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“You sure that’s just a seventeen year old cock?” Mrs. Blissitt said. “Less there’s somethin’ my Mama ain’t told me.” I said.“That’s enough cock for a man twice your age. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that big and that thick. God, when did this happen? Wish I had known about this when you was younger.”“Mrs. Blissitt!”“Call me Suzzanne.”Mrs. Blissitt looked at me like I was some kinda new toy and she was just seein’ me for the first time ever. Honestly I was pretty much in shock. But then I’m sorta jumpin’ ahead and you ain’t even caught up on what’s going on. All the characters ‘n such ain’t even put quite right yet. Seems‘t me that you need a proper introduction.
I’m Scott. I’d say it’s nice to meet you but seein’ as how we ain’t ‘sactly met yet I’ll just say it’s nice to have you readin’ my story. Course one day we could meet, perhaps, if things is right. Anyway, I’m getting’ lost again and you still don’t know what’s what.See my father left me and my Mama when I was probably around 4 years old. I don’t really remember him much. Honestly I don’t think I remember him at all. He was in the military and when he come home from fightin’ for our country he took off and left. Some say it was ‘cause he found another woman down in Florida, one of them Hispanic women. They say they got skin the color or caramel. Only ones I ever seen are ones in town and none of them got skin like caramel and I don’t think you’d run off with any of them. Most are just short and kinda round but good people. Anyway, other people say that he got too close to a shell that went off and it scrambled his brain. They say he won’t right when he came home and that’s why he left and it ain’t got nuttin to do with no woman. But most likely, and this is my theory, most likely its cause my Mama is plain grade A nuts. I mean she ain’t violent or threatenin’ or nothing. Just she is what they call clingy and really clingy ain’t quite the right word. More like a leech you get down at the creek when you ain’t been wearin’ shoes. No matter how you pull them things you cain’t get one off. Pull the butt end off and they just stretch and grab hold tighter with the head end. If you ain’t never seen no leech, let me tell you, it ain’t easy gettin’ one of them off. You gotta grab hold with both hands and pull quick and what you’ll be left with is a big ol’ bloody leg. Mama is a bit like that and getting out from her grip, well you gotta do like Daddy did and pretty much tear out before she gets her teeth in good. When Mama is havin’ one of her fits there ain’t nuttin’ I can do sides let her cry and give her a bath. She does love a bath. I know what you are thinking and you’d be thinkin’ wrong. Ain’t nuttin ever happened and ain’t nuttin about to happen. We got us a really nice size bath tub and I painted them walls myself. It’s very calming and way I look at it I’m doin’ a medical service. I think about it like a doctor would. I have to help Mama out of her clothes and sure she is very pleasant to look at. She has probably the largest breasts of all the women in the county. They ain’t saggy and the nipples don’t point straight down like a preacher’s eyes on Sunday neither, no they are right perky for their size. But they are quite big. If she won’t crazy as a shit house rat she’d have a different fella for damn near every day of the week. But it ain’t just her breasts that’s got the curves of sin, she has them perfectly round hips like women in movies. Round curves that make for an equally round ass and here is where I ain’t lyin’ to ya. I probably shouldn’t even be tellin’ you this because it’s sinful to go around thinking like this but seein’ as how we’re friends and all, I will. My Mama has dark black pubic hair that grows in little curls. Oh I know all pubic hair is curly, I ain’t stupid. No what I mean is that the hair actually grows in little curled locks, like she been puttin’ rollers in there but I know she ain’t. It’s the damnedist thing you ever seen and I know I’m totally making a bad situation worse but I touched ‘em when I was bathin’ her and that hair is as soft as the feathers on a new born chick. No lie!I wish I could say I ain’t been moved by bathin’ my Mama once or twice but of course I have. There ain’t nothing like sitting in the bathroom on a burnin hot June day with the windows open and the hot air barely moving and helpin’ Mama peel outta her summer dress. If she’s been takin’ her medication then she don’t even hardly move and I let that summer dress fall to the floor and then I reach a finger up and ‘snap’ that bra falls faster than the economy. I swear to you I don’t think about Mama in that way but then I’m still a man