Chapter One: First Time Stray
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About 7 or 8 years ago my children were young and as one of my boys played football, we got to know a lot of the parents of his teammates. I became friendly with some of the wives and assisted in serving water, running concessions, etc. One wife, in particular, I was friendly with. She was attractive and our boys became friends and they'd spend some time together not associated with school or football. The husband/father was in sales in the extermination materials business. Our families would occasionally spend some time together. We'd have them over for dinner and vice versa. One day, while at their home for dinner on a Saturday night I was wearing what I typically wear while on a Saturday evening. Jeans, a top which was form fitting enough to show off my figure which is still pretty good and nice heels. At one point the husband of the other woman, I'll refer to him by his name which was Dan, remarked that I always dressed so nice. His wife, Susie, commented that Dan always mentioned that he enjoyed the way I dress and that he had some sort of heel fetish. I'm almost always in heels as I just love shoes and clothes in general. I recalled that Dan has complimented me in the past in various ways such as having nice handwriting, nails, jewelry, etc. Something that to that point hadn't dawned on me. I also noticed that I was getting excitedly nervous around him and was finding him more and more attractive as the night went on and I had an extra glass or two of wine. That night, my husband and I went home and made love which is normal on a Saturday night for us. I use the term "made love" on purpose because that's what it was. There was what I now consider a lack of aggression, raunch or whatever term one wishes to use. It was sweet and loving and nothing more. To that point I wasn't looking for more and my husband wasn't either. However, that night I noticed that I was a little more aroused than normal and found myself holding back from being more aggressive towards my husband in bed. I couldn't bring myself to do what I wanted which was very frustrating to me. Fifteen years of marriage had apparently made me fear changing our routine even though I wanted to and thought my husband would like it. I was also always very quiet in bed and only occasionally would make much more than a low moan when I had a particularly intense it turned out....thought I had an orgasm.  I could also only have an orgasm when my husband used his fingers on me. I have never had an orgasm with my husband's cock inside me.   I started thinking about Dan during the day at times, fantasizing about seducing him even though I had no real practice seducing and even had a few dreams of us kissing. One day we had a problem with some ants in our home. Not knowing who to call and just in happenstance speaking to Susie over the phone I mentioned the ants. She said that Dan would come over and look at the situation and see if he could do anything about the problem. I was more than happy to have Dan come over on a school and working day in which the two of us would be alone. I didn't know what had come over me but I began to get the incredibly intense feeling that I had to have him even before he got there. So, before he got there, I changed from casual clothes into the newest best pair of jeans I could find, a top which showed off a litle more than I usually did without my husband around and some nice heels. I changed my makeup to more nightime/bedroom eyes and waited nervously Then the doorbell rang.   I answered the door with the biggest smile I could put on and Dan greeted me and walked in the door. I noticed that his eyes dropped to my breasts which aren't huge but they give me a shape. We exchanged pleasantries and went to the area where we were having the ant problem and he suggested a treatment which he called in to his office and they said they'd send a guy out that afternoon. With that finished I offered him a cup of coffee and we sat at the kitchen table with him at the head and me on the side. I've always moved my hands a lot when speaking. Some tell me they can understand me without hearing me and I was doing this and intermittently putting my hand on Dan's thigh which is also not unusual. This time it was different. I was nervous, excited and trying to alternately deny the feeling of lust I was having and at the same time I was dying to make out with this beautiful man. At one point I got up to get the coffee pot and refill Dan's cup. In order to do so I had to pass behind him with the pot and in order to steady myself on my heels I put my left arm and hand gently across his opposite shoulder. At the same time he leaned in a bit and his head came rested on my breast. That was it, likely for both of us. I couldn't take it any more and without saying anything further, I put the coffee pot down on a napkin and took his face in both of my hands and gave him the softest, sweetest kiss I could muster at that point. Again I was holding back from being more aggressive although it was killing me. He began to kiss back and he could really kiss. I pulled away and instead of appologizing like you see on TV in situations like this, I just asked him if it was ok. He said yes it was and was something he wanted all along. I asked him if he'd like to go sit on the couch and he said he would love to. So we made our way to the couch.   