I Was Wrong
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I was just walking alone in the park at night when I just so happened to walk into an old friend of mine. His name is Dale. Dale has short cropped brown hair and sexy brown eyes. He is roughly 6 feet tall, taller than me.Dale was one of those guys in high school who would make friends with a girl and toy with their emotions. Trust me I was one of them. But he was a very passionate guy. I used to like him before I found out he was just trying to score in my panties.I was hoping he wouldn't recognize me after 4 years out of high school. I was 22 now and he was 23. Well like I said, I hoped he wouldn't recognize me. But that all blew up when he grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him."Hey, I know you. We went to school together!" He said all enthusiastically. I smiled and nodded. I was too shocked to even move my lips. Dale pulled me into him, holding me tightly. Apparently he really remembered me. I was the girl with a tomboy attitude. I use to dress like a skater/goth. But now I wore more girly clothes.I gently pushed Dale away. When I looked into his eyes I saw that they burned with longing. It had made me very nervous. I was still a virgin and single for the most part. My pussy started to throb. I didn't know what to do. I just stared at Dale and awkwardly stepped back into him. 'What the hell!' I screamed in my head. Surely he knew me but didn't remember my name.Out of nowhere Dale said ,"Natalie?" He said all breathy and almost in a moan. I looked up at him. HE REMEMBERED MY NAME! I calmly responded. "Dale." But he didn't say much more.Instantly I felt the same longing. So I asked him to come back to my place. He agreed. He was a very attractive guy and I was falling for him. It was weird how we just suddenly clicked.We walked back to my house. On the way Dale took me in between these two buildings that was like a block away from my house. He started kissing my neck and fondling my breasts. I was aroused at once. My panties were damp now. Moans escaped my lips quite often. Dale got off by my moans. I felt him get hard really quick. He surprised me by just stopping. His hands dropped and he stopped kissing my neck. What the hell?We started walking again to my house. When we got there I reached for my keys and unlocked my door. Dale gladly walked in. Once I shut the door behind me Dale pulled me into him. We were every where, leaving clothes where we traveled. We didn't even make it to my bedroom before Dale stuck two fingers up my wet pussy. I moaned tremendously. But I wanted to make him feel good too so I went down on him.I pulled his 9' inch cock into my mouth. My tongue ring felt good on his massive load. He knotted his fingers in my long dark brown hair. He began to climax and busted right in my mouth. His cum was warm and tasty so I swallowed every drop."Oh, baby girl! That felt so good... I wanna fuck you so bad." Dale moaned. His moan sent shivers down my spine. I gladly took that chance to get on top of him. It hurt like hell but I managed to put his 9' inch cock in my pussy."Fuck me, Dale. I want you to fuck me." I moaned. Dale rolled us over and started thrusting fast and hard into me. Only three minutes of that and I already started to come.Dale stopped. "I wanna fuck you doggy style." I noted. So I got on all fours. He teased my pussy with his tongue then the head of his member. I came again. After I came he stuck it back in and rammed goos and hard into my g spot. I couldn't help but scream.I was almost at my climax when I started screaming ,"Baby! It feels so good! I love you!" I felt him move faster."I love you, too, Baby... I'm about to come...""Come in me... Fill me up with your sperm." I moaned. He pounded me even harder. I felt when he let his load in my womb. We both moaned at the same time. My head was foggy. All I could think about was how good it felt. Dale pulled out. I could tell he wasn't done with me yet."Get on top." He commanded. I obeyed him. Once I was on top again I felt him go very deep into me. I moaned. Dale sat forward so he could fondle my size C cup boobs. Moans escaped me left and right. When he started sucking thats when I really came.I stopped moving at that point. My whole body was vibrating and I could barely feel my limbs. I told Dale we needed to stop. He agreed.*************The next morning I woke up to Dale right next to me in my bed. We were both still completely naked. I smiled. I had lost my virginity. And to a guy that I had always dreamed of fucking. What a dream come true.Dale took me in his arms. He kissed me passionately. The way his tongue felt... Oh my god. He pulled away. "It's a bit late for this but I wanna know if you would like to hook up."I smiled and kissed him with every feeling I had in me. He knew what I was saying. It was obvious. And that's where my life changed.
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