No More Secrets
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'The bastard! I can’t believe he told everyone ‘what I’m like in bed’. I feel so revealed and hurt. I felt so special when I knew I had a secret, a dirty secret, but then he just goes and tells everyone about it. Our relationship was on the edge to begin with, only because I’m 18 and he’s 29, we were really nervous about what people would say about us. But now this, I don’t know what to do. It’s like my whole world of privacy has been taken from me. I'd never...'
“Molly, are you deaf or something?” I saw him looking down at me offering a WKD Blue. Shit, I must have been lost in my thoughts again. I took the drink and looked at him.
“No I’m not deaf, I was just... Never mind,” I replied looking down at my brown furry boots.
He gave me a look of suspicion as I’d been thinking to myself a lot lately, caught up in my own world. I’ve only been doing that since he told everyone; I’d rather talk to myself instead of my mates or him, only because I know something nasty will pop out, like how good my pussy tastes or something.
“You’ve been ignoring me a lot Moll, what’s up?”
“You know what’s up Mark... I’m not explaining either cause you all fucking know.”
All our friends turned around instantly and gave me a cheeky look as if to say ‘Oh yeah we do know you naughty girl’. I wanted to just dig my head in the sand.
“Aw c’mon Molly, it’s not as if we’ve seen you do it. Mark was only messing around and you even said yourself, sex is a beautiful thing and no one should be afraid to talk about it,” interrupted Jodi. She was my best friend since 1 st year in secondary school. We were like glue we were that close, we told each other everything.
“Yeah Jodi, I said talk about it. That doesn’t mean letting others know of two’s sex life, in every last little fucking detail. Its private it’s supposed to be an intimate thing between a man and a woman not with the whole fucking gang of friends!”
“Oh so we’re a ‘gang’ now are we?” Shane carries on, “for fucks sake Molly get a grip of ya’self. It’s nothing bad, besides it was all good what he told us! I’d be proud if I was in your position now.”
“Yeah but you know what I’m like.” I looked at Mark and gave him a saddened look. “I’m shy and I like to have things to myself. My sex life being one of them. I might have said that Jodi, but... for God's sake." I grabbed my bag and drink and set off for home.
I know I’d said that sex was good and there should be no shame of talking about it, but now it’s happened, I truly take it back.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Molly, wake up baby”. It was Marks voice, his gentle tone. He was nudging me slightly to wake me up. My eyes opened and he was leaning over me, a cute side smile appeared on his face.
“What time is it?” I asked.
“Only half 1 in the morning” He replied with a cheeky smile.
I could smell the musky scent of his cologne and beer, the pure smell of man which I loved. I looked in his eyes which seemed like forever, he really is gorgeous.
“Have you only just got back?” I asked.
“Yeah, I had to bring Shane here, he was too pissed out of his skull to even go home,” he laughed.
He got off me; I felt the bed rise up as he got off it. He looked in the mirror, God he’s so smug, but I love it. He turned around to face me and began unbuttoning his shirt, one by one with that sexy smile. I instantly had butterflies in my stomach. His broad chest began to appear; I loved the small amount of hairs that followed down to his pubic area.
I gave him the look I give him every night, signalling for him to throw his shirt at me. I love wearing his shirts to bed, they make me feel sexy, even on the days we hate each other. He came over and put his hand in mine, lifted me up and took my current top off. I was scared as to what he was going to do; I wasn’t in the mood for sex after what had happened, I was too embarrassed now, especially since Shane was downstairs too. He slowly took my bra off like a pro, and carefully helped my body into his shirt. He laid me down and fastened two buttons. He left the bed once more to take his jeans off and slowly climbed back into bed which I had made nice and warm for him. He laid down right next to me, all close and snug and put an arm over me.
Mark looked at me, I felt like he could see right through me. His playful look had gone now; I could tell something was on his mind. I was still pissed with him, but a part of me couldn’t stay mad at him, I loved him too much. I turned around in his arms to face him, I was really close to him now, and I could feel his warm breath hit my face.
“What’s up baby?” I asked stroking his face.
No answer came, but a sharp look appeared.
