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"Mrs. Divine?" He asked, as his hand shot into the air. I rolled my eyes before responding. "For the last time, Mr. Donehy, it's 'Ms'. I am unmarried." I've known a lot of arrogant teenage boys in my time, and to be honest, I've busted their balls down to a size nothing in no time at all. It's not hard, college freshmen are simply not men yet. I just level my intimidating FF cups at them and watch their egos melt away. "Yeah, but I have to at least pretend that there's a guy I'm making jealous." The clas snickered at his impudence. One girl starred at him dreamily, and another whispered something to a friend that made the latter's eyes widen, jaw drop, and diminutive young bosoms heave. I silenced them all with a scowl over my steel-grey glasses, a few of the boys lost in my cleavage. "That's it Timmy, you will stay after class." Now I'll admit that he did have some things to be proud of. He had come to my big city university from England on a sports scholarship, his athletic body radiating strength and power. He rested his head on a massive curled bicep as he shrugged back at me. "Have it your way, Mrs. Divine." The disrespect made me fume, buff bod or not, when I got Big Tim Donehy to myself, I was gonna make him my bitch. *** When the last little slut in my class had managed to pry her face away from Tim and ass-wiggle her way out the door, I locked it behind her. "Okay Timmy, I'm not letting you get back to your dorm until you have agreed to show me proper respect." "Whatever, Ma'am." He slurred, ogling my huge tits with brazen audacity. I cracked my yardstick across his desk, "TIM! What the Hell makes you think you're so special?" He thought on this question a while, an arrogant smirk creeping across his face. "Well for one thing," He said, "There's my cock." I gasped at his obscenity. "Young man, I've been teaching for nearly ten years, I've dealt with such lurid advances from students, parents, faculty, and even coaches. NONE of them have EVER impressed me, and you won't either. "Wrong." He said, forcefully standing, absurd bulge snaking down his left pant leg. The thing was gargantuan and grotesque, the definition of a pair of dangling doorknobs set low at his crotch completed the illusion. For it must have been a trick! I smiled to myself, knowing that when I discovered whatever fruit, vegetable, or sausage he was faking this monster member with, that I would make him eat it for dinner, rubbing his face in his own insecurity attempting such a scandalous deception. His large, masculine hand was going for his zipper. The little fucker was actually going to make me call his bluff! He must have figured I would scream "NO!" before letting him unveil the sad, limp, little truth. But I just stood firm and stared, forcing him to go through with it. There was a zip. Then there was a FLOP. Now I really did scream. *** He walked slowly towards me, sculpted shoulders rolling in his tank-top, arrogant smirk now dominating and powerful on his face. What must have been nearly a foot of completely limp cockmeat was slapping around between his burly thighs. "I've been with teachers..." He began. "Now Timmy, hang on," I managed to stammer between droplets of drool attempting to escape my pillow lips as I back up. "I nailed my neighbor while her husband watched..." He snorted, "Gave her more pleasure than she'll ever get again." "Tim! Please! OOF!" My back hit my desk. He put his hands on my shoulders, gently but firmly forcing me to my knees as he spoke. "I pounded my Sister's three best friends so hard that they were nothing more than a tangle of tits and limbs and cum by the time I was through with them, and that's only one of the seven cheerleading *teams* that I've ravished." He grasped his dangling root, punctuating his next sentences with punishing cock-slap after dick-slap. "I made my coach's daughter gargle my cum" *SPLAT!* "My team of four nurses keep my balls tongue-cleaned every two hours for a week *SMACK!