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It was a Thursday night in the office, 5:30 in the evening and Michelle and I just left the bosses office, with news our presentation needed altering and amending for Friday’s meeting with our clients. We knew the alterations would take a couple of hours at least, so agreed to stay late to finish it rather come to work early. Everyone had gone when at around 6:00 the boss said he was leaving.   In the morning we had a 10 o’clock meeting with the boss before the 11:00 meeting scheduled with the clients. This was important for the company, they were our major clients and the contract was hugely important to everyone. We knew our presentation would be finished, but it was going to take time to get it right.   Michelle and I always got on well, we enjoyed working together and the two of us looked after some of the companies’ top clients so we spent a lot of time in each other’s company, so we knew each other well. We thought alike, sharing interests outside of work and thinking alike in the office.   As we set to making the adjustments, we sat in the conference room, just because it was simpler to display the presentation so we could see it clearly. We sat opposite, across the table, typing of our laptops. Every so often we would ask how the other was doing, what changes we had made and reassessed the presentation.   Time passed and before we knew it, it was 9:30pm. We couldn’t believe it, it had taken us longer than expect to complete the presentation, but we were finished. We decide to set everything up in the bosses’ office, to save time in the morning. It also, meant that we could avoid coming in until 9:30 instead of 9 o’clock in the morning. We carried everything though to the office, there were two huge flip charts and the hand outs. We tided the conference room and prepared it for the meeting with clients the next morning, setting up the projector and the refreshments trolley.   By this time, it was nearly 10 o’clock. We collected our things and headed back to the main office, our desks arrange next to each other. We both put a few things into our bags and shut our laptops down. We looked at each other, puffed our cheeks out and fell back into our chairs. We both spread our legs, not for any reason other than we were exhausted. However, I found myself looking at her legs, trying to see up her skirt, her skirt not even short, it came to just above her knees, but for some unknown strange reason I was looking. I suddenly snapped out of my stare, she hadn’t seen me looking; her head was tilted back against the chair. Then Michelle thrust upright, looked at me, raised her eyebrows and said, “Time for bed I think?”   I was shocked, surprised and stunned yet amazed, was she actually suggesting?   I looked back at Michelle, she realised how that sounded, and her cheeks began to blush. I smiled, winked at her in a jocular fashion. Then we both burst into fits of laughter. I then remembered that the boss kept a couple of glasses and a bottle of Jack Daniels in his filing cabinet. I asked Michelle if she like whiskey, she replied, “Yes, occasionally”. I told her about the drink in the bosses’ office and said that for staying late to finish and working until we’re shattered. She agreed we headed for the office; I pulled the drawer open, taking the bottle and glasses out. I poured the JD into her glass, turned and gave it to her; I then poured myself a drink. I turned round and offered my glass, she brought her glass to mine and they clucked, we said, “Cheers” and had a sip from our glasses. Looking a bit bemused she looked at her glass, then at mine, before asking why she had more than I did. I just said, “It’s okay, I’m not trying to get you drunk” laughing aloud. Then I reassured her that I didn’t want to be rude, it was just I needed to be careful as I was driving. I knew Michelle didn’t drive so it was okay to give her more, but there was no intention to get her drunk. From my conscience mind anyway!   We only had the one drink before putting the bottle and glasses back in the drawer. It was heading to 10:30pm as we head to our desks to collect our things, turning the lights off we head down the corridor to the lifts. I ask Michelle how she is getting home as she usually catches the bus but she doesn’t leave this late usually. She said that she’d wait for the next bus, so I asked how long that would be. Michelle didn’t know. I did the only decent thing a gentleman and friend would do, I offered her a lift, insisting. She lived 20 minutes past my place but I didn’t mind and she accepted the lift.   As we got to the car I asked if she’d eaten earlier, telling her that I hadn’t. She said she had lunch but nothing since. I was hungry and so decided I wanted to get some food, I knew a good takeaway near my place so I asked Michelle if she minded me pulling over to get food. Michelle didn’t mind and I offered to buy her some food, we looked over the menu and choose. We waited inside the takeaway for our food talking about our work and the presentation we had tomorrow.   