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I stepped off the plane after three days travelling and was looking forward to going home after a long few weeks of travelling for work. My work regularly has me travelling and I don’t seem to get home as much as I would like anymore.   But it does make it even more enjoyable when I do get home.   Leaving the gate, I walked down the corridor, past the last security checkpoint, and toward the baggage claim area.   I don’t typically check bags, but with the new charges that all the airlines charge for anyone to check bags, everyone is trying to carry on more and larger suitcases.   As one of the last people onto the flight, I was informed that there was no longer any room in the overhead compartments for my bag, so it would have to be checked.   Luckily, even with two changes in flights, times, and one change in intermediate flight stops, my bag was one of the first off the carousel at my home destination.
With my bag in hand, I pulled out my cell phone and called my girlfriend who was waiting just a couple blocks down the street to pick me up and head home.   A few short minutes later, she was pulling up in front of the arrivals pickup area.   I threw my bags in the back seat, and got into the front seat for the 30 minute drive home.   While she negotiated the airport circles and headed us toward the highway, I leaned over to give her a kiss hello.  As I did, I rested my hand on her upper thigh, feeling a large lump against her leg.   I immediately began to get hard because I knew what was under those jeans she was wearing.   She knew I had noticed it immediately and began to smirk as I kissed her.   I knew that underneath her jeans, was 9 inches of rock hard, strap on that she was going to use on me when we got home.
While she drove, I slowly kissed her neck and began to caress and fondle the bulge in her jeans as I did.   She smiled while I did this and I could tell she was looking forward to what was ahead.   Continuing to drive, she was visibility becoming turned on as I stroked the strap on she was wearing under her jeans.   I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and reached inside of her pants to continue stroking her stiff cock.   Pulling the cock from laying against her leg under her jeans, I freed it from the cloth through the now open front of her jeans past the zipper.   It stood proud and tall from her crotch.
The strap on she was wearing had been custom made specifically to her measurements for most comfort and to be tight fighting.   It was made with a 9 inch latex faux penis attached to a specially designed and fitted latex panty.    They fit very tight and formed a virtual second skin over her crotch.   The panty and the penis on the front of it was skin color and matched well enough to give the impression created was that it was a natural part of her body.
I kissed her passionately and looked into her eyes intently, but only for a moment since she was still driving.   After kissing her, I leaned over and kissed the tip of her long, thick, white cock that was protruding from her jeans, standing tall and ready.   I kissed is gently, slowly.    I kissed it on the tip, down its shaft, and at its base.   I began to lick is slowly, up and down.   As I did so, I looked up at her, looking her in her eyes as she watched me kiss and lick her penis.   She was enjoying the view, smiling and breathing deeply as she watched.   I averted my eyes and looked down to focus my attention.
With the base of the cock in my hands, I took the tip of the cock into my mouth and slowly put as much of the rest the cock into my mouth as I could handle.   Looking up again, she watched as much as she could while she was driving as I slowly sucked and bobbed up and down on the cock between her legs with my mouth. I was blowing her and she loved the image of her boyfriend sucking her cock as she drove as she had done to me so many times before.
I continued as she drove, slowly, quickly, softly, and sometimes more forcefully.   As I worked the cock with my mouth, its base drove up and down, and created pressure against her increasingly wet pussy.   It was stimulating her and turning her on.   I knew she was going to be ready when we got home.
Getting close to home, I ever so slowly and passionately let the cock slide from between my lips and raised my head.   The shaft of the cock was wet from my saliva and my mouth was dripping slightly from the work it had done.
Arriving home, she pushed the button on the garage door opener and we pulled in, the garage door then closing behind us.   She told me to go inside and put on something sexy, then to come to her downstairs in our recreation room, for a little recreation.
I went inside to the bedroom and opened the dresser drawer that had “something sexy” for me to wear.   First I put on a black, lacy garter belt followed by thigh high white stockings.   The stocking were sheer, stretchy and smooth on my legs.   Next I slid a pair of white ruffled boyshort panties up over my lets and over my crotch.   The ruffles only slightly hid my bulging member under them.   With these in place, I reached back into the drawer and pulled out a full torso high back, black leather corset.   The corset had laces in the back and a front zipper the full length of the garment.   I unzipped the front of the corset, wrapped it around my back, and put my arms through the support straps.   After attaching the zipper halves, I slowly zipped the front of the corset up my front.   I zipped it up over the very realistic DD latex breast forms that were attached to my own chest.   The result was a full chested, bouncy breasted, female form under the tight fitting corset.   With underclothes in place, the next step was to finish the sexy look I was aiming for. Over my sexy underclothes, that had created such a feminine shapely figure, I then first put on a ruffled white petticoat that started just below my waist and wrapped me like a puffy and ruffled skirt.   Over this I put on a one piece french maids dress.   The stretch, satin long sleeve maid’s uniform had frilly lace at the bottom of the skirt portion and on the sleeve cuffs.   Once in place, I wrapped the satin apron around my waist and tied it in the back.   With my clothing now in place, it was time to put on a wig. In the next drawer down, I had a selection of wigs to choose from.   To go with this image I though the bouncy, curly, shoulder length auburn wig would work best.   With the wig on, only a couple of final pieces were needed to finish the process.   First, I put on a leather, silver studded choker collar around my neck.   Then, the final piece of my image was leather, thigh high, platform high heel boots.   I sat on the bed and slipped each one on separately, zipping them up all the way up to my thigh.   Zipping the boots up my legs was certainly a very sexy feeling activity.   Encasing my legs in the leather boots over the thigh high white stockings I wore and creating a contrast in color at the top of them where the top of the stockings stuck out from the boots below. Standing from the bed, I walked to the bedroom mirror to see what I had become, to see if I would pass the “put on something sexy” request my girlfriend had made.   