* "And my mother and sister think of nothing but getting fucked by me over and over." "CRACK!" My glasses slid across the floor from his last, almost-hard cock blow. "You think you're going to end up any different?" Now staring at his weapon's full length, I panicked, raising my hand reflexively, yardstick aimed to strike at him. He just laughed, grabbing my wrist and leaning forwards, so that his tremendous cum bladders made heavy, messy contact with my face. The sac containing his spellbinding sperm tanks was so vast, it covered my whole countenance, eyeballs to chin. I had enjoyed only 15 seconds of this burlap and velvet textured mask of pure masculinity before he moved back, letting me now see again, nostrils flaring to breath in oxygen untainted by his overpowering scent; I could swear I was smelling the gallons of cum right through his sanity crushing balls. What I could see now was that he'd relieved me of the yardstick and was now bracing its end on the top of my desk. With a contemptuous snort, he seized his raging megacock and brought it down. *SNAP!* My pussy almost audibly trickled at the sight of that veined, gargantuan gash-splitter sundering my sturdy yardstick into three pieces with a single cock-chop. As the pieces clattered to the floor, he turned, letting me appreciate just how high his humongous tower quivered above me. "Hey Mrs. Slut, if you measure me I'll let you suck my balls." I stammered and managed a weak response, "What makes you think I want to do that?" He just sneered down at me over the preposterous pipe and raised one eyebrow. I was reaching for the biggest piece of yardstick left. Why was I doing that!? My mouth was dry as I pressed the measure to the top of his schlong, and let my eyes traverse the distance of the fat pulsating rod. 18 inches, a foot and a half was how long the ruler was, but I still had to move it up an inch. "19 Inches!" I sputtered! "What? I can't here you, teach!" "19 motherfucking inches!" I almost sobbed in disbelief. "YES!" He grinned. "Yes it is, and yes I did. Now tongue polish these nuts. You've earned it." Slowly I let my tongue snake over the proud, pomegranate-sized spunk pods. I've never tasted such good ball meat, and from the flavor I could tell he had marinated each opulent orb in flowing cunt sauce. I was sure I was tasting his mother and sister. "Tits." He said. "Now." And despite wanting to protest, my mouth was stuffed with a massive cream-filled nugget of prick-pod pork and my hands were already unclasping my bra. "Nice!" He said as my hooters hung free. "FF Cups?" He asked. "Yes, how did you know?" I wiped a thick streak of saliva from my lips as I pulled them reluctantly from his fat left ostrich egg. "I fuck whoever the Hell I like." He explained, cupping my jaw open in one hand and dominantly shoving his other nut into it with the other, "And I like fucking slags with big tits." He concluded. "MLUMPH!" I replied, clearly fascinated. Tim folded his hands behind his head as I spent what seemed like hours servicing his pendulous sperm jugs, glancing up periodically at his smug, infuriating grin. I rolled and bobbled the engorged dinosaur eggs one by one on the my tongue, and lips, saliva accumulating and streaking down his bag and thighs, smearing my jaw and cheeks and upper lip with sweat and my own glistening slobber. As his shaft throbbed, I decided the time to impress him for a change had arrived. I inhaled mightily, my exposed ultra-udders expanding in kind, as I worked his impossible right ball into my mouth. I gazed up at him as I pulled my head back, tugging the testicle away from his body to his enormous delight. Then I performed the Coup De Gras, Diving back forward to latch my lips to the other beef-globe, slurping like a whole cheerleading squad. With a sickening wet noise, the ball intruded in, my mouth and tongue working everywhere to find space to fit it. Quickly my hands dove up to help cram more ball meat into my maw, finally forcing the fat full sphere past my jaw with a slutty abandon. Now I Looked up. Tim's complacency clearly a little shaken at the sight of my overcrowded mouth, cheeks bulging obscenely, each stuffed with a magnificent man-mango, a steady stream of whorish drool still escaping my pursed lips. "No one has ever fit both!" He gasped in awe. His hands found my cheeks, and he began to massage his own lip-stretching balls through my mouth, rolling the musky fruits all over my tongue, his rippling veiny cum cannon grinding its shaft against my nose, forehead, and about nine inches of desk as he worked. I only moaned in pleasure as he exerted total control over me. I was just a device for deriving pleasure in that moment, and I was loving it. Finally he tangled a hand in my hair, pulling his nuts harshly from my lips with a wet *POP!