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The Note Sophie was intrigued by the note that must have been slipped into her pocket while she was on the tube. She hadn’t noticed anyone put it in, but she was sure it wasn’t there when she left the office just 30 minutes earlier. It must have been someone she knew, the details were too accurate, her name was on the outside of the small envelope, and the accuracy of what the note said meant it was someone who knew more about her than she realised. As she read the note again for the fourth time she could feel her wetness from the excitement its contents had stirred within her brain. Her house was only ten minutes walk from the underground station and she thought that her husband Ben might be there, so she walked through the park and picked an out of the way bench. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and the park had a few people walking in the sunshine, but she knew no-one would bother her as she took out the note and tried to grasp the full significance. It was handwritten in a nice style that she did not recognise. “Sophie, I know Ben will be away the weekend of the 14 th /15 th , please attend Suite 345 of the Plaza Hotel at 11.00 on the 14 th to enjoy the fantasy that you crave so deeply.” Sophie’s heart fluttered once more, who knew of her secret desires, she had voiced them once very tentatively to Ben, who had dismissed them without even guessing that his sexy wife needed more from their sex life than he was able to give her. She had tried talking to a friend about her needs only to be put off by a dismissive comment about perverts, and so her only outlet so far was to investigate her cravings on the internet. She had searched through various websites, and was excited at the world of BDSM that she read of. The thought of being submissive to a Dom excited her greatly and she had often masturbated while reading erotic stories of domination and submission from her computer screen while Ben was out at his club. As she sat there her mind was a whirl, who could have put the note there, who could know Ben was away with his pals for a boys weekend in Dublin, and most of all was she going to go, she knew she shouldn’t, she had yet to do anything about her desires   through a sense of guilt about her marriage vows to Ben. After half an hour she made her decision, reading the note one last time for any hint or clue before putting it into her purse and picking up her bag she set off for home.   Saturday Morning Up with the lark to drive Ben to the airport, she arrived back at home at 8am. She knew she would have enough time to get herself ready and made herself a cup of coffee as she wondered once more if she was doing the right thing. She remembered the words of her Nan “Don’t have any regrets” she smiled to herself, thinking I’m not really sure this was the occasion she had in mind, but thanks Nan. Sophie went to the en-suite and had a thorough shower and having towelled herself dry she picked out matching black lacy bra and knickers and suspender belt and a pair of sheer black stockings. She then dressed and topped off with a red blouse and knee length black skirt, finally she put some black shoes with 3” heels. She knew that she would look classy but not so slutty that she would grab any more than admiring looks from any men and maybe the odd jealous look from the women. Taking a final look at herself in the mirror she thought to herself “Yes I still look good”. The outfit was exactly the look that she wanted but with the knowledge that what was underneath should have the desired effect. She had ordered the taxi for 10.15, she wanted to be sure she wasn’t late, she had read what could happen for disobedience, and knew that she could grab a coffee if she was early. The taxi driver couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked down the front garden path and tried to find out about her day, but she fobbed him off with “I’m just meeting a friend”. Secretly she hoped it wasn’t someone she knew but she couldn’t see how it could be, after all they knew her and Ben and the whereabouts of her husband. The taxi took no time cutting through the city streets   and soon she was at the front doors of the Plaza. Breathing deeply she stepped inside and having 20 minutes to kill she grabbed a latte and sat in the coffee bar looking at the people coming in seeing if she could see who might be in store for her.   Suite 345 At 11.00 exactly Sophie found herself outside the door of Suite 345. Looking at her watch to check she wasn’t early she knocked timidly at the door, she knew there was no turning back now. She thought she heard someone speak from inside, and so she opened the door and stepped inside but there appeared to be no one in the room. The door closed behind her and trying the handle she realised it had locked shut. Resigned to the fact that her presence here was a witness to her submission she didn’t panic too much, this was what she wanted after all. Looking around the room she couldn’t see any signs of occupation, just the normal trimmings of a posh hotel room. Just as she completed her tour of the room the loud ring of the telephone made her jump. After three rings she picked up the receiver. “Hello Sophie, so good to see you have arrived safely”, said the deep male voice “Now please remove all your clothes and put them in the wardrobe, then when you fully naked, kneel on the floor facing away from the door. When I come into the room please do not look at me.” Before Sophie had a chance to say anything the line was dead. So much for this outfit thought Sophie, not realising that she was being watched by a hidden camera and her every action was seen in a room just across the corridor. Sophie stripped off her clothes and neatly hung them and folded them and put them away in the wardrobe and then following her instructions to the letter she knelt on the floor. After a few minutes, but what seemed like eternity to the nervous Sophie, she heard the door open. As instructed she kept looking forward, and soon felt a presence close behind her. Before she could see who was her mystery Master, a blindfold was placed over her eyes and quickly tied at the back of her head. “Stand up slave” came the instruction from her Master. “You will speak