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                                                                         chapter 1 For as long as I can remember ive noticed Her, recognized her beauty and longed for it, to touch and kiss and love her. A silently secret crush heavy enough to weigh down my heart through my high school years, up until now just before my 18th birthday, at the beginning of my senior year. I've never told anyone for fear of the social and parental effects of that come with "coming out". There are girls in my school that are openly lesbian and the bullying and ridicule that is thrown at them is more than I could ever endure. For a while I have deeply envied they're courage...and now recently Her' s. I'm unsure of what happened during this last summer, but when school started she no longer hung out with the preps of our school but instead she spent her free time at school with the small group of girls frequently bullied for their sexuality. At first I was confused (does that mean she's come out as one of "them"?) my question was answered soon enough. During the first week of school I had been walking towards 6th period (a class that She was also taking) when ahead of me one of Her old friends reached her foot out and tripped Her with an angry call of "Dyke!". She hit the floor hard and her school work spread all over the hallway. I felt so many emotions at once it dazed me. For one I was angry at the evil Bitch who had been so cruel, and sad for the same reason(how could someone be so cruel?) but at the same time I was filled with elation-she was a lesbian-or at least her old friend seemed to think so(and that was enough for me.) I reacted quickly, rushing over to take Her hand and help her off the floor. My heart beat spiked when our hands touched. When she was standing she flicked her short blonde hair out of her eyes and our gazes locked. She smiled softly"Thanks." She had dazzled me, I could barely breath, her eyes and mine...locked, I could do this all day. Only the sound of the tardy bell woke us from our stare, I blushed when I realized i was still holding her hand. The awkward moment was broken and I helped her pick up her papers and we went to class. From then on occasionally in class she would glance up and catch me staring at her, then she'd send me a sly smile and a quick wink, making me blush and look down at my desk.                                                                           chapter 2 For the last month its gone on like that, the occasional smile and lip bite, taunting me... This morning started out as any other, I woke up at 5 grabbed my school stuff ate breakfast and then drove to the school track and was jogging by 5:30. Then at 6:00 I stopped and went to the schools locker room to shower and prepare for the day. After a quick shower I got dressed and was going to do my hair but realized id left my hair dryer in my car. I quickly walked out to my car and grabbed my dryer and waked back toward the locker room humming. My humming stopped abruptly as I was opening the locker room door, I heard a locker slam inside."Thats weird" I thought wondering who it was, I was almost always alone this early in the morning. Silently I walked down the short hallway and peeked around the corner to see Her-my god it was Her! She was striping her clothes off obviously getting ready to shower. I barely contained my gasp at her sight, and then could barely start breathing as she lifted her t-shirt off revealing her flat stomach and  the tops of her large lightly tanned breasts held tightly by a pretty pink lace bra. "wow" I thought.  I couldn't believe how lucky i was to be able to see her like this, I did not spend much more time thinking as She reached back and undid her bra letting her tits escape they're pink prison. She reached up and pinched her light pink nipples letting out a small moan, it was the most beautiful thing i had ever heard. My pussy was getting hotter and wetter the more her clothes came off. when she bent over to slowly pull her light blue sweats down there was no resisting anymore. My hand found its way into the front of my pants, my fingers almost unconsciously stroking my pussy. I Imagined slipping off her panties( they matched her bra) and kissing and tasting her pussy-the thought making me even more wet, if that was possible. After she kicked off her sweats, she proceeded with her panties, exposing her shaved pussy, making my breath catch in my throat and sending the hand that wasn't buried in my pussy up my shirt to twist and pinch my nipples. My pussy was hot and slippery and three of my fingers where almost completely stuffed up inside, thrusting in and out going deeper and deeper. It was getting hard to keep quiet. She now stood before me completely naked. She was taller than me with that short blonde hair that she so often flicked out of her eyes sexily. Her ass was wonderfully round making my mouth water, and again i was amazed at my luck.  She grabbed her towel, shampoo, and body wash and walked away down the short hall way into the room that housed the showers. I stood there in shock.                                                                       