First Encounter Part III (The Journey Begins)
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The door closed. The smell of her sex saturated the room, musky with a hint of sweetness. She raised her head, with nose upward, as if trying to catch his scent, and pinpointing where exactly he was in the room. She heard him taking off what seemed like his jacket, maybe?..and something else that wasn’t clothing sounding, but slightly heavier, dropped on the floor. She couldn’t be entirely sure; her normally keen senses were betraying her since she couldn’t entirely focus with the vibrator stimulating her pussy walls and forcing them to constantly contract. Not to mention the fact that he was in the room somewhere staring at her. It was nerve-racking. There was a fleeting urge to say a simple hello but she felt ridiculous in doing so; so she kept quiet. He was near; she caught the sound of his footsteps and breathing. He was behind her chair. Every muscle tensed and she braced for whatever he might say or do to her. Fingers delicately toyed with her hair, brushing it away from her neck. He slowly ran his fingers up and down the right side of her neck. Tilting her head into his hand, she rubbed her cheek to caress him, much like a cat nudging its owner. On a conscience level she desired to lean into him; to have some physical contact; especially since she could only rely on the remaining four senses available to her. He kissed her neck and shivers ran up her spine, tingling her nerve-endings making her fine hairs stand up and goose-bumps appear on her arms. All of sudden, her head was thrown back over the spine of the chair, from her hair being pulled very hard. He grabbed her jaw in one hand, squeezing firmly, and thrust his tongue into her hungry mouth. They kissed. Not the gentle, romantic movie style starry-eyed kiss, but one shared with raw, uninhibited passion. Their tongues lashing in and out of their mouths, a slight moan came out of her. They had never met before this moment but she knew she would never get enough of him. She could kiss him forever. The toy, still inside her hot wet cunt, was doing its job and performing its sole function. Everything now heightened for her; a joining once again of her mind and physical self. Her desire raging within, bubbling over like a champagne bottle uncorked. She wanted to cum. He spoke the first words she’d heard in person, “Open your legs for me.” A deep resounding voice that made her insides melt like candle wax. Her legs felt weak and rubbery like Gumby. So rich, the tone of his voice in her ears; firm; revealing little emotion, yet she could feel his attraction for her in the undertone. She was nervous and it seemed to her that she moved at a snail’s pace especially when he tapped the inside of her thigh to coax her to do his bidding. Legs apart; cunt open and seeping with her juices; she was completely exposed to him. Would he find her repulsive? Would he be turned-off by the odor of her femininity? Were her body imperfections bothering him? Was her pussy ugly? She turned her head away almost in shame because she never had any man see her body in this manner. Her chest tightened. She took sharp breaths, trying to calm herself; waiting for him to voice disapproval or worse, disgust. Blindfolded actually helped her in this moment since she knew there’d be no way in hell she’d want to see the expression on his face; especially if it was one of deep disappointment. “Beautiful” is what she heard. Her cheeks reddened and felt warm, almost feverish. No one ever had said such a thing to her ever, not past lovers, previous boyfriends, or even her current husband. She never felt so wanted, it was overwhelming. Tears welled. The very idea that she was beautiful to Him made up for all the times in life she felt sexually unattractive. His hand on her inner thigh slowly inched up and covered her smoothly shaved mound. Oh please, touch me, touch my clit, I want to cum for you. She jerked in surprise. For a millisecond her ass lifted off the chair when he penetrated her pussy and pulled out the vibrator and turned it off. Strong hands pushed her heels to the outside legs of the chair. One binding, click, around her ankle as it was now immobile, then, click, her other ankle tethered to other leg of the chair. Her arms were pulled behind her around the back of the chair, click click, and now her wrists were cuffed together. No escape. She was trapped, sitting there naked; her body bared, wide open, and at his mercy. Since she couldn’t see what was happening, she was disoriented, confused, and slightly scared. Her legs trembled and she felt chilled even though flames licked at her soul heating her inner-core to a temperature so scorching she would detonate if touched. Hair yanked hard, forcing her neck to snap back. A hand gripped