At some point she invited me back to her place to eat the food so I offered to buy a bottle of wine from the off license next door. The food was ready, so I gave Michelle the keys to the car while I got the wine. A couple of minutes later I looked over to Michelle, she had the food sat on her lap. I said, “You can put the food on the floor you know”. Michelle looked at me and said, “Yes, I know but it feels so could between my legs, I can feel the warmth from the food”. My eyes quickly fixed on the road again, I couldn’t believe what Michelle had just said, and did she mean it how I took it? I looked over again, as Michelle leaned forward placing the food on the floor, I felt like I’d made her uncomfortable, but just then, she looked at me with a cheeky smile on a face and proceeded to pull her skirt up to the top of her thighs, I couldn’t see anything other than her silky legs.   With a ridiculous grin attached to my face I said, “Are you trying to make me crash?” Michelle just laughed, before her hand passed over the middle of the car towards my knee. I felt her lay her hand down, she glanced at me as if more permission to carry on, I wasn’t going to stop her, especially has her hand began wondering up the inside of my leg. She guided her hand up and down my leg a few time before pausing and reaching right between my legs. Her hand ran up and down again, her fingers rolling over my balls and up the bulge she was starting to feel.   Then I heard this click, as her seat belt released from its slot, she leaned further over and unzipped my trousers, sliding her hand in she felt the warm bulge in my boxers before rolling her fingers over my balls again, and this time up the back of my more defined shaft. As my bulge continued expanding in the palm of her hand she began to hold my cock through my boxers, forcing my foreskin down then releasing it back up, until the head of my cock had appeared at the top of my boxers. I didn’t look down, but I knew I had become exposed from the new cool air I now felt surround the tip of my cock.   As her hand felt my exposed cock, she looked at me; I just raised my eyebrows as to say, “What?” Michelle’s hand reached inside, firmly gripping my hardening shaft, she began to stroke purposefully, when I could feel a gush of pre-cum making way to the tip of my cock, I wondered if Michelle would feel it. I felt her hand cup my balls and bring them above my ever sinking boxers; she leaned further over and lowered her mouth down onto the tip of my cock, her tongue running round me. She must have felt the pre-cum. Michelle then took me in her mouth lowering further down all the time. As Michelle slid her mouth up and down my now fully hardened cock, I managed to withdraw my eyes from her silky legs, to look at the road, too late to notice the lay-by I had just passed. Without engaging my brain, the real one anyway, not the one Michelle had between her lips, although my next statement probably originated from there, I said, “If I see another lay-by I’m pulling over”. Just as the last word rolled off my tongue, her hand released from my cock and her mouth slid up my shaft and off my cock to a squelching sound. She sat back in her seat and we looked at each other, her eyes blank and mine showed my disappointment.   Until, looking at me all the time, she raised her ass off the seat, her eyes moved from mine as her hand departed my view up her skirt. I glanced at the road then back between her legs repeatedly, and then her arm began to return then her hand. In her hand was a scarlet red thong that was pulled from her gliding down her thighs, over her knees before falling to the floor. My eyes followed this tiny bit of red fabric all the way to the floor as her stiletto heeled shoes stepped over the remains of what had previously protected Michelle’s gateway.   We looked at each other, our eyes lit with intent desire. Michelle’s hand reached over to my cock again, she began stroking, then she leaned down again, taking my cock between her lips once again as her rose and sank, her tongue gliding up and down my solid shaft. As she lay across the gap between the two front seats I saw her perfectly curvaceous ass for the first time, her skirt just preventing me from seeing anything really, but if my head were round the other side looking up...   but I couldn’t see, my hand reached over her body, to the back of her thighs, my hand slowly disappearing up her skirt, I felt her ass, so warm, it felt so good. My finger grazed over her pussy lips, wet with anticipation, I began to rub my finger up and down over her swollen lips, it wasn’t long before they were spreading, as a welcoming gesture, wanting me to slide inside her. I did. She was so wet beneath her entrance, I began slowly massaging her with two fingers, before getting quicker.   Her mouth taking my cock quicker to, her lips tightening around my cock as her head thrust up and down, my foot pushing on the gas pedal harder, the speed of the car increasing the same as her head movements and those of my fingers too. My eyes dancing between the road and my hand, which I still couldn’t see, beneath her skirt. As I glared into the empty road, I spotted a lay-by ahead, my foot pulled up from the throttle, pressing the brake pedal down sharply. Michelle’s head rose, my cock slipping from her lips, but she didn’t release the grasp with her hand nor did she stop moving up and down.   