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They were children when they first kissed.Growing up together in the same neighborhood, Kaori and Samuel didn’t know each other from the start. Kaori had just moved to San Diego from Tokyo, Japan. Her father was an architect and found a better paying job in the US. Her mother was a housewife that mostly took care of her young daughter and husband. At 10 years old, Kaori could speak enough English to get by in school, but ridicule was part of her day-to-day life in the classroom. The other students would tease her when she read aloud and would giggle and snicker when she had to pronounce certain words that contained a lot of “r” sounds. Recess was no better. She tried to talk to the other children but they shrugged her off and told her to leave them alone. Saddened by this, she walked slowly to a tree and just sat there until it was time to go back into class. Before the bell rang, she noticed that boy was staring at her. She wondered who he was and wanted to know why he was staring at her. Before she knew it, the bell rang at it was time to go back into the classroom. During the second half of the school day she would dream of being at home with her mother and father, but be brought back to earth by cruel names and laughing from other children that were pointing at her. Coming back home, Kaori was crying because of the treatment the other children were doing to her. Before stepping into her house, she made sure wipe away her tears and try to clear up her face to try and conceal her pain. While at the dinner table, her father asked how her first day went. She said it was fine and told how she was making good friends. The lie she was telling didn’t fool her mother, but she didn’t say anything. She knew her daughter had a very rough day, but didn’t say anything. While preparing for bed, her mother told her that people can be quite cruel in America, but explained that there are a lot of good people as well. Her mother’s words comforted her and she was able to sleep soundly that night.The next day started the same for Kaori, the usual teasing of her looks and her linguistics. While reading silently Kaori started to look around the class. She noticed that the boy that was staring at her the previous day at recess was in her same class and was across the room. He looked away from his book and saw her. They both locked their eyes on each other. He smiled at her and waved at her. Seeing this made Kaori smile and wave back at him. Before any other type of communication could be done, the teacher told both of them to get back to silent reading. They did, but not before the shared one last smile with each other before going back to their books. Soon after, the lunch bell rang. Kaori sat by the tree again by herself eating her bento her mother made for her, consisting of some pot sticker dumplings, fresh fruit, steamed rice, and green tea to drink in her thermos. Before she got to even eat her lunch, the other school kids came up to her and started to tease her on how her lunch looked awful. One of them knocked her lunch out of her hand and she saw all of the food her mother made fall to the grass. Now in tears, Kaori just told them to go away and leave her alone. The bell rang again; it was time to go back into the classroom. Time went slow for Kaori. She just wanted the day to end so she could get home. Finally the last bell rang. While walking home, she imagined coming back to her mother’s arms and smelling her special sukiyaki stewing in a pot. Her imagination was shattered by the site of the children right in front of her, waiting for her. Two boys and two girls surrounded Kaori, taunting her with their cruel names. Before one of the kids could do anything else, one of them fell to the sidewalk unexpectedly. The other three looked at him in confusion then another fell to the pavement. Looking around, the notice a figure behind Kaori. They recognize who it is. More importantly, Kaori recognizes him. It was the boy she waved at. He slugged the two boys of the group from behind and made them drop like rocks.“Any of you assholes ever come near her again, I swear I’ll do a lot worse than this,” said the boy in a very loud voice. “You hear me?”Rather than stay to see what else he would do, they ran shouting, “You’ll be sorry you did that!”The boy looked at Kaori and asked if she was okay. “Yes I’m fine. Thank you for helping me.” In a bit of a stuttered sentence, she asked, ”who are you?”“I’m sorry I never introduced myself before just now,” he said. “I’m Sammy. Nice to meet you.” After saying his name, he offered his hand to help her up. She reached out and grabbed his hand, and he used his weight to pull her up to her feet. Now standing on her own feet, she didn’t let go of his hand. She stared at his eyes; they were a mix of green and brown. Sammy did the same, staring into those big brown eyes, almost getting lost in them. Both came back to reality at the same time. They were near a park so he brought her over to a bench.