and men do like some big titties and my Mama has ‘em about as big as they come and with nipples as hard as a ten penny nail no matter what the wind is blowin’. But the hardest part is peelin’ down her panties. She buys ‘em at the dime store so they ain’t nothin’ fancy, but they are soft and I usually stand behind her when I take ‘em off. I always go down on my knees so I can hold them down while she steps out of them. Mama is one of them women that has a space between the soft curve of her thighs and her most private of privates, I call it a little window for her flaps . When it’s one of those steamy summer days and I peel those panties down then my face is only inches from the most soft and delicately curved derriere I’ve ever seen and I look through her window and the air moves and I get a whiff of pure honey. I ain’t kiddin’, she smells like honey. The more she sweats the sweeter she smells. Sometimes I just stay there and look through her little window and watch her flesh lips until she asks me what I’m doin’. Honestly I never could figure out how women can’t see when a guy has a hard on. I’ve had big ones right in the middle of class when I was younger for no real reason and I have to reach down and push it so that it sticks straight up the middle. But are women really stupid and can’t tell the difference between jeans normal and jeans with a hard on sticking up behind the zipper? I always adjust while I’m watchin’ her lay down in the water. There is nothing more erotic than a woman sinking down into a bath and watching the water flow up around her curvy body as she gets comfortable and closes her eyes. Mama ain’t really no exception despite how ashamed I am to say that. I think she partly likes taking a bath so much because the water takes some of the pressure off her enormous jooblies. Once I’m kneeling down and cleaning her with a wash cloth there ain’t no way she can see that I’m as stiff as a flag pole on the forth of July. I’ve touched every inch of her too. You have to. I have to lift each jumblie to get under there and clean it proper. I also have to open her thighs to get in between and scrub her secret place. Through it all she never says a word and prefers to take a wet wash cloth and put it over her eyes. When I’m done cleanin’ here she usually asks me to leave the room and then I hear her cryin’. She makes some awful noises cryin’. I figure she misses Daddy.
My Mama met Mrs. Blissitt at church and from the hospital. I don’t know which place they met at first but they got along like two fleas on a dog. Both ain’t got no husband and both has just one kid. Mrs. Blissitt has a daughter though, her name's Amber. Because I wasn’t really allowed to play away from Mama and because Mama didn’t never go nowhere but church, the hospital, and home, Amber and I became best friends. When we was growin’ up we played together all the time. We didn’t seem to worry none about one bein’ a girl and one bein’ a boy. If she wanted to play with dolls I played with dolls and if I wanted to play outside in the dirt she played outside in the dirt. She won’t afraid of bugs or worms or nuttin’ like those girls on that show I watched a couple of times on the church television. Havin’ Amber around was better than havin’ a sister because after Mama and Mrs. Blissitt said their evenin’s, I went home and didn’t have to deal with a girl until the next time I saw her.I never thought of Amber in any other way than a buddy, my friend. Hell we even took baths together but it made no difference that we weren’t the same with our willies and woowoos as they called ‘em. We didn’t even seem to care. I just liked seeing her smiling face and her taking my hand when we was walkin’. You could say I loved Amber and I still do. Just didn’t care what she looked like with no clothes on, never paid it much 'tention.All of this was fine until I got a little older and Mama started to get worse. There were some times that the medications she was takin’ didn’t do no good. She would go running around the house screamin’ at the top of her lungs or she would pull out the phone book and start calling every number she could land on and telling them that they needed to come save her. That’s when she had to go to Harmony Place and spend some time. I remember the first time they came and took her away I nearly cried like a baby even though I was plenty old enough. Grammy said that her brothers were already workin’ jobs and helpin’ their family but by my age I won’t quite old enough for that yet...according to the government. So this stern woman with hose that didn’t seem to want to stay up on her skinny chicken legs came and wrote lots of things down on a piece of paper. Mrs. Blissitt was my rescue. She signed