Fantasy Lover
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Once again I find myself standing in my doorway, wearing only a robe, waving as you back down the drive. Watching until I can no longer see your rental car. Wondering how long until you will return to me. My long distance lover. My virtual playmate. This bittersweet parting seems to get more painful with each visit. I move through the house turning off the t.v. and the lights left on in the morning's haste to make your flight. I move as if in a dream, remembering each touch, each embrace, each heated kiss. I long to return to my bed and the smell of you and us still lingering in my room. I turn on the cd and open the blinds to let in the morning sun. Stretching across my bed, my robe falls open and I feel the heated rays of the sun kissing my bare flesh. Warming me, relaxing me, soothing my confused mind. I must have dozed off for a time, because I never heard you return. Never felt you move onto the bed to lay beside me. Too sleepy in my haze to open my eyes. I run my tongue over my lips as they form a knowing smile of anticipation. I feel your breath, so soft like a warm, gentle breeze on my skin. You reach up your hand laying it softly on my cheek. Your thumb moving so sensuously back and forth. You move it down and softly trace the fullness of my lips. A deep, low sigh escapes my soul. I feel you move closer, your fingers moving to my chin. Pulling it towards you, you move to me, pressing your lips to mine with the pressure of desire, passion, and love. Reaching up, I run my fingers through you hair pressing you closer to me. I want to feel more of you, to taste more of you. With your strong hand, you cup my breast, rubbing my nipple with your thumb. My body is waking, coming alive with your touch. Your lips move from my lips, leaving me weak with an intense longing. No one has ever made me feel this way from just one kiss. You lower your head, blowing softly across my nipples making the ache for more. Leaning closer, you use the tip of your tongue to trace a full circle around one, then flicking it tenderly. You take my nipple into your warm, wet mouth, continuing to flick the tip gently with your tongue. My body reacts on its own, arching hungrily upwards, closer to the source of such pleasure. Taking the other nipple into your mouth, you give it the same skilled attention as the first. Your hands trace my abdomen, my hips, my thighs... and there they rest. You slowly glide your hands up and down, dragging your nails, gently teasing my skin. A fire begins to burn inside me. Your hands move again, and my legs spread of their own wanting.. wanting you to explore the my depths. My wetness, already flowing, wets the tips of your fingers as you spread my lips, searching out the precious nub that aches for your touch. My body continues to react to your mastery, pressing into your hand, my hips rocking slightly. Knowing my needs so well, you press harder and move in tight circles. My clit grows harder and I become wetter under your touch. My moans of pleasure filling the quietness of the morning. Your fingers move along my valley, searching for the warmth which awaits you. You slide your finger deep within me, looking for the spot you know will bring me to my heights. Two fingers, then three, deep in me filling me so completely. You thrust your hand, your thumb still rubbing my now aching clit. My ass lifts high off the bed, grinding my wetness against your hand. Faster and harder you thrust your fingers deep in me bringing me to the point of no return. You feel the walls of my pussy pulsing around your fingers. You know I am close to exploding . Deeper you go... I'm cumming, harder and faster... My screams of release echo through the rays of the morning sun. My mind, whirling with pleasure, my body coming down from its high. I am happy, content. A smile of love written on my soul. I turn to face you, to thank you for the gift you've just given me. But as I open my eyes, I find you are not there. It was so real, so... so very real. And yet, I'm alone in my room with the hot rays of the sun kissing my bare flesh. Are you just another fantasy?
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