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"Samantha Taylor is here." Gayle had stuck her head in the door to announce the visitor. "Bring her in Gayle." I said, as I moved around the desk to meet her at the door. "Samantha Taylor, this is Bob Eyestone," said Gayle, then turned and left the room. "Please have a seat Mrs. Taylor," I said. "Its miss Taylor," she said as she took the proffered seat. "Miss Taylor? Then are you the owner of the Trucking Company?" "Yes I am, my father left it to me." She replied. "I've been running the business for the past two years, but I also worked there all through my schooling until I went to work for a CPA firm." "Yes, I'd heard you were a CPA." I mumbled, my mind turning on the realization that I was dealing with the owner. I had to shift gears from thinking about dealing with someone who had no authority to make a decision, to the actual, surprisingly attractive, owner of the company.   "I'm surprised you were willing to see me Mr. Eyestone, considering how much money you owe me." "Call me Bob Miss Taylor. I'm actually quite pleased to see you." "Why are you pleased to see me Bob, do you have the money you owe me?" "No Miss Taylor, I don't have your money, but I do have something I'm sure you will like much better." I said, noting that she had not asked me to call her Samantha. "It's late and we have a lot to talk about. Would you let me buy you dinner at the restaurant downstairs?" She agreed, and we made small talk on the way down in the elevator. It was a high end restaurant, being in Century City, but it was early and we had no trouble getting seated right away. I ordered a bottle of wine and after we ordered dinner I got back to business. "You're a CPA, so you and I speak the same language. Please sit next to me, I'd like to show you my financials," I said, as I opened a folder and spread out some reports. Samantha raised an eyebrow as she moved next to me. "You're going to show me your financials, just like that?" she asked skeptically. I nodded.   "This is my balance sheet as of the end of the month. Look it over. As you can see I have all my money tied up in inventory and Accounts Receivables. As you can also see, my assets are double my liabilities, so there is equity here." I gave her a minute to look over the balance sheet while I stole glances at her.   Her perfume was very feminine and fresh and fit her well.   I would have to steel myself against getting carried away by her beauty. "Now here are my Profit and Loss statements for the last 3 months. As you can see, we've been losing money, until last month where we broke even."   I raised my hand to get the waiters attention. When he arrived I order a New York Seltzer and one our own, Kiwi fruit. "Why do you need a Seltzer? Samantha asked. "Because I want you to taste the best selling Seltzer vs. our Aussie Seltzer. You will quickly see that ours is so much better that even the best selling Seltzer water in the country is no competition for us. You've seen the financials and you've seen the rate of increase in sales. We've only just begun, this product is catching on so fast that our order backlog has been doubling each month."   "Ok, I'll do your taste test, but even if you are right why are you telling me all this?" "Because I need you. My cash inflow is barely enough to cover Cost of Goods Sold; I don't have, and won't have, the money to pay you for another month, and then only partial payments at first. So I'm willing to make you a deal. I have an offer that will involve some risk, but after you've done my little taste test, I think you will decide it's a risk worth taking. I need you to keep shipping my goods for another month before expecting a payment from me. I also need you to establish a warehouse in the Foreign Trade zone.” (A Foreign Trade zone is a warehouse next to the port that is considered to be on foreign soil, sort of like an embassy). "Wow, you don't ask for much, do you?" asked Samantha. "You know it makes sense for us to ship to a Foreign Trade zone warehouse. If it's on foreign soil I don't actually take possession in this country, so I don't pay inventory tax. It ships straight from the warehouse to the customer, so I save money.   