*, a torrent of my own hot spit exploding onto my tits. He wasted no time in slapping his cockhead down to the top of my boobs, smearing himself in spit and then buffeting my lips with his now glistening organ. "Timmy..." I purred, "If you want me to suck that gigantic cock, let me do it right!" "I thought you didn't want to." He said. "You arrogant bastard! Just because you have a cock like a steam shovel does not mean I have to do stuff like...this!" I slipped my tongue up his jumbo sized ball sack and along his huge protruding cum-channel, meeting to my surprise, a thick ooze of cream at the top. It was yummy, and I rolled it on my tongue for him before swallowing. "I can't believe you came so easy!" I pouted. "Don't be stupid. That was precum. My actual load is so thick you have to chew it. Let me show you." He grabbed my hands and wrapped them around his shaft, not even close to fitting all the way, and then added his own big fists, helping me to learn the rhythm of jacking off his super-stallion staff. 14 inch strokes easy, with enough space to fit at least four more hands. I considered myself lucky that despite his bluster, I was going to get away with just a quadruple handjob, my tits writhing and jiggling with the fury of my lusty strokes. Then he erupted. A white comet arced upwards, pulverizing the ceiling with a splatter, and then rained back down on us, each gooey hot drop almost feeling likt it sizzled where it touched my skin. The next volley was not quite ceiling-high, and puddle unceremoniously onto my desk. A third blast flew wild, skipping just off the corner of my forehead, pasting a line through my hair, and splashing against the chalkboard. Yet another power blast flew high, arcing right to completely obscure my shoulder in white gunk. Three more sky-ward cum-cannon balls splashed to the floor, a a student's desk, and right into the lap of my skirt. Still his unreal rod was going off! Smaller blasts, easily the size of ordinary men's whole day's loads exploded and burst all around me; but he spared my face and tits, instead letting glancing shots barely hit my thighs, stomach, hair, and left hand. His first blast had been so big and thick, that it continued to trickle and rip, the rest of the afternoon. "All right Mr. Donehy, you've had your fun, and now that we're finished we can—" He cut me off with a laugh. "You thought we were done?" He seized his dangling, twin jizz-jars "We don't quit until these are empty my sweet junkiest of teachers, and these aren't even CLOSE yet." I was in for an afternoon I would never forget. *** He used his cock like some thick, imposing ice-cream scoop, swabbing up thick wads of his fuck-chowder and spooning it directly into my mouth. Each delicious mouthful was as he'd stated, almost chewable, but consistant and lump-free. My taste buds were tingling in tandem with my pussy. "Mm, Tim! What does your mama feed you to make you this delicious?" "A breakfast of my little sister, a lunch of some huge tits, and nothing but the most dripping pussy for snacks, dinner, and desert." He explained this as he continued to shovel ambrosia into my mouth, I was desperately whimpering and pawing at my different spunk-kissed body parts to suck the last dribbles from my fingers. "It's all gone!" I sighed. "You know where to get more!" Tim returned. My plush pillow lips were suddenly locked on his flanged cock-tip, my hunger and horniness letting me ignore the pain of my stretching jaw. I pumped and fluffed his massive meat sack with both hands as I moved my head down to devour more and more parking-meter thick shaft. I've never felt before that I sucked so much at sucking! Finding that my throat would only accommodate 9 inches or so, my eyes practically filled with tears at the sight of over half his titanic and tasty pork pylon going woefully unslurped! Desperate to overcome my weakness, I began to bob my head, rapid-fire impaling my head on his monster-mast. Still, it was all I could do to gag, choke, and suffocate on another two inches. Timmy enjoyed the show, rolling and massaging my sweater bombs in hands that had clearly dealt with many tits my size; in truth, he played my firm fun bags like a skilled musician, coaxing a dripping ovation from the audience that was my pussy. *GLUCK! ULGH! SLUCH!