some papers and I went to stay with them. For me this was mighty uncomfortable. I knew how to act around Mama come time for bed and wakin’ up but not around Mrs. Blissitt and Amber. Amber thought it was pretty funny that I came walkin down the hall in my underwear one mornin', so after that I wore pants whenever I walked around the house even though they both walked around in underwear or without. I didn’t get it. What's good for the goose...guess women don't think like that.This went off and on for a few years and each year we got older it got more uncomfortable. Finally I was getting old enough to get out on my own but Mama was getting worse. She had lost weight which only made her boobs look bigger and she had found a boyfriend in the hospital. But because he was also nuts she would go double nuts when he wasn’t around. She spent more and more time in the home.  Pretty soon Mrs. Blissitt was joking that she was going to formally adopt me.“You know Scott, you’ve lived her so many years you might as well be family.”“I know Mrs. Blissitt.”“I think that’s pretty cool!” Amber said.“What?”  I asked.“Us being brother and sister.”“Really?” I asked.“Yeah, I mean you already feel like my brother and all. I mean I known you all my life. I think you should just let Mama adopt you.” All this made me pretty darn uncomfortable. Mama wouldn’t like this at all. In fact it might completely send her over the edge. She was already in such a delicate state of mind.“I’m flattered and all but you know…”“Oh don’t be silly Scott, we are just kiddin’ with you. I know your Mama would…well she wouldn’t like it none. But you’ve lived here more'n the last few years than you have at your own house. If you're gonna live with women you are gonna have to start get used to women doin’ what we do. We can’t keep changin’ things just because you are stayin’ here.”“What does that mean?”“Well for one thing it means that you are going to have to get just a touch more comfortable around the house and you are going to have to stop makin’ everyone feel so damned uncomfortable by walking around wearin’ all your clothes even if you are comin’ out of the bath.”“Yeah.” Amber said.“I…I don’t understand. You want me to walk around in my underwear?”They both laughed.“If you want to. I mean who comes out of the bathroom fully dressed. We ain’t gonna bite you.”“Well I didn’t want to offend.”“Oh hell, I’m a nurse Scott! There ain’t a tallywhacker I haven’t seen and let me tell you I seen my share. Plus you and Amber were takin’ baths together up until just a few years ago when you started walking around like you were scared the preacher was comin’ over.”“Yeah, I mean Mama and I never cared. What made you get all weird?”“Well…” I thought...I mean Amber was the one who laughed at me. I won't the one that laughed. I didn’t want to make them angry. I decided to lie, “I guess I was just worried you would think I was one of those guys you hear about on the radio. You know, them peepin’ Toms.”“Scott, you can’t be a peepin’ Tom if you live in our house! Plus you are family now even if it ain’t official on paper and I’m tellin’ you right here and now, it’s too damn hot this summer to walk around this house fully dressed. We ain’t rich enough to be runnin’ the AC like it’s goin’ outta style so get ready to see some skin Scott because I’m takin’ it off.”With this Mrs. Blissitt stood up and pulled her dress above her head. She was wearin’ only panties and her firm round breasts were pale white against the rest of her skin. I stared because I hadn’t never seen another woman’s breasts but my Mama’s and Amber’s when she was younger but they weren’t proper breasts because she was too young at the time. Mrs. Blissitt’s breasts were smaller than Mama’s but then again, most women’s breasts were smaller than Mama’s so that won't sayin' much. Mrs. Blissitt had some fine jumblies.“Ahhh, that’s better. I feel like I was standin’ in an oven all day. I don’t care if you stare Scott, get used to them because you are gonna see them every day.”“I…uhhh…well I seen Mama’s plenty of times.” I wanted to sound like I wasn’t a little kid. I like I was a man of the world but instead Mrs. Blissitt and Amber looked at me like I had just told them something they thought they’d never hear as long as they lived.“What?" I looked both of them back over. They couldn't be thinkin' something was happening! I ain't never touched Mama in any way that ain't proper! I swear! I had to clear this up quick!"Mama needs help takin’ a bath. She can’t do it on her own because of her condition. I ain’t doin’ nothing wrong. I just help her with her baths is all.”“Oh, ok.” They both said but they didn’t seem to be satisfied with that answer. This bothered me more'n I can say.
