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The call from Johan came, I was to meet my new master if I passed the interview I would belong to him, my debt would be paid and I would start a new life that I did not believe that I would want when I started on this journey. I was to meet Master at an out of town bar I was told not to drive their but to get a cab, and to dress like the slut that I now was.  I chose a very short PVC skirt, which just covered my pussy, which was shaven smooth, a tiny black lace thong just covered my lips, net holdups, 6 inch patent heels a sheer white blouse completed my outfit. I wore a red sheer bra underneath as I thought that this was very slutty, I finished with a slash of scarlet lipstick. I arrived early not wanting to disappoint my new master, I sat at the bar with a cocktail, anxiously looking at the men and women in the bar who were eyeing me up, I looked very out of place. Maybe I should have waited outside? Johan walked in with a stranger who I took to be my master, they sat at a table in the centre of the bar, a waitress took their order, then walked over to me and said "The two gentlemen would like you to join them" I walked over and went to sit down.  "you will sit when told to slut not before" masters voice whispered menacingly I stand in front of the men who look me up and down, "Are you wearing panties" asks master, "Yes" master" I reply, "Go to the ladies room remove them and the bra, then bring them back to me so that I can see them, make sure plenty of those buttons are undone" Master says I look shocked at what he is asking, "Or you can take them off here if you like" again masters voice is a whisper. I hurry off to the ladies room, on my return trip everyone in the bar seems to be watching me as I walk across the floor, my breasts are in full view, my pierced nipples standing out against the thin sheer fabric of my blouse I have undone it to my waist, my tits sway in the material, the short skirt is barely covering my pussy.  I feel myself redden but also a quivering in my belly of excitement. Master again looks me up and down, "Better" he says, he takes the undergarments from me  "You wont need these again tonight" master smiles. Master runs a hand up the back of leg to my naked pussy, he squeezes between my legs, I flinch as he pushes two fingers into my pussy and his thumb into my anus, I feel myself getting wetter, as his hand works on me. "Will you obey everything I ask you to do slut " he asks  "Yes master" I reply "Good, go to the bar and ask the barman if you can suck his cock, go" I look shocked again but make my way to the bar "Can I get you anything "asks the barman " I want to suck your cock" I manage to utter, the barman motions me to go out to the back of the bar, he sits down on a beer crate unzips his pants and pulls out a huge still soft cock it must be 10 inches long and very fat, I kneel and start to take it in my mouth even half erect I am struggling to get my mouth around its girth, as he grows hard I feel my jaw being stretched very wide he pushes into my mouth all the way down my throat I start to gag but he keeps pushing further, I swallow hard and am able to accommodate this monster cock, he draws back and starts to fuck my mouth he reaches down to pull on my nipple rings sending pain and pleasure through my tits, he keeps fucking my mouth then pulls back a little and floods my mouth with his cum I swallow but some squeezes out and runs down my chin, the barman pulls away from me. "Thanks slut the next drink is on the house" he says. I return to masters table he smiles "Well done very obedient" Master stands and leads me over to the pool table area, he starts to play a game with a local saying " If you win you and your friends can do what ever you like with my little slut, sound like a good bet?" the guy smiles and nods his agreement, there are about twenty men and women in the bar who are now drifting to the pool table, master breaks the balls and pots 3 balls maybe he will win I think to myself, the local guy then gets to the table, he is very good, he pots all the balls. "I win then " he says "She is all yours" masters says. The men approach me, one kisses me hard on the mouth, and grabs my breast twisting hard, he sits on the table and takes his cock out "Suck this bitch" I lower my head to his cock, he pushes my head down his fingers knotted in my hair, by bending over my skirt rides up exposing my pussy, I feel hands on my ass, nails digging in to my ass cheeks, then something pushing against my pussy lips, something hard invading me. I hear someone say  " Stick that cue all the way up her dirty cunt she can take it all" The cue is moved in and out of me I start to get wet, the cock in my mouth starts to buck flooding my mouth with cum, someone else replaces the guy on the table, the cue is now working hard on my pussy it is glistening as it is pulled out of me. "Stick it in her ass" is the call, Something greasy is applied to my anus and again the cue is worked into me, I squeal around the cock in my mouth as I am entered, a mouth is now on my pussy biting and licking my clit and pussy lips, the mouth leaves me and I feel fingers being shoved into my pussy stretching me wide the pressure grows on my pussy as the guy gets his whole fist inside me, I start to cum over his hand as the cue and his hand bring me to orgasm, now I am laid on the pool table my legs spread, a woman is licking my pussy, my clothes have been removed so that they can play with my nipple rings, I have two men at my head with both their cock heads in my mouth they cum over my face, a woman sits on my face forcing her anus onto my lips, I lick her ass putting my tongue into her brown bud, she moves back so here hairy bush is on my mouth, she has been fucked earlier and cum dribbles out of her onto my face, she cums herself then climbs off my face, my pussy and ass are being used by the men until cum puddles under me on the pool table, a man climbs on my chest and fucks my tits spraying cum on my face.  I am covered in cum it is in my hair, eyes, and running out of my ass and pussy, they still keep fucking all my holes for what seems like hours, I am carried outside and made to kneel down a woman lifts her skirt and presses her cunt to  my mouth, a yellow stream hits my lips, I swallow it down, all around me the men and women are spraying me with their stinking piss, my humiliation for master is complete, he walks over takes out his cock, I take him in my mouth, sucking him hard, he cums, then sends a stream of his own piss down my throat. I am now his for always, to do his bidding, I will be what ever he wants. we walk to his car me naked one pace behind head bowed and subservient
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