“I saw that they spilled your lunch. Are you still hungry,” he asked. With that, he opened up his backpack, stuck his hand in, and pulled out half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a sandwich bag. “Here, you can have it.”Very hungry, and very grateful to her hero, she took the sandwich and started eating away in small bites. While eating, he said, “ From now on, those guys aren’t gonna hurt you anymore. I’ll be your friend, so you won’t be alone from now on. What those guys did to you was mean. So if they come back, I’ll be there for ya, okay?” “Thank you. My name is Kaori. Thank you for giving me your sandwich.”For the first time since she came to the school, she felt happy. Not just for meeting a nice person, but it was the first time she ever tasted a peanut butter and jelly before, and it tasted good to her. She finished up her sandwich, and dusted off the crumbs off her dress. Sammy walked her home to make sure her bullies didn’t come back to her.“See you tomorrow, Kaori. Bye,” said Sammy. He waved, and took off for his house, which was a couple houses down from hers. She waved bye, and entered her house. After dinner, and before she got tucked in bed, she told her mother everything that had happened that day and told her how she meet a really nice boy who gave her some of his food. Her mother was concerned at first, but she could tell that her daughter had made a friend, and couldn’t be happier for her. She kissed Kaori goodnight, and turned off the light. Kaori fell into a deep peaceful sleep, and awaited the next day of school to see her new friend, and was ready to face the challenges the world throw at her.Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and before they knew it, the school year was about to end. Everyday since the first time they met, they always played after school and on the weekends. Kaori’s parents meet with Sammy’s parents form time to time. Sammy’s mother was a teacher, and his father was contractor. Kaori’s parents introduced them to sushi, while Sammy’s parents introduced Kaori’s with California pizza. Since they were so close to the beaches, they would often see their children playing, making sand castles and race each other to see who is the fastest. Sometime they would get a little carried away and chase each other all the way to the jetties. Today, however, was different from all the other days they explored the jetties. Tired from running in fast sprints, they both rested on the rocks to try and catch their breaths. Sitting next to each other, both stared at the ocean and gazing at it on an overcast day, so they got a really nice breeze while trying to rest up. For reasons unknown to him, Kaori decided to sit a little closer to Sammy this time. She rested her head on his chest and could hear his heartbeat. She closed her eyes and tried to visualize it in her mind. This did not perturb Sammy, so he wrapped his arm around her and rested his chin on the top of her head, staring at the sea.“Sammy,” Kaori said, trying to get his attention.“Yeah Kay,” he responded. “Sorry, Kaori.” He knew how much she hated it when he said her name like that.“Did I ever thank you for being my friend?”“Only about 900 times,” he said sarcastically.They both laughed a little, then Kaori brought her head up and looked Sammy in the eyes. “Just wanted you to know, that I really do think you are my best friend in the whole world.”“Same hear Kaori, you’re my best friend too,” Sammy said. Still staring into her eyes, I felt like he could get lost in her eyes, he couldn’t look away for some reason. It was the same for Kaori as well. She felt like nothing bad could happen to her when he was this close to her. She felt safe with Sammy and didn’t want to let go of him. Both stared at each other for about a minute, just staring and holding one another. Then, through forces unexplained, they leaned forward, closed their eyes, and placed their lips onto each other’s. It was their first kiss. They stayed like that for only a few seconds, but it seemed to last for a lot longer to them. It was more than just a feeling; it was almost intoxication they were feeling. While still in the kiss, they both opened their eyes and quickly moved back from each other. A brief moment of amazement and slight shock was broken with both of them giggling a little. Sammy then lunged at Kaori and started to tickle her ribs, her most ticklish spot. “Gotcha!,” he said, and quickly made a run for it, trying to get back on the beach. Kaori was not going let him get away with this. She ran as fast as she could to try and throw him down to the water, and eventually got closer to him, then she jumped and pounced on his back, bringing both of them to the water. Soon after, they heard their parents’ voices.“Hey, it’s getting dark. Time to come back inside! Do you want to catch a cold?”