I'll pay you the cost of the warehouse plus 5% for the first year. After that the sheer volume of business is going to make this deal more than worth it for you. My sales are going to increase by 10 to 15% per month, and it would be even better if we could increase our production capacity faster. Your business is going to double in a year!" I said with emphasis Samantha's eyes grew wider momentarily as she cocked her head and looked at me. At that point the waiter arrived with the two Seltzers. He handed them to me; I opened them, and handed them to Samantha. She tasted the New York Seltzer first, then the Kiwi Fruit Seltzer, and got a very pleasant look on her face. She tasted it again, and then tried the New York Seltzer again. "Wow," was all she said. We sat in silence for a moment while Samantha continued to sip the seltzer and stared at the wall. "New York Seltzer has several flavors," she said. "So do we and our superior taste is obvious no matter how you mix and match them." I returned. "You're only the CFO, how do I know you have the authority to make this decision?" "The CEO is in Australia working on procuring raw materials. Our requirements are increasing rapidly and we need to make sure we can continue to increase production. He is the one who made this business possible, he takes care of getting the product over here, and when he's here he takes care of finding buyers. I do pretty much everything else."   The food and the wine arrived and we had a pleasant dinner together. We talked about other things than business and got to know each other a little. The wine was having an effect on both of us and we were very relaxed. After Samantha finished looking at the financial statements she had remained sitting next to me. Our knees were in constant contact, and frequently our arms as well. I was immensely attracted to her the moment we met, and the attraction had only increased as the evening wore on. I was anxious to know if ‘Miss Taylor' had a Significant Other. One thing I had noted was that she was not making any attempt to appear attached. After dinner we had more business to discuss, so we took the elevator back up to the 18th floor. Back in my office, I opened a bottle of our Cabernet, which we also imported from Australia. It wasn't as good as the wine we had at dinner, but it was good enough. We both sat on the edge of my desk looking at the view. Night had fallen since we left and the view had changed from a view of the Pacific Coast to the lights of the city, equally as spectacular.   "I have not yet addressed how I'm going to pay you back the money I owe you," I said. "I'll give you 5% of my profits for the first year. By the end of the year that will equal more than I owe you, assuming of course that you believe my projections." "I believe your projections. I've tasted your competition, and I've tasted your product," she said, with a seductive look on her face. "Does this mean we have a deal, Miss Taylor?" I asked, looking her in the eye and moving my face a little closer to hers. She leaned a little closer to me and said, "Call me Sam," and then she got off the desk and walked around behind me. "I assume you have a contract for me to sign?" She asked.   "Hmmm, she's a tease," I thought. With a grin I stood and took a file from my desk. I retrieved the blank contract and handed it to her. She sat in my chair at the desk and read over the contract while I stood taking in the view and sipping my wine. "I think this is acceptable," she said and she handed me the contract, her signature displayed on the bottom. "Well then, let's toast to a new partnership," I said, and we clinked glasses and took a sip, each looking the other in the eyes. "I propose that we have dinner together in one month and I'll give you your first payment," I said. "Sounds like a plan to me," she replied with a smile.   ******************************************************************************************** “Tonya, would you get me a cup of coffee please?”   I asked as I walked in the door. I sat down and opened my Day Planner and began thumbing through my contacts.   Finding the one I was looking for I dialed his number. “Hello” said the voice on the other end. “Tom, this is Samantha Taylor,” I said.   “How have you been?” “Samantha, it’s nice to hear from you.   What can I do for you?” “I need to know what warehousing is available in the Foreign Trade Zone.   How soon can you get me that information?” “I’ll have to put some time into it, tomorrow morning probably.   Is that soon enough?” he asked. “Tomorrow will be fine, thank you.”   I replied.   The private line on my phone rang and I picked it up, wondering who would be calling me this early. “Hello,” I said. “Good morning Sam, it’s Bob Eyestone.   I wanted to let you know that I have a ship arriving from Australia in 8 days.   Can you have the FTZ warehouse set up by then?” “Eight days is pretty quick.   I won’t be able to answer you until tomorrow at the soonest.”   I responded.   “Will that do?” “It will have to do.   Remember, you have a vested interest in making this happen.   I’m paying you your cost plus 5% for the first year.” “I know, and I’ll do my best.   What kind of square footage will I need?”   I asked. “Not that much for starters, I only have 4 containers on this shipment, but I have another ship leaving Australia tomorrow with 6 containers.   I expect the max containers per ship to be about 8, but the frequency of ships will likely increase.   You’ll need to empty that warehouse as quickly as you can.   