* I pulled back after gagging again and screeched with frustration. I bit his enormous dickhead, doing no damage to such a mighty meat-cicle, and beat a small fist against his sculpted, perfect abs. "Having trouble, huh?" He grinned, finally leaving my tingling ta-ta's alone. "You wouldn't be the first, let me help." With the power of a construction crane he seized my hips and set me on top of the desk, his previous puddle of prick pudding both warming and wetting my ass cheeks. Grabbing my shoulders he bent me over, not too far since his ludicrous length made up the distance. Stuffing his prizewinning prick into my mouth again, he leaned over and grabbed my hips, suddenly flipping me upside-down. Changing his grip, he rapidly seized my ankles and stretched my body straight, effortless a move for his huge muscled arms and torso. Then he was throat fucking me in this curious hand-stand-like position, claming new inches of esophagus with each pump of his hips or flex of his biceps. I still gagged a little, but now his rivulets of thick prespunk just dribbled from my nostrils and upper lip, running down his hefty hose and dripping copiously from his balls. *GLUCK-GLUCK-GLUCK!* was the only sound as he claimed 11, 12, 13 inches for his own. My word was nothing but cock and precum, eyes flashing wildly between bouncing sloppy nuts, and my own milk missiles, crazily flopping all over. When he reached the 15 inch mark, I was low enough to reach down and scoop up his low-hanging lemons, my hand barely big enough to keep grip on the seed suppliers, but I persevered, tugging squeezing and mauling them with gusto until I felt the tell-tale-tightening. Hel pulled me off and dumped me callously on the desk, pumping his manly monument vigorously while he retrieved my glasses from the floor and stuck them on my face. I pulled myself up to a sitting position and talk him into cumming. "Come on stud, beat that huge fuck stick off for teacher, that's it, see how wet you're making me wit that? I'm a waterful for your cock, Timmy, a slut for your ball-bisque. You love having such a big one don't you, you arrogant son of a bitch; a bitch who can't keep her lips off your baseballs I might add." "Don't talk that way about my slut of a mother you big-titted cum-queen!" He grunted as his hellish howitzer went off. This time he was not merciful in his aim, and no matter which way I turned on the desk, there was no hiding my face and tits from his meat-seeking salvos. It was like a firing squad and water torture rolled into one, precious air hard to find between blasts of nut gunk. They came so fast and thick they could almost bruise the skin. In no particular order I took blasts to my left tit, right tit, and stomach. No man could hope to cover my udders with a week's supply of jack-juice, yet this stud's spunk spackled a whole milk globe with each shot. A cum-shot to my solar-plexus left me winded from the force of it. And Oh God the facial assault! My glasses kept my eyes safe, though I had to grip the stems to keep them from being blown clean from my face again. The view of his loads was brilliant as they'd hit the lens, running down in rivulets like sheets of some thick, opalescent torrential storm against a window. Steaming fuck sauce rand down my cheeks, my chin, my lips, dripping in fat globs from my nose, my forehead was smeared in white bangs of pearl porridge. As heavy blasts layered me in fuck frosting, I began to feast, scooping up finger-fuls, handfuls, tongue-fuls, and tit-fuls of this tasty junk jam, stuffing my mouth and throat with succulence. I moaned on the morsels for at least ten minutes after he stopped spewing his potent payload. After I had finished sluttily slurping up the sludge, (At least that which was not left in streaks) Tim put his pecker back into my face, wanking his whopper to work more strands into my gullet, oozing from the mouth of his superior snake. To thank his cock and balls for the yummy meal that was now making my stomach ache from overfullness, I worked my pouty, soft dicksuckers all over his enormous rod, pausing to slobber and suck and slurp and lick and lather and smear on the thick, proud head with it's swept-back glans. I then totally polished each smooth, huge ball. I would have been quite content to keep worshipping the hulking hammer until it fed me even more, but Timmy had other ideas. *** Again his thickly muscled arms made a slave of my body. He slid my ass through the sheen of cum on the desk, bracing close to the edge, arching his hips to rest his heavy balls right on the lips of my shaved little cunt. Then he leaned in and bent his knees, grinding his cock's full length slowly and firmly down my clit, like a violinist playing the first pure note on a well-tuned string. Well tuned indeed! I think I had my first orgasm just from five inches of this firm hot hard gliding motion, and by the time his flanged tip had triggered a fourth and final orgasm, I was