Two days later Amber and I were hanging out on the porch and watching bugs fly across the lawn. Ain’t much else to do on a hot day in July. Birds and other things know better than to get up in the heat but big ol’ beetles and things don’t care how hot it gets and they love flyin’ around looking for other bugs to eat. We just sat in the shade and tried to keep cool. Amber had her leg over the end of the porch swing and I sat in the old chair with my feet propped up on the rail and crossed. “I gotta go pee.” Amber said. “Tee-Em-Eye.” I said.She smiled and opened the screen door to go inside. The spring squeaked and the door slammed shut. I sat and thought about my situation. I was probably one of the luckiest guys in the world. Mrs. Blissitt was older but she remained one of the cutest nurses at St. Mary’s and Amber was a bit of a Tomboy but she was freckled and cute with a skinny little body and firm tight little boobies. I had seen them enough now to be able to tell you that if I didn’t think of her as my sister I would be askin’ her out. Best thing about Amber was that she liked to talk about sex the way boys liked to talk about sex. In fact I think she liked sex more than I did and to be honest I didn’t know what I thought about sex havein’ never had it. The screen door squeaked open and Amber popped her head out and said, “Come quick, you gotta hear this.”
I followed Amber down the hall and to the back. At first I didn’t know what we were doing. Amber squatted down in front of her Mama’s door and motioned for me to squat down next to her. Then we listened and hear her Mama talking on the phone.
“Are you touching it? I bet that cock is hard as a rock by now.” Pause.“I’m thinking about you standing in front of me and taking that big thick monster cock into my mouth and giving you the best blow job you’ve ever had... Oh you bet I would.”Pause.“Oh yes…”Some wet sounds.“God yes, I have three fingers in my pussy now.” Amber put her hand to her mouth to suppress a laugh. “Fuck I wish it was your cock inside my pussy. You don’t know how long it’s been since I had a dick. I know. I want to feel that thick cock pounding my pussy like you are going to eat me….oh you are….yes…I think I’m going to cum. Yes….four…oh….four fingers…mmm…fuck….oh baby….yes, cum. Let’s cum together. I want to hear your voice as you shoot that thick creamy load inside my mouth. Oh yes, I love eating cum. Ohhhh…mmmm….I’M CUMMING!” The wet sounds got louder and faster and then they stopped. We heard her Mama whispering something for a bit and then we heard the unmistakable squeak of the bed springs and knew she was getting up. We both ran, suppressing giggles, all the way back to her room. ”So what do you think your Mom was doing” I asked Amber.”What? You really don’t know?” Amber asked. She looked at me like I was suddenly the most interesting anamoly she'd ever seen. Then she smiled like she had some secret treasure to share.“No...I mean sure...I...well...” I stammered over the words.“Come on, doesn’t your Mom do that?” She asked.”NO WAY!” I said. I couldn’t believe she would ask that. How disgusting.Amber sure got pissed at that and she turned her cute little nose up and rolled her eyes and said, “My mom says you do it. She says you probably do it so much that you are going to go blind.””Do what? I don’t even know what you are talking about, dumb ass!” I said.“Yeah right!” She spit out defiant. "In fact I bet you are all big and ready right now!” Amber said and she lunged at me. She shoved her hand down to my thing and we rolled around for a bit before she found it and gave it a hard squeeze! ”God! You ARE really big!” Amber sounded genuinely surprised. Like she hadn't expected me to be me. ”Let me see it!” She said.”What?!””Come on, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before. I just wanna see what it looks like big. I ain't never see it stickin' up. Come on, let me.””No way!””Oh come on! What's the difference between normal and hard cept it means yer excited don't it? Scott wants to fuck Mama, Scott wants to fuck Mama. Come!””What about you?” I asked, trying to say something to get her to stop pullin’ my pants down. She was pullin’ at them so hard that we were in a damn near tug-o-war with my pants. I thought they was gonna rip or something. "What about me? You done seen everything there is to see and I don't got nuttin like this. Come on! Stop being such a fraidy-cat! I just want to see it, it's HUGE!"”Ok, OK!!” I yelled. Amber looked over at the door and jerked her finger to her lips motionin' for me to shush so her Mama didn't hear. We both didn't think she would like walking in on me with a big erection and Amber lookin' at it.We went into her room and she stood with her arms crossed waiting for me to do it, for me to take my clothes off. Won't nuttin' to it. Amber seen me naked more times than I remember but never once was a so stiff. My jack rabbit was alive and his ears were perked up. I won't so sure about it but I did it. After all, last thing in this world I wanted was for my adopted sister to be made a me. I pulled my pants off first and my dick was at full attention, like a soilder at inspection. But he won't quite out of the tent yet. “Ok, let’s see it. Is it really that big?”