Will you have enough trucks?” “I’ll handle the loads one way or another,” I responded. “I’ll call you tomorrow,” and I hung up. “Tonya, call Jesse and tell him I want to see him,” I said. A few minutes later Jesse arrived from the warehouse. “Jesse, our business with Australian Beverage is going to explode.   I’m going to need 2 trucks next week and 2 more a week later.   Can you arrange that?” “I’ll get on it right away miss Taylor,” Jesse replied as he hurried out the door.   This next week is going to be very busy, I thought.   I don’t want to fail at this.   The business opportunity is enormous, and my client is a hunk.   It’s funny that I think of him as a hunk when he’s obviously very smart.   Still, I almost tremble with excitement when he gets near me.    I better not let myself get distracted with thoughts of him; I have too much to do. A week later, with all the pieces in place I decided to call Bob and give him an update. “Hello?” Bob answered his phone. “Hi Bob, its Sam.   I just wanted to let you know that I have space in a warehouse large enough to handle our immediate needs, with an option to increase it with a month’s notice.   I also have additional trucks lined up, so I think we are set to handle the business for the immediate future. I believe you have a ship arriving tomorrow.   That will be the first load going into the FTZ.” “Excellent Sam,” he said.   “I have another proposal for you.   Care to meet me for lunch?” “Lunch I can do, but I can’t make it all the way to Century City.”   I said. “I’m sure you are familiar with The Reef in Long Beach,” he said, “Can you meet me there at 1:00?” “1:00 it is,” I said.   The reef is a very nice restaurant on the water right next to the Queen Mary that I had frequented many times.   I loved the location on the main channel where I can watch the large ships entering and leaving Long Beach Harbor. As I pulled my Lexus into the parking lot I saw Bob getting out of an older model Land Cruiser. “Nice car,” he said as we walked toward the entrance. “I like it,” I said. Once again Bob had a file with him.   We were seated on an upper deck overlooking the channel.   Lunch was a repeat of dinner the week before.   I sat next to him as he showed me his numbers. “As you can see, our orders from the Eastern part of the U.S. are increasing at a pace that I think will soon justify a distribution center somewhere east of the Mississippi.   I’d like you to handle that for me.   Same deal as before, cost plus 5%,” he said. “I need to put some more work into this analysis before I can be sure, but right now I’m leaning toward Chicago or Philadelphia.   Do you think you can handle this?” “I can handle the technical side of it, but I’m not sure I am comfortable fronting the money required to make all of this happen,” I replied seriously.   My heart told me this was a good bet, but my business mind told me not to brush caution aside.   I trusted his intelligence and his business mind, but I was a little afraid that my attraction to him might influence my decision making.   “By the time you need to invest any money you will be seeing increasing cash inflows from our business.   If that isn’t enough for you to see that this is a good investment for you I can find someone else,” he said, with a grin. “What time frame are you looking at?”   I asked. “3 to 4 months, but that’s a little flexible,” he said.   We need enough volume for the distribution center to be cost effective.   Instead of dropping the containers at the warehouse here, breaking them down and shipping from there by truck, we’ll load them directly onto trains and ship them to the Eastern distribution center.   We should be up to about 4 containers a week in 3 months.   If my calculations are correct 3 containers a week should be about breakeven.” I was silent for a moment then told him I wanted a day to think it over. Bob got up and walked over to the railing to watch the water traffic.   After a few seconds I joined him, standing close enough that our arms were touching.   We stood there in silence for a bit, and then he turned toward me and leaned against the rail.   He was close to me, but no longer touching me.   I turned and looked up at him briefly, then back at the water.   He was so close that if I turned toward him our faces would be only inches apart.   I could smell his aftershave and it was having an effect on me.   It had always been my policy not to mix business with pleasure, but right now I really wanted to break that rule.   I looked at him again and he was looking past me, but his eyes turned to meet mine.   He said nothing, but I could read his expression and I knew that this was no longer just business for him.   The thought excited me.   I turned toward him without moving back, and leaned against the rail.   We looked at each other in silence for a few seconds, both knowing what the other was thinking. Our lips met in a soft kiss, our eyes open and searching, reading the others reaction to the kiss.   