He had the warmest hands I've ever felt. We kissed for what seemed like hours, our tongues were meshed together in and out of each others mouths. He kept his hands away from my breasts and sweet spot which turned me on even more because he was being a gentleman about it. Meanwhile I was running my fingers and nails all over his body while resisting the urge to reach down and find out just how aroused he was. We still had our clothes on at this point and I asked him if he wanted to take this any further. His reply was that it was up to me and that he had never done this before. I told him that I had never done this either but that it was something I had to do. I had never felt the excitement I was feeling. I could even feel my own moistness which is something I had never noticed before without stimulation. So I took his shirt off and played with his chest which he really seemed to like. He told me he always like women with manicured nails and that his wife never was interested in getting her nails done. So I just kept running my nails all over his chest until I finally couldn't stand it and dropped my hand across his crotch and felt his cock through his pants. He was pretty aroused. I stood up and took my clothes off and stood right in front of him while he took his pants off. He had a look of lust on his face I'd never seen from a man. I reached down and ran my nails softly up and down his cock which had him moaning immediately. He took me and made me lay down on the couch and got down on his knees. One thing I noticed is how quickly I opened up my legs for him to get to my sweet spot. Normally that took some work for my husband. He leaned down and ran his tongue from the bottom of my opening right to my clit and I thought was going to jump through the roof. It felt sooooo good and I let him know it. I was panting and moaning and squirming and lifting my hips so I could move with his tongue in a way I'd never experienced before. Then he climbed up on the couch and moved his cock close to my mouth. I touched it lightly with my fingers and then stuck my tongue out to touch the head and he jumped when I made contact. I thought he might explode right then and there he was so aroused. He got control of himself and I began to take his cock in my mouth and swirl my tongue around while going up and down. I've always enjoyed giving a blowjob to my husband and giving one now with my new found freedom was incredibly exciting. He fingered my clit while doing so and suddenly I began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm. I thought I had had orgasms before but this time I got to the point where I've been before with my husband which was very pleasurable but this time the feeling went right past anything I've ever felt before and I began to shake uncontrollably all while moaning and grunting with this beautiful man's cock in my mouth. I raised my hips and swirled them around to meet with his fingers now excitedly petting my clit until I just let out a scream of "oh god" with his cock still half in and half out of my mouth. I felt as if my eyes rolled back into my head in pleasure.   The feeling then subsided a bit although I was still very very aroused and I told Dan that I never, ever had that happen to me. I then laid down on the floor with a pillow behind my head and he layed gently next to me and gently kissed me while I recovered from the first real orgasm I've ever experienced. I was rubbing his cock some more when I decided to have him lie below me and I mount him over his chest. As I spread my legs to mount him and laid my exposed sweet spot to his chest I felt a warmness I hadn't felt before. I was getting urges I never had before. I really wanted this man and at this point there was little that was going to stop me. My husband could have walked in and I would not have stopped. There was no remorse. It was a need I had to fulfill. While straddling Dan's chest I reached behind me to make sure everything was "ok" and I petted his cock which was now harder than it was when it was in my mouth if that was possible. Finally I leaned down and gave him the sweetest kiss I could muster up and told him "I want you to put your cock in me. Please let me have you inside me". I never had spoken like that before while lovemaking and it was a liberating experience. I backed up a bit and lowered myself onto his cock and it slid in with no trouble at all. At the same time the two of us moaned loudly in pleasure. I've been on top of my husband but always afraid that he would think less of me if I moved too much. I wasn't even sure how to move while on top of Dan, I wanted to ride him as you see in adult films but wasn't sure of how to do it. So I began to just lift up and down a bit and I guess this hit his spot because he began to say sweet and nasty somethings to me. He was beggin me to "fuck me, ride me" and all this did was get me more excited. So I moved up and down some more and he held my his down and said "RIDE ME! Press down and move back and forth!!" So I began to do what he said and I started to feel real good again. As I began to figure out how to press my clit against his cock and body I began to feel the well of pleasure again rising up in my body. I was starting to tremble again. Dan was now really excited and was referring to me as his "whore, fuckslut, bitch" and this made me out of my mind with lust. It felt so good to be wanted like this. I noticed that I was sweating from the entire episode..another first. Finally I felt the well of pleasure begin to run through my entire body and I pressed down and back and forth as quick as I could. Dan then stiffened and I felt the warmth of his insides in my insides and I just lost it completely as I dived on top of him while pumping his cock with everything I had. Once we calmed down we talked a bit and I was surprised how accepting of the affair I was. I didn't feel any remorse and I knew it wasn't the last time I'd be with Dan nor was he the last man I would do this with. I felt free and was going to do everything I could to expand on it.   I have a lot of stories like this including the first time I gave oral sex to Dan to completion. This one involves his wife in another way and is a better although shorter story. Bren
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