The Only Woman for Me part 6
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Between all the help Elaine had her stuff was quickly moved in.  John and Cindy left earlier with Susan and Mike staying until the end. Elaine was glad that Susan had stayed unfortunately so had her boyfriend Mike. The desire to have Susan was becoming nearly irresistible. She couldn’t stop watching her every move. She hadn’t realized how much she loved and missed her until now. All she wanted to do was grab her in her arms and make love to her. Make her forget all about Mike and everyone else. After all this time she has finally figured out who she wants to spend her life with and it may be too late.
“Well Elaine looks like we got it all.” Mike says.
“Yeah I think that is everything. Thanks again for all the help.” Elaine responds.
“I guess we will get going then. I am sure I will see you around.” Mike tells her.
“No doubt about that.” Susan says winking at Elaine.
Susan walks up to Elaine giving her a hug good-bye whispering in her ear,
“I’ll be back soon. I left my purse as an excuse to come back. I want you so bad I can’t stand it.”
“Good I can’t wait.” Elaine tells her squeezing her tight before letting her go.
“All right guys thanks again for the help.” Elaine says walking them out the door.
Susan and Mike get in the car and are headed back to their house. Susan keeps catching Mike looking at her out of the corner of her eye. She wonders slightly what that is about but dismisses it in thoughts of Elaine. Then she looks at Mike again wondering how is she ever going to tell him of her love for Elaine. Susan doesn’t know how she got into this situation and she doesn’t want to hurt Mike he is a good guy. She figures she will think or something.
  Her mind goes back to Elaine again she wants her so badly she can hardly think straight. She had purposely left her purse at Elaine’s so it would give her an excuse to go back over there. She can’t wait another day to be with her, hell she didn’t think she can wait another hour.
They arrive home and Susan hops out of the car and heading to the door tells Mike,
“I’m gonna hop in the shower be out in a flash.”
Susan quickly heads to the shower taking off her clothes as she goes. She turns on the shower and steps in wondering what Elaine is doing right now. Wondering if perhaps she is in the shower as well. That thought brings up visions of her naked body covered in water.
 Susan begins to caress and rub her own breasts as she thinks of Elaine her hand starts making its way down between her legs. Susan begins to rub her thighs getting closer and closer to her mound. She rubs her fingers along her lips a little, then her finger slides inside playing lightly with her clit.
Mike walks into the bathroom and can see through the shower curtain what Susan is doing. His body starts to respond as he watches his lover masturbate. He has always loved watching Susan touch herself. Seeing her get lost in what she is doing. He undoes is his pants letting his semi hard cock free. He starts to stroke his cock up and down getting more excited by the second. He can hear her start to moan as he strokes his cock faster getting it harder. He can’t take it any longer and grabs the shower curtain and pulls it open.
Susan is lost in feeling and memory. Remembering how much she loved the feel of Elaine’s hands on her body. She starts to rub her clit harder and faster as she starts to moan. Then she hears the curtain being pulled back and Mike saying,
“I got something for you.”
Susan is startled and confused for a moment lost in thoughts of Elaine. Then she sees Mike standing there naked his cock hard in his hand. She realizes he has been watching her as he begins to get in the shower she tells him,
“Oh Mike no… not now.”
“What do you mean not now? You know you want to.” Mike tells her stepping closer towards her.
Susan doesn’t know what to do. All she know for sure is she doesn’t want Mike she wants Elaine.  She pushes Mike back a little.
“Mike no I don’t want to. Listen we need to talk.”
Susan is thinking fuck… fuck… fuck I did not want to do it like this.
“You want Elaine don’t you?”
“What?” Susan asks in shock.
“You think I didn’t see the way you two have been looking at each other all day! Do you think I am stupid? ”
“No Mike I don’t think you’re stupid. It’s just that we were once lovers and well I think I still love…”
“Fuck you…I don’t want to hear it.” Mike says as he storms out of the bathroom.
 Susan follows quickly behind throwing a robe around her.
“Mike wait can’t we talk about this.”  Susan asks finding Mike in the living room.
“What is there to talk about? Think I haven’t noticed a change in you ever since you two started talking again. You have been walking around here happier than I have seen you in a long time. I have tried to dismiss it but after today there is no mistaking it you love her Susan and I think you always have.”
“What am I wrong? I would love to be wrong but I’m not am I?”