I saw awareness and sincerity in his eyes, and I closed my own as I kissed him back.   My tongue parted his lips and the tips of your tongues met.   We moved closer to each other and our bodies came into contact.   His lips were sensuous and his body felt firm against mine.     Suddenly he pulled his head away and looked at me. “You are a beautiful woman Sam, and intelligent.   Why aren’t you attached to someone?” he asked. “I’ve been too busy running my company for any social life,” I responded. “My father didn’t leave me with a strong company.   He was in debt when he died, and it’s taken me two years to become financially sound.” “Well,” he said, “the next two years are going to make you rich.” “Why me?” I asked. “Because you were in the right place at the right time.   It’s just your good fortune, but I’m beginning to think it’s mine also.” He put his arm around my shoulders and directed me back to the table.   He paid the bill and we walked out to the parking lot.   As we parted I told him I would call him tomorrow and give him my answer about the eastern distribution center, but I already knew I was going to do it.   When I called Bob the next morning to accept his offer, we agreed to meet for lunch the following Friday at the Reef to go over the details and choose a location to begin looking for a warehouse.   I soon realized that I was thinking about seeing Bob next Friday and not focusing on my work. "Sam, Tom is on the phone," said Tonya, "he wants to know if you can meet him for lunch tomorrow." "Tomorrow is open, where does he want to meet?" I asked. I could her Tonya asking him, then "He said the Reef." "No, not the Reef.   Tell him to pick something closer.   Make the arrangements and I'll be there, just not the Reef."   ******************************************************************************************** Sam had agreed to handle the eastern distribution center so I had my attorney draw up the contract.   She was in the same building a couple of floors below me so I was about to send Gayle down to pick it up when Sandra walked in my office and closed the door. "Sandra, I was just about to send someone down to pick up the contract." I said.   "You work pretty fast." "I already had a blank contract; I just had to fill in a few names." She said.   She walked around my desk and placed the contract in front of me.   Sandra had been getting more and more familiar with me as our business had increased, but this was the first time she had closed the door behind her.   I could imagine what the staff was thinking. She leaned forward to point out the details on the contract, and as she did so she put her hand on my shoulder.   I pretended not to notice and looked the contract over. "Everything looks correct to me," I said, "I'll assume the legalese is appropriate, since that is your specialty." "Actually," she said, "I'm not a bad cook either.   How would you like to come over for dinner tonight?" "Um, I can't tonight.   Look, Sandra, you're attractive, intelligent, sexy, and my lawyer.   It's not a good idea." I said.   Sandra was not deterred.   She leaned over, pressing her breasts into my arm and whispered in my ear, "I can be a lot more than just a lawyer you know." In spite of myself I felt the little man becoming alert, and wishing he didn't have a mind of his own. I pushed my chair back and stood up.   I put my arm around Sandra's shoulders and began walking her to the door. "You have a persuasive way about you Sandra," I said.   "I have a lot on my mind right now, but maybe when I'm not so preoccupied we can get together for dinner." She turned toward me and leaned against me. "I'm going to hold you to that," she said, and as she turned to the door she ran her hand across my hip and dangerously close to that bulge in my pants. I closed the door behind her and my thoughts turned to Sam.   Sandra was hot, but Sam was in another league.   Her auburn hair and green eyes haunted me.   My mind went back to those little kisses on the deck at the Reef.   I could not wait until Friday.   Friday morning I was at my desk when the Controller came in with the cash forecasts.   Money was coming in faster than I had originally forecast, and I knew that it was because the vendors didn't want anything to slow down their shipments.   The word was out and everyone wanted Aussie Seltzer on their shelves. I decided to give Sam her first check a little early and had it ready when I left for lunch.   Before I left I told the Controller that I would not be back since I was going all the way to Long Beach for lunch. When I arrived at The Reef I saw Sam's Lexus in the parking lot.   When I went inside I didn't see her, so I went upstairs to the dining room.   I didn't see her there either, so I went over to the doors leading out to the deck and saw her standing at the railing facing the channel.   