only when spoken too. You will address me as Master, and you will obey my every instruction. Your safe word is Tallahassee. Do you understand slave” “Yes   Sir” Sophie replied. With that the Master walked around Sophie, his hands inspecting her body, touching her back her bottom, her shoulders and then moving to her breasts, Sophie thought he was trying to guess the weight of her nicely sized mounds. He then moved down to her pussy, tutting at the pubic hair on show, before slipping a finger onto her clit and down to her hole where he slipped a finger inside her. “Follow me” he said leading Sophie to the bed. “Claire lay a towel down on the bed please” Who is Claire, Sophie thought, when did she arrive, what have I got myself into here? Sophie felt the presence of someone near her and soon she was being eased onto her back on top of the towel. Sophie felt her hands being tied to each corner of the headboard and then straight after she felt her legs being parted as her ankles were tied to the the posts at the foot of the bed. “Claire, please shave Sophie so that she is smooth all over” Yes Sir, said a pretty female voice. Was she another slave thought Sophie, she must be she said Sir too. Sophie felt a wet sponge being applied to her pussy and then felt the cold lather as Claire commenced her work. Soon Sophie felt the blade scraping across her initimate areas and she couldn’t help but starting to feel arousal as the gentle touch of the girl removed her pubic hair. Before long Claire had finished and she used a cloth to remove the rest of the foam from Sophie. “That’s better, well done Claire, you have done a very good job there, you deserve a reward” Sophie wondered what the reward might be and soon found out as she felt Claire position herself on the bed and from the scent that reached her nostrils she knew that Claire’s pussy wasn’t far away from her face and then she felt the girl’s bare pussy lowered onto her mouth. Sophie had never licked a girl’s pussy before but she wasn’t in any position to argue so she reached out with her tongue trying to locate Claire’s clit. Claire moved her clit onto the tongue of Sophie and soon the girl was making soft whimpering sounds as the novice went about learning how to please another female. Soon Claire was fucking Sophie’s tongue and it wasn’t long before Claire said “Please Master may I cum?” “Of course you can Claire” Master replied. And Claire wasted no time in allowing her orgasm to overwhelm her as she ground her pussy into Sophie’s face. Without realising Sophie had become overcome with the eroticism, the emotion and the smell and taste of Claire’s wetness and she knew that although she couldn’t do anything about it, she herself was also extremely wet. After Claire had removed herself from Sophie, she heard Master’s voice once more. “Excellent, I enjoyed that, now Sophie let’s have a proper look at you. Master moved to the bed and Sophie felt his warm breath just before he kissed her on the breast, taking her nipple into his mouth, he gently teased it before biting it and sucking it and making it erect, Sophie smiled as she knew the look he was seeing, she loved her breasts and though Master would to. Master did the same with the other breast and then attached nipple clamps in turn. Sophie gasped at the initial pain, but then grew more accustomed to the feeling as Master proceeded to move down her body before finally opening her pussy lips with his fingers and diving in to lick her clit. The feelings were overcoming Sophie and she so badly wanted to orgasm, but she had heard Claire ask for release and she knew she couldn’t speak so she tried her hardest to hold it off as Master continued to tease her clit with his tongue and his teeth. She knew that she was soaked below now and she loved the feeling as Master expertly brought her close to heaven. Just when Sophie thought she couldn’t hold it anymore Master stopped. She suddenly felt Master put a finger into her anus, it must have been lubed as it slid in without too much resistance and although Sophie let out a small gasp she soon started to enjoy the feeling. Sophie felt Master withdraw his finger and feeling him apply some more lube to her anus she felt him push what must have been a butt plug inside her, she enjoyed the feel of her anus being filled and then felt a shock run through her as it started to vibrate inside her. Master moved up the bed so that his cock was near Sophie’s mouth and uttered the phrase she had been expecting “Suck my cock slut”. The use of the word slut excited her in a way she didn’t think possible and she eagerly accepted Master hard thick cock inside her mouth. She started to lick away at his head, trying all the tricks she remembered from her college days   and the sounds of moans from Master reassured her that she was pleasing him. She suddenly felt a tongue on her pussy lips again and knew it must be Claire as Master couldn’t reach the position he was in, and she felt Master stiffen further as he saw Claire go down on his newest slut. It wasn’t long before she felt Master start to pump her mouth and she enjoyed the feel of his cock forcing itself into her mouth. Sophie couldn’t hold back any longer under the ministrations of Clarie’s excellent oral skills and that combined with the vibe in her arse and Masters pumping of her mouth and she had a huge orgasm ripple though her entire body, she hoped Master hadn’t noticed and she was hoping that his fucking her mouth would hide her explosion. Before long she felt Master’s cock thicken and his paced quickened as he forced his cock into her throat before unloading his sperm deep inside her, Sophie knew she would have to try and not spill any and she kept trying to swallow as much as she could as his pace eased. All the while Claire was still servicing her pussy and she could feel another orgasm building within her. Master said “Thank you slut that was good, you may have a reward, you may cum.” With that Sophie went over the edge and had the most amazing orgasm. As Claire removed herself from Sophie’s pussy and the vibe from her arse, Sophie knew she had made the right decision, that was the most amazing experience she had ever had and she was wondering what would happen next.    
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