chapter 3 The sound of a shower turning on woke me from my daze. My mind was buzzing, still hot and sticky I pulled my hand out of my pants and stood up thinking i would just grab my stuff and go. But when i was turning to leave a flash of pink caught my eye. I looked down to see Her panties sitting on the bench in the middle of the locker room, she had left them out. The thought that this small flimsy piece of cloth had been touching Her pussy only moments ago exited me. Quickly i went over and picked them up, immediately bringing the still warm underwear to my nose. the smell was wonderful, as musky sweetness that made my mouth water. I jammed them in my pocket smiling at the thought of masturbating with her panties held to my face. I thought of seeing Her naked again and couldn't resist. I quietly crept down the hall towards the showers. I peeked around the corner just as she was washing soap out of her hair, the soapy water running down her body made her skin glisten. After her hair was clean she grabbed her body wash and squirted a large amount in her hand and began to rub it all over, getting her tits and stomach, legs, pussy...thats when my hand went back down my pants. Then she leaned down and with her still soapy hands squirted even more into her hand then lifting her leg to rest on the soap shelf on the wall, she lathered her ass hole and using three fingers she cleaned her self out. When she was done she dropped her leg down and  washed her hands in the water and washed the rest of the soapy water off. Then, grabbing a bottle of lotion I hadn't seen she lifted her leg up again and turned the shower to low. I heard her quick gasping over the spray of the shower, and her long low moan as she impaled her ass with two lathered up fingers. My mind was locked on her, I couldn't think of anything else. the amount of times i had masturbated to this same situation was more than i could count. I couldn't remember ever being as horny as this. My fingers fumbled with the button and zipper on my pants, when those were undone and my pants around my ankles my hand resumed its pleasurable workout. I licked my lips as I watched her other hand rub her pussy. Her small pleasureful moans driving me crazy with a lust ive never felt before. She moaned again loudly as two more fingers joined her ass. her fingers pulsed in and out so fast and deep that her large breasts bounced up and down. The gentle light from above made her skin shimmer with a beautiful tan color, only adding to her beauty. she lifted her head back with her eyes closed, gently biting her perfect lower lip. Then her mouth parted as she spoke quietly her voice overlaid with lustfully pleasure. "MMMMMM...YES, YES OHHHHHH SOOO DEEEP! OH BABY YES! MMM, LET ME CUM! OH, KRISTY!" She practically screamed. Hearing my name drove me over the edge as I realized she had been thinking of me. My orgasm started slow then exploded through me, pleasure hitting me like a brick wall and I couldn't help myself scream out, my voice mixing with Her' s.  Abruptly she stopped, dropping her leg and turning around quickly. I gasped, pulling my pants up with trembling fingers, my fingers wouldn't work properly, shaking to hard with fear and embarrassment. she had crossed her arms to cover her breasts and her pussy as she turned around. at first she had an expression of shock and fear on her face, until she saw me standing there fumbling with my zipper. I was to embarrassed to even form a complete sentence. "!" I said and turned to run, to bolt, to get as far away from this impossibly embarrassing situation as i could. But she had other plans. "No wait!" she said "Please...dont."  I stopped. If it had been anyone else-Anyone else-and i would have been in my car already-but it was Her. And any moment speaking to her was one treasured. I turned around slowly dreading facing her. She dropped her arms and walked over to me. I just blushed and stared at my feet barely believing this was happening. Her hand came up gently and stoked my hair, then my cheek. Her smooth fingers went under my chin slowly lifting my face up to hers. My eyes traced her naked body-memorizeing it as I met her gaze sheepishly. "Don't be embarrassed" she whispered. Her hands rested on my hips bringing me closer, her breasts pressing against mine. she leaned in slowly her lips brushing mine. Again she whispered. "mmm kristy, your so beautiful" I couldn't breath, I couldn't blink i couldn't do anything but stand there in  a mental shock as the girl I'd had a crush on for most of my school years held me and whispered impossibly sweet things to me. Almost unthinkingly I closed the distance, our lips pressing together gently, the kiss was slow at first but erupted into a explosion of heat and lust. When it was over and we were both gasping for breath she moved her lips to my ear. "You know..." She said biting my earlobe gently. " you interrupted me..." I blushed. Her hand ran down my front, over my breasts and down the front of my pants a little, sending electric pleasure to my pussy. Her other hand lifted my chin up again smiling mischievously.  "There's still some hot water left..."      
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