Susan looks at him with tears in her eyes and tells him,
“No Mike you’re not. I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say… but you have to believe I didn’t set out to do this.” 
“I believe you. Give me a few days and I will have all my stuff gone. Now go be with her I know you want to.”
Susan heads to the bedroom gets dressed and packs a few things to take with her figuring she will stay with Elaine the next few days giving Mike the time he wants to pack his stuff. She feels terrible having to hurt Mike but she is glad to be free to go be with Elaine.
She heads to the front door and looking over at Mike says,
“I’m gonna go now. Mike I am truly sorry about this.”
Mike looks over to her and says,
“I know how you could make it up to me.”
“How?” Susan asked quizzically.
“You two wouldn’t be interested in a threesome would you?” Mikes asks with a sly grin on his face.
“Oh my god you are such as pervert. No we would not.” Susan says laughing.
“Well it is the least you could do for leaving me.”
“Hey Susan we had fun though didn’t we?” Mike asks looking over at her.
“Yes we did Mike…yes we did. Take care of yourself.”
“You too Susan… goodbye.”
Susan leaves feeling a little better about breaking up with Mike he can’t be hurting too badly if he can make jokes. She arrives at Elaine’s place a jumble of emotions. Upset at the break up of her and Mike and yet excited at the chance of being with Elaine. Finally able to really and truly have her and not have her leaving to go home to her husband. She pulls up to Elaine’s house and gets out heading towards the door.
Elaine has been busy cleaning and trying to get her home in some kind of order. She can’t stop thinking about Susan and hopes she will hurry and come back over. She wishes she had left her loveless marriage sooner and maybe she could have caught Susan before she had found someone else. But at least Susan still wants to see her. She is grateful for that and maybe just maybe Susan will leave Mike to be with her. Elaine shakes her head thinking don’t get carried away with those thoughts look how long it took you to leave your husband.
 Her stomach is starting to get in knots as the minutes tick by knowing Susan is coming back soon. She heads to the shower wanting to clean up before she arrives. Elaine is just getting out of the shower when she hears a knock on her door.
Throwing a robe on she hurries to the door. Knowing it is Susan she can’t hid the grin on her face as she opens the door saying,
“Hi baby so glad your back.”
“Hey Elaine.” Susan responds looking at her smiling as well.
“Susan what’s wrong looks like you have been crying?”
“Well Mike and I are through. He knows how I feel about you.”
“Oh baby I am sorry come in…come in.”
Susan follows Elaine in and then grabs her and hugs her tight telling her,
“I love you Elaine.”
“I love you Susan.”
“I want you so much right now.” Susan tells her.
Susan and Elaine stand in the hallway their arms wrapped around one another and slowly at first kiss one another. Their tongues dance in and out of one another’s mouth. Relishing the taste of each other, enjoying the feel of each other’s embrace.
Susan slips the robe off of Elaine and looks at her sighing as she tells her,
“You are even more beautiful than I remember.”
Elaine caresses Susan face telling her again,
“No you are lover. Now let’s get you out of your clothes too. ”
Susan quickly begins to take her clothes off with more than a little help from Elaine. Then she embraces Elaine again. Feeling their breasts mashed together, feeling her body against her. She has always loved the way Elaine’s body feels against hers. She can’t help but grind against Elaine as they kiss again.
Both women wanting to touch and feel each other’s body. Their hands run up and down one another’s arms and back. Fingers running through each other’s hair. Tongues begin dueling back and forth as they kiss passionately. Both are moaning slightly, they have wanted each other for so long now. And finally they can be together.
Susan pushes Elaine against the wall and begins to caress her breast with her hand. She starts to suck on Elaine’s neck wanting to leave marks on her body. She has wanted to do that for so long. She starts to suck harder and harder as she begins to play with Elaine’s nipple feeling her nipple harden at her touch.
“Oh god baby that feels so good.” Elaine tells her as she holds her in her arms.
Susan starts kissing her way down towards Elaine’s hard erect nipples. The right nipple she continues to twirl with her fingers. The left breast she starts to lick slowly making her way towards the nipple. Sucking and biting as she goes making Elaine moan for her. She licks and teases the nipple before taking it in her mouth sucking softly at first and then harder.
Elaine starts moaning louder as she feels Susan’s mouth on her nipple. She takes her hands and runs them through Susan’s hair and holds her head in place, loving the feel of Susan’s mouth sucking on her. When she can stand it no longer she pulls Susan away and kisses her hard on the lips. Her hands now playing with Susan’s breasts, caressing and kneading them. Her thumbs running across her nipples over and over again. Susan’s nipples becoming hard little rocks before she takes each one in turn and sucks them making Susan moan and moan.