I removed my fingers from her wet cunt, took the steering wheel and guided the car to the lay-by and to a halt. I unfastened my seatbelt, reached down to the front of my seat and pushed it back giving my legs more room. Michelle’s head found its way back to my cock, guiding me deep into her mouth again; I reached round to her arse again, this time pulling her skirt over the round smoothness of her perfectly formed ass. My finger ran over her clit briefly, yet firmly, before I thrust my two middle fingers back inside her, she felt so warm.   A few minutes passed before she lifted her head from my cock, her hand reached for mine, pulling at my wrist, taking my fingers from her. She brought my wrist, to her mouth, sucking the glistening juices from my fingers, looking into my eyes all the time. She must have noted the envy in my eyes, Michelle, lead my wrist up to my face, I leaned forward and sucked what was left of her juices from my fingers too, and she tastes so warm, so delightful.   I briefly closed my eyes, savouring her taste. I opened them again to find her leaning into me, eyes focused and locked on mine, we kissed. Michelle’s tongue sank into my mouth grappling with my tongue as more passionately and ferociously. I could sense her movement, then our tongues slipped apart, she edged closer to me, before hooking her leg round and straddling on top of me. Once again Michelle leaned forward, her pert lips easing closer to mine, we join together, our lips lock and we kiss passionately again.   As we kiss I feel Michelle’s hand caress my balls, from underneath her fingertips tease up over my balls then up the back of my cock before her hand circles over the head of my cock, before she gently performs circular strokes up and down my shaft. I reach my hands round the back of Michelle, squeezing between her round ass and the steering wheel; I take hold of her ass, slowly lifting my hands up the base of her back. I then slide round her hips, feeling her hot skin at my fingertips, I reach up unbuttoning her blouse.   My tongue escapes the clutches of hers and our lips part as I begin kissing her neck, then slowly moving down her newly visible chest, to her beautiful breasts covered in a matching scarlet red bra. Noticing that her bra unclips from the front I quickly act to free Michelle’s breasts from the bra holding them prisoner. As her bra falls away I lower my head, my lips kissing the bronzed skin hidden beneath her blouse until moments before, working round her nipples, making her wait to feel my wet tongue around her erect nipples.   My right hand glides up her stomach, to her right breast, my tongue begins to tease her left nipple while my right hand massages her other breast. My fingers twist and pull at her sensitive right nipple as I start to bite and nibble Michelle’s other nipple. I lower my right hand and start to move my head to the other breast, my left hand rises to massage her left breast before twisting and teasing her nipple away from her body, as I begin to suck her other nipple in the same direction away from her body. All the while, Michelle’s hand gently circles up and down and round my cock, over the tip and across my balls occasional.   With Michelle’s right nipple still being teased in my mouth, my left hand slides down to her hip, my right hand on the other hip, I lower them simultaneously reach underneath her skirt, hoisting it up, underneath her loose blouse to just below her breasts. I look into her eyes; smile at her before kissing her dry lips, my right hand reaches down, feeling the heat beaming from her wet pussy, my finger runs over her soft pussy lips, parting them with each stroke up and down, as they spread, my finger slides in graciously brushing her clit, as if accidental. Our eyes fixed, I notice them gleaming with quiet pleasure as I insert another finger into her wet pussy.   Michelle switches hands; her left now takes a firmer grip of my hard cock, moving up and down much more vigorously than her right hand had done previously. Her right hand rests on the door handle as I quicken the pace my fingers thrust into her pussy. Michelle then pushed herself up using her right hand against the door handle, her left hand held my cock, I pulled my fingers away, teasing them into her mouth as she lowered her wet pussy down on to my cock, pulling my foreskin down as her hand moved down my shaft as her pussy devoured more of my length. She sat still my cock hard pulsating inside her, our eyes met again before our lips met and our tongues locked.   Michelle began to grind in circular motions; I raised my hips trying to get my cock deeper inside of her. Our kissing get more passionate, I moved my hands underneath her ass, encouraging her to thrust up and down as well as circling her hips around my cock. She leaned forward, her breasts in my face, her arms wrapped around my neck, her head over my left shoulder, she slowly begins to lift her ass up, with my hands underneath still giving her the encouragement, she gradually increases the momentum as she rides up and down on my hard cock.   