm bubbling in my belly making me languid and uninhibited. Midnight had arrived, the bar was closing and it was evidently time to leave. With more than a little disappointment, I grabbed my bag and headed outside. The air was thick and sultry, a glorious summer evening. As I strolled leisurely to the parking lot, my mind was floating in and out of a dreamy reverie involving naked, writhing bodies and steamy whispers. As I arrived at my car, a sudden, horrifying thought interrupted my fantasies. I was DRUNK! Completely inebriated beyond the point of thinking coherently, let alone driving anywhere. I hastily put my keys back in my bag and glanced furtively at the nearby taxi rank. Empty. Shit! It was a pleasant evening though and my flat was only a half hour walk away. So I decided to enjoy the exercise, turned in the general direction of home and started walking, my red heels click clacking down the almost deserted pavement, putting me into a trance. I allowed my thoughts to drift back to my dreamlike state and once again, elicit a plethora of sexual images to feast on. I was looking forward to getting home and retrieving my vibrator to resolve my tension, to be honest. I had managed only four blocks when I suddenly felt so darn tired, and my shoes were starting to hurt. I happened to stop alongside a small park. It was sunken below the street level and could only be accessed by a long winding set of stone steps. I held on to the railing and made my way down, the air getting cooler as i descended, the fresh inviting smell of lush flowers and greenery overwhelming me. I took off my shoes and sunk my toes into the thick grass, reveling in the sensations and thoroughly enjoying the dappled darkness of nooks and crannies in every direction. I was drawn toward a large willowy night shade jasmine tree, the tiny white blossoms emanating an intoxicating sweet aroma, and lay down in the shadows, my arms and legs splayed, totally relaxed and still deliriously drunk. I opened a few buttons on my blouse, allowing the cool night air to waft across my hot cleavage and lifted up my knees, my skirt riding up to my buttocks. My mind was still focused entirely on erotic imagery and I found myself stroking my breasts and thighs, lazily caressing my skin into a heavenly tingle. It was so peaceful and deserted that I fully intended on permitting myself to continue, until..."Can I join you?" A deep voice broke through the darkness, only metres away from where I lay, sprawled and vulnerable. I jumped up to a sitting position, jerking my legs together and fumbling for my buttons. He laughed softly. My eyes scanned the area nervously, looking for a quick escape route. I could only see his silhouette in the moonlight - a handsome one at that - but startling enough to make the blood rush out of my head and my mouth go as dry as the Sahara. I couldn't speak."It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you..." he murmured. His tone was assuring and gentle, but fear still gripped at my heart. What on EARTH was I thinking! Drunk, alone, in the middle of the night, half-dressed, in a public park! My own stupidity astounded me. I found my voice."Well... well, what ARE you going to do then?!" I stammered, trying not to sound as petrified as I felt, and failing miserably."Ummm.... well, I certainly didn't want to interrupt. You seemed like you were having a pretty good time!" I could hear the smirk on his mouth. I blushed and smiled, embarrassed, yet strangely turned on by his manner."Perhaps..." he continued "You could keep going and I could just" My mind was racing. The danger of my predicament was quickly draining the effects of the alcohol out of my body, but my fear was rapidly turning to excitement at what seemed to me, to be an opportunity to experience something new and quite... well, extraordinary. He shifted his body slightly, sitting back on a boulder. A solitary beam of moonlight struck his face and I gasped. Oh my god! What an incredibly beautiful face... he smiled, his arms dangling casually over his knees."So, do you want me to leave?" Confident and cocky, but seemingly serious."Ahhhh.... no, I think it's ok... if you stay" I breathed out slowly, settling myself back onto the grass, but maintaining eye contact and trying not to smile... too much."My names Joseph" he offered "And I think I am very pleased to meet you!" He grinned."Ruby" I replied "And I think you may have caught me at a rather private moment, Joseph!""Private?!" he teased "In a public park?!"  