“Aw, man. This sucks,” said Sammy. “Oh yeah,” said Kaori. They walked up the beach and started to go to their houses, but both still had the kiss lingering in the backs of their minds. The school year ended, weeks turned into months. It was like they were brother and sister. Whenever one had a problem, the other was there for the other. It was more than friendship; it was a bond that only these two shared. It was almost as if these two human beings, these two souls, were made for each other. They shared everything about their lives together, their thoughts, dreams, and fears. When it came to dating other people, it became a weird topic for them to talk about. They never knew why. Whenever one had a date, the other would get cautious and a little jealous. But no matter whom they dated, they always thought of the other. They never had steady or quick relationships, they always went back to each other. And they never questioned why. That is, until now.From months, turned into years. They were now juniors in high school, both 18 years old. Kaori made more and better friends in high school. While in high school, Sammy and Kaori were involved in different groups. He was on the track team, while she got into the arts. Even though the jocks were never associated with the art nerds, Sammy and Kaori still hung out during lunch, after school and weekends. One night, while at Sammy’s house, they were playing video games; Kaori on the couch, Sammy on the floor. He always got his ass kicked when he played Kaori at Mortal Kombat. After loosing for the tenth time, he placed his controller down and sat up on the couch next to her.“You cruel woman. How many times is that now? Six times in a row?” Sammy asked. “More like ten for you buddy,” she said. “You really suck.”“Well some ones English seems to get better,” said Sammy sarcastically. She slapped the back of his head and said, “You ass! At least I don’t have porn on my computer.” After hearing this, Sammy tickled her ribs. They began to wrestle on the couch. Even though Sammy knew where Kaori was most ticklish, she knew his weak spot as well. She remembers vividly how she discovered his pressure point.It happened when Kaori was in Sammy’s room while he was taking a shower. She was surfing the internet on his computer looking for clothes, but then she decided to snoop around a little. She looked around his media files trying to see what kind of music he had, and saw his video folder. She double clicked the file and saw there was about three gigabytes worth of files. She clicked on one of the files and saw a video play of two people having sex. This was the first time she had ever seen pornography. Strangely, she was not shocked at all by this. She noticed that her breathing got heavier, and started to get wet by the sight of the man in the video. The hard throbbing erection sliding in and out of the woman’s sex was making her breathe even heavier. She had learned sex-ed before, but she was never told about how explicit pornography was. With her mind in a trance, her body started to move on its own. With her left hand slowly massaging her right breast on the outside of her shirt, her right hand started to touch the panty-covered slit through the leg of her short workout shorts. The sensation of her fingertips gliding across the slick cloth of the fabric that was covering her wet hole made her even wetter. She closed her eyes and started to rub her moist sex slowly at first, then started harder and faster, while licking her lips, trying not to moan so loud. Her left hand crawled up her skirt, under her red lace bra, and started to squeeze her supple 34C breast. As soon as her thumb and index finger brushed against her erect nipple, she pinched it slightly and was on another level of sexual pleasure. For a good 2 minutes, she was the only person in the world. All of a sudden, she was engulfed with the most warm, tingly feeling emanating from her damp slit. She started to buck her hips and her body froze for a few seconds. Then, she collapsed in the chair, exhausted, but felling like she was floating in the air. Quickly coming back to reality after hearing the shower door open, she quickly gathered herself and her wits together, and closed the folder on the computer. But she wasn’t quick enough. Sammy came back to his room from his shower, to discover that she was on his computer looking at the pornography he had downloaded. He turned pale white from embarrassment, because his best friend discovered a secret he didn’t want her to know. Kaori thought she could use this event, to try and hide from the fact that she had just masturbated in his room.“Nice video ya got here,” she said jokingly with a smile. “Is it your personal favorite?”“No!” Sammy said quickly, “Its nothing, get the hell out of here! Let me get dressed, dammit!” Kaori couldn’t help but laugh a little. She quickly got out still giggling. After she left the room and closed the door, he was just about to change, until something caught his eye. He noticed a small streak of liquid on his chair in front of the computer. Curious, he slid his fingertips across the substance and rubbed between his fingers and thumb trying to figure out what it was. It felt like a watery gel. He then brought his fingers up to his nose and sniffed them. It was a musky odor, with a scent of sweetness to it. Before he could determine what it was, Kaori yelled, “Hurry up, we’re gonna be late for the movie!” With that, he got dressed and went downstairs, and put the liquid he found out of his mind.One year later, back to them wrestling on the couch. Sammy