The Alley
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We meet at a local coffee shop in your town, having never met face to face but months and months of emails, chats and camming.   I was only a little nervous well maybe a lot nervous because I got lost twice and half expected you to call my cell wondering where I was.   I finally got there, changed my shoes into my heels instead of runners, and made my way into the coffee shop.   I looked around and there weren’t many people there and only one table with a lone male with his back to the door.   I walked over to the counter and ordered an iced coffee, by doing this I had to walk past you and have me back to you for a few minutes.   Once my order was done I walked over and smiled and you said “Hi”. I sat down across from you, we didn’t talk much at first you just sat there taking me in.   You kept staring at me especially my breasts.   I wasn’t wearing a lot just a light dress with a very deep v for the front, and my sandals.   I normally wear minimal cloths and when it is really hot I would prefer to be naked but in public I have to stay covered so I have found a few dresses that are light enough I still feel almost naked.   I keep blushing I don’t know why, you aren’t saying anything and I am not usually the blushing type.   Maybe because when I looked into your eyes I felt like you were eating me alive, or at least sucking and playing with my breasts in your mind, and your wanting to devourer me was coming across load and clear.   “What?” I finally say.  “I am just taking in and enjoying the view.” you comment.         “I take it you are enjoying what you see?” I ask? All you do is smile and go back to gazing at my breasts and then my face.   We have some small talk for about 30 min or so with a lot more blushing on my part and not because of the conversation, just the continued look in your eyes.   You suggest we go for a bit of a walk and I agree.   We leave and start walking through the neighbourhood; you had chosen a coffee shop in a residential neighbourhood.   We start walking, and I become much more talkative and blush less.   You comment and I explain that without your eyes on me all the time with that stare of yours, I am more comfortable.   Not that I was uncomfortable really you were just making me hot and wet but I wasn’t going to admit that to you.   After a little bit you steer me into a little space just off the sidewalk, and start kissing and biting my neck and shoulders.   My pussy starts to really get wet and my knees get a little weak.   You had always said you loved doing oral and where an expert at it and if your kisses and bites were any indication you weren’t telling stories.   Someone came along startling us.   We continue on and you ask if I would feel comfortable walking down an alley with you. I shrug and nod the only feelings I am getting is wet with excitement and the exciting feeling in my stomach.   So at the next alley we turn and start walking down it.   About half way down we step into a spot between two garages, you start kissing and biting my neck and shoulders again,   but this time you move down to my breast and suck and nibble on my nipple.   My toes start to curl and I let out a small moan.   But you are only teasing right now and you stop.   You take my hand and we continue on our way.   We come across an alley that runs across the one we are in and turn down it.   I ask you if you know where you are going, since I am not all that familiar with your city and you said you are looking for something in particular.   The sun is starting to set but I am still feeling comfortable with you.   So we continue walking around with no destination. We come across a somewhat broken down rock wall mostly hidden by the bush but when we stepped through there was a great spot mostly sheltered but still open enough we could be caught if we make to much noise. You take me in your arms and start kissing and nibbling my neck and making your way down my chest to my breasts.   You start sucking and nibbling on my nipples your tongue is very talented and I can’t stand just standing there anymore.   I drop to my knees and undo your belt then your pants.   I reach into your pants and underwear, removing your hardening cock.   I can feel your cock getting harder and longer in my hand as I pull you out.   I wrap my lips around the head of your cock then and slowly suck it into my mouth. I slid my mouth back up to the tip and run my tongue around the head and down the underside of your cock.   When I reach the base I wrap my hand around your cock and while I move my hand up and down your cock and around the head, I suck first one ball then the other into my mouth.   You reach down and pull me up to my feet and lead me over to the wall while kissing me you help me to sit up on the wall, then you lift the bottom of my dress up to my waist baring my pussy to your view.   “mmm nice can’t wait to taste you” you say.   You move down to your knees and spread my legs, you kiss up one leg along the inner thigh, and you skip over my pussy and start at the knee on the other side and kiss upwards.   You flick your tongue out catching the lips of my pussy just slightly.   I feel my pussy twitch; you gently spread my pussy lips, and then slowly lick from the bottom up to my clit.   I moan as you push on my clit with your tongue.   You suck on my clit causing me to let out a louder moan and I grab your head and hold it in place as you continue to lick and suck on my pussy.   You continue until I can handle it anymore and I pull you up to me kissing my juices off your lips and I capture your hips with my legs pulling you towards me.   “Fuck me, now” I demand You smile as you take your cock in hand and aim it into my pussy.   You shove your cock in and out of my pussy, over and over, my ass moves back and forth on the rough rocks of the wall but I don’t feel anything.   I reach between us and rub my clit, as you pound my pussy, and suck on my nipples.  “Oh, Yes babe please harder I am almost ready to cum.   Fuck me harder suck on my nipples harder please.” You respond by pounding harder in my pussy, and by nibbling and sucking on my nipples.   I feel my pussy get really wet and I know I am about to explode with an orgasm, I rub my clit harder and faster, moaning loudly.   I can feel your cock starting to swell and you let go of my breasts, pulling me closer to you and you take my shoulder in your mouth and suck and bite my shoulder as you explode in my pussy and I cum with a gush of fluid that ran down my ass and down your front.   We lean towards each other and rest a few moments. Just as we are pulling apart we hear a twig snap and both look towards the path all we see is a man walking away but when we look there is a obvious deposit of cum on a near by bush.     
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