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The conversation was polite but nuanced. At least she was picking up on my double entendres. When we exchanged photos, I nearly fell off my bed. She'd be considered a knockout in any part of the world. I told her exactly that, and asked if she wanted to switch to voice chat."We are 2 girls here," she replied. "That is photo of my friend Igzi.""Igzi is a dream come true! Want to talk to 1 guy?""If this your pic, cool!" she wrote. "My friend fall in love with u."It went like this for a while with Igzi blowing me kisses while I sent a series of increasing revealing photos that ended in just white briefs with a visible bulge."Izgi wants u," Aafia typed, "but she doesn't speak English, so u need me."Suddenly, I envisioned a phone-sex threesome and felt myself getting instantly hard. Eastern European girls tease like this all the time, but I had a sense Aafia wasn't the teasing type."Izgi says that if u would be her lover she would never let u go out," Aaifia told me as my cock began straining against the front of my jeans."Do you have a microphone and speakers?" I asked."Yes," Aaifia answered. "But that won't work. Igzi doesn't speak English.""But you could translate," I suggested."If u would speak about world politics, OK," Aaifia typed. As fast as it had stiffened, my cock started to deflate."But world politics these days are so dreadful," I wrote back."Let it go," Aaifia typed."I'm not holding it yet!" I answered."Handsome and have sense of humor.""Looking at Izgi's photo, I am tempted to grab it right now.""How nice, Izgi says.... You should hear conversation here," Aaifia wrote. "So absurd and funny.""But I wouldn't understand a word!""You could guess, I think.""Maybe... I can be pretty dense when it comes to what's on a woman's mind."We changed the subject for a moment. I complemented Aaifia on her English. She explained she learned languages easily and spoke several. The girls excused themselves to go get wine. When they returned it was almost 4 AM in Turkey and they asked when I went to work."Not for 12 hours. Almost long enough to fly to Turkey and back to NYC.""Come, then," Aaifia answered immediately."Too bad the Concorde is grounded""When u r coming then?""I can't... well, actually that all depends on what kind of coming we are talking about," I typed."lol""Damn, I'd love to hear your accent... I bet it's amazingly sensual.""U can hear if u want," Aaifia wrote. "Don't u have mic?"Not only do I have a mic, but it's part of a hands-free headset, for obvious reasons. About two seconds later, it was on. I had no idea what I was going to say, but this was too good to pass up.As it happened, Aaifia solved all that. She had a mezzo-soprano, clear as a bell with a deliciously sexy accent. Her first words were:"Are you going to come for us?""You want to listen to me come?" I asked, hardly able to contain my surprise."Yes, we want to hear you come," she answered bluntly. Then I heard her translate for Igzi, after which both girls began to giggle. But not silly school girl giggles. These sounded more like the nervous giggles of women who where out on the edge... exploring uncharted sexual territory.I didn't need a third invitation."I'll describe what I am doing," I told them. Aaifia agreed and translated to Igzi, whose reply needed no translation."I'm stroking myself with my fingertips on the outside of my jeans," I told them as I stood up and cleared the headset wires. "I'm standing now, unbuckling my belt..."I was interrupted by a squeal of feminine approval--no translation necessary."Undoing snap and reaching for my zipper... pulling it down slowly... white V of my cotton briefs becoming visible..."Aaifia sighed softly and then continued almost in a whisper for Igzi."My jeans have fallen to the floor... stepping out of them... now placing my thumbs under the waist band of my briefs.... Lowering them slowly... tan line visible... a little pubic hair peeking over the top..."Aaifia's whispered translation filled my headset, and although I couldn't understand a word of it, it felt as if she were whispering sweet encouragements in my ear."Briefs sliding down legs... cock now bouncing free... the fresh air feels good... God.. I'm so hard knowing that you and Igzi can hear me... my cock is throbbing without being touched..."Aaifia's soft voice mirrored me. Then I heard Igzi ask something."Igzi ask you to describe it," Aaifia said."My cock?""Yes, she has never seen man's cock before.""Not big, not small... and very, very hard. About seven inches... light pink skin... veins visible on the shaft... the head is darker pink and swollen with a defined ridge where the skin is very sensitive..."Again, it sounded as if Aaifia was sighing..."There is a tiny drop of moisture now... making the tip shiny...""Touch it," Aaifia whispered."OK, smearing liquid drop over my cock head... it's pulsing under my fingertip.... feels good..." In fact, better than good, my cock ached and I could hear my breath growing ragged with excitement."I have to start now... wrapping thumb and finger around the shaft... slowly at first... stroking up and down... reaching underneath with other hand... playing with my balls, caressing them with my fingertips... so hard, Aaifia... so hard..."She continued to translate to Igzi, but in the hushed tones of someone treading sacred ground.Eventually, I stopped talking and let my labored breathing communicate my urgency. The girls were silent too, perhaps straining to listen. But in the earphones, I could hear Aaifia breathing deeply.. too deeply not to be deeply aroused herself.I don't know how long it went on like that... but soon I was pumping full force and moaning..."We can hear you rubbing your cock, Jason," Aaifia said.All I could do was moan louder."Come for us, Jason," Aaifia pleaded. "We want to hear you come."That's all it took. The ejaculation caught me by surprise, showering my hands and stomach. I think I may have screamed... and it kept coming... thick rope after rope splattering my fingers and pubic hair. Perhaps it wasn't the most powerful orgasm I've ever experienced, but definitely in the top ten.My moans gradually subsided until I could again hear Aaifia's panting in my earphones.Finally, I was able to speak."Never done anything like this before. I hope it was entertaining?""For us, yeah!" Aaifia answered, her voice husky and excited. "Is everything OK there?""Yes, just cleaning up. I'm going to need a really, really big towel.""lol""Thought we had caused a family disaster.""No, just a major eruption.""I thought I heard a woman's voice?"I realized the TV was on softly in the background, but loud enough for my mike to pick it up."Probably the TV. But I may have caused a family disaster earlier tonight.""How?""I was chatting with a woman who said her husband was asleep upstairs. And just as it like she was reaching her climax.... everything went dead.""You know what happened? Did she return later?""No, I haven't heard from her." Then Aaifia dropped a little bombshell of her own."Did you know that Iizgi is my husband's sister? It is strange for us, too.""Now you have a naughty secret.""Yes, but we don't like secrets. So, next time we invite other girls."That flattered me. But also gave me pause. Everything about what had happened seemed so natural and unrehearsed, but I had to wonder if maybe this wasn't something they did the way I did MSN voice sex -- as often as possible."Did you have any other enterainers this evening?""it was our first too!" Aaifia replied. "MSN virgins.""Let me know when you're having your next party... I'll put it one my calendar... and bring the Merlot.""It was spontaneous," said Aaifia. "We were joking about other girls."We made small talk for a few more minutes. Then I heard what I was dreading."Jason we are leaving you. It's almost five in the morning. Take care, OK?""OK, and sweet dreams."I don't know how the rest of the night went for Aaifia and Igzy, but I slept like a baby...
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