got pinned down and couldn’t get up. He tried to put Kaori in an arm lock, but he wasn’t fast enough. After a quick laugh and catch of breath, something was different. Her black hair was now cascading over his head and they were staring at each other, again. She was so close to his face that he could feel the warmth of her breath. When they tried to move around, they made a startling discovery. His right hand was on her left breast and his left was on one of the cheeks of her very curvaceous ass. But it was the placement of his knee that really drew some attention. His left knee was now firmly placed on Kaori’s crotch. Since Sammy was wearing a pair of shorts, his knee could feel the heat coming from Kaori, and could feel how wet it was starting to get. Even though she was wearing sweat pants, he could still feel her heat. Kaori was no exception. She had her left arm around his head, but her right hand was on his engorging bulge. She moved her right hand, trying to move it away, but attempted to grasp it instead. Both were now aroused to a level they never experienced before. Neither one of them knew or understood what was going on just then. Their bodies moved by themselves. His knee was rubbing her moist crotch and his hands were squeezing her ass and breasts. Her right hand was now rubbing his fully erect hard-on with a great deal of pressure. Both started to moan and breath even more heavily now. All of a sudden, both went still and didn’t move, but they didn’t come. They were now gasping for air to try and recuperate form what was happening. When they came back to earth, they realized what they were doing. They looked at each other in disbelief. Shocked and a little scared, Kaori got up off of Sammy and ran right out of the front door of his house. “Kaori,” he said, “are you okay?”He got up as fast as he could to try and follow her but he tripped on the coffee table. While trying to block out the pain, he wondered how she was and why she left so quickly. Kaori ran straight home and went into her room. She was trying to figure out what the hell just happened to her and wondered if Sammy was okay. Her mind was going a mile a second and just started to whirl around her, when she sat down she was finally able to catch her breathe. She lay down to rest her head trying to contemplate what happened over at his house, but instead fell into a quick sleep. After Kaori left his house, Sammy got an ice pack and slowly hobbled his way to his room. He sat down on the bed and placed the pack on his foot and lay back on his bed. Like Kaori, he tried to figure out why she ran after their little “session.” But exhaustion over came him and he too drifted into sleep.When they both woke up, it was late into the night. Trying to wake themselves up, they started turning around to wake up the rest of their bodies. Sammy was thinking of Kaori. He remembered the feeling of his knee rubbing her crotch. He remembered how hot and wet she was, and this started to turn him on. He wondered if this was right to think of her like this. She was practically a sister to him. Out of the entire time they knew each other, he never looked at her that way until just now. Before he knew it, his penis was now fully erect. Logic told him that he should just stop thinking about her and try to control himself. Instinct, on the other hand, had the stronger voice. His hand slid down his chest and made contact with the bulge he was creating. He started to massage his scrotum and testicles first. Then he moved to the shaft of his enlarged member started to stroke it up and down slowly, all while thinking of Kaori in his mind. For ten minutes, he would start and stop, start and stop, stop and start, trying to build up his climax to come harder. He finally had the image of her big brown eyes and finally ejaculated his sperm in his shorts. It was the same situation for Kaori a few houses away. She had the image of his cock in her mind and started to brush her finger against her panty-covered vaginal lips. She twisted her labia’s to try and get the most out of the pleasure she was now swimming in. As she slowly slid her middle finger inside her wet slit, she gasped in a breath of air and arched her back, making her stiff nipples point into the air. After about a minute, she inserted a second finger, making it even tighter for her virgin hole to bear with. To keep her parents from hearing her load moans, she turned herself over on her stomach and got into a kneeling position, hoping her pillow would muffle her noises. She pulled down her sweat pants to her knees and her black cotton panties soon followed suit. Her lower torso was now fully exposed with her ass up in the air. She re-inserted her sticky fingers inside her and started to finger fuck herself like crazy. She wanted to come so badly, but she didn’t want this feeling to end. She had masturbated before, but this was feeling so much better to her. When she imagined Sammy’s cock in a fully erect state, she came and came really hard. She came so hard that as soon as she did, she collapsed to the bed, almost passing out. Both had now finally pleased themselves thinking about each other. Kaori and Sammy were now felt like they were floating in a sea of sexual bliss. Instead of any feelings of regret, they both went back to sleep, only with a smile on their faces.The next day was slightly awkward. They now saw each other in a different light. Over the next couple of days, they were starting to feel strange around each other. They still, hung out during lunch and after school, but there were a lot of awkward silences between them. Finally, one day, when they were at the beach eating some ice cream cones, Sammy broke the ice and asked the question he wanted to ask her.