I asked the waiter to bring me a Margarita and walked up behind Sam. I pressed my body gently against hers and whispered in her ear that I had a surprise for her. She turned her head toward me and leaned against me just a little.   The smile on her face told me that she was glad to see me.   I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips.   She turned toward me, pressed her body into mine and kissed me back. "Don't you want to know what the surprise is?" I asked. She ran her free hand through my hair and looked into my eyes, the smile still on her face. "It can't be more important than this," she said, and with her hand behind my head she kissed me again, with a little more passion this time.   She pressed her body closer to me and I was glad that I was turned ever so slightly away so that she could not feel my bulge. I found myself comparing her to Sandra.   Both of them were confident and sexy, but Sandra was sexy in a randy sort of way, while Sam did it with class.   Did she know she was driving me wild?   We took a table nearby and ordered lunch.   My Margarita arrived and Sam ordered another Martini. I gave her the check and she was delighted.   I told her I was free for the rest of the day and asked if she could spend the afternoon and evening with me.   She pulled out her cell phone and told Tonya she would see her Monday morning. We spent a couple of hours at The Reef, eating and drinking and enjoying each other's company.   Then we walked up the shore and took in the Queen Mary tour.   It was my first tour, but Sam had been there before.   She enjoyed showing me all the places where ghosts had been spotted.   I asked her if she would have dinner with me and she said yes, but only if I let her cook.     She gave me her address and we went separate ways, her to a grocery store and me to a wine shop that I knew of in San Pedro.   It took me a while to pick out the wine because I wanted to make a good impression. When I got to her place I was impressed.   She lives on the hill above San Pedro with a sweeping view of the harbor and Long Beach.   When she answered the door she had already changed into a light summer dress.   I had never seen her looking so feminine and my heart skipped a beat.   I had only seen her in dress slacks before this.   "Whew. Wow. Sam!   You take my breath away." I said.   I was looking her up and down.   The dress was slightly low cut, with the top button open and showing a little cleavage, but it was very sexy.   The dress was not very short, but it showed off a pair of very nice legs.   As I looked at her I realized that her nipples had gotten hard and were poking through the thin material of her dress.   It was not cold, and the realization that she was excited caused me own manhood to grow rapidly. ********************************************************************************************   As he looked me over I felt my nipples begin to ache and as I looked down I realized that they were poking straight out. Oh my God, I thought, he can see how hard my nipples are.   If he only knew the thoughts I'm having he'd think I'm a slut. I hugged him and gave him a light kiss, then I reached out and took one of the bottles from him and grabbed his arm to lead him into the house.     While I unpacked the groceries he took off his jacket and shoes and left them near the door. He then opened a bottle of Chardonnay and poured a glass for both of us.   "Why don't you take your belt off also," I said, "to me a belt is like shoes, you are more comfortable without them."    I could not believe I was actually scheming to get his pants off.   He agreed, took off his belt, rolled it up and shoved it into one of his shoes.   With glass in hand I gave him a tour of the house, beginning with the deck outside the living room that has a spectacular view, then upstairs, through my bedroom and onto the deck outside.   We stood there taking in the view, and then each other.   He made a toast to a successful business relationship, and we sipped our wine.   He put his arm around me and pulled me close.   I turned my body to face him and pressed even closer.   Our lips came together in a soft, sensuous kiss that slowly grew more passionate.   His lips moved down to my neck and sent chills down my spine.   It has been so long since I've been with a man; I knew I was going to lose control quickly. His free hand was on the small of my back, pulling me gently toward him.   I was already getting moist when I realized that I could feel his hardness against my lower abdomen.   The heat was building fast and I knew my panties were getting wet and all we were doing was kissing.   He stood back, took my glass and set both of them aside on the deck railing.   Then he gently pushed me against the railing, leaned over to kiss me and began to unbutton my dress.    With my dress unbuttoned to the waist he began to kiss my breasts, sucking my engorged nipples into his mouth one after the other, squeezing first with his lips, then with his teeth.   