Friday with Mr. Hannigan
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Sophia was irresistible. I knew it was wrong for me to even think about her that way. She was only 17, although her cleavage might have suggested otherwise. Her long flowing dark hair, aqua blue eyes and curves proved she was true to her name; a goddess indeed. I could not possibly mean anything to a human being of such perfection. I couldn’t help myself from sneaking glances at her while in class. She’d caught me just staring, awed by her, more than once. The other men on the faculty were very brazen about their opinions towards the female students, so it didn’t take me long to discover that I wasn’t the only one who fantasized about teaching Sophia a little more than English Literature. The golden opportunity presented itself in the form of King Lear. Sophia only pulled through with a C- on her last test, although the validity of that grade could be compromised, seeing as how I graded it. The fantasies were turning wild. Just thinking about her perfect breasts and rounded ass made my cock throb with desire. I needed to know what it was like to be in her. I was tantalized by her; Sophia was the only girl who had caught my eye since I started teaching here two months ago. I decided it was time to work some of that good old’ college boy charm I hadn’t quite lost yet. Her beautiful face had worry written all over it when she approached me after class one Friday evening. With the weekend looming, it took the other kids no time at all to leave after my last period class with them. “You wanted to see me, Mr. Hannigan?” I ignored the voice of reason in my head, telling me to get myself out before I let lust take over. “Sit down, Sophia,” I told her as I locked the door behind the last student. Before I had even taken my seat, she had already started blurting out apologies and promises. I caught the phrases ‘did not get a single word of it’, ‘try harder next time’ and ‘the last C you will see from me’ while gazing at her head to toe. She was wearing a tight green top with the lowest neckline and a black skirt that flaunted her tanned legs. Finally, I calmed her down and smiled as she took in deep breaths, her chest heaving. My cock was getting hard just looking at her, wondering what it’d be like to have her suck me off. Those perfect lips looked like they could send any man into orgasm within seconds. “There’s a simple solution to this,” I smiled, leaning back on my chair. “You can stay back a little longer on Fridays, and I’ll help you with King Lear.” “Really, Mr. Hannigan? That would really help, thank you so much,” she sighed gratefully. “We don’t usually get much help from teachers outside lessons.” I got up and walked slowly till I was standing behind her. “Of course, in return, if you could do me a little favour as well…” I pushed her hair to one side slowly and bent down to kiss her neck. Her scent was intoxicating. I kept kissing her neck, moving down slowly towards her breasts… *** I drew in a sharp breath as I felt Mr. Hannigan’s warm breath on my neck. Could this really be happening to me? I closed my eyes as he went further down. Ever since he arrived here, Mr. Hannigan was the topic of every conversation and the object of every midnight fantasy. He was the best looking teacher we’d had by far. Toned body, messy brown hair, the most intense grey eyes… oh, I’d wanted him alright. But could the feeling really be mutual? I had no problem fighting back feelings of guilt as Mr. Hannigan’s hands began exploring beneath my shirt. Strong hands of a man, not the careless and eager ones of teenage boys. He pushed one hand in my bra and at the touch of his fingers, my nipple hardened. He pulled my shirt off, leaving me in my black lacy bra. He had that off in no time too. I couldn’t help but moan as he turned the chair around and put his lips down to my nipple. He sucked slowly at first, then started biting a little. I let him do it all, leaning back, still unable to fully understand what was happening.   All I knew was that I had never been more turned on in my life. The feeling my teacher’s hands and lips on my body was unbelievable. I spread my legs a little as I felt a willing wetness on my thong. “Ohh Mr. Hannigan…” I bit my lower lip as his lips travelled down my abdomen and he rubbed my nipple with his fingers, occasionally just taking my whole breast in his hand and massaging it. I spotted a huge bulge in his pants; just imagining the size of that thing sent shivers down my spine. I wanted him in me already, pumping my virgin pussy till I screamed and came all over his desk. Someone had told me his first name was Shae, I remembered vaguely as he slid my skirt off and continued kissing my body. Suddenly he stopped and carried me off the chair, supporting me with one hand as he pushed aside the papers on his desk. He laid me on the desk as he pulled off my thong with his teeth. I was now naked, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted him. I sat up and caught him by surprise as I kissed him hard, sliding my tongue in immediately. Oh, he tasted so good. I took off his tie, not breaking the kiss, and then unbuttoned his shirt. He had the most amazing abs, chiselled and tanned, just like in my wet dreams for the past two months. I went for his belt next, taking it off like and expert, then his pants. His dick was just begging to get out of his boxers, but he pushed me down, still kissing me. I felt myself shiver as his right hand travelled down my stomach, and rested on my clit. He slowly pushed in two fingers into my slit, and my moans were stifled by his lips. This felt too good to be true, I realised as he broke the kiss and immediately went down on me. His tongue licked my clit, creating the most erotic feeling. Then he started tongue-fucking me, going in and out rapidly, occasionally stopping to suck my love juices that were trickling down my thigh. I gripped the side of the desk as I moaned and an orgasm made its way through me. “I want you,” I panted. That was all he needed. He took his tongue out and freed his cock from his boxers. I was right; it was huge. It was erect by now, throbbing even. He wasted no time, immediately placing it at my vagina, teasing me. I sat up and grabbed it, pushing it deep into me. I knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to do at once because it hurt like a bitch. But the pain was quickly masked by the immense pleasure of the feeling of a cock in me for the first time. It was wonderful. Mr. Hannigan pushed his shaft deeper, causing me to moan even louder, unable to contain the pleasure I felt. Slowly, he started going in and out just like he did with his tongue, only this time the feeling was a million times better. Pretty soon he was fucking me hard, pumping in and out so quickly that I had to gasp for breath. I felt another orgasm wash over me as my back arched and I practically screamed. Good thing the school was pretty much empty by now. His hand grabbed my left breast and held on to it while continuously thrusting his cock deep in me. He pulled out suddenly shortly after that, and I knew he was going to come. I put my mouth around his cock, tasting my own cum as I sucked him like I did many times before for my ex-boyfriends. Only none of them tasted this good, I realised as he shot a load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed every bit, savouring the sweet taste of Mr. Hannigan. He let out a breath and looked up at me, a cheeky smile forming on his face. “Maybe,” he said, “I could bring that grade up to a B.” “Only a B?” I faked disappointment, frowning. I got on my knees and pulled him closer. Our bodies met as I pressed my tits to his chest, my pussy to his cock. “Well,” he put his arms around me and rested his palms on my ass, “that really depends on how you perform next Friday.”
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