“Why did you leave that fast the other day?” he asked.“I don’t know,” she responded. She sounded nervous trying to find a reason why. “I just got freaked out and I didn’t know what the hell to think. You do realize we were dry humping right?”“Yeah I figured as much. But let me ask you something; do you regret what happened that day between us? Be honest.”“Do I really have to answer that question?”“Yes.”“Honestly…no. I don’t regret it; in fact…I kinda liked it. But I’m not sure if it was right to do. What about you, do you regret it?”“I don’t regret anything. It felt really good to me too.” At that moment, Sammy saw the opportunity to tickle her ribs and he took it.“Gotcha again!” he said trying to out run her with a slightly hurt ankle. She wasn’t going to let him get away with that one, so she decided not to be merciful and try to take him down into the water. Past the jetties, she hopped over the rocks and found Sammy sitting down trying to rub away the pain in his foot. He didn’t notice, but Kaori certainly did. Sammy was sitting in the spot where they first kissed. She felt her stomach turn into knots and walked slowly to him. He got up on his feet and saw she was walking towards him. Only then he figured out where he was, more importantly, where they were. He got the same feeling in his gut as well. He cracked a smiled at him and chuckled a little.“You really don’t regret it?” he asked her“No…I don’t,” she answered, slightly smiling at him.They knew what they were feeling now. They weren’t getting aroused; they were getting horny for one another. Instinct took over and controlled their bodies like lust filled puppets. They didn’t care anymore if anyone would spot them. The feeling of getting caught made them even hornier. Sammy placed Kaori’s back on the rocks. Their lips had touched again, but now they were making out. They were trying to taste as much of each other’s mouths as they could. They broke off and Sammy slowly got on his knees. He grabbed the waist of her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. He was greeted with the sight of her neatly trimmed slit. Kaori ran her hand through his brown hair brought him closer to her sex. Neither one of them knew how to perform oral sex, so he was going into new territory. Rather than think how to do it, he just went for it. He just started to lick the lips and kiss it. Then took his two fingers and spread the lips apart. He stuck his tongue inside her and lashed it around. He tasted her for the first time. It was nothing like what he heard form his friends in the locker room. I was a salty sweet taste, with a musky odor. She was starting to lose her mind because she had never felt like this before, let alone been intimate with another man. Unknowingly, he started to lick higher, now flicking his tongue over her rosy clit. She started to buck her hips and grind into his face even faster. In one fast moment, Kaori had her first orgasm with a man. Her breathing slowed down and got softer, signaling to Sammy that she was exhausted. “My turn.” Kaori said. She brought him back up to his feet, turned him around, and leaned him onto the rocks. She wasted no time, she wanted him and wanted him now. She almost ripped his shorts to shreds. Finally, she got to Sammy’s erect penis and stroked his shaft while squeezing his balls. She brought her head closer to his cock and started to lick the head. She was observing his reactions while licking the head of his cock. His eyes were closed, but she knew he was enjoying it. She then inserted the whole head inter her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. His eyes closed immediately and concentrated on the sensations he was feeling from her tongue and mouth. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth, making sure not to miss a stroke. Soon after, he couldn’t take any more and told her that he was going to come really soon. Hearing that, she pulled back and stroked his cock for a few seconds. Finally, he came and she was right in front of the stream of sperm. She didn’t want to miss this; she wanted the come to go all over her face. Sammy let out a gasp and released his fluid onto her face. The warmth was so relaxing to Kaori. They stared at each other with new, lustful eyes. And they didn’t want it to stop. He pulled out a napkin and dipped it in the seawater. He then brought her up to her feet and wiped of his cum with the napkin. Not one word was spoken by either of them; they just smiled at each other. They held hands as they walked back to the main beach.