Susan pulls Elaine up and they kiss again hard and fast, tongues diving in and out of one another’s mouths.
“I need you so bad. I need to feel your fingers inside me now.” Elaine says.
Susan takes her hand and rubs down Elaine’s body.  She begins to rub her thighs up and down asking her,
“Does that feel good baby. You like that.”
Elaine’s only response is a moan as she spreads her legs wider wanting to feel Susan’s hand on her pussy. She moans louder as she feels Susan’s hand between her legs rubbing her pussy teasing her.
“Fuck me Susan fuck me now.” Elaine moans.
Susan starts kissing her way down her lover’s body biting a little as she goes. She looks up at her lover smiling as she tastes her for the first time in what seems like forever.  Susan can’t help but moan at the taste. She has missed this woman more than she ever realized.
Taking her fingers she spreads Elaine’s lips open and takes a long wet lick. Her tongue begins to twirl around her clit teasing her more as she slides two fingers inside begin to move them in and out. She flicks her tongue at Elaine’s clit over and over now as Elaine’s moans increase.
Elaine is going crazy with desire. She loves the way Susan’s tongue feels and the way her fingers move in and out of her faster and harder. Elaine grabs Susan’s head holding her in place as her hips start to buck against her face.
“Yes…yes…” Elaine chants.
Susan knows this means her lover is going to cum and cum soon. She starts to finger her faster, taking her clit in her mouth and sucking harder. Wanting nothing more than to make the woman she loves cum. When Susan feels Elaine’s hands tighten on her head and her hips buck even harder she know she has her.
“YESSSSSS.” Elaine cries out.
Elaine’s body shivers and jerks as her body explodes with her orgasm. As she comes back down to reality she can feel Susan’s tongue happily lapping up her juices. She moves her hips up and down causing her juices to get all over Susan’s face.
“I always loved how you looked when you were wet with my juices.” Elaine says as she pulls Susan to her feet.
“I always loved being covered in your juices baby.” Susan tells her kissing her softly.
Elaine wraps her in her arms holding her tightly. She feels Susan start to grind against her, moaning softly as they kiss. Elaine pulls away slightly her hand running down Susan’s body. Rubbing her low on her stomach, right above her mound teasing her.
“Is there something you need baby?” Elaine asks her.
“Yes…you know what I want.” Susan tells her moaning as she grinds even harder against Elaine.
“Tell me…tell me what you want.” Elaine asks as she continues to tease Susan moving her hand lower rubbing her pussy softly.
“You I need you. I need you inside me.” Susan all but begs.
Susan gasps as she feels Elaine sliding her fingers inside her.
“Is that what you want?”
“Yes...Yes…Fuck me.” Susan says as she wraps her arms tighter around Elaine. Her hips moving of their own accord, humping against Elaine’s hand.
“That’s it…show me how much you want it. Hump my hand Susan. Harder…faster show me how much you need it.” Elaine whispers in her ear.
 Susan is dying wanting her so bad and absolutely loving Elaine’s slight show of dominance. She almost forgot how much she loved Elaine taking charge telling her what to do and when to do it. Susan does exactly what Elaine tells her and starts to move her hips back and forth humping hard against her lover’s hand. She knows she is close and says,
“Oh god… I’m going to cum.”
“You better not…not until I say so Susan. I want to hear you beg me.” Elaine tells her.
“Elaine please…please…” Susan begs her hips moving in a frenzy back and forth.
“You want to cum baby do you. Beg me… show me how much you need to cum.” Elaine tells her.
Susan starts to moan louder and louder her hips snapping back and forth making Elaine’s fingers go in deeper and deeper. She starts to chant,
“Ok baby cum for me… cum for me now.” Elaine tells her.
Susan hears her lover and immediately her body explodes as she screams out her orgasm. She holds tight to Elaine as her body shakes and quivers.
“Oh my god baby that was fucking amazing.” Susan tells her as she regains her composure.
“And just think we can do this all the time.” Elaine tells her.
They head into the living and sit down on the couch. Susan lays her head in Elaine’s lap she looks up at Elaine and tells her again,
“I love you.”
Elaine playing with Susan’s hair says,
“I love you too baby.”
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