her throat holding her still and His voice, forceful and demanding in her ear, the verbal guide and reassurance she needed to delve into this journey she was now embarking on. “You are MINE! Your Mouth, Pussy, and Ass Belong to Me Now.” He released her head so she could freely move it again. She could hear him moving about the room, then silence. Where did he go? Is he within arm’s reach? How long has she been sitting here, a minute? Two? Maybe more? Anxiety quickly building inside her mind. Maybe he left and abandoned her, changed his mind. Every negative and paranoid thought was passing in her mind like flashcards. Her back was beginning to get stiff from sitting there, her arms slightly achy from being wrapped around the chair. What the fuck is going on? It felt like an eternity, ten minutes? Couldn’t be more than thirty, could it? This was making her crazy just sitting there left to her own devices without the freedom of sight or movement. Hot breath; she felt it like soft whisper, so near her still dripping and drenched cunt. His mouth was close to her folds. Oh my God, sure enough a small flick. She was so close to cumming that it wouldn’t take much manipulation to push her over the edge in a massive orgasm. Now his tongue was licking the crease just along the outside of her swollen pussy lips. She wanted to squirm but couldn’t since she was firmly planted to the chair. Her hips bucked slightly and her back arched a bit. Another flick. Fuck…. it feels so good. She rarely ever received oral sex so these sensations were practically new to her. Fingers spread her cunt and his flattened tongue sucked directly on the hard nub of her clit. Gasping; her hands clenched so tight, her knuckles were white. She wanted to close her legs. Her clit was so sensitive from the vibrator, that just his tongue touching, made her want to leap off the chair. He didn’t stop, not even close to stopping. In fact he dove in with vigor; his tongue lapping her juices and making sucking sounds as he drank in her fluids. The velocity of his tongue making small circles on her clit increased what seemed like tenfold once he tasted her. He thrust what felt like two fingers into her gaping pussy hole, pushing them deep inside massaging her inner walls. He finger-fucked her sopping cunt; pumping his fingers in and out while his mouth locked on her sweet spot. Quenching his thirst for her hot liquid, he swallowed her flowing river of sweet nectar. He growled as he mercilessly plundered her narrow channel alternating with his curled tongue and his pussy soaked fingers. She quaked in the chair and sweat formed at the top of her breasts and in her cleavage. Salty beads dripped off her taut nipples leaving tracks as it gradually slid down her abdomen, pooling near her navel. If she could’ve clamped her legs around his head she would’ve but they were secured in their position and quivering involuntarily as she was climbing towards a roaring climax. The licking, teasing, and sucking of his tongue on her rigid button, along with the pressure massage his fingers were providing were spurring her on to a fierce orgasm, Oh SHIT………..Oh Jesus…...I’m going to cum. Cum she did, moaning, “I'm cumming, Ah.......Ah....Ah!” at the top of her lungs as wave upon wave crashed. She didn’t care if she could be heard down the hall, ten rooms away as she was so loud. Her hands were working the cuffs like a wild animal trying to break free. Sounds of her orgasm deafened her ears. She could hear nothing, see nothing, or feel nothing but the pulses pounding into her pelvic region like a hammer, causing her to raise her ass off the chair. He grabbed onto her hips, wrapped his arms around her, forcing her to feel his mouth still fastened onto her clit while he was slurping up every drop of her orgasmic cocktail. She couldn’t take much more. Her head thrashed and shook almost violently from side-to-side as she was desperately trying to send him a signal to stop. Juices still dribbling out, soaking the chair, she shuddered one last time as the last palpitations were leaving her body. He released his mouth from her drenched cunt and eased her down gently by giving butterfly kisses along her inner thighs, working his way up slowly, and giving attention to each of her breasts. He stood up and bent over to squeeze her jaw as a signal for her to open her mouth. He ravaged her with his tongue; spreading her silky hot cum inside her orifice; mixing their saliva with her unique womanly cunt juice. He gave one last swipe of his tongue and withdrew and shoved his slick fingers in her mouth to clean them and taste herself. She sucked on them as if it was his hard cock in her mouth. As he pulled away leaving her dazed and breathless, he leaned in and murmured in her ear, “Good Girl.”
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