“I guess.”“I want to see.”I pulled off my shirt. Amber watched the whole scene with her arms crossed and her lips poked out like she was findin' this all too amuzin'. Finally I pulled the top of my drawers away from the one-eyed fella and dropped his tent. He was happy to be free and best of all having a cute little sixteen year old girl lookin' right at him. Amber gasped. She put her hand to her mouth and she turned away.“See.” Talk about feelin' like a freak. I knew I shouldn'ta done it! Damn my stupidity.She quickly turned back around and said, “No! No, don’t take it like that. I mean GOD, I just never seen one that big before! Holy mother of...I mean”“Really?”“Yeah, you grew. I mean it grows. It ain't that big normal right?”“I guess.” I felt weird. Like I was one of them fellers that hides in them tents at the carnival and people pay a quarter to come in side. "That's right ladies and gentleman. See God's revenge on women! The Russian's don't have missles like this ladies! Men don't hate him, envy him. He's got the hotrod that will make your insides twist and your children run in fear. Step up, only one quater to see the last love sausage you'll ever need to see!"“Ok, quick. Put your clothes back on before Mama comes out.”I put my clothes back on and that was it.
After that day Amber’s friend Michelle started coming over more and more. I couldn’t help but wonder why. She had never come over before. Michelle had long, wavy, dark brown hair and big round honeydews that she always kept in a too tight bra and a shirt that showed everything. Amber had long straight brown hair and smallish breasts that she never really exposed. It was obvious that Michelle was interested in me after only a short time of talkin' with her. She talked and talked to me, making an effort to keep getting closer to me. Somehow this had a really odd effect on Amber who kept giving us strange looks. Once Michelle placed her hand on my thigh, very near my crotch and I looked down in amazement! Amber’s eyes followed and Michelle smiled. She seemed to be enjoying the effect she was having on me. After that day I didn’t seem much of Amber or Michelle for a while and I started to think that she had just grown out of wanting to hang out with me.
Saturday I was getting ready to meet some guys from school. It was a pretty rare treat considering I would never get to do this if Mama was still home. I felt guilty for being happy Mama was put away in the home but still I was excited to go out and play. I was lacin’ up my shoes when there was a knock at the door. I opened it and was shocked to see Michelle standing there smiling. ”Ummm, H..Hi Michelle” I said.“Hi Scott, what ya doing?” She said smiling and walking into the house. ”I was just getting ready to leave. What’s up?” I said nervously. Michelle came closer and took my hand in hers and said, “I was hoping you were going to be home. I wanted to come talk to you.” Her breath smelled like peppermint and her shirt showed she won't wearin' no bra this time.”Where is Amber?” I asked.”She is probably at practice. I asked my Mom to drop me off at her house.””Really? Why?” ”Because I wanted to see you.” She said looking down at my hand. She dug her fingers through mine like she was weaving the together then she asked, “Didn’t you want to see me too?””I…I guess””You guess?!”Now Michelle was coming very close and it was obvious she wanted to kiss me. Her face was coming too close to mine, her lips only an inch or two away and her eyes closed. I braced myself. I had never kissed a girl before. Her lips touched mine and fire moved through my whole body! She pushed her tongue in my mouth and I musta froze solid before relaxing and letting my tongue tease hers back. It won't unpleasant in any way and she did feel awefully soft and warm pressed up against me. I relaxed a little but couldn't help but wonder what Amber would think. After all this was her best friend. Was I doin' somethin' wrong?”Mmmmm…ok, I guess you are my boyfriend” She said suddenly.”Ok” I said.“Cool. Do you want to make out some more?”“Actually I was kinda hopin’ to go play some ball with the guys. Not that I don’t like kissin’ and all but I ain’t been able to play before now and they are waitin’ for me.”“Can I come watch?”“Sure.” I was happy as a pig in shit. I had me a girlfriend and a kiss all in the same day. Not bad.