Looking back in the mirror was a shapely french maid who was ready and willing to get fucked by her girlfriend.   Satisfied with how I looked, I left the bedroom and went downstairs to where she was waiting.   While I had been getting dressed, she had gotten herself ready also.   I found her in the basement on the couch still wearing the flesh colored panty strap on.   Her upper body was covered by a tight fighting corset also.   Her corset was black with hot pink trip and exquisitely pushed up and presented her perky c cup breasts.   Attached to the bottom of the corset were garters that held up the black, sheer, lace topped stockings she wore.   She was a beautiful, sexy, girl with a raging hard white cock coming out of her crotch. I sashayed over to her, my hips and ass wiggling as a result of me wearing the high-heel platform boots.   As I approached she told me to kneel and suck her cock. Kneeling in front of her, she wrapped her legs on either side of my head as I took the strap on cock into my mouth and began sucking again as I had in the truck before.   As I sucked, I let my hands roam up over her body, caressing first her sides then roaming up over her perky breasts under the corset top. As I did, the bouncy curls from my auburn hair surrounded her cock.   She was able to watch, but only saw teasing glimpses of my eyes as I looked up at her, cock in my mouth. Pausing from my work on her cock, I extended upward and brought my mouth to her neck, kissing her passionately.   As I did, I reached out to her cock and stroked it as I kissed her.   From her neck, I moved on to passionately kissing her lips.   Suddenly, she reached up and pushed me back slightly, breaking our kiss.   She looked momentarily into my eyes, a sassy look in her own eyes.    She leaned in slightly, bringing her mouth to my ear and whispered that she was going to fuck me like the dirty maid she knew I was.   She told me to turn over and get on my knees and get ready to take all of her cock. I bent over in front of her and got ready to take everything she could give me.   I was eager to take her big cock into my ass, my ass longed to be filled with her fullness.   She stepped in behind me and ran her hand up under my maid’s skirt, her hands on both of my hips.   I could feel her cock protruding out from her and resting between my legs, my own cock straining against the panties I still wore under my skirt. Her hands grabbed both sides of the panties and pulled them down from my waist, behind me and down my legs so they were around my ankles.   Picking up my feet slightly while on my knees, I reached back and pulled the white ruffled panty I was recently wearing off my feet, allowing me to spread my legs further for her.   While I did so, she reached for a bottle of lubricant she had waiting.   She spread some onto her hand and then caressed her cock with it, lubricating its full length so it glistened with wetness.   Lifting my skirt slightly, she exposed my awaiting asshole.   Bringing the bottle of lubricant up over me, she let some drip into my ass crack. She spread it over my asshole with her fingers, gingerly pushing her finger in and out of my asshole slightly as she did so.   She was close to me as she did all of this, her pelvis resting against the back of my legs, and all the while, her cock raging between my legs brushing against me teasingly.   With my ass and her cock lubricated, we were ready. Bringing the head of her cock up against the opening of my asshole, I was as turned on as I could possibly be.   She gently pushed forward and the head of her cock began to bury itself into me.   I could feel the pressure of it and it began to fill me, to stretch me. I can only imagine the picture we made as we fucked like rabbits.   A beautiful brunette girl with pert voluptuous breasts under her tight black, pink trimmed, with thigh high stockings attached to her garters and a white cock coming from her crotch fucking her boyfriend dressed as a french maid with white stockings, bouncing DD breasts under his own corset and under the maids dressed topped off with a curly auburn wig that bounced as she fucked him from behind in his ass, him eagerly moving back and forth on her cock, taking it all in with vigor.   Perhaps sometime I should video it to really be able to see what it looks like, to see how eager we both are to complete the picture and how much feeling we get form it. Her speed of fucking sped up, slowed down, and changed rhythm as I did so many times with her.   Her hands grasping my hips and guiding her as she drove her cock into me.   As she continued, I became more and more turned on.   She began to fuck me slightly more forcefully, deeper, and quicker.   As she did, the base of the cock she wore drove against her own pussy underneath.   Bumping and grinding against her, it stimulated her, making her begin to groan and adding enthusiasm to her fucking as she continued.   My own stimulation grew along with hers, her cock driving deep into my ass and pounding against my prostate, deep inside me. I took all of her cock and she eagerly gave it.   We were both physically and mentally stimulated in ways that normal sex simply could not provide.   We had traded roles, I was her supplicant, she my master. Both of us fucked each other in our new roles eagerly, coming closer and closer to orgasm.   Frenzied fucking giving way to raging orgasms in both of us.    As we approached climax, she reached around with one of her hands and stroked my own erect cock.   Stroking it in rhythm with her fucking of my ass.   Her own fleshy colored 9 inch cock driving deep into me as she reached around and stroked my on raging cock. Her moaning increasing as she herself approached her own orgasm. Our pace increasing, I could feel myself getting ready to explode.   Her stroking of my cock and pounding of my ass combined to create a feeling of fucking and getting fucked simultaneously.   I began to swell, ready to shoot the biggest load of my life.   She began to moan, to shudder slightly, and a rolling orgasm spread throughout her own body as she fucked me deeply and I busted out the biggest load of cum that has ever come from me.   We fucked through it until we were both fully spent, collapsing onto the floor together sweaty, hot, and spent with her cock still buried inside me as my own cock began to subside from its excitement. She slowly pulled her cock from inside me and curled up behind me.   I turned my head sideways and she hers, locking each other into a kiss, passionately.   After a little while, we both went back upstairs and took off our cloths and her cock to shower and clean ourselves up after our afternoon activities.   While we periodically engage in these types of sessions along with our regular sexual activities was certainly an unexpected surprise beginning with when she picked me up at the airport.   I will curiously wait the next time she will surprise me with our next session.
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