I blushed furiously again."Yes... well" I joked "A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do" We both laughed, totally at ease now in each others company. But my adrenaline was still coursing, my heart thumping through my chest. Where to go from here? I was wondering... As if reading my thoughts, Joseph moved a little closer and lay on his side, his arm supporting his head. I could see his entire body now. A crisp white shirt tucked into snug dark jeans, showing off his muscular frame. Gorgeous! I exclaimed in my mind. Absolutely perfect actually. My eyes drifted down to the obvious bulge below his belt and stayed there. He was definitely turned on, his cock exerting quite a strain on the zipper of his jeans, begging to be released. "Soooo...." he started "Where were you, before I so rudely interrupted your fun?" His eyes sparkling in the moonlight.I lay back on the grass and lifted my knees up again, this time spreading my legs a little wider and heaving my tits outwards to strain at the three closed button on my black chiffon shirt."Somewhere about.... here... I think" I drawled, still looking at his face, but running one hand provocatively up my thighs to expose my red transparent panties. My other hand found the remaining buttons and undid them slowly, letting the flimsy shirt fall to the side of my chest, revealing a black lacy bra, overflowing with bountiful tits."Mmmmm... wonderful!" he murmured, his hand automatically reaching out then springing back, unsure as to whether 'touching' was a part of our little 'deal'. I reached over and grabbed his hand, drawing it onto my breast to cup its fullness. He rolled forward so that his body was pressing up against the side of my body."I WANT your hands on me Joe" I whispered urgently and seriously. He flicked the edge of the bra, pulling it down and popping out my nipple, rolling it firmly under his fingers. I moaned at his touch, my hands running up my skirt again and onto my pussy, stroking myself and feeling my lips respond by swelling and heating up."May I put my mouth on your breast Ruby?" he asked politely."Please do!" I grinned back "And you don't need to ask anymore... I'm yours tonight""Marvelous" he intoned, whilst lowering his head to my cleavage and slipping his hand under my back to release the clasp. My tits bounced into his face, his breath hot and heavy on my erect nipple. As his tongue licked and sucked on me, his hands explored my curves, sliding up the inside of my thigh to my panties. He pulled them aside and clasped his hand around my entire pussy, slipping his middle finger inside of me to draw out the wetness and rub it into my aching clit. I was getting noisy now, my eyes closed, lost in the sensation of the bliss I had been craving for so badly. Joe's pelvis was pushing into the side of my leg, his cock rigid and hot - needing attention. I turned sideways, keeping my legs apart to allow him access, and started to undo his belt. His eyes responded, lighting up and smiling, kissing me gently on the mouth until I opened the zipper and tucked my hand into his boxers to grasp his cock. It was so smooth and big and burning, that I felt desperate to get at it, tugging roughly at his pants to pull them off. Joe helped me slide them down, his dick springing out into my waiting hands. We began to kiss intensely, our tongues exploring every inch of each others mouths. He shoved a few fingers into my slippery hole causing me to grind against his hand lustfully. My own hands were busy rubbing his wetness all over the head of his cock and squeezing his balls, that were tensing up with the promise of a sweet load. Joe pulled at the thin line of string on my saturated knickers and dragged them down over my knees and feet. I still had my skirt and blouse on, but they didn't seem to be in the way and were ignored. Joe rolled on top of me, his weight pushing the air out of my lungs, eliciting a groan of pleasure. I loved the raw masculinity of his body crushing mine and tucked my hands in between our bodies to undo his shirt buttons, wanting his flesh to be on mine, unimpeded. Joe's cock glided purposefully between my crotch and over my smooth dripping pussy. We continued to kiss earnestly whilst I manoeuvred my legs up high around the back of his neck, opening right up to receive him. The first thrust was like being punched in the stomach. A glorious filling up that made my thighs tremble and my breathing stop. "Uhhhhh!" I almost yelled. He quickly looked at my face."You alright?!" Concern etched on his features. I laughed."Yes!! oh yes!! Sorry...more than alright... don't stop!... do it harder! I LOVE it"Joe grunted and began ramming his dick into my pussy with so much enjoyment and enthusiasm that it induced a torrent of loud catcalls from my mouth. I have never been so damn noisy during sex in my life, and of all places to start, I was choosing a very public park! lol.  