I was moaning now and felt like I could have an orgasm at any moment. There were no neighbors nearby who could see or hear us, but there were houses across the ravine with a clear view and if they had binoculars or a telescope they could be getting a good show.   I didn't care; I was not going to stop him at this point.   I was now so wet I felt like I'd peed in my panties.   I needed to get them off and his clothes as well.   I took his hand and we grabbed our wine and walked into my bedroom. Our passion had built to a fervor and we both were breathing hard.   I quickly undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He kicked them off to free his feet And I reached inside his underwear and took his member into my hand.   God he feels good, I thought, and I dropped to my knees and began to lick up and down his shaft.   I pulled his underwear down and he kicked those off also.   I took him into my mouth and slowly sucked him down until he reached the back of my throat.   He began to moan as I slowly worked him in and out of my mouth.   I began to work faster, taking him all the way in and all the way out. "God I love what you are doing Sam," he said, "but if you keep that up I'm going to explode." At that point I wanted him to do exactly that - I wanted him to shoot his hot cum down my throat. He reached down and gently lifted me up and kissed my lips.   Then he whispered in my ear, "I want to taste you."   We both went to work unbuttoning my dress and had it off in seconds.   My panties followed quickly and he was on his knees, his hands on my bare ass pulling my pussy into his face.   He began to lick up my dripping juices and then slid his tongue inside me.   "Oh my God," I said, my breathing and moaning getting fast and loud.   He lifted one of my legs up over his shoulder and I had to place my hands on his shoulders to keep my balance.   His tongue touched my clit and I had an immediate orgasm.   "Oh Gaawwwdd", I said, very loud, in between my moans, my back arched and my face toward the ceiling.   This can't really be happening, it's so fast.   Did you read my mind?   "Oh, ooh, OOHHH, UMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE,"   I squealed as I had another orgasm, deeper and louder than the first, and his tongue kept licking and his lips kept sucking until I thought I was going to lose my mind.   He stopped pleasuring me and lifted me up and lay me down on the edge of the bed with my ass hanging off the edge.   He held his hands under my ass and I spread my legs further apart so he could get his tongue deeper inside me.   As his tongue worked in and out of my pussy and back and forth over my clit I began to have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. "Bob," I said.   "Bob, I want to feel you deep inside me." Bob stopped and looked up at me.   He smiled, crawled forward on his knees and lowered me onto his lap.   I was now straddling him with my knees on the floor and my head and shoulders leaning back on the bed; my breasts jutting into the air.   He reached down and guided his hard manhood between my swollen lips and slid it in all the way.   He placed his hands under the small of my back and began to thrust his throbbing cock into me slowly.     Because of my position he was able to lean forward and take my nipple into his mouth.   With me leaning back on the bed his angle was such that his cock was striking my G spot with each stroke.  The sensations were driving me wild.   It wasn't long before I had an explosive orgasm.   My cum was running down his shaft onto his balls and I could feel the moisture as his balls slapped against my ass.   The realization that my cum was dripping off his balls excited me all the more, and my body began to shudder through another huge orgasm. "Harder Bob," I screamed, "Fuck me harder.   Oh God I love your cock."   I was thrusting in unison with him now.   He had straightened up and was focusing on fucking me, so I began to pinch my nipples myself.   My screams of ecstasy were reverberating off the walls and Bob's moans were beginning to join the chorus.   I could feel his cock swelling and knew he was going to cum.   "Yes, cum in me," I shouted, "cum in me Bob, cum in me." My words must have accelerated his excitement because he began to shoot his hot seed inside me.   I could feel each spurt of his cum deep in my pussy and it sent me into another round of screaming orgasms. As our excitement began to ebb Bob began kissing my breasts again.   My nipples were still hard and as I began to wonder if he was going to start over he said, "Why don't we take a shower, and then start on dinner.   Afterwards, I'd like to have some more of your sweet nectar for desert." I smiled, kissed his lips, and thanked God. "I hope you don't think I'm a whore after the way I acted," I said. "Sam, you are classy, sexy and beautiful.   You are every man's dream," was his response.  
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