For days I couldn’t think of anything else but Michelle’s lips pressed against mine and how good it felt for a girl to be touching me. But that was nothing compared to what happened that week! I was sitting around thinking about Michelle and realized that I didn’t have her phone number and I was getting tired of waiting for her to call me. I wanted to talk to her, to ask her to come over and kiss me again. I couldn’t wait to see her again, to touch her again. My thoughts moved from kissing her lips to maybe even being able to touch her body, her backside, and her melons. The more I thought about it, the more insatiable my desires for her became. So I decided to do something that I was afraid of doing, I decided to go ask Amber for Michelle’s phone number. That was when my life changed. I thought Amber was in her room so I made my way back there. On the way, I heard moaning coming from her Mom’s bedroom. My first thought was that something was wrong! My Mama only moaned when she was havin’ one of her fits. I was scared. Instinct took over and I ran down the hall and burst into the room! There was Mrs. Blissitt, eyes closed with something red and odd looking rubbing all around her private spot! Her mother didn’t hear me come in, she didn’t see me standing in the doorway and she wasn’t stopping. I stood terrified and paralyzed! Here was Amber’s Mom with her legs spread wide open and her pussy completely exposed to me. Her hand was around a big red rubber lookin’ thing and she plunged it into her glistening wet pink puckered hole. She moaned louder now and her legs shook slightly. She had her other hand wrapped around one breast. Her boobs were big enough that they fell to the sides and when she played with them they rolled around and her nipples danced across the soft white skin. When she pulled one up in her hand the brown nipple moved around and fell back down again. Her head fell back into the pillow and she started thrustin’ her hips up into the air like she was tryin’ to get something out when it was pretty obvious she was tryin’ to push that thing in. I could hear the little motor running and smell something strong. Amber’s Mama didn’t smell like honey, she smelled like something I ain’t never smelled before. I felt my magic wand get hard and I slowly, very slowly backed around the door. I stood right outside, barely peeking around so that I could watch her fucking herself. I had never seen anything like it. Ms. Blissitt was rocking her hips up and down, her creamy thighs moving out and in. She was buckin’ around so hard that she damn near looked like she would break her bed. The frame was jumpin’ up and down and the legs were moving in little hops across the floor. I couldn’t believe how big that red rubber thing was and how each time she pulled it out the fleshy bits pulled out with it and then “shoomp” they went right back down inside. Then Mrs. Blissitt stopped and her hips were up in the air and her legs opened wide, closed, opened and then she pulled them in tight! She bucked into the red rocket and she moaned over and over. She kept moving her hips and fucking that thing until she finally lost all energy, I guess. I high tailed it outta there so I wouldn’t get my ass busted.I made it to the end of the hall before hands wrapped around me. “Where are you going?”“Huh?”“Well, I thought you were enjoying the show and now you are leaving so soon?”“Mrs. Blissitt…”“Oh fuck that Scott! You know what you saw and I know what I did. Don’t tell me you haven’t been doing this with your Mama. Give her a bath my ass!”“Mrs. Blissitt!”“Scott…” She rubbed her hand up and down my erection. “Mmmmm…now there we go!” She said.”What are you doing?” I asked.”Scotty, if you want me to stop, just say stop. But you honestly don’t think I didn’t know you were watching me just now did you? You honestly don’t think I believe you and your Mama don’t do this every time you give her a bath? Listen to me, it’s about time you paid up for all I’ve done for you. I don’t know if you and Amber have been fucking yet, have you?”“Uhhh…no…I ain’t…”“Well, it’s just a matter of time but before you fuck her you need to show me you know what you are doing! Now turn around!”