“What are you feeling,” Sammy asked.“Well, I’m not feeling any regret. I really enjoyed it. What about you?”“I feel like I don’t want it to end.” He responded. “I love you.” Neither one of them comprehended what was just said until 5 seconds after. Then it hit them.“Jesus, what the hell did I just say?” Sammy said.“Follow me.” Kaori replied.She led him into her house. As the door closed, she stared at him again. He spoke first.“Do you remember that day on the beach?”“Yes,” she said slowly. “I remember it very well. It was when we first kissed. It was the only kiss we had.”“I remember, and relive that day all the time,” Sammy said. “Those damn porn vids don’t do anything for me now. When I think about you when I masturbate, it feels so much better. And….Jesus, what the hell am I doing? I’m sorry, I….”“No Sam,” said Kaori. “Don’t be sorry. I have a confession to say as well. When I was in your room that day a year ago, you didn’t notice, but your towel came off and I got to see your penis. Ever since then, I have touched myself at night thinking about your beautiful cock. And………I have been in love with you for the longest time.” She moved herself toward him and held his face in her hands, she could feel the small hairs of his stubble, and he loved the gentle touch of her smooth fingertips.“The first time I met you was my favorite,” she said. “You gave me your sandwich. I think that was my fondest memory of you.”“The kiss on the rocks that day is mine,” said Sammy. “I would get a little jealous when you would be with another guy. I was afraid you would get stolen away and I would never see you again.” In a low voice, he whispered, “I love you too, Kaori”Tears started to form from Kaori’s eyes, but they were tears of joy. They closed their eyes and brought their heads closer. Their lips touched for the second time. Kaori slipped her tongue into Sammy’s mouth and tasted him for the first time. Sammy’s tongue slid in and out of Kaori’s mouth with ease. This was more than a kiss to them; it was almost that the kissing was the entirety of sex. It was a good thing that Sammy’s parents were not home, and were in Las Vegas. For fifteen minutes, the two made out, acting like it could have been the last time. She broke off the kiss and led him up the stairs and into her room. She closed the door and now both were standing in the middle of her room. Kaori wrapped her arms around his head and he followed suit with his arms hold her body close to him. They kissed again, but only for about five seconds. When they broke off, she said, “I want you. Take me. I’m yours.”“I need you,” Sammy replied. “I need you more than ever in my life. But I don’t want to get you pregnant.”“That’s okay. I’ve been taking birth control for about a month, just in case this day would come. I want you to come inside me, Sam. I love you that much.”Kaori raised her arms slowly to the air. Sammy lifted up her shirt and pulled it over her head, dropping it to the floor. He was used to seeing her in a bikini, but now he saw her in a lacy black bra. It excited him to see her like this. Sammy raised his arms and Kaori removed his shirt tossing it away. She always liked seeing him without a shirt. His muscles always looked good to her. She brought her hands up to his chest slid her fingertips across his pecks and over his erect nipples. She smiled while teasing him.“Does it feel good?” she asked.“Yes.” He moaned. “It feels really good.”He got on his knees and began to peel the black sweat pants she was wearing down to her feet. She was wearing a black thong and looked tight around her lower torso. He pinched the straps of the thong and pulled it down to her ankles. With his left hand going up the back of her leg, he slowly slid his right hand up the inside of her leg caressed her inner thigh. Kaori started to tremble and this made her even wetter than before. The liquid seeping out of her pussy dripped down her inner thighs. He remembered the scent of the liquid; he finally knew it was from her. Standing back up, he slid of her bra and saw her totally nude for the first time. Her breasts were beautifully shaped with brown nipples on the tips, standing fully erect.It was Kaori’s turn to kneel in front of the one she loved. She unbuttoned the button and grabbed the belt loops of his cargo shorts. She slid them down slowly and grabbed the boxers he was wearing and brought them down as well. She was greeted with the sight of his fully erect, seven-inch penis facing her. She first grabbed the balls and then the shaft of his hard prick. She used her index fingernail to trace a vein on the shaft.“You’ve got a magnificent cock, Sam,” she said. She placed her head in front of his erection and stuck out her tongue. She began to lick the head of his penis, circling the head with her hot tongue. The licks began to make his penis grow bigger in size. With his eyes closed, he concentrated on every single lick she was giving to his swollen member. Then, he felt a warm, wet sensation. He opened his eyes to look down at Kaori, and discovered that she started sucking on his entire cock. She was going at a slow pace, but she was also playing with his balls, while giving him his blowjob. The saliva was starting to collect on the base of his cock and on her hand as she was stroking him off. After a while, he pulled his cock away from her.