I can feel her warm juices being left on my cock as she rides up, then I feel her pussy contracting round my cock as she sinks lower down my shaft, my hands taking hold of her ass more firmly and aggressively, pulling her cheeks apart, hoping she can get a little more of my cock inside her.   Michelle begins bouncing up and down more vigorously, her back pounding on the roof of the car, her ass slapping against the steering wheel, I lean forward and sit up straighter, before leaning back, allowing her ass to slap down against my thighs. Michelle’s hands are now trapped between my back and the seat and as I feel more pleasure my hands grip her ass harder. The more I pull her ass cheeks apart the louder and longer Michelle’s moans get, then I get a sudden shock as she digs her nails into my back, I pull her ass further apart, she digs in deeper before pulling her fingers across my back.   I begin to thrust my pelvis up into her, matching her rhythm, my cock really pulsating inside her, my mouth meets her nipples as her breasts continue to be pressed into my face, I lick her hardened nipples, biting them, each in turn, the left then the right. My grip slackens on her ass cheeks, I glide round holding her hips, as I push up into her I pull her down, and I want to feel deep inside her wet pussy.   She forces her hands from between the seat and my back, she leans back against the steering wheel, her head tucked down uncomfortably because of the roof of the car, and our eyes meet. Grinding and forcing her hips into me, still looking right into my eyes, she says, “Will you cum inside me now?” I’m slightly taken aback by the bluntness of what Michelle has asked before just blurting out, “Hell, yeah!”   Her hands now free, Michelle’s left hand takes hold of her left breast, caressing it slowly, working the nipple round and round between her fingers, her right hand heads between her legs, the knuckles on the back of her hand accidentally brush the shaft of my cock slightly exposed as she continues to grind into me, all the time I continue trying to thrust deeper inside her. Michelle’s finger edges slowly up the entrance to her pussy which I’m filling with my hard cock, taking her juices on the tip of her finger, she lifts up her arm and sucks the tip of her finger before slipping it into my mouth. She tastes so warm. Her hand lowers again, this time her finger teases her clit left and right, round and round, she looks at me, and without a word I know it’s my cue, she wants me to cum inside her.   My hands tighten the grip around her hips I push into her pussy a little deeper, the back of her head now pushing underneath the top of the windscreen, still in an awkward position as she leans back. I press her hips down hard, I lift clean of the seat a couple of times, her fingers working faster, she has stopped teasing her clit and is now just rubbing it hard with two fingers pressing down and then...   ...with another thrust deep into her pussy, I feel a gush of cum shoot right up my cock releasing deep inside her. Michelle screamed out, “I feel it”. Another gush came firing out of the tip of my cock, her body twitches and shakes, her hip pulsate into me, taking my cock a little deeper again, I press down on her hips, still harder, there’s more cum yet. I thrust my cock deep again and fire another warm shot deep inside her. The hand that she had caressing her breast was now gripping the door handle tightly, like she didn’t want to let go, but with other hand still rubbing her clit hard and my cock pulsating, thrusting and releasing waves of cum inside her, she came too. I felt her warm juices run down the shaft of my cock, seeping out of her pussy onto my balls and the seat beneath. A body twitched with pleasure as I felt the last shot of cum fire out from my cock, her fingers gently slowing down the pace over her clit, her eyes now closed she let out a last, long, almost mumbled moan.   Our motion had stopped, I was still inside her, she still lay back on the steering wheel, we both wanted to just take in the moment and catch our breaths. Then Michelle leaned forward, her head still awkward under the roof, she kissed me. Our eyes met as our lips parted, her eyes wide with delight, mine too, her hand reached down pulled my cock from inside her with a slight slopping noise of the fluids we had exchanged. We both smile uncomfortably at the sound and she just said, “Think you should take me home now so we can have this food while it still a little warm.” I looked at her as she climbed back into her seat, pulling her skirt down, she smiled, “Then you can take me to bed.”   We got set again, I turned the engine on and set off to Michelle’s flat, when we got there, she lead the way, I followed a couple of paces behind as we went up the stairs to the first floor, Michelle glanced over her shoulder, knowing I was watching her sexy ass, she smile with a glint in her eye, saying, “You like the view?” I just nodded as we reached her front door.
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