“Scotty, I have mirrors in my room, I saw you rush into the room. What did you think? You were coming to my rescue?” She smiled as her hand cupped my balls and then moved back over the erection. I was scared I think…maybe I was excited, whatever I was I wasn’t used to a woman touching me. I wasn’t used to anyone touching me. I came.“Did you just cum?” She asked bluntly.”GOD! I…I…” ”Oh Scott, you are shaking, are you really that nervous?””Yes””Why? Because you came? Here, let me clean that up for you.” She pulled my arm and took me into her bedroom. I followed her into the bathroom and besides being completely naked she seemed totally at ease with all of this. I guess bein' a nurse and all, you get used to things like this.”Ok, take off those dirty pants and underwear.” She said.“But…Mrs…umm…””Oh please sweety, I told you I’ve seen them all. Plus how many times have I seen you naked around here? This won't be my first time seein' one covered in cum.””Be..because I just…well it’s different.”“Why?”“Because…well…I’m excited.”“Already? I thought you just came!”“I did but…well…it ain’t gone down yet.”“Just take them off and let me clean you up. Damn!”She pulled down my jeans and underwear. She stopped, held the washcloth out and smiled.“You sure that’s just a seventeen year old cock?” Mrs. Blissitt said. “Less there’s somethin’ my Mama ain’t told me.” I said.“That’s enough cock for a man twice your age. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that big and that thick. God, when did this happen? Wish I had known about this when you was younger.”“Mrs. Blissitt!”“Call me Suzzanne.”Then she got down on her knees and started to do the unthinkable. Before I even knew it she licked up my thigh and straight to my balls. She moved her tongue up the length of my dick and then slipped her warm mouth right over the head of my penis. I moaned and watched in utter fascination. This was better than anything I ever felt before! Her tongue was warm and wet and felt like a warm kiss with melted butter. She put my hand on her boob and oh God, I was in heaven. They were soft, so wonderful to touch. My real Mama's joojoos were huge but not as soft. I think that's part of the reason that even at her age they didn't hang down week old sacks of potatoes. Mrs. Blissitt's knockers were soft and squishy and I coulda touched them for the rest of my life! I thought my fuse was lit and this rocket was about to defy gravity!"Holy shit Scotty, you just get bigger?""This is great Mrs. Bli...I mean Suzzanne.""Call me Suzy and I'm going down on this thing if it kills me."Suzy took my bursting throb monster in her mouth and sure as the Alaskan pipeline she went all the way down. The single most amazing feeling there is! Tight and warm, like dippin' your loins in a warm tight sock. My cock found heaven in her throat and still I didn’t cum! I was amazed at how long I was lasting with Amber’s Mom sucking me off! Then she started to move faster and faster and I felt my balls tighten, my muscles contract, the fuse was almost there! Ms. Blissitt, Suzy, moved my cock to the back of her throat and I came! Oh God I came! Ms. Blissitt tried to swallow, hell she gulped and choaked and gulped some more. I felt horribly guilty that there was so much but then I don't really control it. She held onto my hips with both hands and I seen her eyes waterin' before it started to dribble down her chin and onto her gorgeous breasts. Finally poor Mrs. Blissitt had to give up, won't nuttin' she could do. She pulled my cock from deep down in her belly and all sorts of sticky wet stuff dripped down her chin and across her naked body! It was beautiful and terrible at the same time. But I won't done yet, not by a long shot. I shot another thick stream of hot jizz all across her face. It went into her eyes and hair. Then another followed right behind it like my balls been waitin' seventeen years to unload this bit ah cum. The next streams of cum pretty much covered her face and chest so that she had white strings of cum clingin' to her chin and hangin' from her thick hard nipples. When I finally finished I felt this horrible wave of shame. I couldn't help but think of Mama and what she would think of this. I was ready to run out the door but Mrs. Blissitt stood up grabbed me and made me kiss her!! I felt ill! I could taste my own cum, feel it smearing on my face from hers. But I kissed her cause what else would I do? She was my adopted Mama and I always done what my Mama wanted and I figured this won't no different. She put her tongue in my mouth and she still had a good bit of salty spunk on her tongue. I felt a little sick but I did enjoy kissin' her. Our tongues danced in a hot little exchange of juices. When she finished kissing me she wiped her chin and said, “So can you get it up again to fuck me?”