gasping and sweating. And THAT was just to get his head into position at my entrance. I was in for one fuck of a ride. *** His first punishing penetration brought a howl from my cum-smeared lips. "OOO hhhhh! EASY TIMMY! YOUR COCK IS LIKE A FUCKING BULL'S THIGH!" was my first nonsensical statement of many. Whether my brain or my pussy as going to get ruined first was anybody's guess at this point. He slowly forged ahead, parting my vaginal walls, making me feel the stretch of them as they literally changed shape to accommodate his gargantuan girth. He was toying with me, and when he'd reached the 8th inch or so, he drew it all out, letting me feel the void he'd left. "What's your name?" He said. "Veronica Divine." I whimpered. "What shall I call you?" He asked. "You can call me Mrs. Instead of Ms. If you really want Tim...please just put your cock back in me." "No, I don't want that anymore." He beat a gentle rhythm on my clit with his cock head, causing me to writhe and squirm while we talked. "So what do you want?" "I want you to let me call you slut. In class." "No, Timmy, I'll be humiliated." "I reckon you will." He said. "No please... don't make me do it." "I'm not making you do anything. I can walk away right now. No more cock for you, though." "Oh god! No not that! You can't just leave me like this!" "Then what's your name to me in class?" "Slut." I murmured. "That's Ms. Slut." He shot back, giving one fat dick-blow on my clit and labia. "And one more thing, Ms. Slut."'
"Yes, Timmy?" I whimpered, desperately bucking and angling my hips, just trying desperately to set myself up for another impaling. "Beg for my cock." I needed no instruction here. "Give me your huge cock again, Tim, please, I'm begging you..I need your horse-hung schlong to dig a hole in my guts... I need your thick shaft and swinging heavy balls just to get joy from life! I NEED YOUR COCK! GIVE IT TO ME NOW YOU ARROGANT HUGE COCKED SLUT-CLAIMING STUD!!!" I was nearly crying now, and to satisfy my longing the stud absolutely crammed me full, sinking 10 inches of tumescent mega-meat deep in my snatch. I hold and writhed and squirmed and came and came as he stroked his hips in and out, slamming the ten inches home over and over, girth splitting me, length battering at my insides. Again he reached up and worked his maestro's hands over my jiggling mamories, knowing just how to tweak my fat nipples harder as my pleasure crescendoed and lay off into gentle stroking as it built again. I was nearing my twentieth orgasm or so when he changed tempo and position, pulling out and roughly spinning me over the desk, slapping my ass with his massive arm driving the spank home, I squealed in protest for only a moment, because as he sank his depth-defying dong back into my drooling pussy, the pain of the spank only throttled up my urge to drive back against him. Now as his pistoned his hips up and down, he sank a full foot of sausage into me, alternating spanks with hard thrusts, his nuts audibly beating against the desk when he angled his hips more up and diagonal. My tits ground the surface of my blotter, soaking up his remaining ball butter, slipping and sliding all over into a glossy sheen. I wiggled my ass for him, making it dance, taunting him now into further punishing attacks on my ass cheeks, and soon both were red from his forehands and back hands, me simply crying "FUCK ME HARDER YOU DONKEY DICKED JOCK!" whenever I could find the breath for it. Easily sliding me along the cum-slicked surface of the desk he knocked over my pencils and knick-knacks, dragging my ass up into a proper doggy position, reaching forward to throw more tit-mauling into the mix of spanks and fuck thrusts, his big hands easily taking weight from my swinging boobs whenever it so pleased him to do so. He pounded another inch of cock home, making my eyes bug and my lungs empty into a scream with each savage thrust. It was like trying to stuff a sausage into an olive, only my little olive was exploding with pleasure again and again, handily clearing the 40 'O' mark in just two minutes of brutal doggie. He pulled out and spiraled me again, hanging my whole upper torso off the desk, my own gynormous jugs bouncing into my thrust. From here he gave my pussy a small breather, only sinking about 11 inches with skillfully downward thrusts, but I could tell he was just warming me up for something else in the way he fucked. My sweat and cum slid up my body now, his jizz still streaking my back from the desk. My skirt finally gave