“I’m sorry I did what I did. I didn’t realise how much it had hurt you. When you went from the pub I felt like I’d lost a part of me. If it feels that bad when you just walk away, I can’t bare what it’ll feel like when you go forever. I don’t want to feel that, cause you lady, are my life, and even though I can be a twat, you’re mine forever. I’m sorry for telling everyone, and you’re right, it is personal.”
I felt him rubbing at my legs under the covers, his hands were so soft.
“I love you Molly. From now on, what happens in this bedroom stays in this bedroom. I promise.”
I felt myself go red, which was a good thing. He cupped my face in his hands and gently leaned forward to kiss me. A slow passionate kiss, I knew he meant it now, I knew he was serious. My hand automatically reached up and ran through his hair, gripping and rubbing it. I loved doing that. His kiss got more and more serious by each second. His tongue slowly reached in and parted my lips, and we began biting and sucking.
Mark lifted himself and moved on top of me. I love feeling his weight on top of me; he’s such a big man. Not in weight, but with broadness and muscles. We kissed for what seemed like forever, he lifted his head and looked me deep in the eyes.
“Don’t be embarrassed, please. Not anymore. You know you don’t need to be embarrassed with me.”
He’s right, I shouldn’t be embarrassed. I also shouldn’t be embarrassed of feeling my juices slowly trickling down my pussy. He really knows how to get me going, even if it’s just a kiss and a look.
I remember my first time, it was with Mark. I was 17 he was 28. We’re an odd couple when it comes to age, but love at first site does happen you know. Anyway, we were at his house, he’d planned everything out. A little relax in the Jacuzzi, a perfect romantic meal, and then a long night in bed. Before we began, he put his shirt on me, kissed and cuddled me, and leaned on top of me. Just like he’s done now.
I kissed him furiously, forgetting what had happened and remembering what I’ve got. My hands ran all over his masculine body, rubbing every patch of his soft, smooth skin.
His lips left my mouth and went down to my neck, kissing slowly and eventually a little bite. His lips were like heaven on my body, he knew all the right places to kiss and touch, he’s like a God.
He unbuttoned the shirt he’d just fastened on me and it gloriously fell to the side, leaving my body waiting for him. He passionately kissed my skin, not quite touching the part of my body that needs his lips the most. He kissed around my breasts, teasing me. He looked up at me and gently kissed my left nipple. His eyes never leaving me, he varied from my left to my right. He wasn’t even doing that much to me, and I could feel my orgasm building up inside the bottom of my stomach.
“Mm,” I whispered between light breaths.
He carried on kissing me, until I felt the naughty nip I’d been waiting for. He kept switching both nipples and biting them hungrily, the more he did it the more they ached for his touch. He moved further down my body, lightly kissing my stomach. Down... down... down. I had to prepare myself for what he was going to do; he’s like an expert and has had me screaming before.
His lips were just above the place my body needed them most. He closed his eyes and I felt his warm breath teasing me, my breathing got faster. He nuzzled his nose just above where my clit was, rubbing gently, I wanted him on me so bad.
“Mm please Mark. Taste me baby, please,” I had to say it.
That naughty grin appeared back on his face from earlier, now I know I was in trouble. Once I begged, the more he teased. I heard him breathing in through his nose, smelling my scent.
“Ah you smell good baby. All fresh for daddy?” he asked looking up at me.
I couldn’t do anything but grin, I love it when he talks dirty to me, and I most especially love it when he’s the ‘daddy’... making me feel naughty and vulnerable for daddies pleasure.
His hands had risen up and hooked around my red and black floral knickers. He slowly, slowly began to pull them off my legs, automatically rising to help him. He placed my legs wide open for his viewing pleasure. He looked at me with that oh so smug look and sniffed them. His eyes closed knowing what he had in store. He threw my knickers behind him and his eyes immediately went to my most private area.
I put my hands above my head, showing myself to him. I loved being naked in front of him. He always told me I was beautiful, so why shouldn’t I believe him.
Without any notice his head ducked down and began sucking and licking. I screamed and writhed under him, I’d never felt so good and sexy.
“Oh Mark; mm yeah lick my pussy baby.”
His tongue played with me until I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt it coming... coming... coming... CUMMING! I shook and grabbed his hair holding him at my pussy. He lapped up my juices making those slurping sounds.