“Its time for me to repay the favor,” he said. He lifted her up from the ground and lay her body down on her bed. He positioned her so that her ass was right on the edge of the soft bed. While kneeling in front of her, he started to grab one of her breasts and massage it in his hand. This made Kaori jump a little. He lowered his head and kissed under her breasts, slowly licking the skin, tracing it with his tongue down to her midriff. She started moan loudly, calling out his name. He knew she was very aroused, but he wasn’t done yet. He moved back a little so the he could get even lower on her body. Now he was staring at her sex, he was spreading the lips apart to get a better view of a woman’s most sensitive spot. His fingers were now covered with her juices. He brought them up so that Kaori could see him rubbing the fluid in between his fingers and could see him smell them.“So this is what was on my chair that day,” he said. “You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you?”“Yes, yes I am,” she moaned. “I’m your naughty girl.”With that said, he lowered his head to her crotch and started to lick the lips of her slit. This made her so wet that her sex juices were flowing onto her bed. To stop them from staining her bed too much, he spread apart the lips and slid his tongue as deep as he could into her moist vagina. Kaori gasped in a breath of air, then arched her back from the sensations his tongue was delivering to her hole, and started to moan even louder. Her juices tasted like salty honey. He tried to suck up as much of her liquid as he could. It was different than anything else he ever tasted, but he wanted more. Sammy used a trick he saw while watching one of his porno’s. He spelled out her name with the tip of his tongue on her swollen, oozing lips. He went slowly, letter by letter. But when he came to the “i”, he started from the bottom and went halfway, then stopped. When he did the dot for the “i”, he slid two fingers inside her, and placed the tip on her clitoris. This made Kaori get really hot and wild. After two more minutes of licking and sucking on her labia’s, trying to get as much of her taste as he could get, she finally spoke.“I want you inside me, now!” she commanded. “Come on Sam, I can’t wait any longer. Fuck me. Fuck me right now!”Her begging for his hard cock turned him on even more. He laid on top of her, cock in hand and ready to go.“This might hurt, but it will feel good soon, okay?” he said. She nodded. He slowly inserted his cock inside her slick hole and felt a little resistance. Her eyes were closed; she was concentrating on the feeling between her thighs. It felt much bigger than her fingers. It was much bigger and stiffer than anything she had ever felt before. There was a little pain, but it melted away into a different feeling. He knew he was hitting her hymen. In one strong thrust, he broke her hymen and started to pump in and out of her body. Kaori was in slight pain, but it quickly faded away into pleasure. They both screamed out each other’s names. Then, Kaori turned him over on his back and started to straddle his cock in missionary. He grabbed her breasts and pinched the nipples, making her buck her hips even more for him. Ten minutes have passed and the sounds of slopping sex and each other’s names brought them to the point were they were just about to come. Just then, Sammy said he was about to come. Hearing this, she answered back to her lover.“Don’t come with out me, I’m really close,” Kaori said.“I won’t,” said Sammy. “I’m, I’m, I’m…I’m coming!”“Me too, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”She could feel his warm, gushing sperm filling up her uterus, trying to extend the most glorious orgasm she has ever had. Then she finally fell into Sammy’s arms and tried to catch her breath. She could feel his cock shrinking inside her, which she liked the feeling. She got back up to look at her new boyfriend in the face and kissed him passionately. They broke off, and stared at each other once again. His girlfriend looked so beautiful with those big brown eyes.“Thanks for not letting me miss this moment, Kay,” said Sammy.“I told you I hate it when you call me that,” Kaori said. “Its Kaori. Get it right, or you will be stuck with your hand like before we had sex.”“Point taken. But if I do say so, you were awesome for my first, and hopefully only sex partner. I love you, Kaori Nakamura.”“I love you too, Samuel Williams.”So tired were they that they just fell straight into a blissful, peaceful sleep in each other’s arms. Both had smiles while they were holding each other, during their sleep. When the woke up the next morning, they were worried if what they experienced was only a dream, but they felt each other under the sheets, so it couldn’t have been a dream. It was a reality. A reality of two souls in love. For these two deep lovers, forever was not long enough. “Forever” was merely too short for them.
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