I could not contain it however, and Joe appeared mesmerised by his ability to create such a response in me. We kept this up for another five minutes or so when I was suddenly overcome with the urge to change positions."Hang on a sec..." I said, pushing his chest back slightly so that he fell out of me. He stood on his knees, pants off, his throbbing cock poking through the bottom of his shirt tails, glistening in a moonbeam.  I rolled over and pushed myself up on my hands and knees, sticking my ass backwards toward his body."Hmmm..." he mused "Yes please!!" He grasped my hips and shoved his cock straight in, making me talkative again."Yes Joe! Fuck me senseless! I NEED it... pound me!" He was more than obliging and I kept glancing over my shoulder to watch his face, his mouth open and noisy, his eyes rolling and flicking in pleasure. My tits were dancing all over the place, bouncing in response to his pumping. It felt so wild to be in the middle of a garden, doing this... so primal and sexy as hell. Joe slowed down a bit and reached a hand around my hips to find my mound. His fingers pulled gently at my scant pubic hair then burrowed into my slit, stroking my engorged slippery nub, causing me to moan and squirm against his touch. He kept the motion constant, moving his dick in and out of my pussy in long slow thrusts, building the sensation and tension in my body to a glorious peak. My head fell to the ground, my face in the grass, the smell of dirt mixed with our sexual ardour swimming in my head. The walls of my pussy clenched onto Joe's cock, tightening around him, sucking his shaft and bringing him to the brink. We were grinding and moving against each others bodies in a haze of intensity, not giving a shit who may have been watching or how loud we were being. One set of fingers still fondling my clit and the other slipping between my ass cheeks and rimming my asshole, Joe was moaning my name, his body shaking with the anticipation of release. I reached one hand under my spread legs and held on to his balls, tightly bunched up under my pussy, squeezing them and my pussy at the same time... BANG! A roaring orgasm assailed me, transporting my mind to another dimension, rocking and shaking my whole body and strangling Joe's cock. I squealed."Ohhh! Yes... yes! That feels magnificent!!" he uttered in delight  "...and I'm gonna blow too Rubes!" he warned loudly, pulling out quickly and grasping the bottom of his shaft to delay his release. I quickly turned around, fumbling in my delirium, and took over. Taking his pulsing cock into my mouth and rolling my tongue over his head and slit, grabbing his ass and pushing his pelvis into my face. Just as I began to taste his sweet cum unloading, I lowered his cock to my tits, delighting in watching his seed overflowing onto them and rubbing it into my nipples with abandon. Joe's hands were in my hair, gently pulling it off my face so that he could watch the excitement on my face at his offering, a drunken grin on his own features. Spent, we both fell back onto the grass, panting and laughing. We lay there for a while, lost in our own pleasant thoughts, not feeling the need to talk or even touch each other. We were strangers, after all, with nothing in common (that we knew of) apart from the attraction to a nice, quiet, dark garden and an opportune fucking! lol.  About twenty minutes later, we dressed and kissed, thanking each other profusely, and went our separate ways - no discussion of exchanging phone numbers or any such agenda passing either of our lips.  A fact which I seriously regretted a few days later, sitting at my desk at work , re-living our clandestine adventure in my constant day dreaming. Every time I would stand up and bend over my desk, reaching for the infamous "to do" list, I would be overtaken with the idea of Joseph, behind me, all lustful and steamy, lifting up my skirt and having his way with me. Needless to say, my days at the office became less of a chore, and more of a secret pleasure. And the 'to do" list suddenly felt... DONE. ;)
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