I calmed down and began to relax, he finished off with little butterfly kisses and he slowly moved over my body to kiss me. I could taste myself as he kissed me; I licked his mouth like I would an ice cream.
I felt his bulge, he began moving up and down making me get even wetter by feeling his ‘best friend’ rub against my ‘best friend’. I gently turned him over so he was lying on his back, I kissed him passionately and like he did with me, I kissed him until I reached my present. I unbuttoned the small buttons on his boxer shorts and tossed them aside. Mark is so big, I love his dick. I wasted no time in diving in and sucking his lolly pop, my tongue playing over his head and tickling his length. I wanted to give him the best he could get; my hands fondled his balls making him squirm even more.
I love to hear him breathe and moan, it’s not very often you hear a man moan. I cherish hearing mine do it. I felt his balls begin to tighten, sweat was dripping from his forehead, and I knew he was close. I kept sucking and love the feeling of his sex monster in my mouth. Before I knew it, he came with such a blast, I wasted not one drop and swallowed all of his precious seed.
I carried on sucking him, to get him hard again. He’s a beautiful man in looks, his body is perfect. I’m so glad he’s mine and I’m so glad I’m the one sucking his dick.
Mark lifted my hair from around my face and made me look up at him. His head made a small movement signalling for me to stop and lie down. I did so, and lay comfortably underneath my man. I rubbed his chest as we kissed for a moment; he made me feel so special. His lips went towards my ear and bit the small of my ear lobe, I instantly got the shivers.
“You want daddy to fuck you?” he asked huskily.
I bit my lip, “Yeah fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl,” I replied in the naughty lady like voice I had.
“Slow and dirty or fast and nasty?” he asked shortly after I replied.
I didn’t care which; I just wanted him in me. I do have a favourite though...
“Slow and dirty... really dirty,” I said giving him a sly look.
The moment I said that he placed his dick at the entrance of my pussy and began teasing me, rubbing his head on my clit making me moan.
“Please daddy fuck me,” I started, “Put your dick in my tight little pussy and fuck me.”
I began teasing in a childish like voice, but before I knew it, he slowly moved forward and inched every piece of him into me.
“God you’re tight baby,” he said in a filthy whisper.
“Mm daddies’ dick is too big,” I said with a cheeky grin.
He slowly began grinding, he was so big and I love how he fills me up. He gradually finds a slow speed and stays at it. His lips find mine and begins to passionately kiss me, my hands in his hair, my head in his hands, our bodies entwining and becoming one. We slowly make love to each other. His speed is slow but he applies pressure every time our pubic area meets, just so he rubs my clit along the way. I can’t believe how wet I am...
My moans began taking over the silence of the room, and filling it with erotic sounds such as the squelching of his dick pumping in and out of me. I stopped breathing just to hear the sound fill my head, it takes me a step further to the mind blowing orgasm I know I’m going to have.
The way his body gleams with sweat and the room fills with sex makes me come closer and closer, in mind and body. I know he’s going to join me. His speed increases to a hot, hard, fast, love making session, so hard I hear the bed board bashing against the wall. I was frightened Shane was going to here, but as the sound went on and the pleasure got better, I didn’t care. I wanted him to hear, I wanted him to hear what a dirty girl I was for my daddy.
I was surprised to feel sexy knowing someone else could hear what I was doing in bed. But the thought struck me that Mark had already told my friends including Shane, if they already know, why hide it?
My screams got louder, my pussy got tighter, and I squeezed Mark harder.
“BABY I’M CUMMING, DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! AAH!” I screamed with every bit of lung power I had in me. Just as I’d finished I felt Mark explode inside me filling me with his special cream, leading me to another strong yet satisfying big O.
We lay together and meshed into one. I held him so tight, knowing there’s nothing to be afraid of and that sex really is beautiful. I cherished having him in my arms, his big body that I adore. His head rested on my neck and his hands on my body. He lifted his head, looked at me and kissed my head gently.
“You think Shane might have heard?” Mark asked with a grin he knows he shouldn’t have on his face.
“Nope!” a voice exactly like Shane’s calls out distantly from downstairs.
I looked at Mark, a slight smile appears on my face knowing I’m going to be the biggest story in the pub tomorrow.
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