“I think so but…”“What now?”“Honestly Mrs…” She gave me a look, “…Oh yeah Suzanne…I honestly ain’t never done that before.”“Well, there is always a first time.”“Yes…I guess so.”“Plus you want to fuck Amber right?”“I…well…I guess.”“Well Amber knows what she is doing boy, you better learn how to please a woman if you want to get her to marry you. She ain’t no virgin, sorry to disappoint you. Hell, I thought you two been fucking for years the way that girl loves to fuck!”“God no!”“Why not?”This shocked me. Why hadn’t I? I guess because Amber never seemed interested…or had she? Maybe I hadn’t been interested? Amber's been fucking for years?“Well no matter now, come lay on the bed and I’ll suck you. You’ll be back up in no time and then we’ll talk about how to fuck proper. I think you’ll need lots of practice before you try to fuck my daughter.”“Well I’m kinda dating Michelle.” I said.“That slut!? Why?”“I…well…she asked me and we's girlfriend and boyfriend.”“Figures. But you need to dump her…no wait….fuck her too. God this is making me so horny. I love thinking about that. Yes, you need some practice but then dump her after you’ve fucked her a few times and practiced getting her off. We have lots of work to do on you and not much time. Amber will be going off to college soon and if you want a shot you are going to have to really impress her in bed. That girl is a sexual stick of dynomite!”“You want me to marry her?”“I want you to be my son and that seems as good a way as any. I don't want you goin' off and leaving us. We love you, I love you and now I want to really love you. That's just how it is in this family. If I had known how big that rod of yours is when it gets hard you would have been introduced to our family ways long time ago.”Then I lay back on the bed and my second Mama put my limp dick in her mouth and began rolling her tongue around it. I felt it slowly starting to grow inside her mouth. The sensation was wonderful but the entire time I thought of Amber. I couldn’t think of my life without Amber but I couldn’t think of doing anything with her either. What did she mean Amber was a sexual stick of dynomite? What did she mean family ways? I couldn't think of her like that, she was my sister. But maybe it was because I loved her. I couldn’t think of doing anything with Amber’s mother either but here she was sucking my cock and I loved it. God how I loved it!“There we go, it’s nice and hard. I’m going to ride you first seeing as how you ain’t never done this before. Try not to cum.”She knelt over me and she took her fingers and opened the lips of her pussy. She grabbed my dick in her other hand and rubbed the tip around the pink moist opening. Then she slipped it inside. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back.“Damn Scotty, you are HUGE! I fucking love it! All that time wasted. We could have been having so much sex! I fucking love sex! Oh god, how I love sex!”“This feels great.”“Shut up Scotty and just fuck.”So I shut up and just fucked her. She rode my cock like she was riding a pissed off bull. She grabbed me and we rolled so that I was over her. I pushed up into her and then I did it, I came.“Oh no! No Scott, NO!”“What…ahhh…ohhhh…GOD!” I shot my full load inside her and she rolled her eyes. My balls were still packin' from years and years of nothing and so I felt the gushing flood of sperm I deposited in her cunt. I coulda cum a few buckets more but I was so embarrassed from not being at to hold it that I didn't.“You gotta wait for me Scott, I was almost there! You just gonna blow up like that the first time you slip your dick in my daughter?”“I’m sorry.”“Oh, it’s ok. We better stop anyway. Amber will be home. Don’t tell her about this. She probably won’t like it much if she knows her future husband is fucking her mother and her mother just took his cherry!” and with this she laughed a big full cackling laugh.I walked down the hall and into the bathroom. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. What would Mama think?
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