up, my thong long since banged from my body, it now fluttered to the floor. I looked up and realized the young slut-fucker hadn't even broken a sweat yet. He was going to kill me with pleasure! But I was happy to go. I didn't have to wait long for his next trick, a mere two orgasms later saw him sliding us both to the floor, my upside-down again, with him straddling me in a scissor stance, angling his cock down he began to pile drive me into the floor. My body was a helpless fucktoy in his hands as he bludgeoned my inner walls, stretching and reshaping them with every squatting thrust. He picked up speed and power, driving another new inch-mark home, I was easily taking 15 of them now, eyes rolling in my head as each power-fuck-thrust sent me over the edge again, one thrust a second, one orgasm per thrust. My pussy seemed to be gagging now, exploding with pleasure and pain at once, protesting with ripples of muscular motion trying to dislodge this semi-welcomed invader, gouts of sweet cunt nectar pouring from it in a vain attempt to provide enough lubrication. My poor little pussy had never been pounded like this before and I found my arms and legs flailing vainly for some escape. "STUD! NO! TOO MUCH COCK! TOO MUCH! NGGHHH IT WON'T FIT! I CAN"T TAKE ANYMO-" My words were cut off by what must have been my 75th climax, pleasure breaking me down and rebuilding me anew, he dropped me on the floor with out mercy, seeming to know full well that I couldn't' even feel anything beyond my throbbing slobbering quim and thus would not be hurt. "Wrong again teach," He sneered. "You just haven't had ENOUGH yet." As I whimpered and mewed and whispered out prayers to this virile god of cock, he lifted me like nothing again and set me in a student desk, ass in seat, legs over the top. He gripped the table-top aimed his massive spear at me again. These thrusts came hard, fast, and deep, my whole body shaking in seizure-like response. "UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGHUNGHUNGH!" Was all I could manage to add to the dialogue as he spanked my ass and tugged my up-lifted ankles, breaking through some part of me to sink in 17 whole inches of cock. Now the wall he hit was hard and painful, but after 86 orgasms, I found it impossible to care that he was so selfishly fucking me now. His steel stud-shaft lifted my body with each thrust, and I felt like my cunt was having some kind of cave-in, collapsing on itself in pleasure and pain, my brain getting pulled down with it. He drilled and nailed and pounded and spitted me on his fat cock again and again, picking up speed, not letting up, sweat now finally beading on his taut muscles and tight ballsack. Seeing my chance for an escape I only barely wanted I coaxed him on now, "That's right stallion, bang your balls off on me. I want your load...I want you to drown me in cream...fill me like a tank and coat me like a cake... take your slut, your personal fuck toy, your jizz jar, your cum dumpster! JUST CUM FOR ME GODDAMNIT!" On my hundredth orgasm, he finally pulled out, driving one more climax from my by beating his colossal head against my clit again, then beginning to unload. This orgasm was bigger than his other two combined, his balls actually bunching up in alternating shots, seeming to recoil from each tremendous salvo. His spunk splattered across my whole body and painted the desk I was in. A shot pasted my glasses from my face and two-follow up threw soft-balls of sperm into each eye. Blinking through the cum-smeared mist of my lashes I still saw as he arced his cock up for about five shots, painting the ceiling each time, the resulting torrential downpour of jizz was a sight to behold; Big Timmy's Cock had literally changed the environment. I took sperm punches to my lips, my nose, my forehead, my hair, my arms, my legs, my thighs, my back, my tits, my cleavage, my ass, my feet, my face, my tongue, my tongue, my tongue, my tongue, my throat and my tongue again. I surveyed the room. The cum coated room. My pasted body in the reflection of a mostly cum-smeared mirror. The broken ruler. The bent desk. The black board dyed white. "See you tomorrow Ms. Slut," Tim Donehy Said. "Better show me proper respect, or we might just have to explore how much I can fit in your ass." "Arrogant, big-dicked bastard." I said for the umpteenth time. He patted my check. "You know it, babe." And with that, he dressed and strode from Ms. Veronica "Slut" Divine's Class Room.
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