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I always have the shower on full blast and very hot with almost no cold water. Steam fills the room practically instantly. I step in and slide the frosted door shut. The water relaxes me immediately and I tilt my head to each side feeling the tension leave my shoulders as the heat penetrates and soothes. Reaching for my mint shampoo, I wash my long hair that seems to be growing an inch more each month. Of course I’m exaggerating, but I don’t even have time lately to keep it up and trimmed on a regular basis.
The scalding water softens my skin so it’s the perfect time to shave my legs, ankle to upper thigh, my cunt, and my underarms. I can’t stand stubble. Time now to reach for my vanilla shower gel and I pop the lid and squeeze some on my pink mesh sponge. The sweet scent floats in the room and makes me feel so comfortable like an old friend. I’ve been using vanilla shower gel for so long in my life I can’t imagine my skin not smelling like a warm waffle cone.
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